The Fight’s Now Begun

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  1. I can only say that Howard was a very brave fighter & if more English-speakers in Quebec had supported his leadership, he might have succeeded. Unfortunately, he did not get the support he needed & now the French extremists have won that battle. Now he’s fighting for the people of the United States for their heritage of Freedom & we can only hope that the real people of the US will help him out. Good Luck, Howard!!

  2. I remember hearing people call in on talk shows many years ago stating that when they went to Montreal on business or for a conference, they always carried an English newspaper and wore a badge in English that they had acquired at another time and they reported that they never had a problem speaking English in any Montreal stores as long as the clerks thought they were not from Quebec.

  3. I have family in Cape Breton, N.S. and I go there every summer to a place called Marion Bridge on the Mira River. This particular summer we went to an out of the way (usually tourist free) place. I was wear your Presque Pure Laine hat and as I was in line at the cash I ran into a man wearing the Pure Laine hat. We stared each other down and I thought of all the places in the world to meet a Quebec separatist it had to be here in the boonies.

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