UNRWA . . . The Palestine Con Job & Epitome Of Failed Socialism


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I Make No Pretense Whatsoever . . . I am a Zionist. I Believe in the State of Israel. AND I KNOW, because I am not a Stupid Person, that we Live in an Anti-Semitic World, where A Non Religious Inquisition, Pogrom or Holocaust Can Happen Again at the Drop Of A Star Of David.

I Also Know . . . That Unless things Change Dramatically, Israel will soon be Involved in Another Hot War, where Defeat for Israel Will Equal Armageddon for Israeli Jews.

And In Addition, I Know, that when it Hits-The-Fan . . . as it will, Israel & Jews in General will be Blamed, which is Fine, as Long as Jews are On The Winning Side.

I Know All Of This . . . Because the Entire World has been Involved in Perpetuating one of the Greatest Frauds in World History . . . Because It’s Easier to Hate Jews Than To Love The Truth.


UNRWA IS GOING BROKE . . . and if you need a bit of a Refresher to Remember What & Who UNRWA is – UNRWA Stands for the UN Relief & Works Agency, which is EFFECTIVELY Nothing More & Nothing Less than the United Nations Gravy-Train For So-Called Palestinians.


UNRWA Was Established On December 8, 1949 . . . The Purpose was ESSENTIALLY & ONLY, to give Aid to So-Called Palestinian “Refugees”, Virtually all of whom Fled their Homes in “Palestine” Before the Israeli War of Independence even Started, at the Behest of the “United” Arab Armies . . . with many others Willingly Leaving their Homes AFTER the War Sort of Ended with a Cease Fire, Because of the Unfounded Fear of Living Under Jews.

There are Wild Statistics on how Many Palestinians were Displaced from their Homes Because of the War of Independence . . . From a Few Hundred Thousand Men, Women & Children – to as many as Slightly More than 600,000 – All Numbers which really Can’t be Proven One Way or Another, since there are no Real Records to Substantiate Most of the Statistics.


WHAT WE DO KNOW AS FACT . . . Is that more than THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION JEWS (800,000) living in Arab/Moslem Countries, such as Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia & Eventually Lebanon – ETC . . . were in One Way or Another Dispossessed from all their Rights, Homes, Wealth & Belongings . . . with Nowhere to Go, Other than to the New Jewish State of Israel.


According to Everything I Understand about Refugees, the Definition of a Refugee:

Is A Person Who Had To Flee His Or Her Country For Fear of Being Murdered, Tortured And/Or Unfairly Incarcerated By The State Of That Country For Unlawful Political Purposes – If He Or She Stayed . . .

. . . Which Wasn’t The Case With The “Palestinians” In 1948/1949

If the Arabs Living in the Palestinian Territory Prior to 1948 didn’t Take-Up Arms Against Israel, they had Little to Fear. And even those So-Called Palestinians, who Did Go to War against Israel, but Didn’t Leave Palestine after the War, and who Didn’t Commit War Crimes . . . THEY WERE NOT DRIVEN OUT.

To the Contrary . . . the Nascent State of Israel IMPLORED its New Arab Citizens to Stay & Help Build the New State of Israel, which More than a Million did.

So Where’s The Refugee Status?


I Will Bet . . . That Very Few People – who are such Pro-Palestine & Avid Israel Haters even know, that there are Palestinian “Refugee” Camps WITHIN the Palestinian Territories. How Do You Square That Circle?

Another Great Question . . . Outside of the So-Called Palestinians – which other “Dispossessed” People, Including Generations of Their Progeny, have been Granted PERMANENT Refugee Status – Even Within Its Own Territory . . . & Placed On An International Payroll (UNRWA) To Remain Refugees?

And To The Very Best Of My Knowledge . . . Once a “Refugee” is Safely Settled & Accepted into a Host Nation – He Or She CEASES Being A Refugee.

