They Don’t Have A Clue . . . But That Doesn’t Stop Them


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You’ll Notice while Hearing the Broadcast, that I made an Error by Referring to Tallahassee as the State of Florida. It’s Hard to Broadcast Live . . . No Script – No Notes.


A Short While Ago . . . Anne & I were at a Horse Event, where we came upon a Person we Know, but see very infrequently, who isn’t a Friend, but who also isn’t an Enemy, but is a Privileged Denizen of the LEFT, who asked me as I was walking by with Anne, who was a few steps behind me, if Anne & I were still Spending our Winters in Texas, to which I said – “YES” . . .

Then she Made this Comment in a Derogatory Way . . . “OH – TRUMP COUNTRY”, to which I Responded – “I LIKE PRESIDENT TRUMP”, to which she came back with . . . “REALLY”? And I came back with “YES – REALLY”! And I Kept-On Walking.

She Turned To Anne & Said . . . “HE DOESN’T REALLY MEAN THAT – DOES HE”?

And Anne Said – “Yes He Does & So Do I” . . . And Anne Kept-On Walking.

Here’s a Woman who Lives an Extremely Privileged Life, who had a Great Job with a 5-Star Company, almost akin to being a Civil Servant, whose Husband was a University Professor.

Need I Say More?

How could I explain to her, that Trump is where he is in Political Power Today, because of People like Her, who have an Elitist Snobbish Attitude? Who Thinks Hers Doesn’t Stink, while she and others of her kind, look down on the Little People, who get their Hands Dirty Working to Make Ends Meet, or work 9-5 for Less Money a Day, than she would Spend on a Restaurant Meal, where she and her Family would Debate which Extravagance They’ll Spend-On Next?

Don’t Get Me Wrong . . . I Have Nothing Against Rich & Successful People, but I have PLENTY Against Disdainful People, who in their Lifetime, Can’t Understand That They Are Not The Center Of The Universe.

I Have Worked FULL-TIME since I was 12-Years Old, because I wanted to. And I did every kind of Job you can Imagine – from Assembling Light Fixtures . . . to Packing Animal Parts & Chemicals for a Laboratory Supply Company.

I Mowed Lawns . . . Washed Cars, Washed Windows, Fixed Bicycles – ETC.

I Finished High School At Night . . . And I also went to University at Night, because I Worked During the Day. Also, because there was no way I was going to take a Government Loan to Pay for my Education, as so many of my High School “Friends” did, who more often than not used the borrowed Money to Backpack through Europe & Smoke Dope.

Nor would I have ever ALLOWED my Parents to Suffer in the Least to Put me through University, especially since I could Work and Pay for University myself.

It’s Called Personal Responsibility.

I Have Been An Entrepreneur Since I Can Remember. I have been an Employer for Almost all my Life. I have been Successful, and I’ve been a Dismal Business Failure. I’ve Flown First Class, Eaten Filet Mignon & and have Worn Tailored Suits.

And I’ve Also Been Bankrupt Because Of Bad Business Decisions.

I have been a Liberal, a Progressive Conservative and a Principled Conservative, which I still Am . . . And Will Always Be. I have Supported & Helped the Disadvantaged, which have Included Hungry Children, Homeless People, the Disenfranchised . . . And Animals In Peril.

I have Worn Tuxedoes at Fancy Events & Also Wore Faded Jeans, while Living Deep in the Northern Canadian Bush on Fishing & Camping Trips. I have Flown Planes, I still Ride a Motorcycle, I’ve Ridden Horses for much of my Life, and will never Part with the Horses until Death Do-Us Part, and I’ve owned Fancy Well-Heeled Automobiles . . .

I’ve Walked On The Broken Ice Flows In The Atlantic 30-Miles off The Coast of Prince Edward Island, Exclusively to get between a Seal Herd and the Seal Slaughterers.

I Created & Worked-Out 100% Of The Financing for a Million Dollar Campaign to Defend Battered Women in Quebec.

And That’s Just Some Of What I’ve Done . . . But You Get The Idea.


I don’t Need anyone telling me how I should Live my Life. Or how I should spend the Fruits of my Knowledge or Labor. And I don’t Need an Elitist to Look Down on me Because of anyone I Support Politically, because they don’t Like His or Her Outlook on Socio/Political Issues, Especially when they don’t have a Clue as to what they’re Talking About.


Even Now . . . At Almost 69-Years Old, I’m supposed to be Retired, but I Put in at the Minimum . . . FOUR To SIX Hours Everyday, almost 7-Days Per Week – Meticulously Researching, Writing & Recording Editorials . . . and even at that, I still Make Mistakes, such as I did on the August 28th Editorial, where I Wrote that Trudeau Insulted President Trump as the President left the last G-7 Meeting (Which he Did), when President Trump Literally Snubbed Trudeau at the closely Following NATO Meeting (Which Was Also True).

The Problem with my Description of these Facts, is that I gave the Impression that President Trump Snubbed Trudeau Immediately Following the G-7, when in all Factuality, It Was 1-Month After The G-7, which one of the Readers of this BLOG Pointed out to me via Email.

Following The Trudeau Insult . . . President Trump Met With Kim Jung-un.

