Well Earned & Deserved Disdain


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The Above Is A Pretty Direct Quote Made By Leftists Looking For A Headline.

My Dislike For The LEFT Has Progressed From Disdain To Visceral Hatred . . . WITH FAR MORE THAN AMPLE REASON!


If I Saw A LEFTIST Drowning . . . & All I Needed To Do Was Throw The LEFTIST A Rope To Save His Or Her Life – He Or She Would Probably Drown.

The World’s LEFTISTS have come all the Way from being Simple Schmucks to the Most Despicable Group of People one can Possibly Imagine. I have No Idea what the LEFT Really Want, other than to be MY OVERSEER . . . & THAT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!


For the LEFTIST Media & Others, to even Imply, that there could be some EQUIVALENCE to what President Trump said in Helsinki During his Press Conference – To The Night . . . THAT WAS THE PRECURSOR TO THE LARGEST & ONLY SLAUGHTER OF ITS KIND IN HUMAN HISTORY – KRISTALLNACHT, which set the Tone for the HOLOCAUST, is as Humanly Debasing as Imaginable . . . To President Trump & To The 6-Million Jews Who Died The Most Horrible Deaths One Can Possibly Conceive.


My Grandparents came to Canada from Eastern Europe (Russian Area) Before The End Of WWI. So whatever Distant Relatives I might have had in Europe when the Nazis and their WILLING EUROPEAN EXECUTIONERS Rained Down Their Unspeakable Horrors Upon Humanity – had no Impact upon me in a Familial Way . . . BUT, AS A JEW, Born in 1950, 5-Years After The End Of The HOLOCAUST . . . THE HOLOCAUST HAS TOUCHED ME DEEPLY.


And for the Mainstream Media, the LEFT & Democrat Members of Congress to Trivialize & Desecrate what the Jewish People have Suffered for more than 2,000-Years . . . Culminating in the Greatest Atrocity One Could Otherwise NEVER IMAGINE – Goes So Far Beyond The Pale . . . As To Be Without Words To Describe How Horrible & Low These LEFTIST Hate-Filled Bastards Have Fallen.


IT BOTHERS ME TO NO END . . . When the LEFT use “NEVER AGAIN” in their Insidious War against the Second Amendment, since the Very Meaning of “NEVER AGAIN” Relates Exclusively to the HOLOCAUST.

And as much as I DESPISE the LEFT for using “NEVER AGAIN” for their own Nefarious Means, even that Doesn’t Come Close to Comparing What President Trump Said to what Happened on KRISTALLNACHT.

Understand This . . . President Trump Said NOTHING He Should Apologize For.


I was AGHAST to Hear Newt Gingrich Amongst Others, but Specifically Newt Gingrich, who has been so Blessed by President Trump, Especially with the Appointment of Gingrich’s Useless Wife (Callista), to the More Useless Ambassadorship to the Vatican, when Gingrich SCOLDED President Trump as if President Trump was a Schoolboy Caught Cheating by the School Master.

I wasn’t Surprised in the Least by the Likes Of Paul Ryan and other RINOS who Crapped all over President Trump, since the RINOS Wait for every Opportunity to Stick-It to the President, just as I wasn’t Surprised to Hear that PIECE OF EXCREMENT RIVERA ON FOX NEWS, Tear A Strip Out Of “My Good Friend The President”, because getting Screwed-Over by Geraldo Rivera is what one Expects from Rivera, SINCE RIVERA IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY.

However . . . Having all this CRAPOLA THROWN AT THE PRESIDENT in Unison, without Abatement, by President Trump’s Foes & so-called Friends Alike . . . Will In The Final Analysis SEAL THE DEAL for Real Conservatives in the Mid-Term November (2018) Congressional Elections . . . AND FOUR MORE YEARS IN THE WHITE HOUSE FOR DONALD TRUMP AFTER 2020.


With The LEFT Becoming Unhinged . . . and their Façade of Normalcy Showing Itself for what it Really is . . . The American Socio/Political Center Will Write Them Off In Totality.


AND I FULLY EXPECT . . . The LEFT to Take to the Streets in Desperation to Cause Mayhem, since the LEFT has Nothing left to “Sell” – Other than Tired-Out Lies, Insults & Revulsion for the American Dream, and the Freedoms which Created the Greatest Society Mankind has ever known.


