The Pre-Fight Stare-Down


I used to fight in Karate Tournaments . . . I wasn’t the best, but I wasn’t the worst either. I also played Football, and coached Minor League Football for years. And I learned a great deal from Karate and from Football that ADDED to the rules and skills of the sports and LIFE.


I’ve written multiple times about the Nazi Propaganda Machine led by Joseph Goebbels, not just because I found it repugnant, but rather, because it was so incredibly effective.

The Soviets also had an Unbelievably Effective Propaganda Machine, which convinced more than 200-MILLION People . . . that living under Tyranny, Poverty and Deprivation – was somehow preferable to living within Democratic Freedom.


When one side has no SANE or ACCEPTABLE explanation, especially for REALLY BAD BEHAVIOR, the Evil Defense is to TAR the other “LEGITIMATE” side with the same Brush, even though, and especially since, nothing could be further from the TRUTH.


1 – The Nazis wanted to conquer Czechoslovakia without having to go to war against the rest of Europe. So, they established this CANARD about Ethnic Czech German Nationals, who lived in Sudeten, were being treated harshly by the Czechs, requiring drastic, and if necessary, Military Action by Germany. But it wasn’t true.

2 – The Nazis needed to convince the German People that the situation in Poland, specifically in Gdansk, which used to be called Danzig, where Ethnic Polish German Nationals were living under the same conditions from which they saved the Sudeten German Nationals for their support to invade Poland. And the world went to war.

3 – The Nazis felt that they NEEDED TO MURDER all the Jews of Europe, and in the process, seize all Jewish Wealth and Property, but couldn’t do it with the approbation of the German People WITHOUT CREATING A FALSE NARRATIVE.

So . . . To the German People who were terrified of the Communists, Jews were Communists. To Germans who were Furious at Capitalists who they thought were raping their country, Jews were Capitalists, which allowed the German people to either cooperate during the Holocaust, or simply turn a blind eye.

4 – In Israel . . . PALESTINIAN/ARAB TERRORISTS MURDERED innocent unarmed Men, Women & Children. Blew up Schools and School Busses. They Exploded Bombs in Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Nightspots and at a Passover Seder.

Palestinian/Arab Murderers Slaughtered Israeli Olympic Athletes, Highjacked Airplanes, and a Cruise Ship . . . throwing a Wheelchair Bound Jewish man overboard into the sea, only because he was Jewish . . . AND THE LIST WENT ON.


SO HOW DID THE ANTI-SEMITIC . . . Pro-Palestinian/Arabs – United Nations, European Continent, and Media deal with these horrific Acts of Terrorist Murder? They BLAMED ISRAEL EQUALLY, and called it a Cycle of Violence, because Israel RETALIATED IN SELF DEFENSE.

I can list a ton more examples . . . but I’m certain you got the point.


When we were kids in the Playground, and a Bully wanted to start a fight – he needed a CASUS-BELLI, which could have included the Taunt . . . “Knock this off my shoulder”, or “Cross over this line”, or the “Shove” in front of everyone looking forward to the fight.


So . . . let me now go back to Karate Fighting and Football. When I faced my opponents on the Fighting Mat, I stared at them looking as angry and as ruthless as I could . . . looking right in their eyes as you see professional Boxers do.

And – if I saw just a glimmer of fear or doubt in my opponent’s eyes, I KNEW that he was mine. And the reverse was just as true.

In coaching Minor League Football, many of my opponents taught their Linemen (Offence and Defense), to Hit Hard, Growl, Trash-Talk as much as they could get away with before being called by the Referee. They dressed their players’ eyes with Black Makeup, to give the impression of War Paint, and told them to LOOK their opponents in the Face with an air of Menace.

And if they PLAYED their HEAD-GAME Right, the Opposing Quarter Back was no longer as protected as he should have been, and his quarterback had the advantage, because one or more of the Linemen on defense or offense were scared. But, because these were kids playing Ball, I chose a different strategy.


NOW THINK ABOUT THIS . . . Before Trump won the Nomination, no one, NOT ONE PERSON throughout America, thought about him other than being a Successful Builder, a New York City Bon Vivant, a Television Celebrity and perhaps a Narcissist.

THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN . . . From out of NOWHERE, here comes a POLL, showing that Trump is just as UNTRUSTWORTHY as Crooked Hillary. Where did this POLL come from, since Trump’s TRUSTWORTHINESS was never an issue before the Democrats and the Media made it an issue?

CROOKED HILLARY SUSPENDS . . . her ad campaigns in Virginia, Washington and possibly other States – SO GOES THE HEADLINES IN THE MEDIA, giving the impression that the WIN for Crooked Hillary was in the BAG. But, what they don’t say, is that she has already made her Media Buys in these same States, from September and October right through to the end.

