The Fight Is Just Now Beginning


MANAFORT IS GONE . . . and Trump is back where he belongs, running his campaign as Donald Trump, and not as a SCRIPTED politician. He’s now surrounded himself with LIKE-MINDED STREET FIGHTERS, who just like him, are committed to winning an OUTSIDER’S Victory, far apart from the Political BS As Usual.


Do you remember . . . at the very beginning of the campaign, just after Donald Trump won the Primary, how Crooked Hillary and her Zombie Leftist Horde were going “GaGa” over how they were going to take Trump Apart with all sorts of information that would simply bury him?

OK . . . I’m waiting . . . But so far – All I’ve learned from the Crooked Hillary Campaign, is that a few of Trump’s businesses went Bankrupt, including a New Jersey Casino, along with a huge number of other New Jersey Atlantic City Businesses, that had nothing to do with Trump.

That Melania Trump posed in some Risqué Ad Modeling Spots in her early career. Ho-Hum: She’s HOT and Crooked Hillary’s NOT. No news there.

Or how about that Melania Trump “MIGHT NOT” be a BONA-FIDE American Citizen, because of some supposed Visa Stuff predating her relationship with Donald Trump, all of which turned out to be a load of LEFTIST contrived garbage.

Then came Trump College, which was going to be the “Smoking Gun”, where some people who paid for the Entrepreneurial Business Course were upset, because they say they didn’t get all they thought they were going to get out of it, while unfortunately for Crooked Hillary, the vast majority who went through Trump’s Training Program did.


And then there’s the HUGE discovery that many of Trump’s Signature Clothing Items are made overseas, mostly in Asian Countries, as if a businessman like Trump should want to pay much more to have them produced in the USA, where manufacturers can’t compete, because they’re buried in REGULATORY COSTS AND TAXES.

And isn’t this what Trump’s Message about Trade and Trade Agreements like NAFTA and the TPP are all about, so people like Trump can afford to BUY AMERICAN?


So . . . right now, Crooked Hillary wants his Tax Returns, and that seems to be the biggest issue of the Campaign. WHY?

What difference does it make to anyone how this Private Man, before entering politics made his Money? Or how much money he’s made? Or whom he’s donated money to, as long as Trump didn’t break any laws making his money? And I assure you that if he did, every Agency in America, courtesy of Obama and Crooked Hillary, would have been on it.

DOES IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE . . . if Trump is worth several Hundred Million Dollars or SEVERAL BILLION DOLLARS? Who cares? Or more succinctly, who should care?

WE KNOW HE’S A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN . . . we know that he’s built an Empire. We know that he’s raised a great family. AND WE KNOW HIS MESSAGE.

The PROBLEM with Crooked Hillary . . . is that we know a great deal about her, and we suspect a great deal more – NONE OF IT BEING GOOD.

As for Donald J Trump . . . we also know a great deal about him, since his whole life seems to have been an OPEN BOOK, where he’s worn his strengths and weaknesses, successes and “failures” like a BADGE OF LIFE, where he’s taken it all on the chin, and has repeatedly COME OUT ON TOP.


. . . has fallen as dead and flat as her campaign. She has nowhere to go up, and everywhere to go DOWN, with almost 3-MONTHS left before November 8th, where she is still under an EXTRAORDINARILY BLACK CLOUD of inquests, suspicions and unanswered questions.

And unless I’m full of beans . . . THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN HAS YET TO BEGIN, and has yet to go after Crooked Hillary the way she deserves, and the way that will take her and her campaign apart.

THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE I’VE NOTICED . . . and you probably have too. But just in case you didn’t. Trump and Crooked Hillary are close in age. Yet, Trump is going to Rally after Rally every day, sometimes two or more per day. And he seems to be everywhere on Television and Radio – and full of VIM AND VIGOR.

