When Did COMMON SENSE Become A Crime?


Statistics are the TOOLS OF LIARS . . . for instance – How many ILLEGALS are in America TODAY? If you listen to the “experts”, they’ll tell you that it’s about 11-Million people.

OH YEAH . . . How do they know that? Are there counters at the Southern and Northern Borders, the Airports and Docks? Has anyone ever done a comprehensive audit FORCING Illegals to come forward and identify themselves?

FOR ALL – ANYONE KNOWS . . . there could be 20-Million or MORE Illegals in the United States of America as of right now. And as far as Canada knows, because it‘s never discussed, we might be so overrun with Illegal Immigrants, that our population might actually be 10% greater than we think it is.


HOW DO WE KNOW THAT . . . especially since VIRTUALLY every war being fought today, everywhere on the Planet involves Moslems, and LITERALLY every TERRORIST Attack is caused by Moslems in the name of Islam? Every act of Genocide (mass murder) everywhere, is caused by Moslems. And even the Horrific Sex Slave Trade predominantly carried out throughout the Middle East, some of Africa and parts of Asia, is in the purview of Islam and Moslems.

And then think of the GREATEST open assault on FREEDOM, where HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Women throughout the Moslem World, including Europe and within our own North American Backyard are FORCED to be subservient to men in how they dress, where they are allowed to go and not go, what opinions they are allowed to express, whether they can vote or not, whether they can run for government or not, where and how they can be educated, where and how they can work, how they can’t decide on their own Love-Life, and all other aspects of NORMAL FREEDOMS Secular Women take for granted.


According to the Apologists . . . the VAST Majority of Moslems are Peaceful, which begs the question: HOW THE HELL DOES ANYONE KNOW THAT?

Was there a CENSUS or POLL taken of the 1.5-BILLION Moslems Worldwide? ‘Cause if not, how can the purveyors of these so-called statistics explain all the HATE, ANGER & HOSTILITY between Moslems and everyone who is not a Moslem throughout the Moslem and Secular World, where Moslems live in large enough numbers?

REMARKABLY . . . even though I just wrote NOTHING that wasn’t TRUE and absolutely VERIFIABLE, there are laws in Canada that consider what I wrote to be HATEFUL, and within the Canadian Parameters of a . . . HATE CRIME.


BLACK LIVES MATTER . . . according to the LEFT and most of the Media, Black Americans are shot and murdered by the police far more often than White Americans, which is simply NOT TRUE. In fact, because of REAL Statistics, we know that more White Men are shot by Police, than are Black Men.

Because of the LEFT and most of the Media . . . we are constantly told that the number of Black Men and Black Women incarcerated is far greater than White Men and White Women, WHICH IS TRUE. But, what they don’t want people to know, is that Black Men and Black Women are incarcerated at a much greater number than White Men and Women, because Black Men and Black Women commit far more crimes.


OKBlack Lives Matter . . . So who are they? What do they really stand for? Where did they come from? Who’s writing the checks that gives them prominence and why? And how did this obscure and pointless group come to get over $100-MILLION?

AND WHY ARE THEY INVITED TO THE WHITEHOUSE . . . and why are they a big part of Crooked Hillary’s Campaign? And why do Black lives matter MORE than White Lives?


When in Modern-Day North America, have you seen any Women subjugated by any level of Authority? I see women who hold incredible positions throughout Society, even amongst the DREGS like Nancy Pelosi, who held the THIRD MOST IMPORTANT Federal Position in the United States – TWO REMOVED FROM THE PRESIDENCY.

I see the Most Powerful Voice next to the President, Valerie Jarrett, who is a Black Woman. I see the Attorney General, America’s NUMBER ONE ENFORCER OF JUSTICE, who is also a Black Woman. And I also see the person, who is the President’s most important and influential National Security Advisor, Susan Rice another Black Woman. Then of course, there’s Samantha Power (married to the ultra leftist professor, Cass Sunstein), who is the US Ambassador to the United Nations, who too is a Woman, who in her case is not Black, but I guess the compensation for that . . . is that she doesn’t much like Israel. BUT I DIGRESS.


