There Is No Equivalence Between Us & Them


There Is A 5-Minute Broadcast Associated With This Editorial.

BUT FIRST . . . I’ve Watched Two Major Funeral Ceremonies this Past Week

1 – Aretha Franklin:

Aretha Franklin was a Singing Icon. And from what I think I know about Aretha Franklin, she was a Decent Person. So here I was watching her Farewell, with Guests of Honor Being Al Sharpton, the ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-SEMITIC, PROMOTER OF VIOLENCE & RACISM . . . Who by all Normal Standards is a CON ARTIST, who never became a Legitimate Reverend, Minister, or anything of the Such.

ALSO . . . Seated Directly Behind the Speaker’s Podium was None Other than Louis Farrakhan, one of the Most Despicable Men (Black or White) In America.

2 – John McCain:

For a “Humble Man” . . . A Man Of The People”, as John McCain Loved to Portray Himself, McCain Spent the Last Months of his Life DESIGNING a Funeral Fit for an Emperor.

And while Close to Death, McCain was still such a Nasty & Mean-Spirited Man, that in Death, he finally Revealed Exactly who he was . . . by whom McCain Invited to be his Guests of Honor, AND WHOM HE DIDN’T WANT TO BE AT HIS FINAL FAREWELL.

And for all the Hypocrites in the Media, Bureaucracy & Politics, McCain got the Last Insidious Laugh, as they all Fell-Over Each Other, to be seen at this Theatre of the Absurd, to Eulogize a Man, whom they Publicly & Privately Thought was a Nut-Job.

McCain Was A War Hero . . . But No More than the Plus 2.7-MILLION Americans who Served In Vietnam. At least McCain Came Home Alive, and not in a Body-Bag, and not to Rot Dead in a Vietnam Jail, Rice Paddy, Field or Jungle Thousands of Miles away from Home.

As For McCain’s “Dedicated Service” to his Country in the House and the Senate . . . You & I should only be so Lucky . . . as to Live the Kind of Entitled, Secure & Privileged Life, which any Senator in the United States of America is BLESSED TO LIVE.

AND AS FOR THE TOTALITY OF THE FUNERAL ITSELF . . . John McCain’s Funeral Arrangements were more Inline with what a Democrat would Organize, Rather Than A True Conservative.


Anne and I have Two Very Close Friends, who are Horse People, where we Board our Horses and enjoy the Canadian Summer . . . They are Not Jewish, they are Christians, who have Conservative Values just like Anne & Myself.

The Husband is French, the Wife is a Blend of French & English . . . and we think of Both of them as Family. So on Thursday (August 30), I convinced “Frank” to Mount-Up on his Motorcycle, and take the 1-Hour Ride with me to Montreal, where I was going to Treat Frank to an Absolutely Kosher Meal Amongst very Religious Jews, some Ashkenazy like Me (European Decent), and others Sephardic (Middle Eastern Decent – Moroccan Etc), who Speak French as their First Language.

This Is A Really Busy Restaurant – But Not So Busy . . . that the Owner took his time away from the Cash to Personally Prepare our Meal, Throwing-In Kosher Putin as a Treat, because We Rode Our BIKES all the way from Ontario, just to Eat at his Restaurant, and when he found out that Frank was NOT Jewish, he was even more Accommodating.

AFTER LUNCH . . . I asked Frank if he had ever visited a Holocaust Museum, which he didn’t, so I asked him if he would like to visit the Montreal Holocaust Memorial (Museum), which was just a few blocks away . . . So We Went.

Frank is one of the Brightest & More Capable Guys I Know, who is always willing to Learn, and knows more about “Stuff” than he Generally Lets-On – Including History. And because of Anne & Myself – Perhaps Frank knows more about Jewish History within the last Century, than many of my Fellow Jews.

But I think seeing the Illustrated & Chronological History of the Holocaust, as was displayed, even though the Gore was not Evident at this Holocaust Museum, the When, Where, Why & How, gave Frank a whole New Understating of what Happened . . . and the Scope of the Holocaust Less Than 75-Years Ago.


I Know A Great Deal About The Holocaust, and the Hard History of the Jewish People from the Time of the Exile of Israel at the hands of the Romans, the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the Pogroms, the Holocaust and the Painful Wars of the Rededication of Israel to the Jewish People.

But I’ve Never Lived Any Of That.

I Know that you know, as you Often Read in this BLOG, that I Believe Jew-Hatred is no less Prevalent Today, than it has Ever Been. And I know that it Wouldn’t Take Much at all, to Rekindle a Raging Fire of Anti-Semitism to Create Another Holocaust.

I Asked Frank . . . as we both Stood Looking at the Last Display, if he Thinks it could Ever Happen Again, and Without Hesitation, and with just one Quiet Word . . . FRANK SAID “YES”.


