What Extreme Right?


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Over the Past Weekend, those of us who Pay Attention to these things . . . Witnessed the Confrontations between the FAR LEFT & FAR RIGHT . . . WHICH DIDN’T HAPPEN!

And Why Didn’t They Happen . . . ?

Before I Answer This Rhetorical Question Of My Own Design . . . Years Ago, when Bill Clinton was still Making his Initial Play for the White House, Crooked Hillary INVENTED the Fallacy of the Far Right Wing Conspiracy, as the Enemy of the Clintons, the People, and the American Dream.

The way Crooked Hillary Painted her FAR RIGHT BOOGEYMEN, was that they were part of a Huge Organized Group of Wealthy, Powerful & Shadowy Men, Conspiring to Overthrow the Freedoms of America.

In Essence . . . Crooked Hillary’s Far Right Wing Co-Conspirators, in her Mind and Rhetoric were a Huge Amalgamation of KKK, White Supremacists & Wealthy Industrialists . . . Who Were Akin To Modern Day Nazis.

What was really Fascinating about Crooked Hillary’s Unsubstantiated FANTASIES, was how Readily Accepted all of it was by the People & the Media, Without as much as a Shred of any Substantiated Proof that this Secret Cabal of Far Right Wing Conspirators even Existed – Because They Didn’t.

Let’s Fast Forward To This Past Week’s Non-Riots In DC & Charlottesville.

There Were No Riots . . . Because there were No Far Right Wing Conspirators to Speak of. The American KKK has become Nothing other than a Tiny Insignificant Group of Shmucks with Mostly Dirty White Sheets.

The American Neo Nazi Movement Is Serious . . . But Not At All Political, They’re Gangs, which are all about Crime & Money. Besides . . . between the FBI, the NSA, and all Other American Security & Law Apparatus . . . These Goose Stepping Jerks would much Rather stay off the Radar, than Exchange Punches with Fascists of a Different Sort.

SO WHO’S LEFT . . . Who Really Threatens The American Dream?

It’s Interesting that Groups like ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter & Occupy Never Utter a Whisper about Islamists, who are Indeed a Real Threat to the American Dream . . . But Rather, These LEFTIST Fascists Prefer To Point All Their Unfounded Vitriol Against True Conservative Americans.

Which Brings Me To One Unassailable Conclusion.

The Islamists Are Dangerous . . . But they will Never Do to The USA what they’re Already doing to Europe. SO WHOM DO WE HAVE TO FEAR?


The LEFT have been Moving America in a Direction away from American Exceptionalism and away from the American Dream for Generations . . . Towards Communism, Under the Guise of Socialism . . . with the FULL-ON Support of the American Media.

This Didn’t Happen Overnight . . . And in a Backhanded Defense of Crooked Hillary, she was 100% Right – There Is A Significant Subversive Movement Of Co-Conspirators Within The United States Who Aim To Do Harm To America . . . BUT IT’S NOT THE RIGHT – IT’S THE LEFT – AND CROOKED HILLARY IS A MAJOR PART OF IT.

As We Saw Over The Weekend . . . The LEFTIST FASCISTS who turned-out Looking for a RIOT in DC and/or Charlottesville COULDN’T find Anyone to RIOT AGAINST, since the Fabled Right Wing Conspirators Never Showed-Up, Mostly because they Don’t Exist . . . So The LEFT Decided to Provoke the Police and Intimidate Innocent Non Involved Americans for them to RIOT, with the Useful Idiot Media Egging Them-On.


Just like there was Never a Far Right Wing Conspiracy, there were No DC or Charlottesville Riots . . . There Will Also Be No Blue Mid-Term Wave – And You Can Take That To The Polls.


In my Lifetime, I have Never seen the Right (Conservatives) so United, Especially Behind such Quality Candidates. And I have also Never seen such a Political RABBLE as are the Current Bunch of Democrats . . . Who Stand For Nothing Worth Standing For – But Much Worth Standing Against.

