University Isn’t All That It’s Cracked-Up To Be

Waste Your Time & Start Out In Life Buried In Debt
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  1. Dear Howard, I have always liked and admired you – I can say even more after hearing you. I loved your story.

  2. Amazing how your life sounds like mine. I failed Algebra 3 Xs with 69% the last time and the prof made me PROMISE not to take Geometry (which she taught) if she passed me with a 70! Could not go to college W/0 math Later I wanted to teach Kindergarten as I STARTED 2 pre K’s and they would not enroll me in a RC U as no ALGEBRA (to teach Kindergarten?) Could not apply all my history credits at XU to teach HS hist as I was told it was being phased out and I was female! (yet w/ nearly a PhD)

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