The Smugness Of A Beggar & It’s About To Hit The Wall


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So . . . If Trudeau Is Going To Teach Trump & America a Lesson about National Values, Trade, Integrity & Responsibility, he should Start with Canada’s LACK of Integrity and Not Keeping our WORD, Especially when it comes to Paying OUR FAIR SHARE INTO NATO.


Canada Agreed with the Rest of NATO Members (In Writing), that Canada will Pay 2% Of Our GDP Into NATO, which is Great for Bragging Rights, except – Canada Barely Pays 1%.

It’s Easy For The LEFT To Tell Other People How To Spend Their Money.


SO WHAT GIVES TRUDEAU THE ACRIMONIOUS RIGHT . . . To Sit In Judgment Of The USA & President Trump, When Trudeau’s A Freeloader? Which by Extension . . . Makes All Of Canada A Freeloading Nation.


I WATCHED THE SICK – DAILY-DOUBLE – DEBACLES, which were the Independent Funerals of Aretha Franklin & John McCain . . . and what I saw, WAS A TREMENDOUSLY IRREPARABLE DIVIDE BETWEEN THEM & US.


I Saw the True Nature of the LEFT at the Funeral of McCain, which ABSOLUTELY CONFIRMED, at least to me, that John McCain was Neither a Maverick Nor a Conservative.

John McCain was an Opportunistic Mean-Spirited Political Letch, who used the Republican Party to Win his Arizona Senate Seat, so he could use his Senate Seat to Vote Against Conservative American Values.

You Dance With The One Who Brung Ya.

If McCain was Truly A Man of Conviction, Honesty, Integrity and a Real Maverick, McCain would have Either Run as a Democrat or an Independent. Instead, he Ran as a Republican, Knowing that he would Take every Opportunity to Place Himself First, Before the Party & Values that Got Him Elected.


McCain Was An Embedded Creature Of The Swamp, who was NEVER Really on the Side of Conservative American Values. And in Death, AT HIS OWN PLANNED FUNERAL, There Was No Hiding It, Obvious by the People McCain Invited to be there, and who McCain “Honored” to Eulogize Himself – Said Half Of It . . .

What Manner Of Good-Humble-Man Choreographs His Own Epic Funeral?

The Other Half Was The Obvious Fact, that McCain Demanded . . . That No Real Conservatives Be There. Or at the Very Least Participate, Except for Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner, who were Forced to Sit Amongst the LEFTIST Guests, as Donald Trump was Demonized by the Eulogists & Megan McCain.


BLACK AMERICA DID NOT DO ITSELF PROUD . . . There were enough White-Haters, Jew-Haters, America-Haters & Outright Black Grifters in that Funeral, to Make any Racist Smile With Pride.

And The Fact . . . that a Black Bishop, whose name is Irrelevant, thought that the Podium at the Aretha Franklin Funeral was the Appropriate Time & Place to Grope & Cop-A-Feel of Ariana Grande’s Boobs, says all that Needs to be Said about the Quality & Values of the People who were at the Aretha Franklin Funeral, even though Ariana Grande, is in Herself – a Pretty Vile Piece of Work . . . that it’s Impossible for me to have any Sympathy for her at all.


THE LEFT ARE CORNERED . . . Their Gig Is Up – & Conservative America is Calling Them-Out. We are now at the Stage where Good People on the Conservative Side have Gone from Listening, Accepting, Capitulating & Obeying the Insanity of the LEFT . . . TO BARING THEIR OWN TEETH.


THE LEFT . . . have Resorted to Every Form of Demagoguery, Lies, Ad-Hominem Attacks & Propaganda Imaginable – To the Point, Starting with Hussein Obama’s Campaign Rhetoric About Fly-Over Americans . . . “Clinging To Their Guns & Religion”

And Then There Was Crooked Hillary’s . . . “Deplorables”.

