“What A Tangled Web We Weave . . . As We Practice To Deceive”


  • These days, when kids graduate from college & get a job, they want to become BOSS before they LEARN how to WORK! Thus, they want to feel IMPORTANT!The LEFT has used Community Organizers to FORM YOUNG GROUPS to PROMOTE their AGENDA & they have been very successful at doing so by BRAINWASHING their followers. The RIGHT needs to FORM their OWN groups to EDUCATE its followers & to SPREAD the TRUTH about SOCIALISM which is RUINING our Country! PRES. TRUMP fully needs the CONSERVATIVE SUPPORT! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI -,
  • Will we win against the crooks. Until the fear of the Law and God is restored our chances are not good.

    A J Willis, Kiowa, Colorado, United States
  • Last year I had a restroom incident in a public restroom. When I went into the restroom no one was in the room but me. When I came out of the stall, I did not hear or see anyone. When I was washing my hands I saw a man right behind me in my space. I hurried out of the room. Be careful. My husband was waiting for me. You can’t turn them in. It is legal! Very scary.

    Irma Smith, Norfolk, Va 23518,
  • I am hard of hearing with a definition problem. I like the written Galganov compared to the verbal. Also, I can save the written, or print it out to file, etc.

    Peggy Johns Bland, San Antonio, Texas,

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