The LEFT Will Do What The LEFT Has Always Done . . . But – As I see It, Conservative and even Centrist Americans will this time FIGHT BACK, and when that happens, America Will Once Again Be Reborn.

The Day Of Reckoning Is Upon Us & The LEFT Is Too Stupid To See It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The majority of “Intelligent” American Citizens will side with Netanyahu before they would side with Obama! Patriot Americans beg for his impeachment before we lose our Freedom. He is a far cry from a Patriot American President. The Majority of Black Americans are Patriots, but until they start SHOUTING OUT AGAINST HIM most white Americans feel that they do not want to offend them. Let’s hear some noise Patriot Blacks and help the whites save our children’s future!

  2. As we know Trump has been saying the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt. The Rothstein/Mueller charges on Friday were a trap for Trump in Helsinki. If Trump blasted Putin for the interference, then he would have to admit the Mueller witch hunt was really a legitimate investigation. Trump will not back down on that so he had to choose the lesser of evils. Now the Rinos and fake media are ballistic that he didn’t take the bate

  3. You are right on today and I feel the deplorables are ready for the cowardly sneaky left.

  4. Howard, spot on to say the least. I have reached the point of total disgust and contempt for the mainstream “propaganda” media and swamp. I won’t even watch the evening news any longer, other than local events and weather. Actually, we record most of the stuff we watch, including the evening news, so as soon as they start to say anything about Trump we fast forward past that segment because we know they won’t say anything nice. Yes, I would let them drown too.

  5. I heard on the news somewhere that we should call the Main Stream Media what they really are. Let’s start calling them the
    “DEMOCRAT MEDIA” I see no attempt of anything positive being said, by the MSM, about Conservatives and Republicans. So let’s call a Spade a Spade “DEMOCRAT MEDIA” That will surely make the heads of those news casters explode, who think they are so un-biased.
    “DEMOCRAT MEDIA, DEMOCRAT MEDIA, DEMOCRAT MEDIA” Sounds a lot better than Russia, Russia, Russia, Huh!!!

  6. Ironically it is the Left who are the ones who perpetuate fascism today and closest to what one might consider nazi-like. They are the ones with the fascist ideas, actions, practices, principles and ideologies. They are the ones who don’t want free and open dialogue and who shout it down, the ones who select people to hate, condemn, mistreat, victimize and bully. They are the ones who deem who is worthy and valuable and who is not. And they will hear no other arguments.

  7. Was I asleep that long? I missed the “roundup” of people by Trump, I missed the covert meetings to revive the “holding camps”, and “re-education Centers”,……remind me not to nap again. FOLKS, get real you are living, breathing, and PROSPERING under the single BEST President in our History!
    WE HAVE THE POWER, WE HAVE THE VOTE, AND WE HAVE THE CONSTITUTION! The only real thing I can say is THAT IS WHY WE NEED THE AND AMENDMENT! It was not an afterthought, .it was the SECOND!! Thank GOD!

  8. I am so happy to read your column today, Howard…(and soon I will have my computer fixed so I can listen to Galganov Radio!) I knew I could count on you. After seeing the total crucifixion of Trump these past couple of days, I want NOTHING to do with any TV news. NOT EVEN FOX, who in great numbers before my wondering eyes, dove right into the swamp with the rest of the rats. SHAMEFUL AND DISGUSTING!!! I’m with you, Howard~~let the bastards drown!

  9. I can’t say it enough. I hope most of your following will take the time to write editorials from your blog. What a great way to get more information out.
    Thanks Howard. Hi

  10. I’ve reached the same point, Howard. The left is not an annoyance, they are evil. Calling for the Helsinki interpreter to testify before Congress to determine what was REALLY said is yet another example how the left has lost its collective mind. Unhinged? They have passed that point. Mass insanity starting with Congress and the Media.

  11. Greetings, Howard, & I really loved your “blog” today, as well as the other bloggers’ comments! You were “spot on”, for with comments on the NEWT, as well as that USELESS RIVIERA!! Riviera is SO FULL of HIMSELF, & NEWT, unfortunately isn’t FAR BEHIND (I definitely agree with you, about his wife!)!!! Take care, Howard, & glad you are having some nice weather up there in Canada. Florida is hot & muggy.