Another Question Which Should Be Asked & Answered . . . If the Half Million or So-Called “Palestinian Refugees” should be Accorded Special Status & Billions of Dollars Annually from the World Body for their “Suffering” – What About The 800,000 Dispossessed Middle Eastern & North African Jews?


LETS GO EVEN ONE STEP FURTHER . . . The So-Called “Palestinians” are Demanding A Right to Return to their Ancestral Homes in Israel, Even The Great, Great Grandchildren of Palestinians (who’ve NEVER Been to the Palestinian Territories), who Claim their Ancestors were Driven out of their “Country” (which never existed), at the Threat of Death, Giving them the Right of Return to a Territory They Never Even Visited?


LET’S ASSUME . . . The Pro-Palestinian United Nations & Pro-Palestinian Nations at Large, who Support Most Palestinian Claims – such as virtually all EU Countries, the Likes Of . . . Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, France and Others, where Jews were Slaughtered by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDSEVENTUALLY 6-MILLION . . . If The Palestinians & Their Progeny Should Be Allowed To Return To Their Ancestral Homes, Farms & Businesses to Claim what was Theirs or Their Ancestor’s – WHAT ABOUT THE JEWS?

Did You Know That Even After The War – Jews Were Still Slaughtered In Poland?

On July 4, 1946 . . . In the Polish Town of Kielce – Slightly Less Than 100-Jewish Holocaust Survivors were Attacked because they were Jews wanting to Take Back Their Property, which was TAKEN FROM THEM BY FORCE.

42-Jewish Holocaust Survivors were Murdered at the Hands of the Polish Military, Polish Police & Plain Old Fashioned Polish Town-Folk, which was Just one Incident of Many Just Like It . . . Throughout Post Nazi Europe.

Where Was Anything Like UNRWA For These Jewish Survivors & Progeny?

NOT ONLY WERE EUROPE’S JEWS . . . Dispossessed, Beaten, Tortured, Raped & Slaughtered by the MILLIONS . . . After the War, Surviving European Holocaust Jews were FORCED to go Back to their European Homes, where many of their Former Neighbors RATTED-THEM-OUT for reasons of Hatred, Jealousy, Ignorance, Fear or Financial Benefit – to Homes which were either Destroyed by the War . . . Or Occupied By Non Friendly Strangers.


Even Before The War . . . When the Entire World was More Aware than just Somewhat of the Plight of Europe’s Jews – Virtually No Country in the World would Accept Jewish Refugees . . . Including Canada and the United States of America.

Canada’s Official Liberal Government Jewish Policy Was – “NONE” IS TOO MANY!

Growing Up . . . I Knew A Great Many Jewish Holocaust Survivors, and was Friends with many of their Children. The Survivors Asked for Nothing, Demanded Nothing & Expected Nothing . . . Other than for a Chance to be Free with an Equal Opportunity to Everyone Else, so They could Succeed, Raise their Families & Contribute to the Community where they Lived.

So What Gives The So-Called Palestinians The Right To Feed Off The World . . . Other than Being Useful Idiots With Which The World Can Promote Jew Hatred, While Simultaneously Keeping Their Hands Clean.


I Think Their Gig’s Up . . . The Real Jew Hatred Is Finally Revealing Itself – & This Is The New World Order . . . Which Has Real Moral & Ethical Meaning, Which Is Anathema To The More Than The Half Century Of Lies We’ve Been Living.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • I have for too many years told my Jewish friends and business associates that their tendency to support, almost blindly, liberals and their progressive causes will eventually, like it did in Germany, get them and their fellows in trouble. I was told that as a Pole, Catholic no less, that I simply did not understand. Well boys and girls the shoe is on the other foot now. Those friends, associates, and their fellows are finally, very slowly I admit, “getting it.”

    Chester Przygoda, Rochester Hills, Michigan
  • Yasher Koach Howard!
    I don’t recall ever seeing the truth so clearly stated.

