Where’s Waldo?


I hope your week and weekend were as good as mine.

On Thursday, Anne and I met with some great friends at a small Eatery in Hudson Quebec, which is about 45-Minutes North West of Montreal, for supper, where we talked about everything positive, especially their passion for music, since both of the couples who joined us were OUR FRIENDS, who didn’t know each other before they met, but, who led their own Classic Rock and Roll Bands, which they perform mostly on Weekends.

And I’m proud to say, that I had the opportunity to play with each of them (Drums), obviously at different occasions . . . with one of them – in front of a very large outdoor crowd. But I’m now such a “good drummer”, that I’ll keep my day-job and my skills to myself. But that said . . . there was a time when I played pretty well, which was yesterday, and this is today, but nonetheless, I had a BLAST pretending that I still could, when I played a couple of weeks ago.

On Friday . . . I met with a cousin, who I had not kept up with for most of our lives, where we Road our Motorcycles to enjoy a Montreal Smoked Meat meal in a small town far removed from Montreal.

On Saturday, we attended a Patio Memorial for the LATE Linda Roberts, held in her backyard in Saint Lazare Quebec, which is kiddy-corner to Hudson, where we got to see and meet Linda’s incredible Family, Friends and Neighbors. It was a tribute to make anyone proud, especially since all the KIND WORDS, and Memories spoken about Linda were as True, and as Right as Rain. She and her surviving Husband deserved no less.

On Sunday, we met with Montreal Friends, who we took to an incredible Greasy Spoon near Cornwall Ontario, which is about an hour and a bit West of Montreal, which prepares the best All-Day Breakfasts and Cheese Burgers with Bacon, anywhere I’ve ever eaten . . . made the Old-Fashioned Way, and then we went to Shooting Range, where Anne and I are members, where we shot a myriad of Handguns and Carbines.


I wrote about all the positive things we did over the Week and Weekend, to illustrate that you don’t have to Scale Mount Everest to have a great time to make Life Worth Living.

Life is short. And in this Short Trip we have on Earth, there seems to be far too many challenges, and FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE who are determined for one reason or another, to make things MUCH HARDER THAN THEY HAVE TO BE.

And that includes Crooked Hillary and the people who gravitate around her.


I know that most of the people who read this BLOG are Old Enough, to remember the gag that went around 29-Years Ago, which was Hidden in the Newspaper Comics, on Papers, in Magazines, on Fabrics people wore on Neck Ties, T Shirts and wherever, which asked the question . . . WHERE IS WALDO? . . . which encouraged people to scan the illustrations looking for a HIDDEN WALDO.

So now . . . 29-Years Later – it seems as though we are asking WHERE’S HILLARY, even amongst the JERKS WHO RUN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

29-YEARS AGO . . . Where’s Waldo was funny – but it’s not so funny today, as the entire world is siting on Pins and Needles, watching the evolving American Election, not knowing which way the American people will decide – asking . . . WHERE’S HILLARY?

THE REASON WHY WE CAN’T FIND HILLARY . . . is that Crooked Hillary has nothing to say that isn’t a Lie about herself or Trump. Hillary Clinton can’t have an Honest to Goodness Press Conference, because NOT ALL JOURNALISTS are in the Tank for Crooked Hillary, and one of them might just ask about Benghazi, which in spite of what Clinton says has never been truthfully explained. You know . . . “What difference at this point does it make?”

Crooked Hillary might be asked about her Emails, and the fact that the Director of the FBI, all but called her a LIAR and a FELON.

Or . . . How Crooked Hillary LIED to Congress and to the American People?

Or . . . She might be asked how she and her Husband, The Sex Pervert, made all those HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from Rogue Regimes, Unfriendly Countries, and Nefarious Businessmen while she was Secretary of State?

OR PERHAPS EVEN WORSE . . . What have the Clintons done with all the BILLIONS they’ve received in their NOT-SO-CHARITABLE-CHARITY, AKA . . . The Clinton Foundation?

And now comes the newest WRINKLE . . . in the name of HUMA ABEDIN, who is Crooked Hillary’s Closest Political Confidant, who would most probably be CHIEF OF STAFF to Hillary Clinton, if Crooked Hillary were to win the White House . . .

. . . that MOSLEM Abedin, was for years the Assistant Editor of a Saudi Backed Moslem Magazine . . . Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, working under her Mother, who is still the Editor-In-Chief, where Abedin herself wrote . . .

1 – Women should ONLY have specific and detailed RIGHTS in Society.

2 – Israel is a CANCER on the Middle East.

3 – 9/11 was an Inside Job.

You can just imagine the rest.

Abedin . . . says that she wasn’t REALLY the Assistant Editor, and that she didn’t REALLY contribute to those stories, and ONLY had her name on the Masthead because . . . but doesn’t really explain the because . . . but just like her Boss – Crooked Hillary, she can’t explain MOST of everything she’s done and has not done.


The Problem with our Political Process today, in Canada and the United States, is that the people we elect and appoint to positions of authority are NOT WORKING FOR US, where in fact . . . WE THE PEOPLE ARE WORKING FOR THEM.

And that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

What makes it even worse . . . is that Government workers, which include Elected Politicians and Appointed Officials, in the profession of Judges, Teachers, Bureaucrats and the Like . . . are actually making our lives MUCH HARDER than it has to be. And that’s totally unacceptable.

