There Is No Low Too Low For The LEFT


There Is A Five-Minute Broadcast With This Editorial.

At Sundown Today . . . Begins The Jewish Day Of Atonement – Yom Kippur, The Holiest Jewish Day Of The Year . . . For Which The LEFT have Much To Atone.


If the LEFT have their Way in Stopping Brett Kavanaugh, no Man of any Quality will Ever want to go Through the LEFT’S EGREGIOUS ANTI-AMERICAN INQUISITION, to the Point – that the only People who will be Willing to Serve in High Office, will be the Dregs & Also-Rans of Society.

Why Would Anyone Of Quality – Specifically Men with Integrity, be Willing to Submit Themselves Through a LEFTIST Insane Meat-Grinder as we are Witnessing Here & Now with Judge Kavanaugh?

THE LEFT ARE SO SCURRILOUS . . . That there is No Question Whatsoever in my Mind, that the Democrats and their Willing Media Defamers would go so Far as to Destroy the Essence of American Society, Rather than to Surrender their Hold on Power.


Christine Blasey-Ford Told Her Story Of Sexual Assault After More Than 30-Years Of Silence, while Brett Kavanagh, of whom she Accused of this Assault Said It Never Happened. Kavanaugh’s Friend Mark Judge, who was also Reportedly in the Room at the Time of this Alleged Teenage Assault, also said This Never Happened . . . So Who Do We Believe?

Before I Answer My Own Question About Who We Should Believe . . .

Was This “Victim” Raped? No.

By Her Own Admission . . . Was She Drinking? Yes.

Does She Remember When & Where? No.

Was She Worried That Her Parents Would Find Out That She Was Drinking? Yes.

Was Christine Blasey-Ford Seeing a Marriage Therapist To Save Her Failing Marriage when this Story First Came Out? Yes.

So After About 30-Years . . . During A Therapy Session To Save Her Failing Marriage, all of a Sudden – the Accuser (Christine Blasey-Ford) Remembers a Situation at a Place She Can’t Remember, at a Date She Can’t Remember and an “Assault” that Wasn’t Even Close To Rape, with a High School Boy (Reportedly Kavanagh), who was so Drunk According to Her . . . That Kavanaugh Couldn’t Even Stay On Top Of Her, Let Alone Undo Any Of Her Clothing.

A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR . . . is a Liar who Believes his or her Lies, who can Pass a Lie Detector, because he or she Believes the Lie, because to them, somehow, the Lie is Real.


1 – Christine Blasey-Ford made this Story-Up, because she’s Nuts, and wanted to Inject something into the Marriage Therapy Session to help Save her Marriage, to explain why she Acts the way she Does in her Marriage, by Blaming her Behavior on BS SUPPRESSED MEMORIES – And The Fiction Ran Away With Her.

2 – Christine Blasey-Ford is simply a Useful Idiot For The LEFT . . . who is In-So-Far-Over-Her-Head, that the Only Way Out for her . . . Is To Keep-On-Going.

Knowing Everything We Think We Know About The LEFT, which Doesn’t even Begin to Scratch the Surface – WE KNOW THAT LYING TO THE LEFT IS SECOND NATURE.

I don’t have to go though the Litany of LEFTIST LIES to Prove my Point, since the Lies from the LEFT Speak Clearly for Themselves, even to the Point of Downright Character Assassination, which is Nothing More Or Less than a Tool-Of-The Trade for the LEFT.

AND ALSO . . . Let me Make this Point as Crystal Clear as I Possibly can. THE LEFT LOVES POWER MORE THAN THEY LOVE THEIR COUNTRY. And there Isn’t any Level Too Low for the LEFT to Stoop.


But This Is What I Do Believe . . . If Kavanaugh is not Voted to the Supreme Court, the Ramifications for the LEFT & RINOS will be Extreme & Extraordinary. And if the LEFT Think this Insanity is Helping their Cause, they Better Think Again . . . The Red Wave Is Coming.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly, was among first to say B-B’s speech is a Churchill moment. Conversely, watch events unfold that show this & related events to be double-edged swords, wielded by BHO’s NWO handlers. The NWO has us pretty much right where they want us, divided, on extreme opposite poles. BHO will be thrown under the bus by his own handlers, while most citizens won’t know what or whom to believe or trust. We continue to resist evil and sound off, but watch. Few winners afterwards, in the end.

