Tired, Fed-Up, Discouraged . . . And Still In The Fight


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I didn’t Record & Produce an Audio Editorial On Thursday (July 26th), Because I was Physically & Mentally Exhausted. I was also DISCOURAGED, as I look all around me to see a Younger Generation who Aren’t Sufficiently Smart Enough or Motivated to Serve a Hamburger at a MacDonald’s.

I’m looking at Huge Corporations ONLY Getting More Huge, while the Working Poor are doing all they Can just to Hold it Together.


Where our Societies on the LEFT are Reeling because President Donald Trump is Leveling the Work-Playing-Field, the Delusional LEFT can’t Possibly Understand the True Meaning of Real Freedom . . . Even to the point of Working, Making an Income, perhaps Getting Rich, and Keeping as much of Their Income as is Possible.

I look at the Bureaucrats (MOSTLY LEFTISTS) with their Fat Salaries, Perks & Forever-Pensions . . . and the Politicians whose ONLY LOYALTY is WINNING & RETAINING whatever Seat they’ve Won for as long as is Legally and Humanly Possible.

I Watch FAKE News . . . INCLUDING Much of Fox News (Apart from their Early Morning Show & Evening Hour Pundit Shows), with the Likes of Fox’s Sweetheart Dana Perino, who is all Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice, who Made her Name & Fame MISLEADING the American People on the Behalf of George W Bush.


I went with Anne on Wednesday Afternoon (July 25th), and ordered a MacDonald’s Mini Blizzard for Anne and a Regular Blizzard for Myself. There were at least 3-People working behind the Counter. There was only one Customer besides me. And it took at least 5-Minutes for the staff to make 2-Blizzards.

And when I was finally handed the 2-Blizzards ($8 & Change), the Mini for Anne was Mostly Full, while my Regular Sized Blizzard was Half Full, which was about the same Volume as Anne’s Mini Blizzard . . .

SO I ASKED THE YOUNG GIRL . . . who handed me the Half Empty Blizzard, “Why Didn’t You Give Me What I Paid For?” She looked at me as though I was Speaking in a Foreign Language. So I asked her . . . “Why Didn’t You Fill-Up The Cup?” To which she Replied & I Kid You Not . . . “Oh – Do You Want More?”.

I Said No Thank You . . . And I Left – Knowing That She Was Our Future.

These Are The Twits Our Educators Have Been Educating . . . Who Vote for the LEFT, because they’re TOO STUPID to Understand the Meaning of Pride & Value. They want Something for Nothing, and Will Work the Least Amount they will have to, to get it.

I Understand – That The Balance Has Become Far Too Unbalanced . . . that there are far Too many Rich People, who’ve Made their Wealth the Easy Way, who are very Often Corrupt, many of whom have Lobbyists, Accountants & Lawyers Surrounding them . . . to keep them Shielded from the Real World (like you and me).

I Know That Many Corporations Don’t Pay Their Fare Share . . . Especially Supporters of the LEFT, who use Powerful Well Connected Lobbyists & Politically Appointed Judges to Pass Tax Laws in their Favor.

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . That Between the Entertainers, Academia, Wall Streeters, Big Banks, Big Pharma, Tech Moguls, Lawyers, Accountants, Lobbyists, Bureaucrats & So Many Others – It’s You & Me Who Work For Them – Whether We Like It Or Not.

And Then There’s The LEFTIST Dunderheads Who Are The Useful Idiots.


SO . . . I Don’t Really Want To Write About Donald Trump This & Donald Trump That, Other Than To Write & Say . . . that BEFORE Trump Became President Trump, he was one of the “BAD-GUYS”, who took Advantage of the System by Paying-Off the LEFT & RINOS, no less than all the other Big Well Connected Players, But Since Becoming President Trump, I Truly Believe that President Trump Really Wants To Make America Great Again, and Wants to Go Down in History as one of the All-Time Great America Presidents.

And that’s Enough of a Mental Boost to Keep Me Going, Writing, Speaking & Advocating.

So Why Focus On The Contrived Media LEFTIST BS?


There Is An Overabundance Of Pundits Who Are Making Big Money – Either Writing, Speaking And/Or Broadcasting all the Anti-Trump Crap they can Muster, and a Smaller, but No Less Impressive Number of Pundits who are Either Getting Rich or Making A Living Defending Donald Trump . . .

Either Way . . . Donald Trump Is The News – Views & Topic Of Pundits.


I’ve Met Doug Ford One On One . . . Ontario’s New Conservative Premier, which is much Akin to an American State Governor. We actually Negotiated a Successful Plan to Promote a Major Motorcycle Toronto Police Escorted Pledge Ride Through The Streets of Toronto, when Doug Ford was a Toronto City Councilor, when Doug Ford’s Late Brother Rob Ford was Toronto’s Mayor.

I Contributed With This BLOG . . . and with my Money (Anne & Myself) to Doug Ford’s Campaign to Win the Ontario Conservative Party Leadership. I again Contributed with Galganov.com and my Money (Anne & Myself) to his Successful Provincial Election Campaign.

