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My Personal Opinion of John McCain is no Secret. As far as I’m Concerned, John McCain was all about John McCain, in spite of all the Accolades Flooding in because of his Death.

McCain was to me . . . A Mean Spirited Son Of A Bitch who didn’t care who he Insulted or Hurt, and was SINGLE HANDEDLY RESPONSIBLE FOR BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA WINNING THE PRESIDENCY.

So . . . If I Wasn’t Going To Write A Word About McCain – Why Now?

What kind of Man is so Mean Spirited, that even in Death, McCain made it CLEAR, that President Donald Trump SHOULD NOT ATTEND HIS FUNERAL? What kind of a Man, even going into his Death Spiral, Disparaged his Presidential Running Mate, Sarah Palin, who he threw Under The Bus when things weren’t going Well, when in all Reality, Sarah Palin was the ONLY Bright Spot on McCain’s Abysmal Presidential Campaign.

And Now Just Before Dying . . . McCain Publicly Wished he had Chosen the LEFTIST Joe Lieberman as his Running Mate. What kind of a Slap in the Face was that for the Woman (Sarah Palin) who Rode with him to the Bitter End?

And What Kind Of A Man . . . Asks Two Failed Past Presidents To Eulogize Him?

What Message does it send to the American People, that Past President George W Bush, who is very much Responsible for the Incompetence in the Fighting of the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars, the Collapse of the American Housing Industry under his Watch, and the Near Collapse of the American Monetary Industry . . . that he, George W Bush should Speak at the Funeral of John McCain?

AND WHAT KIND OF F-U . . . Did McCain just send to all the Conseravtive People of America, and all the People who are Smart enough to know that the Socialist (Communist) Barack Hussein Obama, did so much Damage to the American Dream, that it’s Almost Irreparable . . . To Invite America’s Worst President To Also Speak At McCain’s Funeral?

To Add Insult Upon Injury . . . Joe Biden Will Eulogize McCain In Arizona.

There are no Shortages of People who knew John McCain Well, even those who Spent Time with him at the Hanoi Hilton, who have Nothing Nice to say about him.

McCain Graduated Close to Dead Last at Annapolis (only 5-others out of 899 finished worse). And he Crashed two Planes in Addition to the Plane McCain was in on the USS Forestall, and the Plane in which he was Flying when Shot-Down over Vietnam.

So How did one of the WORST and most Disrespectful Students at the Naval Academy even get to Graduate, instead of being Tossed-Out on his Ass, as anyone else would have done? McCain’s Father & Grandfather Were Both Admirals.

And While In The Senate In 1989 . . . McCain was part of a Serious Savings & Loans Corruption Scandal Known as the Keating Five . . . And Once Again – McCain Walked.


John McCain Was A Mean Spirited Man, Who Was In The “Lesson Teaching Business”. Who after Vietnam, McCain Lived a Wonderful Life On The Public Dole, who was all about Himself-In-Life . . . And Now In Death.

And much like Ted Kennedy, the “Lion Of The Senate”, who was a Drunk, a Womanizer and a Man who Committed Murder by Running Away from a Woman he could have Saved, who was in his Car, which Kennedy Drove over the Chappaquiddick Bridge while Intoxicated, letting Mary Joe Kopechne Drown, because Kennedy was too Much of a Coward to Face the Political Consequences, Who Was Also Given A Hero’s Send-Off.

And You Wonder Why The People Detest Their Government & The Media.


Have You Ever Heard That Before . . . ? It seems that with every passing week, some Pundit Declares . . . “THIS IS THE WORST WEEK OF ALL FOR TRUMP!” Or . . . Now we have it, Trump Will be Impeached, Indicted or Whatever Else the Sick Mind of an Elitist Media-Type can Conjure.

I’ve made more than just a Few References to Adolf Hitler’s VAST Propaganda Machine, run by Joseph Goebbels . . . Where Goebbels & Fellow Nazi Merchandisers of Hateful Lies made their “Truths” Famous . . . “Make The Lie Big Enough – Repeat It Often Enough . . . And The People Will Believe It”.

