We Might Very Well Be On The Eve Of Destruction


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I Write Mostly About Domestic Politics & Social Issues. And when I Write Domestic, I’m of Course Referring to the United States of America & Canada . . . But the World is a Great Deal Larger than just North America.

I Also Worry Immensely About Israel . . . Not because Israel is my Homeland; Canada is my Homeland, until such time as Anne & I would be Welcomed into the United States of America, which doesn’t seem to be all that Likely any time soon.

But Regardless Of Our Loyalties To Canada & The USA – Israel . . . The ONLY State in the World, where Jews Like Anne & Myself can call our Spiritual Home, IS ALWAYS JUST ONE MISTAKE AWAY FROM BECOMING A SECOND HOLOCAUST.

I MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT . . . The World is No Less Anti-Semitic Today, than it has ever been. And since the End of WWII, and the Truth Exposed of the Holocaust, and the RECREATION of the Jewish State of Israel after a 2000-Year Jewish Exile, the World, which Includes Significant Numbers of People in Canada & The United States Of America, has become Increasingly Brazen with their HATRED FOR ISRAEL . . . & HATRED FOR JEWISH PEOPLE!

AND LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN . . . One Mistake – Just One Mistake Akin to the Yom Kippur War (Oct 6, 1973 – Oct 26, 1973), where a LEFTIST Israeli Government led by Golda Meir, Literally came Seconds Away from Jewish Armageddon for the Second Time . . . In Less Than 30-Years.


The North American Media Is Obsessed With Everything Trump-Negative – So-Much-So, that what’s Happening in the Middle East with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah & Russia, Coupled to Turkey and an Untrustworthy Iraq, is on the Edge of Open Warfare, Involving the United States of America, England, France & Israel – Versus Russia . . . and which other Countries will Enter the Frey on Behalf of Russia and other Bad Actors, such as China – In One Way Or Another.


The Moment Barack Obama became President of the United States of America, and the “Presumed Protector” of the Free World, Obama Abdicated this Extraordinary Responsibility, by Giving the Free World’s Enemies (Russia, China, Iran & Islamists) . . . A FREE-RIDE – To Expand Their Respective Military & Territorial Reach.

Russia Invaded Georgia during the Bush/Obama Transition – Giving the Incoming President (Obama) the First Opportunity to Show Obama’s True-Steel Under Pressure, To Which – Obama Did Nothing.

Instead . . . Obama Allowed Russia a Free Ride at Taking over a Sovereign Nation, without so much as a Hiccup from the Mightiest Nation in the World, which Showed to Russia (Putin), that there was a Pussy About To Enter The White House.

Russia Later Invaded Ukraine & Annexed Crimea . . . Still Nothing From Obama.

And Then Came Syria . . . Where in the Middle East, Before Obama allowed Russia to Literally Walk Into the Middle East Unopposed, where Russia had Nothing . . . But Because of Obama’s Fecklessness – Russia now has Airbases and a Humongous Naval Port in Syria, Which Makes Russia A Very Serious Regional & Global Player.

But That’s Not Where It Stopped . . . While Obama was Handing the Russians a Free Ride into the Middle East, Obama made what can only be Considered the Absolute Worst Deal in History – Akin to Chamberlain’s Czechoslovakian Deal with Hitler . . . By Buying-Off Iran With Russian Collusion.

And While All Of This Was Happening – China Was Busy Building Unopposed Military Islands In The South China Sea.


Because Of Obama & His Demented Vision Of A Socialist One World Government, Israel & America, with America’s Key Allies (England & France), will Either have to Back-Down to Russia . . . the Russian Axis of Evil (Iran, Syria & Hezbollah), to Surrender the Last Vestige of Syrian Territory for Iran to Create an Unconscionable Foothold on the Doorstep of Israel and the Sunni Nations (Saudi Arabia – Etc), whom are all in Iran’s Caliphate Crosshairs . . . OR FIGHT THE RUSSIANS, while the Chinese Watch the Big Show, as Both of their Major Competitors Beat the Crap out of Each Other.


As I See It . . . The Only Blame to Go Around – Belongs To Barack Hussein Obama, & The Ignorant LEFT who Idolized This Empty Elitist Socialist Suit – Right Into The White House.


In 1938 . . . The Free World Surrendered Czechoslovakia To The Nazis –  The Jews Got The Holocaust & The World – Got World War Two. But – President Trump Isn’t Neville Chamberlain . . . & Israel Isn’t Czechoslovakia.

All Of This . . . In One Way Or Another Will Happen Very Soon.

Isn’t it Remarkable . . . how the Media Chooses to Cover a Prostitute like Stormy Daniels to Embarrass The President of the United States of America and his Family – and Looks for Fault to Destroy the Reputation of a Judicial Boy Scout like Brett Kavanaugh, to keep Kavanaugh from Sitting on the Supreme Court of America as an Originalist Judge?

YET . . . The Media Sits In Silence As The World Is On The Brink?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You embellished your comments to the hilt, but score one for yourself. I’ve grown to detest this Quisling-in-chief. Actually, he lost me first when he said Israel should return to its pre-Six-Day-War borders (Israel will return the Golan to Syria when pigs could fly!), that started my detestation; making Netanyhu wait around from Obummer while having his family dinner second; after holding back attacks from Gaza was third before Israel finally fired back third. Hope your right, HG!

  2. You and Anne are most welcome to my USA!! This article was excellent. No…the media is now blaming Trump for FLORENCE! Washington Post! Most incredible. Trump is responsible for the hurricane because he doesn’t believe in
    Climate Change. Neither do I and many others and many of those are Scientists!! They won’t give Trump credit for the
    amazing job he has done in, what 19 months for our economy?