But I Think Mostly About The Ugly . . . The Good Takes Care of Itself & Needs No Minding. The Bad can Usually be Fixed Before it Becomes Ugly . . . But The Ugly Has A Whole Different Resonance Of Its Own, Which Cannot Be Fixed, Until It’s Defeated Or Played-Out.


THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENED UNIQUELY TO JEWS . . . But Jews are not the Only People in the World to have Lived the Terror of Genocide, since we know that many Cultures, Religions & Socio Political Ideals have led to the Murder of Billions of People over the Millennium.

Whether it was the Nazis against Jews & Their Perceived Opponents, the Weak & the Different. Or the Russian Communists, the Chinese Communists, or the Cambodian Communists of the Khmer Rouge Under Pol Pot . . . Or Whomever.

And More Recently . . . the Hutu Massacre of the Tutsi’s In Rwanda. The Slaughter of Bosnians at the Hands of the Serbs, the Murder of Christians in Arab & Moslem Countries, the War in Afghanistan, the Taliban, Al-Qaida, ISIS, the War in Iraq, the War in Syria Against Civilians . . . AND THE WAR AGAINST WOMEN IN MUCH OF THE MOSLEM WORLD.


De Tocqueville Wrote . . . To Paraphrase – No Matter How Charismatic A Leader Could Be, He Could Never Lead A Nation In A Direction The People Were Not Prepared To Follow.

The Reason I Write What I Do . . . Isn’t Because I Enjoy Writing So Negatively, but Rather, I Write What I Do, because I have an Abject Fear Of Ignorance, where People who Know Nothing or Little, can be CONNED by any Smooth-Talker, who are Prepared to Follow Out Of Ignorance Of The Truth & The Passion Of The Moment.

We All Need To Be Reminded . . . The Truth Is By Far Greater Than Fiction.

In Her Death . . . Aretha Franklin Was Surrounded By Evil. And In his Death, John McCain Created An Icon That Never Was.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “THEIR ENTIRE BLACK CAUCUS has already made it clear that they will stay away. I guess the Black Caucus doesn’t like Jews. Or they simply FAVOR Iran.”

    I invite them to try out 2 kind of vacations: a week in Israel VS a week in Iran…bonne chance with Iran!!

  2. Yes I agree with everything you said.
    Good Job Howard
    Aretha in her Gold Coffin did it for me.
    John McCain thought he was the second coming who did nothing for America
    he was GREED!!!!!! even up to the END!

  3. This is a beautiful essay. Ignorant people can be suckered in by all manner of smooth talkers, especially including all the social media with their blatant censorship of conservatism and religion. It can happen at any time, and caring people need to be ever vigilant.

  4. What is the difference in a War Hero and one that served in the Military?

  5. You’ve said it ALL re: McCAIN. Enough said!The UGLY already EXISTS, i.e., we are SUBJECTED to EVIL like we’ve NEVER SEEN nor BEEN BEFORE.ALSO, it’s so EASY to IDENTIFY the SATANS of this world!It certainly “wouldn’t take much at all, to rekindle a raging fire of Anti-Semitism to create another HOLOCAUST.”Aretha Franklin’s funeral was ‘disgusting’ with the appearance of the HALF-CLAD singer.One would think she was attending a PARTY vs. a FUNERAL!The SPEAKERS couldn’t wait to GRAB that MIKE! AMEN!

  6. This is my mixed bag: Al Sharpton is more evil than you think; John McCain, what did he actually do like a concrete result with the emphasis on result; all those unknowns who stayed in their foxholes to die to the last man what are they; as for Aretha Franklin I love her but I loved Mahailia Jackson better so I’m prejudiced a little; we do have room in our compassion for one more genocide – the poles lost 5.5 Million civilians plus another million in Siberia ………

  7. Keep up the good work I am so glad for your words on McCain he really was a nut job I deo not have T V for these kinds of reasons I can not stand the poison coming into the home I am 81 82 years old & working as an RN work part time but am happy with what I have –my health is very good no meds no Dr bills so I will pray & you continue to pour on the truth– thanks– Irma

  8. Very interesting, thoughtful, provocative. Enough so that I forwarded it to my friend (and Rabbi) for further discussion. I just love what you write.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  9. Nice non-exaustive list of current and past genocides. Might I include also the current genocide of white farmers in South Africa and not so far away genocide of white farmers in Zimbabwe at the hand of marxist black supremacists.

  10. mccain was NOT a hero..sorry but all that I have read from some of those who served with him and was in the same POW camp called him “Song Bird”. I don’t call that a hero. Thanks for all your great editorials Howard. God Bless.

  11. Just heard Mark Levin comment on McCain’s final week being shuttled about from city-to-city, grandiose ceremonial arrivals and departures, et al . . . “over the top”. As with your column Howard, succinctly summarized.

