The Sickness Of Trump Hatred


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Recently . . . A Jewish American LEFTIST – Peter Beinart, wrote an Article about how he was Questioned at Ben Gurion Airport, upon Entering the State of Israel to Attend the Bat Mitzvah (12-Year Old Coming Of Age) Celebration of his Niece.

In His LEFTIST Way Of Writing . . . Beinart Showed his Disdain for Israeli Security, because they Questioned him for a Great Deal of Time, asking him Repeatedly . . . Why are you in Israel? Who do you know in Israel? Are you an Anti-Israel Subversive? Are you a Threat to Israeli Democracy? Are you a Member of an Anti-Israel Organization? Do you Support Violent Organizations . . . ?

“Did You Ever Take Part In A Pro-Palestinian Demonstration In Israel?”


As It Turned Out . . . Beinart did Participate in a Pro-Palestinian Demonstration in Israel (In Hebron) during Beinart’s last Israeli Visit.

Israel Is A Country Under 24/7 Assault . . . by much of the World in One Way or Another, but Especially from So-Called Palestinians, who use all Manner of Terror to Harm the Jewish State, INCLUDING ANTI-ISRAEL PROPAGANDA . . . which is Fundamentally Anti-Semitic Propaganda Without Saying-So, making this Beinart Character A Useful Jewish Idiot to the World’s Jew-Haters.

BUT THAT’S NOT THE CRUX OF IT . . . The Most Salient Point Of This Tale – is that this LEFTIST HACK (Beinart), Describes himself as a Senior Columnist at the Forward (LEFT). An Associate Professor of Journalism & Political Science at the City University of New York (FAR LEFT). He is a Contributor to The Atlantic (LEFT). And is a CNN Political Commentator (LEFT).


Beinart Blames President Donald Trump For Encouraging Israel To Act In The Same Manner As President Trump Is Acting In The United States Of America!

You Couldn’t Have Kapos Without Judenrats.

Slightly More Than 70-Years Ago In Nazi Europe . . . People like Beinart were in my Estimation Called Judenrat . . . Jewish Elitists who Helped Carry-Out the Will of the Nazis, whom . . . with the help of Kapos (Jewish Nazi Enforcers), they Eventually did the Nasty Bidding of Nazi Europeans.

The Salient Point To All Of This . . . Is not that Beinart, who is in my Opinion a Jewish Sell-Out, who thinks that he is in One Way or Another Socially Superior to People like Me, is that he Conflates Israel’s Justifiable Security Concerns With President Trumps Justifiable American Security Concerns . . . As Somehow Being Evil.

And If It Wasn’t For President Trump, Israel Would NEVER Have Questioned Him As They Did.


This is the Kind of Trump-Hatred, which is Permeating the LEFT, not Just in the USA, but Rather, throughout the GLOBAL World of the LEFT, where they are so Consumed by Disdain Against Real Conservative Values, Based upon a Meritocracy & National Pride, that they Can’t See Beyond Their Empty-Unfounded-Loathing.

IT DOESN’T MATTER . . . That In-Spite of the Resistance to President Trump, who is Constantly Fighting Against a Dishonest & Aggressive Media, Socialist (Communist) Americans, Despicable Democrats, Sell-Out Republicans (RINOS), A Corrupt Combination of the Justice Department, FBI, NSA & Bureaucracy . . . THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS INDEED DOING WHAT HE PROMISED AS A CANDIDATE & MORE!


America Has Become So Divided . . . MOSTLY because of Academia, where for Many Generations, Teachers from Kindergarten to Bachelor & Professorial University Degrees have been Promoting Anti-American Rhetoric, which Finally Revealed Iitself with the Barack Hussein Obama Apology Tours, which Basically Declared . . . America Is A Great Country . . . BUT!

IT WAS THAT BUT . . . which Brought all of this Anti-Americanism to a Head, after Generations of “Soft American Self-Criticisms” in American Literature, American Music From The 1960’s, American Films, American News Features, American Television, American Productions, which Demonized American Law Enforcement, the American CIA, American Service Men & Women . . . Especially from the Vietnam War, the America Deep South . . . AND AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM.

We Thought We Were Being Entertained & Informed . . . When we Read Books like The Ugly American, Saw Movies like Full Metal Jacket, Listened to Songs like Give Peace A Chance or Imagine . . . Laughed Out Loud at Archie Bunker – Where In All Truth . . . We Were Being Propagandized & Inculcated To The LEFT.


When A Jewish American . . . Is Grilled at the Israeli International Airport, because the Jewish American Participated in a Demonstration that was ANTI-ISRAEL in Israel, in Favor of a People (Palestinian Arabs) who want Israel Destroyed . . . Lays The Blame For His Interrogation At The Feet Of President Trump . . . That Says It All.

America is so Broken through Generations of Malicious Academia . . . That Like Humpy Dumpty; All the President’s Horses & All The President’s Men, Will Never Be Able To Put America Back Together Again.

America Will Never be the Same After 8-Years Of Barack Hussein Obama & Generations of Academic Malfeasance . . . which After More than 70-Years, Brainwashed all the People in Academia to Convert the Media, Entertainment, Government & the Rank & File Citizens to become America-Self-Haters, thinking that Somehow, They’re The Real Patriots.

The Revolution Was Started Just After World War Two . . . And has Finally been Challenged after November 2016. And by the Time It Will Be Done, America Will Become Two Countries . . . Which Is Virtually What America Already Is.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard-

    This is the first time I have written anything to you, but, with all of the Liberals screaming about this and that, I think they are a bunch of pansies!!

