The LEFT Can’t Tell The Truth If It Meant Life Or Death.

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  1. HG, speaking of Palestine, the first time I heard the name was when I attended Outremont Hebrew School in Montreal in 1955. The students were asked to bring $5.00 which will grow a tree in Palestine, which was synonymous with 7 year old, Israel. It now appears the Arabs hijacked the name.

  2. Pontius Pilate was told many things during the trial of Jesus Christ when all witnesses testifying against Jesus were giving their testimony as the TRUTH. Pontius Pilate snapped back with his most infamous words: “What is truth?” ~ since truth to one person might not necessarily be the same truth to another. But I have to agree with Howard G….the “Left” wouldn’t know the TRUTH if it jumped out and smacked them in the face !!! Howard G… tells it like it is. – Brucester

  3. This is a fantastic Podcast. I love the truth and History information. Thank You!

  4. HG your podcast comes through loud and clear. I always enjoy your take on the politics and news of the day. I agree on give me the facts as opposed to the truth as some people certainly take a lie and believe it to be the truth. Keep up the good work. Jerry Hoffinger, Bend, Oregon

  5. Enjoyed your podcast Howard. As a Canadian, I love Trump and his continued support for Israel and the Jews. Say Hi! to Anne.

  6. Great podcast, Howard! Great reminder of history as few knew about the history of anything let alone Israel. Terrible thing for we will be doomed to repeat horrible things without learning the lessons of history. I blame incompetent history teachers of the past who made it dull and boring when it IS NOT!

  7. The Podcast sounds great! I love it. It is great to hear your voice inflections when you are talking. Your knowledge of history & the present is simply awesome. I have always been a seeker of truth, history & who we are, as human beings. This is why I rarely watch today’s TV News, none of them know how to speak the truth, only what caters to viewers. I do like OAN (One America News Network) but, Dish Network does not offer this news channel. It’s a shame, because they tell the truth.

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