SO WHY THE BIG DEAL . . . about Crooked Hillary’s decision to stop advertising for a month or so in certain states? It’s all a HEAD GAME TO CONVINCE her supporters that this election is all but done in her favor.

It’s all about a resounding PROPAGANDA push to CONVINCE Trump’s supporters that they’re backing the wrong Horse. And to CONVINCE Independent Voters and the Undecided Voters to stay home, rather than waste their time at the POLLS for Trump . . . AND IN SOME MEASURE IT’S WORKING, since I’m inundated with Emails FROM GOOD CONSERVATIVES who are buying the CAMPAIGN LIES.

I have never seen anything like this . . . Stalwart Members of the Republican Party, pushing hard for a Democrat, who is a PROVEN LIAR, CHEAT AND SELL-OUT, whose LIES Crooked Hillary is using for all that they’re worth.

I’m certain that there’s NO-ONE ALIVE TODAY, who has ever seen a campaign like this, where with just a few exceptions, the MAJOR MEDIA NATIONWIDE is UNABASHEDLY SHILLING for a candidate.

AND I’M JUST AS CERTAIN . . . that in America, there has NEVER before been an election that focuses almost entirely on one side, AGAINST the real MAKERS, the Military, and the Police Forces of the Nation.

DON’T GET ME WRONG . . . because, if you’ve been reading this BLOG from the very beginning of this Campaign, you would know that I was not a fan of Donald Trump, and wrote several harsh Editorials against him.


Trump is NOT a LIAR, who LIED to Congress, who LIED to the American People, who used his High Public Office to negotiate no one knows how many HUNDREDS of MILLIONS or BILLIONS of Dollars with Nefarious Sorts to line his pockets. THE CLINTON’S DID THAT.

Trump did not support a War in Iraq. He did not support the MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD and encourage the downfall of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Trump did not orchestrate the downfall of Libya’s Gaddafi and the ensuing Dystopia.

It wasn’t Trump who abandoned his PEOPLE in Libya, leading to the slaughter of Four Brave Americans, and then LIED about how and why it happened.

Trump didn’t LIE about an inconsequential Video. Nor did he LIE about having an unauthorized SERVER at his home. Nor did he LIE about receiving or sending Top Secret Information on the Server he LIED about not having. Nor did he LIE about how many EMAIL devices he used to send and receive UNAUTHORIZED information.

DONALD TRUMP MIGHT BE RUDE AND A NARCISSIST. And he often says things quite inarticulately, and I don’t much like him. BUT THIS IS WHAT AND WHO HE IS . . .

He is a HUGELY successful Builder and Business Entrepreneur, who created an Empire for himself, his family, and the people who enter any of his buildings.



And this is where the LIES, PROPAGANDA, & INTIMIDATION, which is used so craftily by Crooked Hillary and her entourage, who has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to sell to the people, other than a SMEAR JOB ON HER OPPONENT, which is going to become really WEAK.


The Nazis got away with it for a time. And now they’re gone.

The Soviets got away with it for a time. And they’re gone too.

The Palestinians got away with it too. And now they’re just another failed People.

In this day and age, you can only HIDE the TRUTH for just so long, until it comes back to BITE THE LIAR IN THE ASS – BIG TIME. And this time belongs to Crooked Hillary.

SO DON’T BE DESPONDENT . . . I’m HAPPY that they’re throwing all this CRAP at Trump NOW, because by the time the vote rolls around, this will be meaningless trash-talk irrelevant to what the REAL People NEED & WANT, and the TRUTH shall shine through.

There’s a 10-Minute Audio Editorial Associated with this Narrative. To HEAR the Editorial, please click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ditto, Kate Stone…I couldn’t have said it better. The video of the Cheerios woman depicts what our ZOMBIE society is all about, and how much “CLASS” Barack Hussein Obama has! Of course, NARCISSISTIC people believe that they can “get away” with anything they want, until they find out otherwise. Yes, “the chickens are DEFINITELY coming home to roost” for Mr. Obama. I believe that they’ve already begun to roost with the new Republican Congress. Let’s hope they proceed, as they have promised!

  2. Her personal chicanery goes bak to Watergate when even her own employer fired her for lying about facts etc in the investigation of Nixon. Her treatment of employees, Secret Service etc. is very well know, now evidenced in her shrieking campaign rhetoric! Bud Farrell

  3. Very well stated…it all boils down to DECEIT of the TRUE STATUS of TRUMP! It’s very interesting to see how SPORTS are most often used as an ANALOGY to POLITICS. The PLOYS are very similar! Whatever happened to the guy who was arrested and jailed for SUPPOSEDLY having created the “BENGHAZI VIDEO”? Has he been released? If so, where is he? TRUMP should RELEASE this information and focus on HILLARY’S dereliction of duty in BENGHAZI. FOUR MEN were MURDERED and completely ABANDONED! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  4. Liberals confuse truth with “facts”. I mean, look at Obama. Commander-in-jumping-to-conclusions. Runs his mouth before hearing facts.