These Words Were Not Just Words . . . They Were Calls To Action – Not Against Political Rivals, But Rather . . . THREATS AGAINST THE PEOPLE.


This Isn’t New – This Is A Repeat Of History . . . Every Revolution & Civil War Begins With The Preamble, The Dance . . . when Conversation Reverts to Confrontation, where One Side’s Values Conflict with the Other Side – Where In This Case . . . It’s The Side Which Wants What They Haven’t Earned Or Deserve.

The One Side, which Demands to tell the Other Side how to Live. And whose Values are Acceptable and Whose Values are Not.

It’s the One Side, which Believes they Know How to Better Raise the Children of the other Side.


Good – There’s Finally Truth To Power.

It’s the Arrogance of the Side which Speaks of Entitlements, like Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders . . . AND ALL THE OTHER OPPORTUNISTS.

Now That Everyone Knows Where Everyone Stands – It’s A Whole New Game.

This Is No Longer A One Sided Game . . . where many Republicans Easily get away as RINOS, and where the LEFT can Under the Guise of the Law (Regulations) Run Roughshod Over the Rights of the People.


Things Will Not Be Pretty . . . But Finally – The LEFT Is In For A Fight.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard ….. I believe just the fact that our “king” and his entourage refuse to go to hear Netanyahu’s speech, and not welcome him to the White House (I guess that would be too much to expect) reminds me of a little boy standing in the corner stomping his foot, saying “No, I won’t.” What a wonderful, “mature” child we have for the supposed leader of this once-great nation. He has done more to destroy this nation, degrade it in the eyes of the rest of the world than anyone.

  2. What will be the catalyst for the next big crash? Will interest rates finally start really rising…housing bubbles, stock market bubbles, massive government debt…all over the world…this will not end well for the greedy public sector parasites that created this mess….will it happen under Trudeaus watch….will the trade issue be the start…hope so…they are all crooked…

  3. Fabulous article, Howard. You voiced what many of us are thinking, and you did it so well. You see the evil of the left for what it truly is. They are so corrupt! The moral compass of the left is 180 degrees out of sync. If something is bad for America, they love it. And if it’s good they hate it. And their feigned compassion and altruism is just that: phoney. It’s all about them! Thanks, Howard.

  4. I think it’s incorrect to say that Canada spends a percentage of our GDP into NATO. Was is correct to say is that Canada spends 1.7% of our GDP on Defence (2017 figures). Which is a very different thing. The money does not go to Brussels, it is spent at home on our military (including pensions).

  5. I agree totally Howard, I am so disgusted! Cannot summon up any sympathy for those who are so full of hate that they cannot have a Celebration of Life without dragging it through a political sewer!

  6. The LEFT is so DESPERATE that they now have to USE FUNERALS to PROMOTE themselves! SAD, isn’t it? Also, to have used FUNERALS as a POLITICAL PLOY is DISGUSTING! But, of course, we MUST consider the SOURCES, don’t we? It was EASIER to ATTACK Trump because he wasn’t there–COWARDS! The comment that “AMERICA HAS ALWAYS BEEN GREAT” was false, especially under HUSSEIN OBAMA’S “reign”! PRES. TRUMP is now FIXING HIS MESS, plus more! Yes, It IS A WHOLE NEW GAME! My “bet” is on TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  7. OMG Howard, I feel like you read my mind (and others I’m sure) and put it on paper! The 8 hour Aretha show was over the top. Why were all the men sitting right up front for us to see, Clinton, Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakan and the Bishop. Maybe just for Ariana’s distasteful show that Clinton delighted in. That was enough to turn anyones channel and a disgrace to Aretha’s memory. Hillary plopped clear over to the right , didn’t make sense to me either. Don’t even get me started on John McCain!

  8. Trump’s Going to be BURYING the Left in the next 2 elections ….
    I wonder what the Political Eulogy will be for the left then???? Our turn to celebrate!!!!