BLUNTLY SPEAKING . . . The Democrats with their Sycophant Media, are Behaving no Differently than the Nazis’ Propaganda Machine of the 1920’s, 1930’s & 1940’s.

In Addition, the LEFT are using Nazi-Like Tactics, in the Form of the Masked Thugs ANTIFA, with Black Lives Matter & Occupy, when just Decades Ago, these Violent American Goons . . . could have just as easily been German NAZI BROWN SHIRTS.

And Then There’s The Media . . . Just like the Nazis had Der Stürmer, Owned & Published by Julius Streicher, which was the Prolific Newspaper which Disseminated the Lies which the Nazis Needed To Be Told . . . The American LEFT has the New York Times, the Washington Post and a Host of Others.


And I Don’t Blame Them . . . After-All, who in the world would ever want to be Compared to the Most Despicable Movement of our History? But if you want to Walk, Quack & Look like a Duck – You Might As Well Be A Duck.

BUT LET’S GO EVEN FURTHER . . . The Nazis had their Gestapo, the Special Policing Units, whose Mission was to Seek-Out anyone they Suspected were Enemies of the State, whose Tactics Included Fear & Supreme Intimidation.

So What Do You Call State Police . . . Serving at the Pleasure of the FBI (Justice Department), who in the Middle of the Night, Smash Down Doors of Non Violent Citizens, Seize whatever they want to Seize, and in Full view of Wife & Children, Drag their Shackled Suspect Out Like Public Enemy Number One?


AND JUST LIKE WITH THE GESTAPO . . . Deals are Offered in America to Terrified “Victims” of the Justice Department’s Extreme Intimidation Thugs, that if a “Victim” Rolls-Over on a Neighbor, a Client, a Friend or a Relative . . . The Victim Can Either Walk Away – or get a much Reduced Sentence, very often for Crimes which under Normal Circumstances are Barely Criminal at all.


There’s Three Other Things The Nazis Did . . . Which The LEFT Are Doing:

1 – The LEFT DEMONIZES those with Whom they Don’t Agree. They make them into Monsters. Enemies of the People, which the LEFT and their Media Cohorts do every day. They Paint Antagonists to their Beliefs as Racists, Bigots, Misogynists, Greedy Capitalists, Polluters . . . Haters of Gays, Lesbians & Whatever/Whomever . . . And then Tag them with a Stereotypical Pejorative – Such As . . . “WHITE PRIVILEGE”.

The Grand Lie Of Equivalence.

2 – The LEFT Reverses Complicity, Equating what they do, to what they Want the People to Believe their Antagonists DO . . . BUT DON’T DO.

In other Words, it’s Wrong for Antifa to Create Mayhem . . . But The Right Have To Stop Too. Problem is, the Right Doesn’t Create Mayhem.

Or the Right has to Disassociate themselves with the KKK & Nazis, Problem Again, the Right Doesn’t Associate with the KKK & Nazis.

Teaching Lies As Truths . . . & Truths As Lies – While Obliterating The Past.

3 – The Nazis Burned Books, Taught their Version of History & Destroyed Historic Icons that ran Afoul of their Narrative . . . And Controlled Education To Make Certain It Would happen.

So How is the LEFT any Different, which also Controls the Schools, and in as much, Rewrites History . . . Which Includes Withholding Facts, the Destruction of Historic Statues, the Wiping Clean of Heroic Names, the Renaming of American Icons, such as George Washington & Thomas Jefferson . . . to the Point, where many of the People who were Blessed with what was the Foundation of the Greatest Nation on the Planet, are now Ashamed of the Country that made them and their Offspring the Luckiest People on the Planet.


The More these Bastards Gang-Up on President Trump, the More the People will Support the President, and come out and Vote. The More the McCain Funeral becomes a Trump-Bashing Event, and becomes a Pro-Democrat Event, the More the People will see the Truth for what it really is.

REMEMBER THESE WORDS . . . Don’t Let Your Silence Be The Voice Of Freedom.

No Matter How many Times The LEFT and the Mainstream Media TELL THE BIG LIE, There Will be No Blue Wave . . .