    I value your courage and fortitude for standing up and “leading” the assault on the “pansies!!” Thank you so much.

  2. There’s a Leftis 4 Year War against Trump right now. 1 million journalist and liberal politicians from around the world against Trump. Hardly seems fair to the leftists. The great thing is …. the 4 year war is going to turn into a 8 year war!!! GO TRUMP!!! From a Canadian Supporter!

  3. I agree that America is so divided that I can’t imagine how we’d ever rejoin the two parts. There is such a political chasm between us that it will take a miracle to bring us back together. Our fathers (and mothers) who endured WWs 1 and 2 would be so shocked and depressed at what their efforts have become.

  4. Well HG I have been promoting the same idea-observation for the better part of the last ten years to anyone that will listen, unfortunately other than my dog “most” people do not agree, basically because the entire concept requires admitting a plan has been at work. Maybe two Americas is what is needed : unfortunately it will require eight Canadas to work here.

  5. According to you the U.S.A. is 2 countries now and I agree with you. The right and the left. But you also live in Canada and when our original constitution stated that there will be free trade amongst all provinces and then the booze decision from the supreme court came down Canada went from 10 provinces and 3 territories into 13 new little countries. Explain that one in your next blog because I would like your point of view. Subvertly, quebec won,it’s now a country and they don’t know that yet.

  6. I also would like to read your answer to “Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec Canada”

  7. It’s sad that people hate President Trump just because of the lies of the scumbag media talking heads.

  8. we were all together in Basic training during the Korean war. When basic was over we went our separate ways in the service and followed commands. I think the way to unite and I hate to say it but I lived thru it. The 2nd world war. I think there has to be a REAL COMMEN ENENEMY AND WE WILL ALL BE AMERICANS AGAIN. Too many proffers in the acadamia have never had to make a payroll and truly do not understand Capitalism.

  9. I don’t believe that a divided country is NECESSARILY a bad thing. It’s simply another example of CHECKS & BALANCES. When I talk politics & defend Trump with my left-leaning friends, I do find it frustrating. Truth be told, I’m no lover of EITHER side… the extreme right OR left. They can BOTH be dangerous! I still think that MOST Americans (Canadians too) are somewhere in the pragmatic middle. With the advent of social media, people are forced to espouse a more extreme version to be heard.

  10. During the 70s A.C.O.R.N. through mostly community colleges raised its ugly head. The Alinsky Doctrine. Obama excelled. From that point on, the slow division of America truly began. With Obama as President the division widened tremendously. POTUS Trump may ‘start’ the mending I only hope it does NOT unravel. We ARE in a state of anarchy with the Media & elected officials leading the way. MYPOV

  11. President Eisenhower and President Ronald Reagan BOTH laid their hands on these verses when they were inaugurated. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2nd Chronicles 7:14 THIS is the solution to all of our national ills. Simple as it is Americans can’t seem to find the intestinal fortitude to do this simple remedy. God help us !

  12. Many Canadians would like you to comment on the divided state of Canada, The BNA Act 1867 gave the provinces a lot of power but P.E. Trudeau’s 1982 Constitution centralized Canada & gave those powers to the Federal govt. If we can find enough Canadians to understand the principle of DECENTRALIZATION & a party able to lead us in that direction, we might be able to save Canada from breakup. The Feds should only be given control over Immigration, Foreign Affairs, Defense & Foreign Exchange.

  13. When have we ever seen a PRESIDENT DO what he had PROMISED as a CANDIDATE?Well, Pres. Trump has accomplished MORE since he’s been in office than ANY OTHER president! Barack Hussein Soetoro Sobarkah [real name] was a CURSE on America! He said he would TRANSFORM America. He SURE DID–by DEMEANING America, INCREASING its DEFICIT, giving people MORE FREE STUFF, & MORE!He USED his OWN RACIST TACTICS to CREATE our PRESENT DIVIDED AMERICA! NOW, Pres. Trump has to DRAIN OBAMA’S SWAMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  14. I think the problem really began during the Korean War, when draft-dodgers were able to hide in academia, eventually predominating there, and changing the campus culture to what it is today. Add to that that the unwillingness in Washington to win the all-but-won war — they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory — and you have the self-deprecating, even self-loathing, atmosphere rampant today. We find ourselves in the position, whether sought or unsought, of world leader. So lead!

  15. Go after the people in your ethnic who have disproportionately pushed this garbage from the Trotskyite scum (aka neocons) to that hack Norman Lear. The silence of right thinking Jews is deafening and perversion of Adelson and Savanna who are one issue moneybags. When America is destroyed and Europeans are decimated do you really think Asians, Africans and Middle Easterners will give a damn about Israel? You guys remind me of African Americans biting the hand that feeds you. You’re awake.

  16. POTUS Trump is attempting to “unite” this nation (while liberals”/”globalists” are doing almost everything possible to “divide” this nation)! 2018 election is “critical”- it will decide if “Foreigners” (foreign nations too) determine what goes on in our nation or if “citizens” (people living here “legally”, especially those paying income taxes) have “priority”! (If Israel “goes away”, USA is “next”!) God can’t “run this world” under Communism! Right “choice” requires a “conscience”! Please vote!


  18. The hatred, racism, and violence is being promoted and encouraged by the left. They are the true facists. The Democratic Party has a history of enslavement-no Republican owned slaves in 1861. Republicans voted for the 13th,14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution which abolished slavery, gave blacks equal rights as well as voting rights. Every Democrat in the House and Senate voted against the 14th and 15th Amendments and only 16 of 80 Democrats voted for the 13th.

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