Essentially . . . My Error Didn’t Alter The Salient Point About The Editorial, but it was Misleading, which for me, IS AN UNCONSCIONABLE FAUX-PAS. And that’s the Difference between a Real Conservative with Values such as Myself, and the Main Stream Media & Elitists . . . which or whom Wouldn’t & Couldn’t give a Rat’s Ass, or a Second’s Thought about a Faux-Pas like this.

The Last Thing I Want . . . Is for Readers & Listeners to – to WONDER if what I Write or Say isn’t 100% True, Accurate & Complete.

As For The LEFTISTS . . . Just give them the Cold Shoulder, and the Ridicule they Deserve. And Never be Intimidated by them with their Scurrilous Lies, Distortions, False Equivalences and their Derision of our Conservative Values.

And Remember This . . . Good People Who Screw-Up – Own-Up.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Once again, Howard, excellent editorial. If Netanyahu’s speech IS the spark that ignites our leaders in Washington & around the world, as well, to stand up to Obama and his lame ineffective non-policies, the Coward-In-Chief MAY be forced to do something he’s been loathe to do: NAME the enemy. Then set up a team to create a strategy to DEFEAT the enemy and then finally, set in motion actions to defeat the enemy, aka Fundamentalist Islamic TERRORISTS! Period! Long live Israel and her people.

  2. Ever set up pins in a bowling alley Howard? That sure wears the seat of your pants out!
    Ted Walker Oakville

  3. This harkens to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged! Incidentally the Cato Institute, a Conservative Think Tank published a small pocketsize Copy of the Declaration of Independance, The Full American Constituion, and all of the Amendments to it for a dollar, I bought one and carry it in my briefcase every day. Recently they offered them on line and a pack of 40 of them for $40, which I bought and now carry several in my briefcase to GIVE away. Fight ignorance with printed truth, for anyone who cares!!

  4. Those who have been given EVERYTHING, i. e., have really NEVER had to WORK for their ELABORATE LIFESTYLE, will NEVER UNDERSTAND the SACRIFICES that MANY PEOPLE have had to make for whatever they have ACHIEVED! Most of the ELITES are USUALLY also quite SELFISH and feel that they are ENTITLED to everything–although they will CLAIM otherwise, especially when ‘running for a POLITICAL OFFICE’! PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY are the KEY WORDS, but they are often NOT ABIDED BY these days! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. Anyone associated with Academics, particularly married to one, is almost certain to be a Trump hater. I’m sure if asked why, they would have some silly, mundane, empty answer like he’s a racist and they don’t really know the meaning of that. I’ve done many of the things same as you have Howard and we have seen the world first hand, we don’t live in a fishbowl and blow bubbles and we don’t have our heads in the clouds. Carry on with the great work, we appreciate the facts and truth.

  6. I’m in Florida, & I AM TOTALLY THRILLED with the elections! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO…..& AMEN, AMEN!!

  7. You said : “As For The LEFTISTS . . . Just give them the Cold Shoulder, and the Ridicule they Deserve. And Never be Intimidated by them with their Scurrilous Lies, Distortions, False Equivalences and their Derision of our Conservative Values.” Now try telling that to antifa, black lives matter, occupy etc… who use violence and destruction to get their point across. I was on a protest with 100 others when 300 antifas showed up but at the last minute were stopped by the riot police.

  8. I admire you! I’m a horse lover; especially Tennessee Walking Horses. I grew up in the ‘hills’ of Eastern Kentucky during 1940’s/early ’50’s where at that time a few people still rode horses for transportation. I began walking ?1.5 miles to 2-room school bldg in 1944.

  9. Just as my ’email’ expresses = I am [very] blessed! For one reason = I am able to have a corespondent [?] help me to be able to “catch up” on “news” as it “should be” = “straight forward / to the point / and what i can “want most”…
    THANK YOU HOWARD!! My wife says “BE BLESSED!!”

  10. Not very many (if any) pundits have the wherewithal to admit when they have printed a mistake or error in their article. That’s one of your greatest attributes. We, your readers, will continue to stick by you, awaiting arrival of your daily article. IMHO, you rank up there with Mark Steyn, Ann Coulter, and others as being those whom we trust to bring us your frank opinions and news. Keep up the good work, Howard!

  11. You always digress to CORRECT any ‘error’ & that is a VALUE I appreciate. Thank You. I may not have a lot, but I have worked, paid for & maintained everything (pride in ownership). As we leave the polls in the USA they have spotters who will ask how we voted. I tell them it is a PRIVATE MATTER. Some become ‘agitated’!! Oh Well!!! Saves me aggravation! God Bless

  12. I spent almost 22 years in the U.S. Navy and worked another 29 years for the Navy as a civilian. Whatever I have attained/obtained I can attribute to Jesus. THANK YOU, JESUS!! All things come from God. He had his hand in Obama’s rise, Trump’s rise and that pipsqueak, Trudeau’s. Thanks Howard.

  13. Students who work to pay for their OWN education apply themselves to their studies alot better than those who have their parents pay for it. Without the realization of what is involved in working for your money, they just tend to waste time & their parent’s money ‘playing’ while in college. We definitely shud go back to some of the ‘old’ ways which were so much better than the ‘new & improved’ rules we have today.

  14. I and many other veterans have a “leg up” on you. We had to burn poo in a barrel in some god forsaken country. Thought I would pull your chain just a little. 🙂 I have met you personally on more than one occasion and I have a lot of respect for both you and Anne. In this article you have once again illustrated the hypocrisy and total ignorance of the left.

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