BUT WHEN THE ONTARIO PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE PARTY . . . Came to me after the Ontario Election, with Cap-In-Hand, looking for More Money – My Response to Them was Absolutely SUCCINCT . . .

“When I See Some Real Conservative Action From The Ontario Conservatives, The Ontario Conservatives Will See Some Of My Money . . . “

Several Weeks Ago . . . Doug Ford CANCELED the Ontario Carbon Tax. Ford CANCELLED All Non-Essential Government Hiring. Ford CANCELED the Insidious & Debaucherous School Sex Education Programs. And Premier Doug Ford just Announced that he’s ELIMINATING about Half of all the Toronto Council Seats, Stating with 100% Cause . . . that Toronto’s City Council is the Most DYSFUNCTIONAL City Council within Canada. He also could have Included that Toronto’s Council is the Most Over-Governed, Bloated, Expensive & CORRUPT City Council in Canada.

With This Knowledge . . . Anne & I Were Pleased To Write Another Check To The Ontario Provincial Conservative Party.

Either We Stand For Those In Whom We Believe – Or We Stand For Nothing.

If We Fight Hard Enough . . . Support The Fighters Who Support Us & Stand For What we Believe . . . We Will Keep The Barbarians At The Gate & We Will Win!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I really hope that Natanyahu will not shy away from this special moment in history, his speech to the House of Representatives. He cannot destroy further the relationship he has with Obama. He must be forceful and honest about the consequences of Iran having nuclear capabilities. It is not just to save Israel, but to save the Middle East and the United States as well.
    Steve Acre

    Steve Acre,

  2. Two points:Let us remember Churchill’s challenges in 1940-41 as he prepared to fight Germany and Italy while supporting the Free French. He was discouraged at times, but never yielded to fear. The second is the growing Generation Z, who are following “Turning Point USA”. The high school age Americans who are showing a conservative preference and the leadership of Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens. I am beginning to hope again!

  3. Enjoy your comments. Do wish you could tell us if the contents of Koran and Sharia are compatible with Canadian laws and culture. Would be interesting to see the reaction; from the informed, the ignorant and those who believe Mohammad is the ideal human being. Que le vaya bien!

  4. Well said Howard. The real danger is the useful idiots. Their abject stupidity and lack of knowledge will defeat us with sheer numbers if we don’t wake up. These miscreants will continue to propagate at the taxpayer’s expense while their average intelligence diminishes with each generation. A real travesty.

  5. As always Howard, you wrote an excellent blog today… I agree with all that you talk about.. now, I plan to go back and listen to your audio recording.. Barry

  6. I wish I had the money to contribute to all the various conservative causes which prove themselves daily, like you Howard, to be TRULY conservative. But living on a pension makes one ultra-conservative with their money. I do appreciate your columns and your hard stance. One of these days I might have a buck or two to send you. God bless you, America, and Canada!

  7. Keep on your intro, it’s your signature and it takes forever to build. Once established, changing it is just like rebuilding from scratch. No need to do that.

  8. We have faith in President Trump. He is a businessman, not a politician. May we never forget the very people we elected to represent us, the politicians, are the one’s whose greed and “solutions” have resulted in the swamp. If we can persevere in our faith, our founding principles will rise from the swamp President Trump is draining.

  9. I agree Howard, it is VERY difficult to continue to “shovel snowflakes” in a blizzard of stupidity! We believe in a fiscally conservative government, but “teach” children to a “everybody can win, we have to take care of ALL of them it’s our obligation!
    Just finished reading “Atlas Shrugged” for the fifth or sixth time. It should be compulsory reading for everyone. We take care of those who need, but NOT those of GREED,….and the problem is??
    We DARE, and we care!

  10. I, personally enjoy Doug Ford lining up all the new Toronto ridings to match the federal ridings, the federal liberals are on the attach now, this should be fun, go get them DOUG

  11. Your comments (after McDonald’s trip) about this generation are so true. More parents take less interest in their kids; schools pass kids & even graduate them when their ‘skills’ remain at elementary school level. Each generation only gets worse–enter foreigners. Dummied down wasn’t a term generated for no reason. Stand back, look, & we can see this was a long-term plan put in effect over 60 yrs ago & successfully. Had it not been for Obama’s blatant push to complete it, most would be no wiser.

  12. Howard, I gotta tell you this about McDonalds. I went in one day and ordered two small “cheeseburgers.” When I got to the table and sat down and opened up the wrapper…no cheese. I go back to the counter and I said..Where’s the cheese ? The girl said..OH you want cheese on those ? DUH ! I figured out McDonalds hiring criteria. You must be warm and breathing, walk upright, your diet cannot consist of only bananas and your IQ must be at least your shoe size. And they want $15.00 an hour !!!!!!!!!

  13. Ohhhh Howard!! You made me chuckle today with your comment on oueey qoueey sweetness dripping Dana Perino.i wholeheartedly agree! It was nice to read that someone else had the same observation and opinion. I thank you for your thoughts, i enjoy reading your brain!

