The RIGHT Won – The LEFT Lost . . . Get Over It


Jim Jordan . . . America’s Ohio Superman Without The Cape . . . & How Do I Know?


After 20-Years . . . the LEFT & Republicans In Name Only (RINOS) – are Dredging-Up the CANARD that Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, IGNORED Claims of Sexual Abuse by the Team Doctor by Several Members of his High School Wrestling Team, while he was their Assistant Coach.


Why – All Of A Sudden After 20-Years, are these Supposed “Victims” . . . coming Forward to make this SPURIOUS CHARGE that Jim Jordan IGNORED Pleas by JUST SEVERAL of his Wrestling Team Members of Sexual Crimes by the Team Doctor . . . Who Is Long Dead & Gone?

Doesn’t This Sound More Than Just A Bit Curious To You?

And why is the Person who is Leading this Charge, with Several of the Others Proven to be Men Of Extremely Poor Repute, some of whom are either being Sued For Fraud, Theft . . . Or who have already been Incarcerated for One or the Other?


And how did all these Men . . . of Mostly Ill Repute, All of a Sudden Come Together OUT OF NOWHERE AFTER 20-YEARS, to Tell their Sordid Tale, While All The Other Wrestlers who were Trained by Jim Jordan, ONLY HAVE PRAISE FOR THE CONGRESSMAN?

It Doesn’t Seem Strange To Me . . . That this Demagoguery of Jim Jordan would Come-About as Jim Jordan is Shaking the Very Foundation of the Justice Department, the FBI & Political Insiders on both Sides of the Aisle.


Paul Ryan‘s Leaving The House & His Gavel Is Up For Grabs.

And-Out-Of-Seemingly-Nowhere . . . All of a Sudden, it seems as though there is a Groundswell of Conservative Support for an Outsider – Especially from the Freedom Caucus for Jim Jordan, who is without a Political Pedigree, who could very well Grab Onto That Gavel Of Real Power . . . Imagine That?

Now Just Imagine How Desperate The Swamp Is To Keep Jordan From The Gavel?


IF ANYTHING . . . BECAUSE of the Scurrilous 20-YEAR-OLD Unfounded, Undocumented & Out Of Nowhere Accusation Against Jim Jordan – MORE THAN ANYTHING . . . It all Shouts that this Grotesque Assault on the Reputation of this Conservative Political Street-Fighter DEMANDS . . . that Jim Jordan is the Absolute Right Man to Pick-Up The Leadership Gavel of the House, So That The House Can Be Cleaned Along With The Putrid Swamp.

I’ve Personally Been A Victim Of Demagoguery . . . its Nigh Impossible to Defend, just like when Harry Reid LIED Before the Senate, when Reid Said that he “HEARD” that Mitt Romney Cheated On His Taxes during Romney’s Presidential Campaign against Barack Hussein Obama, and then said, in the Same Breath As Fact . . . “There You Have It, Mitt Romney Cheats On His Taxes”, only to later State as Fact in an interview after Reid Stepped-Down, “That It Was All A Big Lie” . . . But All’s Fair In War & Politics.


I Love It When The LEFT Speak About Draining The Swamp.

The More Desperate The LEFT Is . . . The MORE the LEFT & the RINOS will Lie, Cheat & Foment Discord, to the Point of Violence as They are Doing Now. They will do all they can to Make . . . Up Look Like Down & Left Look Like Right.

The LEFT will Accuse the RIGHT (Conservatives) of BEING the Swamp, and they will have their Media Cohorts Jig The Polls & “Manage” The News. And they will Move Heaven & Earth to call Conservatives like me “THE FAR RIGHT”, likening People like me to Nazis, where in all Honesty, the LEFT Behave like Communists & Fascists . . . Two Sides Of The Same Rancid Coin.

And As Long As People Like Jim Jordan Have Them So Terrified – We’re Winning!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is hard to believe that we Americans vote representatives to Congress, but they won’t show up to hear one of the World’s leaders from a country in peril talk about the Muslim Isis threat to the entire world. What are they good for? Their own agenda? They don’t want to know what is really going on over there? They don’t want to hear about the Jews and Christians that ae being enslaved, tortured, murdered and burned to death? Why are they getting paid by the tax payers?

  2. Just as the Duke Lacrosse team was IMPUNED for rape, etc and found NOT GUILTY. The damage to those players will follow them throughout their lives. I am Sick & Tired of the muckrakers & False News. You are correct Mr. G. Desperate times call for Desperate Measures and the Left & Right are contriving garbage. The Swamp is becoming the most destructive force ever seen in the history of our government. MYPOV God Bless

  3. You are so very right! With the Left, it is never about character they are assassinating, it is about what that person is doing that they cannot control. We have one more day to be concerned about the separated children at the border before the only concern becomes President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. The Left are as predictable as the are terrible.

  4. “Fabricated Facts”, “Twisted Truths”, “Digging up Past Dirt”, “Closet Skeletons”, sex, lies, and list continues ad nauseum! Why? Truth “hurts” too many people- especially those who would rather hear or tell lies to benefit whatever agenda they promote or to protect themselves! Seems most “leftists” are indeed liars today, while conservatives “do the right thing” (tell the truth)! I’m recent “victim” of totally false accusations by someone (who never met me in person)! Where is “Justice” today?