If The American People Are So Stupid To Vote For Such A Rabble – Goodbye USA.

As I See It . . . the LEFT are so Divided between SUPPORTING Faux Capitalism, Communism, Reverse Racism, Non Existent Misogyny, Higher Taxes, More Government, More Regulations, UNEQUAL Trade Agreements, the Dissolution of the Second Amendment, a Ban on Coal, Open Borders, Support for Illegal Immigrants, Sanctuary Cities, Sanctuary States . . . A One World Government – PLUS!

The Democrats Will Be Lucky To Hang-On To What They Currently Have.


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  1. While you may be right, that we have a new Churchill in the guise of Netanyahu, we already have a new Chamberlain, in our “beloved leader,” who is right now, appeasing ISIS, Iran, and the muslims. I’m afraid for our country and our people, the American people. God help us all.

  2. We need “Far right” to “balance” all the “weirdos and wackos” on the “Far left” (much like we need “Political Correctness” to tell us what we can say/do, but for “Liberals” it’s “anything goes” as “Freedom of Speech”)? No way! Websites telling the truth are getting “blocked” (common Communist tactic)! People today are either “crooked” or they are “crazy” (for not being “crooked”)? Communism (under guise of “Socialism”) will destroy USA- that’s what Democrats want to create One World Government!

  3. The Left have adopted the actions they claim to fear from the Right. They act like brutes, riot, shout down, bully, intimidate, insult, lie, troll the internet like hungry wolves, debate ignorantly, speak spitefully, have disdain for any opposition to their side and take full advantage of anything they think belongs to them. If that does not sound like a true enemy I don’t know what does.

  4. Wish I could be one of the ones who help support your website. Please know that I read your page regularly and send it on to people I know will appreciate it. You always tell the absolute truth and that is refreshing! Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  5. Maxime Bernier was heavily criticized this week for saying Trudeau’s multiculturalism is going too far and Canadians are losing their values and traditions. Trudeau blows this over with, “Diversity is strength”. Well, we know Bernier is talking about Muslims and how they have succeeded in having many of our traditions banned, and turned some of our schools into Mosques. The Liberal left is ruining Canada too. Terror is here along with diversity.

  6. In complete agreement w/you. I feel there is a small group of extremely wealthy people who use their wealth/power toward their aim, & it’s likely world domination. Off-shoot groups with extreme power have risen who work toward control of all main aspects of human life & international relations (Bildergerg, CFR, WTO, WHO, World Bank, etc.) The ELITE/leftists are now very vocal about being smarter than everyone else. Leaders in G7/G8 Summit are literally destroying their own countries-real smart.

  7. Wish I could support your webpage, but I’m NOT able to do so @ the moment…..I did so in the past, but no longer am possible to do so…..keep up the great work, Howard, & I do post your column on my DAILY FACEBOOK page, as well as sending it on to friends in Canada (who are snowbirds like you & Anne are!)! May God richly bless you both!!

  8. I thought I was the only one who saw what Crooked Hillary is capable of. You are SPOT ON, Mr. G. If we, the voters, do NOT vote in the correct candidate, or worse yet..don’t vote, then WE are culpable. We can NOT be the proverbial ostrich with our heads in the sand. WE need to stand UNITED & DELIVER. RE: Trump revoking security clearance-he should have done this ages ago. MYPOV

  9. I wonder if the folks promoting “One World Government” understand that if they should succeed, where will they fit in. What part of slavery don’t they understand. Serfdom was abolished a few hundred years ago because the people finally had enough. The study of history should be mandatory for all, Left and Right!!

  10. Ten bucks ain’t what it used to be but I hope it helps. Remember the “Never Again” pendant I gave you. Keep up the good work in the battle to keep us free “from the “takers” and the misguided leftists who, unrestrained, would deliver my beloved USA and Israel to Devils doorstep.

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