  14. “Let not your heart be troubled” (or discouraged), Howard! You deserved a “break”, but McDonald’s wasn’t the place to go! It’s been around 100 degrees all week here in Austin, Texas- “Blizzard” sounds good to “cool us down”! BTW, things getting really “heated up” for this next election! Today, most young people want jobs, but they really don’t want to work! Easier to become pregnant (or “disabled”) and exist off welfare (as “lifetime” Democratic voters/”two-faced liberal liars”) than working!

  15. Nailed it again Howard. I find myself giggling uncontrollably every time Doug Ford makes an announcement. The downtown Toronto Councillors are now in shock because they have to campaign in an area larger than 2 blocks by 2 blocks and it’s not the sinecure it used to be. The downtown leftist block of about 10 seats is now 1 seat. Council could actually become effective. They could actually work for the city instead of their own special interests. Councillors not professional politicians.

  16. Enjoyed you blog, today, & the “bloggers'” comments, as well…..you absolutely “hit it out of the park”, as well! Was/is great to have your broadcast back…..you did deserve a day off!! I ALWAYS ENJOY THE OTHER FOLKS COMMENTS, AS WELL!!! Stay well, Howard, & may God Bless our WONDERFUL PRESIDENT TRUMP, HIS FAMILY, STAFF, & HIM, AS WELL!!!!

  17. Another great editorial, Howard. I’m encouraged to hear that Doug Ford is doing something for Canada and that you are doing something to help Ford~~so I can find a small sum to help Galganov.com. Keep up the good work!

  18. Great blog & Radio broadcast!!! I listen to the broadcast first, I like hearing your voice, you make the broadcasts sound personal & I LOVE that!!! The Nov election is vital for Trump & the USA, that it remains conservative. The RINOs must go, but that will take time. I am worried for Georgia, I am not sure who these idiot voters will vote for Governor. This is a real battle & I am afraid that the female Dem, may win. She would be the FIRST Black & FIRST Female Governor in Georgia. Not a Dem, no

  19. Doug Ford also fired the president of hydro one who was earning 6million $ a year

  20. These days, kids aren’t ALLOWED to EXCEL in anything BECAUSE they SUPPOSEDLY CAUSE the little SNOWFLAKES to become so-called VICTIMS. Our EDUCATION SYSTEM has DECLINED to the point where many kids can BARELY GRADUATE from HIGH SCHOOL, especially in SANCTUARY STATES! Our YOUNG ADULTS are LAZY & FEEL ENTITLED to everything. This feeling is ENCOURAGED by the DEMOCRATS who PROMISE them ALL SORTS of FREEBIES. Pres. Trump IS winning, so let’s keep the FAITH and PRAY! The Democrats FEAR the TRUTH! AMEN

  21. I’m in favor of having Howard Galganov a talking head (pundit) on Fox News. Can it be arranged?

  22. Sounds like Doug Ford is on the right track. Congratulations. On another subject – had a young man counting out “T” posts. He Had a hard time adding 12 and 6 to get 19. AND he was a senior in High School. Not good. Snow Flakes will be the curse of society for generations. Good article. Keep fighting, never give up, never give in and never ever surrender.

  23. We said Mr. G. However; re: the McDonald’s Blizzard…I would have ‘waited’ for MY Blizzard to be FILLED. That is what I asked for, that is what I paid for. I would NOT allow a lazy twit to do as she/he wanted. MPOV

  24. Another great editorial as usual. I too don’t want to fight any more because I am 87 and exhausted. You & I are slaves to the establishment because they take what they want from us and we are helpless to defend our assets. As for educating youth, back about 1960 or 61, my aunt worked for a car finance company who hired a new high school grad, put her to filing. she began crying & my aunt consoled her & found out she was crying because she did not know the alphabet. A high school grad in Dallas.

  25. What’s going on in the States with what magnificent things Trump is doing can’t help but be strongly considered in the Provinces. Yes? OK, prey tell why not?

  26. I have often thought recently that I wish we had Trump in Canada instead of ‘pretty-boy’ Trudeau. He is PATHETIC as a PM! I can hardly wait until the next election! I wish it was next week! Or tomorrow!

  27. Even though I know live in quebec with no choice because this is the only place left I could find a job in my field, avionics-electronics technician, I was there for the Ontario election and was glad when the disaster the fiberals were almost wiped out of the map. But right now I still say that the Ontario Conservatives are not Conservative enough yet to my taste. They even backtracked a bit on the sex-ed education.

  28. Layoffs, politically correct known as downsizing, commonplace throughout industry n business. It’s inevitable for business to survive. Federal government has had layoffs big time, some moans n groans but no concerted effort or opposition such as we are seeing against Premier Ford. So what’s different about the Ford downsizing for efficiency compared to any other. I have had to perform downsizing in my time, never pleasant but necessary for the survival of the business and those who are retained.

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