  5. I HOPE you are right, Howard. I am worried about how effective the dumbing down of our citizens has been. They have little knowledge of history, little training in values and morals, and have effectively been educated by the mainstream media and indoctrinated by the leftist propaganda in the schools. God help us!

  6. Trump is following Muhammad Ali’s technique of playing “rope-a-dope” to defeat his opponent. Give the impression of being on the ropes, absorbing opponent’s blows, offering token resistance in response to the blows and let his opponent punch himself out early. When his opponent got tired and used everything in his arsenal then Ali came off the ropes and started landing his punches, forcefully and effectively. Wait and see..this is what I see happening.

  7. Tv broadcasting company’s make money on ads..and Political Ad’s. makes millions and millions easily for “”Them”…Trump has been playing the game with their money. GRINDING THEIR GUTS APART AND THEREFORE THEY are strewing vicious Hate, Partially, in order to get Trump to spend-UPON THEM ”’BIG”’ money similarly spent in the Primary’s against him. They just now getting it that they have been Duped Economically and that future advertising will likely All be very Local! Well Played Donald..

  8. I hope you’re right, Mr. G. I’m having an on-going argument with my favorite niece, a Liberal who even agrees with Obama’s newest Executive Order to stop saying the Pledge nationwide. She and other members of my family, love Hillary and agree with everything she says. This niece is trying to discredit what I post; I’m hoping to turn her around but I know that’s not possible. Liberals hate the very success Trump has had and that we so badly need.

  9. The MSM working in collusion to bring down Harper’s Conservatives. Embedded Liberals in the bureaucracy. Ignorant, lazy sheeple. That’s how we got stuck with an anti-Semitic, socialist, Moslem, Selfie PM…That is the same set-up for how Hillary is having the WH stolen for her. Liberalism is a mental disorder and it is well beyond complete corruption today – world-wide! Lets all welcome the New World Order – built on the rubble of the old order…it’s not like we have a choice anymore.

  10. Hope you’re right, Howard. The lies from the Progressives/Marxists have been going on for over 100 years. According to Glenn Beck it was Edward Bernays (American marketing expert) who showed Goebbels how to use propaganda effectively. The Left is ALL about lies, and it’s amazing how readily the useful idiots grasp onto their trash.

  11. Pessimism will get one nowhere. Pessimism is the first nail in ones coffin. Faith, hope, optimism, prevail. Donald Trump’s faith, hope and optimism for the USA is contagious and will prevail. Truth wins out. He, though not alone, will make America great again. May God bless Donald Trump and God bless America! Keep up the good work, Howard. God bless you and yours.

  12. The Clinton campaign is saving money for the last week or two before election when all hell for Trump will break loose. You can also expect madly cheering crowds punctuating snippets from her campaign speeches – Works Every Time

  13. Great editorial Howard. I don’t want to see the lying crook any where near the White House. America is gone if people are stupid enough to vote her in.

  14. Marianne Hart – Take your niece to go see “Hillary’s America”. See if that will change her mind. I don’t see how it won’t. Many a democrat has walked out of that movie theater after seeing that movie, saying “I’ll never vote democrat again.” Worth a try. That and have her read “Plunder and Deceit” by Mark Levin. That should enlighten her to what the democrats have done to our country. Good job, Mr. G. As always, I agree with every word!

  15. Your writings bring back very old memories. My friends, who went to their church, which was called a Synagogue on Saturday or Friday Evening, had the same enemies as I. During WW2 I was not aware of any difference except that they worked hard to be exceptionally successful. The news reels of the emaciated Jews and internment areas, immediately following the war, came as a shock. The Gypsies who toured the US as part of circuses were fortunate to be here as they also were also persecuted

  16. I sure hope and pray that Trump is victorious–I’ll vote and try to convince anyone who will listen that America and the world is doomed if “Billiary” is elected! Have faith in GOD, all else is useless rhetoric!

  17. Hillary should read some of Abe Lincoln especially his saying, ” You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”. Also, being that we are the same age, how did we get through school without ever reading or using the word dystopia?

  18. Does everyone think jobs can be brought back to the USA without thinking why the jobs went away in the first place? I guess everyone thinks USA workers will work for Chinas wages. Not gonna happen, jobs wont be back regardless of what Trump says

  19. Trump has two enemiesw, crooked Hillary and even bigger the media. An interesting editorial would be how the media lied about Reagan before his first election and compare that to how they treat Trump now. They are nothing but a propoganda machine.

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