The Killing Of America On Martin Luther King Day

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  1. Howard, truer words have never been spoke. You should know that I’m listening, learning and enjoying. I’m sure that thousands of others share this view. By the way, what’s the difference between the “people’s” house and an outhouse? Answer: diddly squat. Starting Wednesday afternoon the once great USA will be run by a bunch of a**holes.

  2. OWG has been around since the Tower of Babel which was the first example. G-d wanted people to worship Him, and so divided nations into different languages when Nimrod (who was called in Hebrew Gibor) and a hunter of men began building his tower and empires. As Solomon said….there is nothing new under the sun. There is no such thing as a NewWO as it is a very old concept we see in the Bible and it was condemned by G-D. G-D is a more loving ruler than any man or state.

  3. Leftists are crushing Conservatives. Big box stores are crushing local businesses. Amazon, google, Twitter and Facebook are wiping competitors of the face of the earth. Democrats want to be the only party I don’t even recognize my country anymore

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