The War Within


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I’ve Written More Than Just Several Times . . . That Socialism Is Just A Dishonest Word For Communism – SO LET’S TAKE THE GLOVES OFF! And Let’s Call It For What It Is.

The American LEFT are Communists, Regardless of how they want to Market Themselves, and sell Themselves to the Electorate – THEY ARE COMMUNISTS, PLAIN & SIMPLE.

So Here’s A Word Of Advice To Conservative Republicans . . . Call The Democrats For What & Who They Are – COMMUNISTS, and if they don’t like it – TOUGH!

Let The LEFT Explain How They’re Not Communists . . . & Good Luck With That.

And even Better, call the RINOS for Who & What they are Too – American Sell-Outs, Pretending to be Patriots, when their only Obligation & Loyalty is to the Lobbyists who Put them in Power, Keep them in Power & Feather Their Nests as their Reward once they Leave Power . . . If & When They Ever Leave Power.

So . . . I’m Watching The Democrats Campaign In Three Different Ways.

1 – The MORE Honest LEFTISTS amongst them are Campaigning as Socialists.

2 – The LEAST Honest Democrats amongst them are Campaigning as Pseudo Conservatives.

3 – And then there are the Few who have no Idea where on the Spectrum to Campaign.

Here’s The Commonality Between All Democrats – THEY ALL LIE & DECEIVE.

There’s another Commonality very Few Speak or Write About . . . That Most Democrat Voters are Legitimately Ignorant of the Truth, and Know very Little about their National History, and what it took to Make America Great before the LEFT were able to get their Hands entirely on the Reigns of Power.

The LEFT is also Ignorant of Economics . . . & Truly Believes the Myth – that the Government has Money, Instead of the Reality . . . that the Government ONLY has the Money they are able to PILFER from the People, specifically the People who Earn the Money the Government Takes Away.


No One Can Force Anyone To Be An Entrepreneur . . . No Government can Force anyone to Hire People or Create Jobs. And No one can Force anyone to Build or Create Anything . . . AND THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T JUST PRINT MONEY, without Diminishing the Dollar to the Status Of Monopoly Money.

The Germans Tried It After WWI. The Russians Did It. The Mexicans Printed At Will. The Venezuelans Are Currently Having At It – And the Commonality of all Countries which Printed & Print Money as Fast as the Presses Would & Could Churn out Currency – WAS & IS THE ABSOLUTE FINANCIAL COLLAPSE OF THAT NATION.


The LEFT have also done a YEOMAN’S JOB in Brainwashing Generations of Children, Teaching them how to Hate and be Embarrassed of Their Own Country (America), while Grasping the Pseudo Benefits and Fictionalized Virtues of other Countries, such as those in the European Union.


It is True . . . That Slavery Was the Epitome of American Shame, HOWEVER, not all Southerners were Slave Owners. And As A Matter Of Fact, most Southerners were Not Slave Owners, who themselves worked their Paltry Farms, many of whom were Share Croppers, who worked as Hard as did the Slaves.

And When The Share Crops Failed . . . White Farmers Suffered Plenty.

To Blame All Southerners As Being Slave Owners . . . Is No Different Than Blaming All Germans For The Holocaust.


And to Blame ONLY German Nazis for the Holocaust, is to IGNORE all of Europe (and others) for Aiding & Abetting the Nazis, which is NO LESS AKIN to Ignoring all the Holier-Than-Thou Northerners who Benefitted Enormously from the Sweat, Blood & Tears of the Produce of Southern “Owned” Slaves.

There’s No Shortage Of Guilt To Go Around & It Wasn’t All About Slavery.

Then Governor Of South Carolina – Nikki Haley . . . Started The Ball Rolling, by very Publicly Demeaning, Diminishing & Imposing Guilt upon All The People Of The South, by Removing the ICONS (Statues, Photos & Names) of The South’s Otherwise Proud History, which in itself gave License to the LEFT to Demand the Removal of all American History, such as the Proposed Changing of the Name of the Texas Capital (Austin), the Removal of Names Responsible for the Creation of the USA & The American Constitution, such as George Washington & Thomas Jefferson.

As Much As I Support Nikki Haley For Her Work As The Ambassador To The UN . . .


Because Nikki Haley Opened the Door For The LEFT To Drive American History Asunder . . . No matter what Nikki Haley decides to do in the Future to Further Haley’s Political Career, Nikki Haley Will Not Have My Support.

AMERICA IS DIVIDED . . . Not Just Along LEFT/RIGHT Ideologies – But Along Ignorance & Fact . . . Along Truth & Fiction – Along American Exceptionalism & A One World Government, where if the LEFT are Successful, America will be just One of a Conglomeration of Failed States Governed By An International Elite, who will Make all the Decisions on how all of us Must Live our Lives, Keeping Only what the Elitists will Dictate how Much of What we Earn we can Keep, and NOT BE FREE To Speak Our Minds.

The Problem As I See It . . . Is Not That Most Voters For The Democrats Want To Lose Their American Rights & Freedoms, BUT RATHER . . . they have no Idea or Understanding of the Consequences of Voting for the Democrats.

If We Are To Be Politically Successful & Save Our Freedoms . . . We can only do it by Calling It What It Is – That Socialism Is Communism, and if the American People Want to Retain the Freedoms that made America Great in the First Place, a Vote For The LEFT, will be a Vote to Surrender All The Freedoms they Purportedly Cherish.

