The Media Don’t Get It . . . OR DO THEY?


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And Nothing Is More Injurious To A Free Society Than A Corrupt Press.

It’s Interesting . . . that after Decades & Generations, for as Long as I can Remember, and much Further Back than that – The Media Has Been Dishing It Out With Total Impunity . . . BUT NOT ANYMORE & THE MEDIA COWARDS CAN’T TAKE IT.

It’s Fascinating To Hear, See & Read . . . how the Media are Claiming that Attacks on their Integrity, is somehow an Attack on the Fabric of Free Speech . . . When in all Reality – FREE SPEECH . . . or more Succinctly – FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION Demands an Attack on Yellow Journalism.

In The Mid 1990’s – I Took It Upon Myself to Take Action Against One English Language & Three French Language Daily Montreal Newspapers, for Publishing Quebec Government Ads, which these Newspapers Knew . . . WERE PROPAGANDA & UNTRUE.

In A Unanimous Decision By The Montreal Newspaper Editorial Council, or whatever they called themselves in those days . . . I was informed by a SECRET MEMO, that the 4-Newspapers were Indeed Guilty of Knowingly Accepting Dishonest Ads, and would be Admonished by the Editorial Council in Private . . . And I Was Not To Make This Finding Public – BS TO THAT!

The Very Next Day . . . I Went On My Daily Radio Talk Show – ”Galganov At High Noon”, and Made this Finding As Public As I Could, and also Made the Fact that the Newspaper Editorial Council . . . Wanted This Information Suppressed!


FOR THE MEDIA TO SUPPRESS NEWS . . . Slant the News, Misreport the News, Not Report the News, Create News or Distort the News in any Way Possible, is an Absolute Assault on Every Freedom-Loving Person’s Right to Remain Free.


When I Write . . . that the Fourth Estate, which at the time of the Drafting of the US Constitution was Given Special Privileges, I should also NOTE, that the Special Right Accorded to the “Media” . . . Included what is actually a Special Power Absolutely UNAVAILABLE to Anyone Else.

THE FOUNDING FATHERS WHO FRAMED THE CONSTITUTION . . . Clearly Understood that the Most Important Protection the People could Possibly have to Guarantee The People’s Freedom, was Freedom Of Expression, which Included All Manner of Expression – PLUS THE RIGHT TO PROTECT THE IDENTITY OF THE MEDIA’S SOURCES.

There’s No Other Group In The United States With This Freedom.

The Founding Fathers Who Framed The Constitution . . . Did Not Want the Government, or any Apparatus of the Government, Including Law Enforcement (Police, Prosecutors & Judges) to be able to Intimidate “Whistle Blowers”, to the Point of not Providing Information by Coming Forward, with the 100% Knowledge that they Could Spill The Beans on anyone to any Member of the Media With Absolute Anonymity.

That’s A Lot Of Power . . . So Much So – That It’s Abused Day In & Day Out.

In the United States Of America, it’s Illegal for a Government Employee to Pass-On Classified Information. However, it is NOT Illegal for the Media, Journalists & Pundits Alike to Disseminate this Information as long as the Media was not the Culprit which “Stole” it.

But There’s A Difference Between Disseminating The Truth & Promoting A Lie.

The Framers Of The Constitution Did Not Envision, Nor Did They Intend . . . That the Media Could & Should Hide Behind this Special Clause within the First Amendment, Created Exclusively for the Media – For the Media to Fabricate Information . . .

Such As . . . A Reliable Source – Or An Un-Named Source, when in all Truth, there is Neither such a Source . . . Or the Source is one of Disrepute.

When I was in the Media Grinder, as the Source Of News just Post the 1995 Quebec Referendum for Quebec to Leave Canada, and for Quebec to Literally Ban the Unrestricted Use of the English Language . . . from Time-To-Time, I would Tell a Journalist or Pundit, that I would give him or her Background Information, which they could Not Disseminate, Or could Disseminate, but could Not Attribute to Me.

Virtually All The Journalists & Pundits were Only too Happy to Accept this Deal . . . EXCEPT THE VERY FEW WHO HAD INTEGRITY! Those were the Journalists & Pundits who I Trusted, Respected & Gave the Best Information to. The Rest, were Nothing More & Nothing Less than Untrustworthy Media Prostitutes looking for a Headline.


I know this . . . because their Readership, Listening Audience & Viewership, with the Notable Exception of Conservative Media is Way Down, Down to the Point, where much of the Media will Not be able to Sustain its Operations.

For This . . . The Media Is Blaming Conservative Radio, Television & Internet Pundits like me for their Rapid Decline . . . which is Partially True, but only because Conservative Media is Mostly “Telling” It Like It Really Is.


It’s Not True that all Conservative Media are Media-Choir-Boys . . . However, the Jerks amongst Conservative Pundits, just like the Mainstream Media Won’t Last, since the People who Understand are Fed-Up with Media Dishonesty & Arrogance.

THE BOTTOM LINE . . . Is that the Media will Continue to Decline on their own Lack of Merit, While The Truth Shall Set Us Free.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Of course they get it! They sold their souls in 2007 and sacrificed their integrity on the altar of their god the great obamasiah and super-glued their lips to his rump, where they remain to this day. They have zero credibility which they are apparently TOO STUPID to realize is their stock in trade and the ONLY product they can sell and they threw it away with both hands to support the most corrupt politician in history in obama. They have NO ONE to blame but themselves!