  2. I saw a court document where Kavanaugh’s Mother was a judge in a matter involving Ford’s Parents. They lost. Did this have anything to do with it? If she swears under oath … she’s taking a big risk of jail time. It will then be VERY INTERESTING to hear HOW she Answers Specific Questions. Will they be Definitive or vague to protect her from jail time- ON ANOTHER FRONT has anyone else noticed that Comey McCabe Brennan have been Very Silent the last month or so? Heard FBI did a sting on McCabe. H

  3. At the time of the alleged assault Kavanaugh was a young man amongst young women, most of who would have hormones racing to be assuaged but it doesn’t mean he acquiesced. He should open and attack the inquisition as did Judge Thomas by calling it a witch hunt because he (Thomas) is black, and say, “Let those of you who in your youth didn’t sin, ask the first question”. It is deplorable and Biden calls US (Trump supporters) the dregs of society. Not enough space to describe the despicable Left.

  4. With only FOX News telling the truth in the U.S.A. and very few Conservative media here in Canada like The Rebel, if sheeples don’t go and listen to both side of the story and just rely on the lame stream media, this will continue and it will always be an uphill battle that will never be won. The votes in November will tell if the sheeples are truly fed-up with the lame stream media lies and deceptions and if they are really paying attention.

  5. You’re definitely on fire. This story is already coming apart. Just today, a writer whom Ford accused as having been there at the time of the assault, has denied it had ever happened. These liberal fanatics just can’t help themselves to go on the offensive against Trump, et. al. Their quest for power is in their DNA. Only we can stop this travesty!

  6. Di-Fi has just put an PERIOD on her carrier. She will be forever known as the low life, Democrat, who played very-dirty politics in an attempt to disqualify Brett Kavanaugh. Amazing that the Democrats can act this way with out batting an eye. How can anyone support this kind of warped thinking? VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!!!!

  7. I’ve decided to re-name the Democratic Party. Let’s just call it what it is… the Deviant Party! If you’re a Deviant, you belong. If your beliefs and/or your behaviors are deviant, they have a place for you. If you love our military, honor our flag, believe in God (no less Jesus) you are labeled as an intolerant bigot. But if you believe in Allah, get to name your own gender, disrespect our flag, hate Christians, espouse socialism you are welcome in the Deviant Party. I’m so sick of it.

  8. If what Mr. Connelly says is true(ruling against parents ) she could be killing 2 birds with one stone. Payback on multiple levels. I know someone who believes their own lies and it’s scary to watch. Whatever her reasons, international attention, payback etc. This woman is malicious and everyone around her should be afraid; if she will stoop this low to hurt a man she hasn’t seen in decades what would she do to someone who she preceives as offending or hurting her now? I don’t believe her.

  9. PATHOLOGICAL LIAR says it all. Leftist vermin are so profoundly brainwashed they believe their own lies. This explains their self-righteous arrogance. Thank you Howard for making this diagnosis so clear.

  10. To give Ms. Ford the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she was so drunk, she didn’t know who, what, where, when or why! The current reports indeed suggest this.

  11. On the Ingraham Angle last evening, a photo of said accuser was shown of her ‘marching’ with a sign (NOT MY PRESIDENT). This opens the can of worms that is now rotting to high heaven! The ACCUSER is an ITCH with a ‘B’. I wonder how Ms. Diane feels along with the rest of the LEFT this morning? You are SPOT ON, as usual, Mr. G. Thank You. God Bless & may you and Anne & EVERYONE have a beautiful Yom Kippur.

  12. O, if only those who are slinging all this mud around could be scrutenized as they scutenize others! Wow, even Thomas Jefferson was known as a “womanizer”. Do they dare look at those in their own party (Democratic) that have done unscrupulous things, behaving in such immoral manners. WHAT OF THEM? As I have come to learn “Power Currupts AND Absolute Power Currupts Absolutely”!

  13. I am now at 74 a totally different person than when I was 16-17. Who among us is not ashamed of something they did in junior or high school?
    This fine man needs to be confirmed now.
    Thank you.

