The Lynching Of The US Constitution


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As Much As I Fear The Propaganda Of The LEFT . . . & Their March to Communism, even I could Never have Imagined just how Disgraceful, Disgusting, Dishonest, Immoral & Anti-American the LEFT Really is.

Just To Keep An Originalist Judge Off The Supreme Court.

When Senator Schumer (Chuck), said that the Democrats will do Everything they Possibly Could to Stop the Appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court – It Was Impossible, at least for me, to Imagine that the Democrats and their Willing Cadre of Dishonest Media, Would Stoop So Low, as to make Every Effort to Destroy the Life of a Man and his Family, who by Virtually Unanimous Consent, by all who know him “Now” and knew him “Then”, say that Brett Kavanaugh is one of the Most Decent & Upstanding Men Imaginable.

I Watch Senators On The Judiciary Inquisition Like Richard Blumenthal . . . The Man who OUTRIGHT LIED about his Military Record, Claiming Publicly that he was in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, as part of his Political Campaign to get Elected – WHEN HE WAS NEVER THERE.

And When OUTED As A Liar . . . Blumenthal Said he “Misspoke” – End Of Story.


How’s That For Gender Prejudice By A Member Of The LEFTIST Senate?

Senator Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), who also Sits on the Judiciary Inquiry, has gone before the Cameras of the LEFTIST Media to Blame ALL MEN for the Fiasco Created by the Woman (Senator) Diane Feinstein.

Imagine That . . . Men “Better Shut-Up & Step-Up” . . . According To Hirono.

As for Feinstein . . . She Is A True American Anachronism At 85-Years Old, who is so Far Beyond Her Best Due Date . . . That as the Democrat Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee – Feinstein Makes A Mockery Of The Authenticity, Trust, Truth & Competence Of The Honest Division Of Powers, as were Envisioned by the Framers of the US Constitution, to the Point, that the Senate has Become a Political Joke, where the Joke is on American Exceptionalism.

And He Sits In Judgment . . . Too!

Then There’s Cory Booker – AKA “SPARTACUS”, who is a Self-Admitted Groper . . . NOT AN ALLEGED GROPER – BUT SELF-ADMITTED, who Fondled At Least One Woman AGAINST HER WILL.


And this Self-Admitted Misogynist (Cory Booker), is Sitting in Judgment of Brett Kavanaugh, whose Accusers Can’t Remember Critical Details to Support . . . In Any Way, Shape or Form their Accusations of What “Might Have Happened” MORE Than 30-Years Ago, to which there are No Witnesses, No Complaints & No Reports, All Of Which Are Emphatically Denied By The Accused (Kavanaugh).


As I’ve Written Repeatedly . . . Unless I’m so Wrong in my Assessment – the Outcome for the November Mid-Term Elections, will see an Increase in Republican Senate Seats, possibly even a Republican Super Majority.

And The Republicans Will Hold The House.

We Can All Agree . . . There are Probably 40-Percent of the American Public who Vote Democrat (Hard LEFT To Soft LEFT), and 40-Percent of the American Public who Vote Republican (Soft Right to Hard Right) . . . AND 20-PERCENT WHO VOTE IN THE MIDDLE.

It Is This Middle . . . Which Will Carry Republicans Across The Finish Line.

Don’t Believe The Polls, since they are the Same Pollsters & Media who got it as Wrong as Wrong Could-Be in November 2016. These are the Same Pollsters & Media who Want you to Believe in their Fictitious Blue Wave, BECAUSE PROPAGANDA IS THEM.

You Know . . . Create The Lie, Make The Lie A Whopper . . . & Tell The Lie As Often As You Can – Until The Lie Becomes The Truth.

I Cannot Believe . . . Not even for a Second – That The 20-Percent In The Middle, who aren’t Ideologically Committed to one Party or the Other, will Actually Vote for a Party (Democrats), which has Done Nothing other than to OBSTRUCT & DEFAME for Two Years, while the Other Party (Republicans), In Less Than Two Years Is On-Track To Making America Great Again . . . In-So-Doing – Is Making America Great Again For All Americans.

The Old Media & Social Media Can Play All The Games They Want To . . .

BUT HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE . . . The 20-Percent will See With their Own Eyes, Hear With their Own Ears – & Enjoy With their Own Personal Lives, all the Good that has been done for America since Donald J Trump Became America’s Commander-In-Chief.

And If You Don’t Believe Me . . .

Believe The 10’s Of Thousands Who Turnout To Cheer Trump At His Rallies.

And Don’t Bet Against Center Left Democrats Voting For Trump’s Republicans.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I believe you have framed it well, Howard. It will be as you have stated. “If you build it, they will come.” They will come out of curiosity and for many other reasons. They will come to hear a great man speak. They will come because no other country as small as Israel could have withstood what they have for these few years. The Book said long ago, “I have put my name in Jerusalem” and it is there until this day. I think more on the Left will show than anticipated and for their own reasons.

  2. Mazie Horono says: Men “Better Shut-Up & Step-Up”. Well, I’ll step up for sure! Get her within range of my voice and I’ll not shut up at all! I’ll step right up to her and call her what she is…Probably not really fit for print.

