“What A Tangled Web We Weave . . . As We Practice To Deceive”

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  1. These days, when kids graduate from college & get a job, they want to become BOSS before they LEARN how to WORK! Thus, they want to feel IMPORTANT!The LEFT has used Community Organizers to FORM YOUNG GROUPS to PROMOTE their AGENDA & they have been very successful at doing so by BRAINWASHING their followers. The RIGHT needs to FORM their OWN groups to EDUCATE its followers & to SPREAD the TRUTH about SOCIALISM which is RUINING our Country! PRES. TRUMP fully needs the CONSERVATIVE SUPPORT! AMEN!

  2. Will we win against the crooks. Until the fear of the Law and God is restored our chances are not good.

  3. Last year I had a restroom incident in a public restroom. When I went into the restroom no one was in the room but me. When I came out of the stall, I did not hear or see anyone. When I was washing my hands I saw a man right behind me in my space. I hurried out of the room. Be careful. My husband was waiting for me. You can’t turn them in. It is legal! Very scary.

  4. I am hard of hearing with a definition problem. I like the written Galganov compared to the verbal. Also, I can save the written, or print it out to file, etc.

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