    Allan Schacter, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Right on all counts Howard, It is time to close down the U.N. The U.N. is controlled by the left wing countries of the world.
    That is why our “SnowFlake” P.M. Likes the U.N. so much.

    Michael Ritarose, Glen Robertson. Ontario
  • solid post!

    Brent Holland, Kingston ON
  • Amen and Amen!

    Charles Canning, Phoenix, AZ
  • Most American citizens are tired of our $$ being sent overseas (a lot to those who hate us). So glad President Trump is stopping all nations taking advantage of us. It’s time those funds were used here at home; better left in the pockets of workers.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA
  • Blua, Blau, remember the canary in the coal mine , goodbye France, goodbye England, etc

    Lawrence Alexander, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
  • Spot On, Mr. G. Thank You. God Bless

    Kathy West, Livonia, Michigan, USA
  • “Telling it like it is” time and time again is so Howard Galganov. G-d Bless.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles, California, United States
  • I thoroughy appreciate your “history” lesson blogs bringing clarity to the insanity happening in our world today.

    Judith Kay Ash, PRESCOTT VALLEY AZ
  • As a member of a family descended from a survivor of Auschwitz, I thank you, Howard, for speaking the unvarnished truth. Only by teaching the constant and enduring history of the Holocaust can we hopefully avert another one. Of course, now we have a military and economic powerhouse and home for Jews named Eretz Yisaroel – Israel – to protect us. And the support of my adopted country, the United States of America doesn’t hurt either :), but that is not to be blindly counted upon… NEVER AGAIN

    Perry Birman, Boca Raton, FL
  • Howard, I am one of the Jewish people who had to escape from Baghdad in October 1949 because my life was in danger either by imprisonment, or hanging. My whole family left in 1951 to Israel with nothing than the clothes they were wearing. Any albums, or stamp collections which I had, were all confiscated at the airport. Thank God there was one country in the world that would take us all, and that was a new country called Israel. This is the only country we have and will defend it.
    S. Acre,Canad

    Steve Acre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • What happens if Israel is “wiped off the earth”? (Don’t think God will allow this to happen, but most Muslims don’t think Israel should be allowed to exist- same goes for most Jews and Christians!) Do people not realize there is “talk” Obama wants to run UN? (For those who like to travel, we are learning that most UNESCO “Heritage” sites are to “attract” Americans to go visit these, spending their money in other countries!) Palestinians are “parasites”! “Displaced” vs. killed off? No comparison!

    Mollie Hejl, Austin TX
  • palestinians became a thing in 1948. The only thing palestinians are, they are people from jordan, syria, lebanon and egypt that settled in the Israel territory before 1948 and when the u.n. created the State of Israel, those people started calling themselves palestinians. 1 million palestinians live within Israel in peace and work together with the Israelites for a better Israel. The only ones complaining and fighting back are the ones in gaza and the occupied territories.

    Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec Canada
  • AMEN, Amen, Howard…..I agree with you, & your fellow “bloggers”, 1000%, & about the Palestinians being “TOTAL FREELOADERS”! AND, so does our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP!!

    Geri Lyons, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
  • As Israel goes so shall the Diaspora. No Israel, no Diaspora as there will be Genocide. Israel must be supported/defended no matter what as it the ONLY Jewish State in the World that Jews can call their own.

    Bernie Fried, Toronto, Ontario CANADA
  • Educational!

    Ray Hansen, Luverne, Minnesota, United States
  • I hope we Canadian and U.S. Jews never have to keep a packed suitcase handy, but you never can tell. Look at Europe especially after the influx of anti-Semitic Muslims. At least now we have Israel when the “chips are down”.

    Carlos Finkle, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
  • I am not Jewish but have had Jewish friends and extended family, some of whom escaped the Gestapo eradication. I ave outlived most, if not all of them. Having studied history, particularly Bible history extensively, I would never want to war against the Israelites, God’s chosen people. To do so would literally be fighting God.

    Van Kleiner, Corinth, Texas, United States

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