Also . . . as I wrote at the preceding of this Editorial, we don’t have to do GREAT THINGS to really enjoy life. It’s as easy as getting together to have a plain Hamburger with Friends. Or Riding a Motorcycle with a Cousin. Or playing Crappy Drums with people who really know how to play. Or cutting the grass to make the lawn look better . . . OR WHATEVER!

And we don’t need to look for Trouble, since Trouble seems to always be around the Corner, as what happened to a Magnificent Person like our FRIEND Linda Roberts, who was well one day, and succumbed to Cancer the NEXT.

SO WHY DO WE NEED PIECES OF UNMITIGATED CRAP . . . like Hillary Clinton, and all the others who are just like her, or who support her, to SCREW WITH OUR LIVES, when we have enough challenges we all have to face and deal with, so she and people like her can make their lives better at our expense?


I KNOW . . . DEEP IN MY HEART – that if Trump Wins, which I am certain he will, he will have JUST TWO CHOICES . . . either to become the President to Clean House and give America back to the People, or finish the Horror Story the Insiders began, since the days of Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

I am quite certain that it will be the FORMER and not the LATTER.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Let’s forget about her looks & poor taste. She is definitely unsanitary.
    She doesn’t even know how to speak English.

  2. I suspect Abedin will be sacrificed by the Clinton’s — she’s a perfect patsy, she’s a Muslim and married to a pervert — the Clinton’s have no loyalty whatsoever. Watch . . .! Remember she sent out the email claiming that Hillary is confused.

  3. I firmly believe Trump will destroy her in the televised debates. So much so, she might throw a shoe at Donald!

  4. Thanks for all your thoughts—-they always shed light on a crazy world that we live in.
    You forgot something in this edition……What is the name of that great restaurant in Cornwall?
    I will make a stop the next time I am passing thru the area.
    Greg Schneider

  5. It’s a shame that our country has come to this.. 500 or so elected officials in Washington, and we can’t find a one that has an approval rating higher than 25%? If it’s an honest election, Trump will win. If it’s not an honest election…our country is certainly in big trouble!! The something for nothing crowd, the massively stupid, the young people who have been brainwashed in college by left loonie professors, and the crooked politicians have taken over the country. Help get out the vote!

  6. I can’t wait for the debates to begin. You must remember that the media out east is totally left of center. It will also be interesting to hear CNN on this topic. Keep up the good work. Ray Moscato, Calgary, alta

  7. Is the “Debate” in Trump’s best interest, or would it be better to buy a 30 min. no add on Fox News in Prime Time?
    If he would deliver the same message as he has been doing lately he would win the day. Swopping spit with that
    tramp is just a waste of time. It will be the same old bull that we have heard for years.

  8. All I can say is …. God help North America …. AND THE WORLD …. if Hillary becomes president! I PRAY that Americans aren’t so gullible as to actually make her their president! I can STILL hear her words re Benghazi ….. “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?????” I pray that Americans are smarter than that!!

  9. Awwww – The friends who remember the olden days! In many ways getting older does mean getting better. The tragedy is losing so many of those dear, beloved friends. Music has always been my personal healer & thankfully, many others feel the same way. Good music is always good music whether it’s Mozart or Led Zeppelin & it is always great to share music with friends. Good food with friends is just as important. Life is just too short, so enjoy it fully.

  10. If memory serves me right–Winston Churchill said–If you stop and throw stones at every Dog that barks at you–you’ll never get to ..where you want to go!..Hopefully– Trump– who is known to be a quick study– and know’s from Past History about how similarly many,,, other Great Leaders… who made mistakes, ..had numerous faults ..and were still able to succeed -Will be able to Accept Divine Intervention and Achieve- Far and above– His own expectations! He is Gods work in Progress..

  11. Maureen above says, “I hope Americans are smarter than that”. So do I. This would prove them much smarter on average than us Canucks. In a recent survey done here in Canada, 85% said they would vote Hillary 15% Trump. But for a country that voted in the likes of Trudope, Wynn, and Notley, why should that surprise me.
    We have already crossed over to Socialism/Marxism, and I doubt Canada can be saved. And our CBC keeps spewing out socialist BS.
    May God bless the US, and may Trump prevail.

  12. Debates, well guess who is preparing Killary for Trump debates, Alan Dershowitz, IMHO he is a traitor to Israel by supporting an Anti-Israel POS.

  13. There was a time, years ago, when I was confident that we Americans had good sense, knew good from evil, and would never let someone like wicked Hillary win the presidency. But, no more ….. with the influx of all the new people, many of whom do not even speak English let alone have a clue what the Constitution is … all they want is for their hands to be filled by those that promise them the world, and then give them nothing. Promises don’t feed a family …… “no work, no pay.”

  14. What bothers me, is how far have we as Americans gone toward the moslem cause. We worry about socialism, while moslems are in the highest places in our government. The slight of hand trick is working well. Which bathroom did the man go into? While the other hand is placing moslems in cabinet positions and positions of influence.

  15. WOWwwwwwww, you Canucks SCARE ME, even more so than Crooked Hillary! I thought you Canadians were a better judge of character, than saying 85% would vote for Hillary!! You give me hope, Howard….and lots of it! That diner sounds great, too. I’m sharing your editorial on my Facebook page…..we’ll see if there will be any “takers”, from down here in the states!

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