  3. Making things worse is Turkey, which wants to be allies with Iran and Russia but is caught in a vise between those two and Turkey’s allies in the Syrian province of Idlib. The Sunni Arabs of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and some of the other smaller nations in the area are quietly allying with Israel and the US, creating an explosive situation just waiting to blow up. Thank God for Trump, who seems strong enough to take a courageous stand for doing the right thing for Israel and for us.

  4. Howard, thank God for Trump that he has the guts to stand up and be counted. Trump has the courage to call the Palestinian Hoax about the number of their so-called refugees and stop financing the terror supporter who is the PLO, who pay money to the families of suicide bombers. Although I am not an American, I hope and pray that the November election will keep the houses of Congress and the Senate in the hands of the Republicans. Steve Acre, Canada

  5. Regarding Obama: It could be worse. It seems the rumors are that el jefe wants to be the head of the UN. To be honest, it’s a perfect place for him because then it will reveal to the world everything you’ve said about and what we’ve known about him is really true.

  6. What you describe of Russia’s military foothold in Syria, along with Iran, is prophesied in the Bible; but it includes a million-man army from the east–all against Israel. Sounds an awful lot like the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. Rumors are starting of Obama running again in 2020, but if any chance of his being big shot at UN, I’m sure he’d rather take that because it puts him in World status & ability to better manipulate the it–narcissist that he is. Thank God for Trump.

  7. When you consider the Peel Commission, the Balfour Declaration, the Palestinian Mandate, the Old Testament and 3,000 years of history, Israel is the most legitimate country in the world. Her enemies are the bottom-feeding scum of the world.

  8. You are correct, Mr. G. Obama wanted to be KING of One World Order. He still aspires to this attitude! Trump is for AMERICA, NOT the rest of the world. The LEFT media knows nothing but ‘DESTROY TRUMP’. Do they realize that should POTUS Trump lose, the Left will actually struggle to HOLD its place in the MEDIA, etc. The Pied Piper will lead them all to the edge of the cliff and send them scurrying over as well as the USA as we know it. ANARCHY. MYPOV

  9. I have never understood anti-semitism and hatred of the Jews. I worked in a Jewish owned company in the U.K. have been to Israel and have always found Jews, at least those who I met, to be amongst the nicest people on the planet. I understand there is to be an anti-Christ and have long believed that OB fits that description perfectly. He has done all he can to try and destroy Judeo/Christian beliefs, culture and traditions. Who else would kiss the ring of the Saudi King?

  10. Can we sum all this up by saying that things will probably get a lot worse—before the get better. The world has yet to hit bottom but is surely headed in that direction—and picking up speed. The US and Canada may still be in the best global location—and it is always better to fight in someone else’s backyard than your own. All out nuclear war would no doubt end mankind—and would hopefully be avoided—but we could have a brief but devastating conventional war to set things right.

  11. If WW 3 begins even as a conventional war, it won’t last because as soon as one side with nuclear weapons start to lose, they will use their nuclear weapons. I have been predicting this also for a while, the world right now is the biggest powder geg ever, even bigger than pre WW 1 and pre WW 2. The sheeples though are still asleep and still thinks that life in hunky dory.

  12. Their’s you and a handful of others that keep me “hopeful”. This upcoming Nov. election will be “pivotal”. At this time, the Senate appears pretty safe, but not the House (along with the threat of impeachment.)
    Can’t thank you enough for Galganov.com.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  13. We are at a crossroads, good vs. evil. In the US, Republicans mostly good, vs. evil Democrats.

    Man will make a choice, and God will either bless or harm accordingly.

    But the total depravity of the Left/Marxists/Socialists will not go unpunished, and in that case even the good will suffer.

    Hold on, but it doesn’t look good.

  14. I never thought when I first heard that song that it would happen in my lifetime . . . but alas, I agree with you H.H.
    We are definitely there! The only thing we can do now is to make sure we’re ready for our departure.

  15. Should Kavanaugh not be seated and the Dems take control of both Houses, look out. You will not have to look to Israel for a battle. I have know several soldiers of Israel, they have true resolve as do our Special Forces, they will fight like no others. No another Holocaust will not be seen, but a truly ugly war will happen. As for America, there will be blood in the streets as many will fight a new world order here at home. Wow, a non identifiable source, claiming a sexual encounter, bull.

  16. Well said, Howard, on all points. FYI – I haven’t been getting your notifications lately, so I am going to re-register in case there is a database problem on your end. The other possibility, of course, is that Google is now messing with emails from you too. I wouldn’t put it past them one bit.

  17. The Left needs to be continually exposed as the corrupt, fascist and racist entity they are. Let us pray that the average person is starting to see through the BS and can start to distinguish the lying Left and overall lies from what what is right and proper. And hope to God that the corrupt media is playing only to themselves and people are starting to get smart enough to reject them.

  18. Cut off trade with China and Russia entirely and they will crumble. Both bad actors are playing the game “Risk” with flimsy resources. They’ve spread themselves thin because they don’t expect a strong American respoonse to their aggression. They are in for a very unpleasant surprise. As you metioned, DT is not Barry Obama.

  19. ANOTHER AWESOME EDITORIAL, Howard G., you hit it out of the park! THANK GOODNESS, for OUR PRES. TRUMP…..HE ABSOLUTELY WON’T LET UP ‘TIL THIS BATTLE IS WON!! I did enjoy all the other blogger’s comments as well. HUESSEIN OBAMA did us “no favors” as well. GO TRUMP GO, & AMEN AMEN…..WE ARE DEFINITELY ON YOUR SIDE!!!!!!

  20. As Bruce was want to say, “When you start passing out ‘Blame’, there is usually plenty to go around”!

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