  12. The left make me physically sick! When Trudeau comes on the tube, I have to either switch channels, or grab my barf bag! I don’t know of a news channel in Canada that provides balanced coverage. We had Sun News for awhile, but the leftists/Marxists in our Govt shut it down. Why are we supporting the CBC. (Communist Bullshit Network) to the tune of $1.2 Billion to spew nothing but leftist propaganda?
    I agree with you 100% Howard. We NEED a TRUMP not Scheer!

  13. Funny how the media purposely dont remind viewers of Obamas gestures to Putin. hmm… Trump has Syria and Iran to deal with. Obama’s lousy Iran/nuke deal means Trump has to get Russia on board. The art of the deal! Russia’s no real threat. Not now any way. A nuclear Iran IS!! How poorly unappreciative the leftists and other world gov’ts are towards Trump and his efforts to make the world safer for them … after what Obama did. Obama setup the foundations of Armageddon. How do they not see that?

  14. I’d say the Dems have lost their compass(es), moral, ethical, etc. They seem to be totally delusional, & wildly so. The ‘shadow govt/swamp’ (FBI, etc.) continue trying to set up Trump for ‘elimination’. The media is their cheering squad since all they seem to report is the screaming leftists’ opinions & name-calling. The swamp is thick & wide & getting dirtier all the time. The MSM makes it seem they’re a majority, but in reality I believe it’s increasing more people the other way.

  15. “Millions” today have “gone astray”, each turning to his/her own way! Just how many are involved in this huge “scandal” (a.k.a. “Deep State”) to overthrow U.S. Government? Why are they afraid of Trump speaking with Putin (or any world leaders)? People need to be reminded what “treason” and “sedition” are all about! Trump isn’t like Hitler- “Hitlery Clinton” is! (Democrats are the true “Deplorables”!) Obama wants “guaranteed income” (working or not)! Let’s all be equal- equally poor, not “rich”?

  16. I can’t help but say: I wish we had Trump in Canada!! Instead of ‘pretty boy’ Trudeau! He can’t put two words together without saying “UH” in between! Certainly the most inappropriate ill-prepared clueless Prime Minister in my lifetime, and I just turned 75! I’ve seen many come and go ….. but “Pretty Boy” is definitely the worst! I’d like to see him REMOVED from office!! Go Trump go!

  17. The Bush Dynasty helped advance/finance Hitler before WWI. Bushes, Clintons, Rockefellers all deny the annihilation of Armenians by Turkey….setting up indifference for Germany to annihilate all Jews. Clintons gave USA secrets to China in exchange for power and wealth in New World Order. The past 100 years were well planned & executed. Surprise!!!! Today a Giant silent army is awake, educated and prepared to ruin their plans. Pro-Israel & Jesus Christ.

  18. HG, the LEFT is EVIL as well as DESPERATE, and DESPERATE people do DESPERATE things!RIVERA is a NARCISSISTIC hypocrite!He tries to “play both sides of the fence”.Yes, “the GOOD GUYS are WINNING” and that’s what UPSETS the LEFT and the RINOS!The LEFT has NO POSITIVE GOALS nor AGENDA.All they’re good for is to TRY to ANTAGONIZE Trump!They have NO POSITIVE ROLE MODELS and NO LEADERSHIP!Pres. Trump is BOUND to FIRE certain people SOON!Enough is enough!Trump should UNCOVER HUSSEIN OBAMA’S PAST! AMEN!

  19. I really don’t know when the left became the left, or when the right became the right in defining America! We at one time were “Americans”. Most Americans at one time learned and agreed with, at one time what was taught regarding the Foundational Principals of our Founding Fathers. Our “Moral” threads were interwoven with Biblical Truths.Where at one time countries aspired to simulate what America once was.”A light on a Hill” Sadly and I’m sure some will disagree with me, that light has faded!

  20. The only thing the left is doing is assuring that Trump will be re-elected in 2020. What I am not to sure about is how many rinos are not running again in 2018 and is there good real republican candidates to run in their stead to finally work with Trump and not against him. How many rinos are there until 2020. How many rinos are there right now actually.

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