  2. As your headline says, “The Media Don’t Get It…Or Do They? I believe they get it and all the disinformation is deliberate, with the purpose of destroying the United States as it was founded. They are not only mouthpieces of the Left, but also co-conspirators in this massive push by the Left to undo everything traditionally American. And also the Judeo-Christian tradition upon which it was founded. And Israel.

  3. Over the years I have seen the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shift from centrist to left, leaning toward hard left. This paper has a political cartoonist, Mike Lukovitch, whose cartoon opinions are so left=wing that they are absolutely laughable. The paper is also backing a George Soros funded woman for governor. Her views are thinly disguised socialistic, in the name of being “for the people”. Now it’s only FAKE NEWS!

  4. A Breitbart article today said 128+ media outlets are “coordinating an attack” against Prez Trump Aug 16th for his calling them out on fake news. They say it’s a First Amendment issue. It pointed out (what we’ve all noticed) every article about Trump seems ‘coordinated’ since “every news outlet reports on the exact same stories using the exact same left-wing narrative”. Noted same thing w/coverage of rally & counter protesters in DC yesterday; only Breitbart showed the spewing hate/foul cursing.

  5. Thanks to PRES. TRUMP for having EXPOSED the MAINSTREAM MEDIA for what it IS–FABRICATION, and YES, they DON’T LIKE IT! The SWAMP FEARS him for continuously REVEALING the TRUTH about our Government’s operations. Also, some people VIEW “free speech” as being able to do ANYTHING they please WITHOUT suffering any REPERCUSSIONS, while also NOT RESPECTING the RIGHTS of others! More and more people are TURNING to CONSERVATIVE NEWS. September WILL have a RED WAVE! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. During the 1960’s the media started their slide downhill as they became very partisan and started the lean left. Then Bernstein and Woodward were instrumental in bringing down President Nixon. Their notoriety or fame served as fuel for every two-bit journalism student to seek out any news that could ruin someone.Their mission became the search for dirt, factual or otherwise, that could make themselves notable. Like Don Henley sang so many years ago ” just goive us dirty laundry”.

  7. SPOT ON, Pauline & Teri (RI, & Illinois)…..You gals have it CORRECT! The MEDIA is “so right”, as OUR WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP HAS POINTED OUT, BUT THEY “STILL DON’T GET IT”!! GO PRES. TRUMP GO….& may God continue to bless you in ALL THAT YOU DO!!!

  8. …sure the Truth will set you free…if you’re ‘allowed’ to hear it…This would have been another one of your articles I Shared on my Facebook page Howard…but I’ve been ‘shut down’ for a month by Facebook…again!

  9. The media definitely gets it. They have their corrupt reasons for doing what they do and they utilize them every chance they get. If people get hurt in the process, so be it. Lie or bend news to get people rioting, to create wars, to sway public opinion to suit their personal causes – all in a day’s work. Which is why ‘caveat emptor’ needs be exercised. Buyer beware! Most of what they tell you is a crock.

  10. Those few who still have “integrity” expect “News” (truth), not “propaganda” (lies)! Information today is “hidden” (“sealed”) from the American public! Why is this? Truth can/may hurt some people, but it must be told! MSM is like “parrots”- repeating same things (telling lies often enough, so people start to believe them)! Go see “Death of a Nation” to learn where this started! Speak up and speak out while you still can- that’s what “Patriots” do! Share any/all conservative information ASAP!

  11. THE BOTTOM LINE . . . Is that the Media will Continue to Decline on their own Lack of Merit, While The Truth Shall Set Us Free. You are absolutely correct, Mr. G. The gears are turning, the cogs are making the revolution more difficult & slowing the pace = money coming in is not what it once was. Money talks, BS walks. MYPOV

  12. Right again Howard. This is exactly what I have been preaching for years. I no longer trust any media because everyrhing I find has been spun, even by the one conservative outlet. There have been no repercussions for all the outright, deliberate lies they post. Yes they collude in their coordinated attack” against President Trump. If they are failing, they have no one to blame but themselves! They have NO ONE to blame but themselves! I am fed up with their obvious agenda.

  13. Profound insight brilliantly articulated, as usual. Howard, I highly recommend to your readers Steve Hilton on Fox Cable News, Sunday evenings at 9. They will hear YOUR WORDS in his blistering attack on America’s enemies, both foreign and, especially, domestic. Like you, he deserves a huge audience. Let’s promote him.

  14. Great editorial Howard. I would like to suggest a book “The Smear” How Shady Political Operatives and “FAKE NEWS” CONTROL WHAT YOU SEE, WHAT YOU THINK AND HOW YOU VOTE!! by Sharyl Attkisson. I knew this was going on but what surprised me is how long and how deep the smear industry is, it’s an economy of multi BILLIONS OF DOLLARS…to hire agents and scandal mongers. David Brock a Democrat watch dog group “Media Matters for America” he’s an operative. TRUMP HAS HIS HANDS FULL!! GO TRUMP GO!!

  15. It’s amazing how EASY it is to have some used car salesman turned “journalist” manipulate the truth and publish/print virtually ANY FABRICATION they choose, BECAUSE and not IN SPITE of the Constitution. We are at a juncture in time that definitive TRUTH, rather than PROSTITUTED truth should help bring America TOGETHER, rather than rip it apart. Being an informed news devotee, I’ll admit while the RlGHT media screams “The sky is falling”, the LEFT simply blames Trump. SO SAD.

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