  12. Thank you for saying it like it is about McCain & his arranging of his own funeral–definitely thought more highly of himself that is typical of elitist thinking. He indeed showed his true colors in his last few months of life & in his death. He was a liberal democrat in RINOs clothing. As for Ms. Franklin, she was truly a talented singer; wonder if Sharpton & Farrakhan were actually invited or just showed up. Their presence diminished a true respectful mourning.

  13. Another great editorial Howard. I agree with every word. By the way, I post your editorial on facebook everyday, and I look to make sure it was transferred and it is, but when I check back again in 15 to 30 minutes it is nowhere to be found. Me thinks facebook is playing games to keep the conservative view limited. Edgar Sellers

  14. The only reason for all TV coverage of John McCain is that he trash mouthed President Trump

  15. As Jews we are commanded by Hashem to always remember Amalek and what they did to the Jews coming out of Egypt. Your friend is absolutely right when he said YES. We must always remain vigilant to evil. In every generation it has a different name and face. Until the coming of the Messiah, the spirit of Amelek will continue to exist.

  16. I can respect John McCain for his reactions and response of his capture, I respect his attitude to love our country, and serve even more when he came home,..undoubtedly, BUT,…as someone commented he was not up for sainthood! Could you or I have endured through that whole journey he went through? Most probably not! However, his “record” of votes in the Senate, is in question, when adjudged by our Constitution, and Amendments, and Basic Declaration of Independance.
    As a sailor, RIP Senator.

  17. Aretha Franklin sang two songs in 1967 that still apply today: “RESPECT” (what Republicans and Trump need more of) and “CHAIN OF FOOLS” (which should become Democratic “theme song”)! John McCain was more “traitor” than “hero”- his “days were numbered” (with or without cancer)! BTW, U.S. flag lowered to “half-mast” on day Senator dies plus next day, then back to full mast! Sarah Palin not “invited” to funeral (Trump “not welcome”)? “RINOS”/”Globalists”/”Traitors” celebrated their “hero” today!

  18. The Holocaust carries the most significance and is the most important for people to know about, not because the victims were Jews, but because it happened in the most advanced and educated nation/culture in the world. It was not a tribal beef or a prehistoric massacre of rival clans, but a carefully contrived attack on a specific group in an advanced culture very much like our own today. The lessons of the Holocaust are the most important for all modern man to learn.

  19. I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but Howard you’ve hit a nerve to me. Aretha Franklin was absolutely a decent person as I have heard. Most of the people there were there simply to be seen not simply out of their love for the iconic singer. But, we saw elitism at its best. A gold coffin? Why is that necessary?

  20. 1939, My father and ALL my uncle’s on both sides of my family went down to the recruiting office together and signed up to serve in the armed services. All branches, to rid the world of evil. Yet, here it is as strong as ever. Keep up the good work with powerful words Howard. Well done. I do not know what else to do.Just have faith that God will prevail.

  21. Howard. you ARE definitely “spot on”, in your definition of BOTH “HEROS” supposedly laid to rest, yesterday…..& I really enjoyed your other bloggers comments….McCain was most DEFINITELY A “MEAN SPIRITED” piece of work! GOD praise our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, for having McCain’s number & not participating in that debacle…..I did watch the DEBACLE, & IT WAS “DEFINITELY VERY MEAN-SPIRITED, FROM BEGINNING TO END”!! May God continue to BLESS our wonderful PRES. TRUMP, & YOU as well, Howard!!!

  22. McCain, the Vain, will no longer interfere in or change the course of American history, don’t look for anyone to wonder what John would do in any issue but you have to hand it to him that he outstripped the other Vietnam war “hero”, John Kerry, though still living, is as gone as McCain in the affairs of state. Time does take care of all, one way or another.

  23. An image in my mind of clothes piled on old suitcases, both adult and children’s, in and open field waiting for the return of the freshly showed. Those that will assist already exist on the left, just look at their faces.

  24. Too bad Robin Leach has also passed. He could have hosted a new reality TV show, Funerals of the Rich and Famous. I mean, wow, decked out in herķ coffin wearing high heeled shoes with her legs fashionably crossed. An 8 hour extravaganza of music and Lord only knows what…

  25. You summed it up in that last sentence. McCain knew of over 1000 POWs left for leverage by N.Vietnam. Lots of evidence the military had to truth. With pressure of POW/MIA families, Wash.formed a committee headed by McCain and John Kerry (we all know the rich ladies’ poodle). They made motions investigating, NO PRISONERS LEFT BEHIND. He was directly responsible for their deaths. He totalled 3 jets in training. He graduated 885 in the Academy class of 889 – DUH He was power/money hungry

  26. Dear Sir
    I thank you for letting me join you. If not for many things you write I would be in a dark forest not knowing what is going on. I wish you and Anne a very happy vacation here in the states. Take care God speed.

    JL:)) Myrtle Beach S.C.

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