Our Job Is To Convince Enough People To See The Real Truth & Consequences.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I think obama’s Jew hatred has more to do with his uproar about Bibi’s speech than this phony BS about protocol

  2. What everyone leaves out is that the white slavers anchored just off shore and it was several black tribes that brought the slaves to the shores and ultimately the boats of the whites. Do we hear about that? Do we hear that it still goes on and that Muslim countries still receive black slaves? He is now deceased, but the gentleman who told me that witnessed it will his own eyes.

  3. The words, “Right on, right on, right on” come to mind. Howard, you are one of the first published pundits to say what you’ve said today, that “The American LEFT are Communists”. It is an important statement that should be spread as far and wide as possible. I shall do so myself to my newsletter readers and so forth – as all of your subscribers should do. Thank you very much for today’s article. It is that important!

  4. What is this BS “Democratic Socialism”. It’s where Paul votes for a government that will rob Peter and send the money to Paul, after the government takes it”s generous cut.

  5. Good blog HG. I thought statues and landmarks were under the purview of the mayors of cities and governors. You are right on with Socialism being too close to Communism to be debated! Trump may not be the classic “President” but he is getting the job of MAGA done! Mid terms should be very interesting!

  6. socialism and communism are 2 different but similar trains travelling down the same track in the same direction. The ONLY Difference is one of those trains reaches the end of the line and hits the brick wall a bit sooner than the other. The same outcome … the same destruction. Everything falls apart.

  7. Nikki Haley needs an intervention. I think Dinesh D’Souza would be the perfect person to give it to her.

  8. I agree completely but in addition to communists, they are also traitors and need to be treated as such.

  9. Thanks for the history lesson; I did not realize Nikki Haley’s part in driving our American History down! So glad to know that, so I can vote against her if she later runs for President.
    Dinesh D’Souza is a great American Patriot who seems to know our history well.

  10. “The Problem As I See It . . . Is Not That Most Voters For The Democrats Want To Lose Their American Rights & Freedoms, BUT RATHER . . . they have no Idea or Understanding of the Consequences of Voting for the Democrats.”

    This is masterfully put and laid out. It is total ignorance or understanding of what the Left (Communism is) or the consequences will be. Very sad indeed.

    Thank you as always for being so forthright!

    Pauline FitzPatrick
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

  11. Spot on Mr. G. Some people are ignorant of the facts and really don’t want to know what is right or wrong. Just give me a cell phone, I will vote for you. Sad, sad, sad state of affairs.

  12. You are CORRECT, Mr. G. I see how our primary in Michigan went….I only hope in the General Election folks wizen up and vote for only the GOOD Republicans….folks have to do their research. We can NOT do any more backsliding or we will be OUT OF A COUNTRY. MYPOV God Bless

  13. I do not seem to recall any of these situations PRIOR to the rein of a certain Barak HUSSEIN Obama 2. Did I miss something?

  14. Other nations just add lots of “zeros” to their currency (so people think they are “rich”, but they really aren’t)! When prices go higher and food gets “scarce”, money becomes “useless” (like what happened during the “Great Depression” when people who were “rich” found themselves “penniless”)! Is this what “liberals” want to happen (again)? Democratic Party has “changed” (like Howard states)! “Slaves” don’t have “freedom” or “liberty”! “Freebies” appeal to “lesser mentalities”! Please go vote!

  15. In his book “The Death of America,” Denish D’Souza states that in 1861 no Republicans owned slaves, only Democrats. That the Democratic Party is the party of racism, white supremacy and facism. His analysis is compelling. A real revisionist history and repudiation of the lies that the left has promulgated for so long.

  16. As we all know, MONEY TALKS and FREE STUFF is MONEY.It’s TALKING VERY LOUDLY! Also the “dumb-ming down” of AMERICA during Obama’s administration certainly has NOT HELPED people to keep ABREAST of the LEFT’S GOALS/PLANS.Many people PREFER to remain IGNORANT about today’s POLITICS; however, the RINOS are also GUILTY of ALLOWING the LEFT to succeed in their ATTEMPTS to gain CONTROL and to RUIN AMERICA.This was HUSSEIN OBAMA’S GOAL–“to TRANSFORM AMERICA”!Pres. Trump needs SUPPORT!GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. Part of the slave trade that most don’t know, didn’t learn or forgot is that much of the African slave trade was done by Moslems. Yet, so many Blacks become Moslems. Frankly, I don’t get it.

  18. Howard – “The Real Truth or Consequences” could be the name of a novel kind of news program that focuses on the real truth of behavior of politicians & their parties, and the consequences of the behaviors & decisions! I still don’t understand the double-speak of the left…call the thing by which it is really known – why do they hate that? If they’re communists, then own it and speak to it – like you wrote.

  19. You’re “spot on”, Howard…..if Killery had been elected, COMMUNISM & SOCIALISM, would have definitely been the NORM!

  20. Everything you said above can also be applied to all western countries and Canada where as the fiberals, the dippers and the greens are the communist. Very disappointed in Nikki Haley. By the way, countries don’t print money anymore, they just create it in the virtual world, money that doesn’t exists but the interests we pay on that artificial money is real. U.S. total debt is $50 Trillion but the GDP is only $20 Trillion. You give the country away tomorrow and the U.S. is still in debt and owes

  21. The Civil War was caused by the way the government was collecting and spending tax money, Plan and simple. It was the North that pumped up the slavery story, to make them look better in the eye of history.

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