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that the swamp can NOT be drained, it must be FLOODED, and ArticleV. of the Constitution be invoked in favor of a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to accomplish three specific items. #1 The institution of TERM LIMITS on ALL those elected or appointed under the Constitution. #2 Must be implemented under ten years, no exceptions, postponements, or change to this amendment. #3 A FULL return to the GOLD STANDARD, and abolishment of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING System. AMEN!

  6. I totally agree that the war against Jim Jordan shows how much the Left fears him. As a result of all of this, we went to his campaign site and gave him a donation and also faxed him a note of encouragement and support. He MUST NOT cave or quit, if at all possible, and if he (and his family) can stand the heat. Also, look at the law firm representing the accusers: Perkins Coie, and then look at the lying campaigns they have been involved in, including the dossier being used against Trump. Wo

  7. The MeToo movement has accomplished one thing – Following an accusation, The accuser is elevated to a position of sainthood and the accused is guilty until proven innocent. We must NEVER confuse the issue with facts – that would be racist.

  8. GREAT BLOG, today, Howard! I wouldn’t put “anything past the LIBERAL LOONS”…they are getting DESPERATE!! I thank you for your honesty, in “trying to DRAIN THE D.C. SWAMP”!!! We ALL ARE BEING VICTIMIZED BY THIS PUTRID SWAMP!!!! Thank goodness you are able to TELL THE TRUTH, Howard. The RINOS are “just as bad, as well”. I praise you for your COURAGE, Howard! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU DO, IN “EXPOSING THE SWAMP-RATS, HOWARD”, & may GOD continue to our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP!! AMEN-AMEN!!!

  9. Their tactics work. Complaining about how unfair the other side is will accomplish nothing but defeat. I’ve been to war where is only rule was to win (Desert Storm) – we did it in 43 days. Vietnam had rules. Result was 20 years duration, over 58,000 American dead and we lost!
    Apples vs Oranges? Not when you consider the true danger to your liberties. It’s time we get smart about our own tactics. Don’t bring a butter knife to a gunfight.

  10. Not much I can add to the great comments above, great stuff!! Every time I see in my inbox, I can’t wait to read it. Feels so good when we are winning, especially when the Left can’t do anything about it. Keep it going, thanks.

  11. This really galls me. Jim Jordan is a “thorn” in the Dems side. Saw a “so called” body language expert read Jim Jordan denying this happened during an interview. She had to be a Dem just by the way she spoke. I shut it off! Also, I’m NO fan of JT but this sexual harrassment is going off the rails. You want to get in to politics, you better be “squeaky clean” from the womb, but people will lie about you anyway! Politics is a joke and very childish today. As if there are not enough problems!

  12. Wonderfully said! I will also go to his web site and offer support! We have to help fight this BS. I also suggest that we all go to our current representatives swear to support Jim Jordon for Speaker!

  13. The Deep State, Fake News media, Lying Left, George Soros’ team, Obama’s OAS Anti-American Group, The Clinton Cartel, et al, are all out to smear mud on anyone who is shining the white light on them. It is so obvious to any intellegent person that the FBI and DOJ are stalling and not turning over documents to keep themselves out of prison for treason. Trump should have fired the entire 7th floor of the FBI and replaced Sessions for starters.

  14. Let HE/SHE who is without SIN cast the FIRST STONE!To WAIT 20 YEARS to ACCUSE others of PAST SINS is a very DESPERATE sign.MUCH DIGGING has to be done to RETRIEVE such information.Since these SEARCHERS LIVE in the SWAMP, they REALIZE that they are SINKING DEEPER & DEEPER every day.There is NO HOPE for THEM!JIM JORDAN IS the RIGHT MAN TO REPLACE RYAN.The LEFT & the RINOS FEAR this MOVE, thus they will do ANYTHING to DESTROY him!Let’s ENJOY the appt. of the NEW SUPREME COURT JUDGE! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  15. As a footnote to the Dingy Harry comment on the Senate floor re. Mitt not paying tax, when confronted post election with his bald-faced lie, Dingy Harry smirked, “He didn’t get elected did he?” Despicable is not a strong enough observation, however I wasn’t the least surprised.

  16. Article V is the answer, the Convention of States & there is an organization that is working on it. For those who are interested, simply look it up on Google or Duck Duck Go or Bing. Trust me, this organization is really trying to move forward to achieve a Convention of States. I am so tired and truly hate all of the lies & shenanigans of the Left & RINOs. I honestly pray daily that all of this will turn around & we will see the truth bright & clear. Howard GREAT blog today!!!

  17. I would agree with Tom Corcoran regarding Constitutional Convention for those 3 purposes except, once in session, ANY matter can be brought up for a vote & wind up hijacking the original purpose. For that reason, those changes need to be made in Congress itself; only way to have that happen is more Freedom Caucus types (strong conservatives) elected & running both Houses, with sole purpose to do what the silent majority wants. No better chance for that than while Trump is prez. MAGA on steroids.

  18. As a Buckeye and graduate of Ohio State, I have to correct you. Jim Jordan was accused of these things when he was a wrestling coach at The Ohio State University in Columbus. The is capitalized as it is in the official name of the university.

  19. Now that Pres. Trump has nominated Mr. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, watch who/what comes out of the woodwork to accuse him of unthinkables from years ago. Typical deep state attacks.

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