The Wave Will Be As Red As The Blood Of True Patriots.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have no doubt that before I die I will be defending my homeland. As a 60’s-70’s teenager WWII to me was a conflict of a generation long entered into the history books to be viewed on the big screen with John Wayne. I often wonder what the spark will be igniting the fuse leading us once again into a black hole of stupidity repeating a history that we never learn. This time I fear we will not return from the rubble. To the followers of Galganov, is March 3 2015 the spark ?????

  2. Would someone explain how a soldier who gets captured is a war hero

  3. You are correct. McCain is no hero. He squashed all investigations into POWs held by North Vietnam after the war ended. Up to hundreds eventually died there or were executed when our government failed to get them home. McCain had blood on his hands and was a traitor. Many of us Vietnam Veterans believe this and there are articles to verify this claim of mine.

  4. As Always Howard Right on The Money. Well said McCain screwed up the Obama health bill. Where to get rid of Obama Care was lost by 1 vote and that was the RINO McCain.

  5. All who have the opportunity to watch Dinesh D’souza’s new movie should. Howard, everything that the Nazis did they learned from the Democrats. From telling and repeating the big lie to how to take over Europe. Eugenics was from the founder of PPH. All of it was from progressives. With the exception of antisemitism, they learned it all from the Democrats.

  6. John McCain departed this earth just in time. Now the Governor can replace him before the midterms. McCain gave the middle finger to all Republicans on his way out. What a dispicable man. Why should the President say anything nice about this evil man. There’s nothing good to say about evil, so you just stay quiet! I love my President and my country. God WILL keep opening the doors for our President for 6 more years. TRUST HIM! BELIEVE IT!

  7. Amen to your Blog today!! Even Brit Hume had a snotty remark about Trumps words of sympathy to the McCain family.
    It was very annoying and I responded to Hume. No matter what Trump said, he would be criticized!

  8. Delighted to read this editorial on the despicable John McCain; the morning talk shows were so full of praise and adulation of this self centered old varmint, that I turned them off and listened to some soothing music to get my blood pressure back down. I am so thankful for men like you and Rush and Levin, who never let us forget who the real heroes are in this country. And John McCain should never be considered anything but what he was-poppycock.

  9. You are so right Howard. I am old enough to have seen and remember the Germans during the war. The similarities are showing more and more in the behavior of the democrats. I wish I would be able to tell some of the horrors I have seen done by them while a child in Denmark. Why can we not learn from past mistakes? My feelings for McCain is exactly as you described. The press has always been able to white wash whatever he did. I am not mourning his passing. Hope Trump will be able to survive.

  10. Thank you for saying what needed to be said about McCain. He was an embarrassment to the state of Arizona. Very few remember the Keating savings and loan scandal he was a part of. In the spirit of “if you can’t say something nice…” and “don’t speak ill of the dead…”, I’ll quit now despite there being a whole hell of a lot more to say. In the spirit of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, I don’t expect to hear any bell ringing for him.

  11. Off Topic, but MY thoughts. The DOJ is continuing to HOUND Trump’s previous friends by attacking them for everything BUT collusion so that there is so much chaos voters will tire as they did with Clinton & Trump will NOT be a second term POTUS. RE: McCain…you are SPOT on.

  12. Interesting that Kennedy and McCain both died of the same rare type of brain cancer, what are the chances of those two losers getting that? McCain voted more times with the Democrats than with the GOP. The media loves McCain because he hated Trump and for no other reason.

  13. At least there is one person that agrees with me about john mccain, you. About the red wave you speak of, I think there are too many uninformed dumb sheeples out there that believe what the left is feeding them and like you said if the right doesn’t go out and vote and only vote with their silence, we are going to be in a lot of trouble. Everything you say makes perfect sense for the informed people and let’s hope that every you say comes to past.

  14. To quote my grandmother, “If someone is no damn good in life, then they are no damn good in death.” As for the vote in November, I can only imagine how many people are feeling just like me, so you can bet there will be a lot voting for President Trump. Vote to save our America as it was meant to be.

