What Super Majority?



Where In The US Bill Of Rights . . . and/or the Constitution is it Written, that without a THREE-FIFTHS MAJORITY (60-Votes) in the Senate, Senators CANNOT Pass all Manner of Legislation?

You Won’t Find It . . . Because This Rule Doesn’t Exist In The Constitution.

In All Reality . . . James Madison & Alexander Hamilton, who Believed Strongly in the Power of a Simple Majority, wrote in the Federalist Papers, that they would leave it up to Congress (Senate/House), how Congress would Manage itself in Terms of Creating its own Rules & Regulations.


Over The Years . . . The US Senate has Morphed into a Byzantine Government Apparatus, with a Plethora of Rules & Regulations, which Benefit the Senate Leadership (On Both Sides), Above & Beyond the Will of Elected Senators & the People who Elect them.


I won’t get into the Minutia of US Senate Rules & Regulations, which throughout American Congressional History . . . has become so Utterly Complicated, that unless the Leadership of the Senate (Both Parties), Decides to Introduce or Pass Legislation – LAWS WILL NEVER BE INTRODUCED NOR PASSED.

It Is Indeed Possible . . . for the Leader of the Senate to Introduce & Pass New Parliamentary Rules . . . which would Make a Simple Majority Vote in the Senate – 51-VOTES, the Law Of The Land . . . SO WHY DON’T THEY?

They Don’t . . . Because they Don’t Want The People To Have The Power.

Here’s A Perfect Example . . . For 8-Years, Senator John McCain RAILED Against Obamacare, Promising with Full Throat & Fury, that once the Republicans would Win & Control the Senate . . . HE WOULD VOTE TO END OBAMACARE . . . But when he had the very Opportunity to Do What he Promised . . . HE DIDN’T, even though his Republican Party had all the Votes Needed But One – HIS! . . . WHY WAS THAT?

It Was . . . Because McCain Didn’t Want To. It Was All Political BS.

As long as McCain & Others) are “Protected” by the Contrived Super Majority Rule, with the Full Knowledge that the “Other Side” will Never give the Number of Votes Needed to Pass Anything, which the “Other Side’s” Leadership doesn’t want to Pass, Including the Leader of the Majority, who very often Introduces Legislation for Political Purposes – KNOWING IT WON’T PASS . . . The US Senate is Nothing More than a Sham.


If You Really Want To Know About Collusion . . . Just Look At Both Sides of the Leadership of the Senate, who are Constantly Colluding with each other for Political Purposes, and the Purposes & Benefits of their Lobbyists, which is What the Senate has Become All About.

There Is No Government Of The People By The People & For The People.

One Argument For The 60-Vote Rule Is To Stop Filibusters, which also Isn’t Honest, since Filibusters are Very Rarely Used, and even if they are, the Majority can Always Invoke Cloture . . . Or Simply Limit Debate – Or Create A New Rule.

The Other Argument – Is That It Is More Democratic . . . In as much as a 60-Vote Majority is far more in Keeping with the NON PARTISAN WILL OF THE PEOPLE, which is also a Huge Bag Of Horse Manure, since any Party can Win a Super Majority, just as Obama’s Democrats under Harry Reid Did In 2009 . . . THEN WHAT?

The Senate Is Like Three Card Monty – Now You See it . . . Now You Don’t!

I Sincerely Believe . . . That the Last Thing Someone like McConnell Wants – is to have a Super Republican Majority in the Senate, because, if that were to Come to Pass, McConnell he would have No One To Hide Behind . . . AND NO ONE TO BLAME.


ALL OF THAT WRITTEN – Since the Way & Means of the Management of the Senate is Entirely up to the Senate, without Seeking any Constitutional Oversight, what Stops McConnell from Changing the Contrived Super Majority Rules . . . TO A SIMPLE MAJORITY RULE OF 50-VOTES FOR ANYTHING (with the Vice President being the Tie-Breaker), Since we already Know by Example that it has Already Been Done by Both Sides when it Served each Respective Leader’s Purpose?

The People Never Voted For Bi-Partisanship . . . So What Gives?

If The People Really Want President Trump to Drain The Swamp, Start with the Senate. Get Rid of the Super Majority Rule, And You Won’t Even Need Term Limits.

Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I are heading South to the USA shortly to enjoy Canada Day & Fourth of July Celebrations in Watertown NY.

If I Have Time . . . I Will Write & Produce An Audio Editorial While Away.

There’s A Five-Minute Audio Broadcast With This Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You have provided a history of our Constitution and our Republic that needs to be shared with all. And I will do so. Thanks much, Howard!

  2. Amazing how you understand the US Constitution and government better than 99% of all Americans. I just wish most of my countrymen would pay more attention to the Constitution than to agenda politics.

  3. TOTALLY agree with you, HG, that the Contrived Super Majority Rules should be changed TO A SIMPLE MAJORITY RULE OF 50-VOTES FOR ANYTHING (with the Vice President being the Tie-Breaker). As you said, “If The People Really Want President Trump to Drain The Swamp, Start with the Senate…Get Rid of the Super Majority Rule, And You Won’t Even Need Term Limits”. Have a SAFE trip to NY and also have a GREAT time celebrating JULY 4TH! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  4. Thankyou Howard for the excellent Audio as well as your blog that is always very informing… You know more about how our government, US of America, operates than most Americans… Enjoy the Holiday week coming up..

  5. Howard invokes the Founders’ wishes. Their wish was that the people be represented by the House of Representatives, NOT by the Senate; the Senate was to represent the individual states and their rights. Then the 17th Amendment transferred selection of Senators from the state legislatures to voting by the people…who are already represented by the House. This not only skewed the principle of one man/one vote (each state gets 2 senators) but eliminated the voice of states’ rights in Congress.

  6. Lobbying/lobbyists should be outlawed. Gov’t has become a will of lobbyists of big business/special interest groups with the most $$ to provide payoffs to those who vote the way they want. Big Pharma has the FDA in their pockets as well as pharma people in top positions at FDA. Those getting their way is reason rich are getting richer and poor getting poorer, not to mention middle class disappearing.

  7. Howard, another wonderful “blog” & of course a “history lesson”….I have forgotten so much of my history, back when the schools taught it! Enjoy your trip down to Watertown, NY, with your little crew!! Safe Travels, & we’ll hear from you when you get back!!!!

  8. Always enjoy your editorials and blogs also, and the video’s are excellent. Have a safe trip and enjoyable Independence Day!!

  9. Well, I say keep harping on this until more of us start coming down on our senators!
    I used to be from Upstate and Watertown was always a great plavce to pass thru during winter if you REALLY wanted to see snow that is like on our passes in Central Colorado. Love the place.

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