If you take what the LEFT and the Media throw out as the Gospel, you can’t help but believe that America is awash in Open-Gun-Warfare. But, if you parse the statistics somewhat, and look at where the Gun Violence and subsequent murders are coming from the Most . . . it’s Shootings and Murders by Blacks on Blacks.

You’ll also find that much of the shootings are caused through Gangs and Gang activities, like the Drug Wars.

THE LEFT AND MEDIA ARE SO SCURRILOUS . . . that they even lump SUICIDES by Gun into Gun Violence. So, whenever the LEFT and the Media have the RARE opportunity to respond to a mass shooting that might or might not be about TERRORISM or mental disease, it’s their cue to PILE-ON, and blame LEGAL Gun Owners for whatever carnage they can squeeze out of it.

Where in fact . . . Gun Violence amongst LEGAL GUN OWNERS in Canada and the United States is a NON ISSUE.

WE’RE FLOODED WITH STATISTICS AND “IRREFUTABLE” CLAIMS . . . which just aren’t true . . . nevertheless, the Media brings these LIES & UNTRUTHS to life.

There’s the War on Blacks. The War on Women. The War on Immigrants. The War on Gays and Lesbians. The War on the Working Class, and the WAR ON THE ENVIRONMENT.


Now that it’s LABOR DAY WEEKEND, and summer is over, the November Campaign to see who will become the 45th President of the United States has for all practical purposes . . . has really just begun, with Trump sprinting towards the end, while Crooked Hillary’s MOUNTAIN OF LIES and EXCUSES has her limping before she even gets to the straightaway.

There’s no question that the IDIOTS, IGNORAMUSES, & SELF-SERVING LEFTISTS will still vote for Crooked Hillary in spite of everything – but not even close to enough to win on November 8th, 2016, since I believe there are still enough Americans who aren’t so STUPID . . . AS TO NOT WANT TO VOTE FOR THE TRUTH.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard: Thank you, one of your best summations of the whole rotten mess politically, philosophically, painfully honest…for some and realistically honest for others with our close cousins to the south as well as up here in the land of JT and the ‘blowing BS’…not to be confused with snow!!!!!

  2. We live 17 miles from the border in San Diego and I have said for years that the number is more like 25M not the fluff the government dreams up. Also more needs to be said about Mexico government corruption as these people are fleeing one of the most corrupt countries in the world. We send money to mexico to protect their small border and look how that has worked out.

  3. I fear that while whom the people vote for is important, who counts the votes may be more important. I also believe that voting machines are subject to manipulation — being rigged. We should have stuck with paper ballots — slow, cumbersome, but, I think, less vulnerable to being rigged.

  4. Thank you Howard, your insight is spot on, all we have to do is to see the trains coming from MX loaded with people hanging on waiting to get to the USA and get the FREE medical care and MORE!! You are right about the prison population all one has to see is “The First 48” true crime program and see that almost all are black very few white.

  5. Because of a rigged, dishonest election, another dimwit will be in the white house, as proven by her failure of memory to the FBI.

  6. Its amazing how a black preacher who supports Trump is being torn apart by the media. His life is being dissected, yet when the truth that Obama’s religious advisor of 20 years is a white hating preacher, anti-Semite, anti-USA, only blacks matter former Muslim, he was mostly given a pass even after Obama dumped him. Will it be a fair election? Doubt it. Just wait for someone to take a shot at Trump, and that votes may vanish. He is going up against Hillary who will do anything to win.

  7. There are two copies of the Quoran – one they show the outside world and the other they teach to all Muslims and all Muslims live by and believe. That one teaches hate and killing of all infidels – non-Muslims. Now, you are going to tell me they are a religion of Peace? They are only peaceful until they get a stronghold in a country and then all hell breaks loose. Will America become another Syria if Hillary is elected and lets in hundreds of thousands of refugees?