  15. Lots and lots of truth here Howard. But I only have one thing to add: Former VP Biden is an imbecile. Nuff said.

  16. We are living through a critical node in history – world history. I hope that your prediction is right come this November or heaven help us all.

  17. So glad you wrote the truth about that loser, its really sickening to read all the accolades heaped on this nasty piece of work.

  18. AMEN…..I also enjoyed the other folks remarks about John S. McCain,III…..he was definitely a “LOOSER” I my book! A “REAL RINO”, to boot!! I’m SO SICK OF FOX NEWS going ON & ON ABOUT HIM!!! GOOD RIDANCE to ANOTHER RINO, & VERY EVIL MAN!!!! THANK GOODNESS OUR WONDERFUL PRESIDENT TRUMP HAD McCain’s NUMBER!!!!! GO TRUMP GO, & AMEN-AMEN!!!!!!

  19. Glad you kept notes about McCain, while TV gushes over him. I admit, I voted for McCain, but only because of his running mate, Sarah Palin, a true conservative. And what he did to Trump’s effort to squash Obama-Care was the limit! RIP John, the maverick.

  20. John was a fellow Vietnam Vet and suffered in his imprisonment in NVN. I honor his service in this very unpopular war and respect his decision to reject release from prison based on his family connections.
    His political decisions and votes as a Senator however, were not distinguished or supportive of this country or his party!
    “Maverick” is a polite way of saying stupidly self aggrandizing RINO!….
    I would characterize him as rebellious to the point of damaging the country.

  21. Outstanding comments. McCain was a person who road his grandfather and father’s coattails, slid through the academy not on merit or honor. Most pilots would have had their wings pulled after two crashes, period. In my opinion, his treatment was terrible as a POW, so were many others, very few were raised to the level of Hero. Like Hanoi Jane Fonda, also deemed a Hero by the Dems, he turned on his party with his thumbs down vote to show His Power to the people. He is gone forever.

  22. Well said Howard. Since “Death of a Nation” by Dinesh D’Souza was not showing here, I downloaded the book. It is unbelievable how eye opening it is. It should be a must read to everyone voting in the coming election. Problem with the people voting for democrats is that they don’t know history.
    This is akin to the PQ’s lobster trap in Quebec.
    Keep up the good work!

  23. Greetings …
    i have endured months of hacking and systems destruction. It appears that my pen name has survived.
    Indeed there is a concerted sedition plan in place and it is managed by Hussein Bin Obama and his co criminals.
    The so called msm, including Fox News are in the bag. My pen name at Fox News is GauchoSam and we are shadow blocked by them. Fox News comment section is heavily loaded against the government. Heads up.

  24. A man of many mistakes and few accomplishments. Just like Ted Kennedy, his pal. His biggest was thinking that he could be President. RIP

  25. HOWARD… I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT! You’ve bested all of your great editorials with this AMAZING diatribe!!! THIS IS A TRUE WORK OF ART!!! I stand in awe.

  26. GREAT EDITORIAL!Agree that John McCain was all about John McCain!I, too, only voted for him due to SARAH PALIN’S being his running mate.USUALLY, when one is dying, he/she is REPENTENT–not MEAN SPIRITED!McCain, made it CLEAR, that President Donald Trump SHOULD NOT ATTEND HIS FUNERAL.Frankly, he did him a FAVOR!The TRUE McCAIN is being REVEALED by those FAKE POLITICIANS who are now PARTAKING & PRAISING him with SYMPATHETIC messages just to FIT IN!Will these PRAISES last, however?GO TRUMP GO!AMEN!

  27. As usual, Howard, you have articulated my thoughts much better than I myself ever could have. People should not forget that the “maverick” McCain pulled a teenage-style stunt with his plane on the deck of an aircraft carrier that resulted in many deaths; a fact never mentioned by the lame-stream media. John McCain was never about the country. He was all about John McCain. He reveled in publicity and fed on it like a starved dog on carrion. To borrow a line from Tombstone: Well, goodbye.

  28. Outstanding Howard!!! I am glad you said it because you can say it much better than I could. Edgar Sellers

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