  3. If a contingent of people in the country are so unwilling to accept the results of a legitimate election and then, and then make huge efforts to resist and otherwise obstruct the president we have a civil war ongoing. Admittedly unarmed, but a civil war nonetheless. The current efforts of the left are so unethical and uncaring that I think the middle group of voters must notice and wonder if these are the people to whom power should be granted.

  4. This entire affair is obviously promoted by dirty, disgusting leftists. Makes one feel like taking a bath after hearing or seeing any of them. And that goes especially for the Senate Democraps. My hope is that the people of this country are finally growing tired of their antics and will vote against any and all Democrat politicians. It would be nice if we can even do away with the Democrat party, which only functions in a harmful way.

  5. Howard, is it possible that all these Senators who are sitting in judgement of Brett Cavanaugh,
    Ever gotten drunk in College and hit on a
    Female student.? If anything happened, it was
    35 years ago when he was a teenager. Will you
    continue crucify him? Shame on all the committee
    members. Steve Acre, Canada

  6. FEINSTEIN and the LEFT are a DISGRACE to AMERICA! WHERE is the “letter” she was given? WHY has Feinstein NOT SUBMITTED it to Kavanaugh’s attorneys? WHY did she WAIT so long to PRESENT this information? As we all know, “Desperate people do desperate things”, and the LEFT is VERY DESPERATE! Pres. Trump is campaigning and has been VERY SUCCESSFUL at doing so–as proven by the THOUSANDS of people who attend his rallies! The RED WAVE will BLOW the LEFT right OUT of THEIR SWAMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  7. As I have said before, it is simply stated, a battle between good and evil.

    The “evil” of the Left and the Democrats is almost hard to believe. Feinstein, Booker, Schumer are filled with evil intentions, and seem to be “demon possessed”.

    It is actually somewhat scary watching them in action.

    We need all voters on the right, and in the centre, to GET OUT and VOTE!!!

    This election cannot go to the Democrats!

  8. Isn’t it obvious that Senator Feinstein held on to the Ford letter for 45 days as an “Ace in the Hole” attempt at obstructionism? And if Mrs. Ford is truth-telling, why does she need a TEAM of attorneys to represent her? OF COURSE SHE’S BEING COACHED & DIRECTED! As for Ms Ramirez, she has neither alibi NOR witness. And why would either woman wait 35 years, UNLESS this IS partisan & obstructionist politics and 2 more far left liberals that hate the President?

  9. I want the Senate & House (secret/private) Slush Fund used to ‘pay off’ those who come forward re: improper behavior by those ‘sitting’ Senate & House Members to be made PUBLIC & those ‘sitting’ members on the list to be removed from office & prosecuted & not allowed to vote for ANY nominated JUSTICE for the Supreme Court. Right is Right. MYPOV
    Excellent Editorial, Mr. G. God Bless

  10. How about Kieth Ellison, head of the DNC. You hardly hear a word about the physical abuse he did to his former girlfriend. There is actual proof that he assaulted her and possibly one other. Why is he not under the “gun” like Mr. Kavanaugh? Well, I guess it only works one way, the evil Democrat way. What a joke.

  11. I continue to shake my head that registered Democrats continue to swallow the Dem & media lies hook, line, and sinker. There is a division in this country so much more obvious than ever before. Someone has mentioned on more than one occasion that it is a war between good and evil; I truly believe that as well. How it plays out before good finally wins is in God’s hands. It is our task to continue to do good in spite of the evil.

  12. Another great editorial. It saddens and upsets me to watch as the left tries to destroy this great country. It’s amazing how low they can go.

  13. This whole charade is despicable beyond belief, it’s not a committee examination, it’s a crucifiction. I wonder how many of the inquisition senators, male or female, were virgins in their youthful University time. Yet they dare to accuse a good upstanding family man of impeccable character of sexual harrassment during his youth. They care not about ruining a persons life and family, how low can they get? I think there is big money and lies driving this Demo-rat inquisition.

  14. I have watched some of this circus and ask myself how do these clowns get elected. One liberal idiot after another takes center stage with a total lack of truth or quality. Competition is tough for the ‘Golden Joker Award” but the “Macadamia” Nut from the Islands gets the nod. She obviously has mental problems.

  15. The ? People that are elected in my eyes are only in it for the &&&&&& and do not give a rats but about the people that put them there! They are supposed to support our constitution and ?? know very little about it! It is all $$$$$$$ and who cares so long as they have it!

  16. Howard as usual you are 100% correct!!! I just wish that we would get off our butts and pull some of the stunts that the far left is so proud of…………..


  18. HG, I love my sister and her husband… we’ve enjoyed decades as close relatives. However, their favorite news source is MSNBC. Therefore, even BEFORE the hearings, they actually believe Judge Kavanaugh is a sexual predator. They also believe Eric Trump is an anti-Semite, simply because he once used the term, shekels (The Israeli word for dollars). Those are classic examples for CONFIRMATION BIAS. Sadly, I must give up on discussing politics with them.

  19. If Kavanaugh is not confirmed – there will be no Red wave. The Repubs had better grow a backbone – and Now.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

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