  14. Let’s assume he was there , let’s assume he made a “pass”, as was the norm amongst drunken teens in that and “most” eras, what does it matter ?

  15. Dems are stalling hoping for a blue wave in Nov. Boy are they in for a HUGE surprise, Again. Now coming out is evidence of the Deep State as well. 50s & 60s Communist Party of America has softened into the Dem Socialist Party & has pretty much been absorbed into the Democratic Party and showing their true colors. Vermin and rotten to the core. Congress, sheltered from real public opinion, is oblivious so will do nothing.

  16. I knew from the minute Kavanaugh wasn’t susceptible to the usual dirty tactics of the left that they would pull out some guttersnipe to scream, “Brett Kavanaugh sexually abused me!” and that is exactly what is happening. I hope the filthy liberals will get shut down this time. Unfortunately, they threw the mud, and even if it doesn’t stick, a stain will remain. That poor man!

  17. First and foremost, she is getting paid for this effort. Second, in a foolish way, is getting back at his Mother, the Judge, who ruled against her Parents in a legal matter. Obviously she is not very bright and easily manipulated. The big mistake here is that the Vote should have gone on ahead on Thursday.

  18. She is a liar and belongs in the same pit that she and her putrid leftist associates have tried to dig for a decent honorable man. Her stench will follow her for the rest of her life. May God Bless Brett Kavanaugh and his family. And curse those who have sought to destroy and defame him.

  19. First let me wish you and yours a Great Yom Kippur. In my opinion this good man is being judged by people who have no
    Character or morals. It started with the hearings it was so evil that his children had to be removed from the room. Also
    We need term limits and take away all their perks that they vote to give themselves.Billie

  20. How convenient!!!–A last second sexual assault charge!….
    How can any Democrat sleep at night?

  21. Wow Howard, you said exactly what I have been saying. It is almost scary to hear my words coming from someone else. Ms Ford does not remember details of what never happened. The problem is that Democrats believe the ludicrous story which can never be proven, but Kavanaugh cannot disprove it because there is no evidence disproving that it happened since nobody knows where or when it was supposed to have occurred.

  22. Spot on Mr. G. Love it the way you make the left even more of the blithering idiots they are.

    Gmar Chatima Tova

  23. Similar to the Clarence Thomas nomination — This is another attempt at a high-tech lynching by a bunch of uppity whack-ohs.

    Tom Beach, Alvin, Texas, United Sates

  24. First, she wanted to testify, then wanted to negotiate what she can and can’t be asked. Now she won’t show up. Second, she works with a very left leaning group financed by Soros. She can’t provide details and her witness says it never happened. Her memory of this is from retrieved memory therapy which is know to be mostly false memories, usually caused by therapist’s suggestions. It doesn’t pass the smell test. Credible Clinton accusers were ignored by Dems but they believe her.

  25. Greetings: Howard… I love all your editorials! They’re insightful and fat free! I never thought you could outdo yourself, but YOU DID! This is your BEST Op-Ed to date!!! EXTREME KUDOS!!!

  26. Democrats are on the verge of bringing back the Salem Witch Trials, because the next SCOTUS nominee is going to be a woman.

  27. H.G, you said it all…”Christine Blasey-Ford is simply a Useful Idiot For The LEFT . . . who is In-So-Far-Over-Her-Head, that the Only Way Out for her . . . Is To Keep-On-Going”! She is being SUPPORTED by GEORGE SOROS, the Communist, and is also part of the “Me Too & P—y Hat GROUPS–JUST PLAIN DISGUSTING. I say “PUT UP OR SHUT UP!” NO facts have been presented. It’s just a DELAY TACTIC by the LEFT! It’s very SAD for his FAMILY! He WILL be VOTED IN to the SUPREME COURT. AMEN!

  28. You said it, Howard! Everytime I think they’ve stooped as low as they could possibly slither down to, they reach a NEW high in low.

  29. First of all, half of her students commented that they hated her political rantings in her class….basically called her stupid.
    Secondly, WHO hasn’t done stupid stuff in high school? Things like this happened to me but it was really nothing and I took care of it and never thought of it again….it’s life. Crazy kid life!

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