  8. I do not know how many illegals there really are, but here in the Austin suburbs I can tell you that over the 16 years that I have lived here, the crowd at our local grocery store has gone from predominantly white to predominantly Hispanic. I am now clearly the minority. Just anecdotal!
    I too worry about election corruption. Vickie McCoy

  9. You speak the truth, Howard! It seems to many to be irrational when I say that EVERYTHING about the Left is based on lies, and I mean EVERYTHING, but that’s tough to swallow when you have been indoctrinated in the public school system for twelve or more years. FACTS have no relevance to the useful idiots. One has to be inflicted with a mental disorder to accept the madness of Marxism. Common sense died over fifty years ago. I pray we still outnumber the fools.

  10. These illegals are criminals. There is no penalty for being a criminal. Either we need to eliminate all laws and become, officially, a lawless nation or we need to have strict laws, enforce them, and make penalties severe. It is time to swing to the other extreme. That is all some people understand. Melowese Richardson, a poll worker pleaded no contest to four counts of illegal voting in 2009, 2011 and 2012. She was sentenced to 5 years. Should also have had her citizenship taken away.

  11. Wow, are we still here on the same subject? It seems to me it’s time to take a step back and review all these comments, compile the best ones, then make a decision on what to do next! Howard, this is your territory and where you shine. Can you help us dig our way out or at least show us a clear path to sanity? I’m 90 years old, in a few years, the world may not be my home anymore, but while it still is, I would like to see something left over I can be proud of.

  12. Never have I agreed with you more, Mr. G. If Hillary wins, America is dead and buried for who knows how many centuries before there are enough strong and armed to take back the freedoms God gave us and to restore our country. Obama has been a curse but compared to Hillary, he’s a pussy cat. She is one terrifying and evil woman.

  13. Data I have found gives a shocking statistic: In the last 35 years 232,000 Blacks have been killed—by other Blacks. Since Mr. Galganov has a rule which I will live up to, that links are not permitted, I will only say facts matter so if you want to be informed you can find very creditable data yourself if you want to find the truth.

  14. The left realizes they cannot achieve absolute power unless and until they control everything. They also realize there are enough useful idiots out there that believe the twisted lies and corruption they are fed daily to help them meet that goal! Let’s hope the thinking people among us will wake up and are in sufficient numbers to reverse the downward spiral and restore some semblance of American values and morals!

  15. Before I read this, (“common-sense” became a crime when the duh[scotUSA], remove prayer and the bible from public schools clear back into the 1950’s). The major starting point for this branch of government to go as ungodly as it is still “PROGRESSING” down into the pit.

  16. Other than being able to gloat over his being the cause of all of this chaos; what does George Soros get out of all of this? I know that he is a power hungry schmuck but he will never be ruler of the world. No one will be. Just CHAOS!

  17. Howard, I hope and pray you’re right …. that Trump does get elected and that all the stats. the media feeds us every day are lies and fabrications. But, between that, and the fact that I totally, completely distrust everything about the government, including our voting system, I am very nervous about this upcoming election.

  18. It has become perfectly clear that Common Sense, Truth, and Reality have been replaced with what Washington deems to make sense, deems to be truthful & deems is reality! In Two Words “POLITICALLY CORRECT”!Howard, thank you for your keen insight. This coming November is a crucial time for America. I’ve heard it declared that Hillary & Bill Clinton are likened to Ahab & Jezebel.For those who are Jewish, For those who are Christian, For those who wish to Learn.Please reference 1st Kings.We’ll see.

  19. The Oversight and Gov’t Reforms Committee chairman, Chaffetz revealed the appalling record of the Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency at a hearing 4/29/16. The statistics revealed the total absurdity of releasing illegal felons back into society instead of deporting them. Trump will certainly correct THAT problem, tout schnell!!

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