The Option Is Ours

Don't Let Them Take Our Freedoms Away
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  1. Loved hearing you talk on your podcast. It was great. But still like your editorials a lot as well. Hope you and Anne are doing well. Take care, be safe and please keep well. :))

  2. We enjoyed the podcast. You are spot on with what is happening with our elections, specifically this most recent one. I believe the latest software will be a show stopper for GA election. It ids whether the ballot was mailed in or hand delivered and how many times scanned/counted. As for the lockdown, Fauci has finally admitted that he had no science foundation for the “suggestions” he made to Trump. He was in the CCP pocket since before the f 5 members of my family have had the flulike version.

  3. Can you get yourself listed on Google Podcasts? I know, it is Google, but they do have a very nice podcast system that interfaces nicely with Android Auto.

  4. Well done Howard. Keep them coming. It is amazing that the left took 4 years to “try” and prove fraudulent voting back in 2016 but now want to shut down all discussions about these elections and just want us to accept their word for the legitimacy of these elections!

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