  9. McCain showed his true colors by not inviting Sara Palin, in fact she was told to stay away. Regardless what one thinks of Palin she was a loyal VP candidate who put some spark into his campaign. She supported McCain 100% and never said a bad word about him, even after he trashed her.

  10. Good discussion HG. The only thing I worry about is our getting to complacent about this next election. Please, Please, don’t count our chickens before they’re hatched. In the words of NB Forrest, “keep up the skeer.” Once you have them on the run, keep after them.

  11. Howard, our teeth are bigger! The Left is trying to shut down conservatives on social media, in the news, Hollywood, schools & on the streets. If we don’t fight back they will crush us. Conservatives need to do all we can to ensure a red wave in Nov! Also, contact our representatives to stop the internet censorship of conservative free speech.

  12. Great, right on editorial, Howard. But could you tell us how you really feel about Trudeau and the American left?

  13. I could NOT have said it better! You hit the nails on the heads! THANK YOU. God Bless

  14. Amen, Mr. G! I don’t need to say anything. You said it all! God bless you and your family. You’re the best!

  15. Have you checked out GAVIN NEWSOM? Lt. Gov. of California? Under the one and only “Gov. Moonbeam.” He’s running on “let’s give the ILLEGALS free health care!” Makes perfect sense to me…not. I Tweeted Gavin and asked if he understood the meaning of the word “ILLEGAL?” Guess he doesn’t. TOday’s newsletter was great! Once again

  16. Not at all ashamed to say I watched neither, already knowing it was to be epitome of leftist showbiz. Don’t need to put myself through that. There is enough stress in my life without purposefully adding more inconsequential idiocy of the elitist left, be they any skin color. Nor am sorry McCain is gone. Kinda doubt he’ll rest in peace, though that’s in God’s hands. God, forgive me.

  17. Many people today lack both self-respect and respect for others! Weddings and funerals are becoming “political statements” (especially when MSM is present)! Lots of money wasted (that could have been put to better use). “Work ethic” is now “Entitlement” (thanks to “Liberals”), so life is mainly about how many “freebies” they can apply for and receive! Most people living in USA today are asking what this country can do for them, not what they can do for this country (other than make babies)!

  18. Mr. Galganov,

    Can I offer a suggestion for another column/essay? Do you suppose the Dems are falsely complaining about Brett Kavanaugh being elected to the Supreme Court because he is another John Roberts who might be willing to toss some middle of the road garbage into a ruling? Are the REAL conservatives ready for another Roberts on the high court? Whammy think? Anne in Bruce Twp, MI USA

  19. Great article! I too have felt the last few days that they are a beast cornered….and if we can just ignore the lies and get a great Congress we can make some real headway. The divide is so large…I think they are just small in number but loud. If we don’t all get out, we will not have another chance. A civil war is coming.

  20. The Left really can’t handle honesty … I made a comment about the real John McCain to a friend recently and allI heard back was what a great man he was.

  21. Howard, you hit an ABSOLUTE “homerun” with today’s “blog”…..& I MOST DEFINITELY enjoyed the OTHERS comments! I know others are TOTALLY “fed up” with the “MAINSTREAM MEDIA”!! May God BLESS our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, YOU, Howard, for carrying the “MESSAGE” of “FREEDOM” , & “JOY”, & GOD BLESS PRES. TRUMP, AMEN, AMEN!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, “KEEP UP” YOUR GREAT WORK, HOWARD! I ALWAYS “POST” your “blog” on F.B.!!

  22. Everything you talk in your blog will be proven at the midterm elections. If the “right” and Republicans are that fed up, they will go out and vote en masse and keep the house and senate with increased numbers. Like usual I agree with you 110%.

  23. HG, thank you for the truth about McCain. I always knew this and his leftist wife, could not understand Az. kept him in office. Yes, I was passed over by Google. Read past Ed’s from the side posted. Will change my Email.

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