And then there’s Crooked Hillary, who does a smattering of events, almost always sits when speaking, gives ZERO News Conferences, and looks tired and washed-out. And if it weren’t for BOTOX, she’d look on the outside, exactly as she is on the inside.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


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  1. Dern, Howard. I wish I would’ve thought of all that, but I guess that’s why I read your stuff. 🙂

  2. Great summary this AM Howard. All true! Unlike “Billary”, who keeps getting 200-300 people per appearance on the trail and not anywhere near the 10’s of 1,000’s Trump gets. His move this AM on Manafort is just another visible example of how he does not take non-performers along on his trip to the WH. He will do the same once elected as President.

  3. I can’t wait to see the media react after Trump wins. How will they explain, justify, or rationalize when Trump gets a high percentage of the black, independent, and new and previously uninterested voter votes. What will they say when they see a high percentage of Democrats vote against Hillary? It is going to be GREAT!

  4. Why do we let “Crooked Hillary” off the hook so easily? Let the debates begin!! I personally think this is a Trump strategy walk it through being Trump until about mid September,….then back up the dump truck and start burying her “foundation” and her partners in crime, in enough SOLID facts and data that she will still be digging out Next Year at the fourth of July….or giving cooking classes in a Federal daycare camp.
    Great columns and good turnarounds on data!!

  5. Again, AWESOME! I know Donald Trump is going to win by a landslide! The liberal press was trying everything to discourage us but it won’t work…. Vote Donald Trump, November 8th!

  6. On Target Again Howard. The left is frustrated right now because they are frantically trying to find dirt on Donald Trump and nothing turns up while Hillary, on the other hand, is covered in slime and we hear crickets from those leftist traitors.

  7. The Democrats and the news media are SO in cahoots. Remember the flak they gave George Bush during hurricane Katrina for not acting with alacrity? Where are they NOW that Obama won’t even take a day to visit Louisiana’s terrible devastation? You see, it might interfere with his vacation and golf schedule! What a chump! Trump, on the other hand, is going there to personally see what’s happening. I think Hillary, true to form, is taking a nap.

  8. I truly believe “THE FIX” is in for Hillary to win (through voter fraud) in November. I hope I’m wrong……..

  9. Hillary and Bill are both sick. Why can’t we require health exams for our Presential candidates. Trump would pass with flying colors. Hillary would be black listed. Bill’s mouth hangs open all the time. That is a mental sickness sign. Not only would their policies wreck this country, but the would live to finish out a term – then who? Tim who reminds me of Red Skeleton – Clem Cadiddlehopper when he smiles?

  10. All right on target and PERFECTLY logical, Howard….as always! Now…let’s just hope there are enough logical thinkers out here who vote than one might think after over 50 years of indoctrination in our so-called educational system. We’ll know in November, won’t we?

  11. Spot on, Howard!!! I think the change in his campaign leadership will be a positive one. Trump just needs to be Trump. When he gets serious, his tone and mannerism are calm and tempered. I am less worried about Trump’s campaign now, that his campaign leadership has changed. Yeah – Where is Obummer in regards to Louisiana’s flooding problems???

  12. I would like to see and hear Trump confront Hillary with her quotations from these few books, and there are others: INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE by Ronald Kessler page 264. AMERICA EVITA by Christopher Anderson page 90. UNLIMITED ACCESS by Gary Aldrige page 139. THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY by Edward Klein page 5. What a liar and profrane mouthed woman she is.

  13. Well, well, look who’s taken the time to visit Louisiana during its CRISIS, while our so-called president is busy PLAYING GOLF! Trump gave a wonderful speech yesterday. His ‘APOLOGY’ will bring back many of his Republican FOES back to the fold. Wouldn’t be surprised if CRUZ will be one of them. The NEW CHANGE in Trump’s campaign will also help him to be himself. Meanwhile, HILLARIOUS is TAKING NAPS to be able to keep up with TRUMP. “AT THIS POINT, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?” GO TRUMP GO! AMEN

  14. I was uncomfortable with Manaford from the get-go, because he dodged too many questions from interviewers.

  15. This race is different from any other. One candidate is a successful business person who wishes use all of his skills plus develop more to save our country before it is too late, and the other is doing everything she can to stay out of jail. If she loses, hopefully, her protection is totally gone. Politicians do protect their own.The polls show Trump still trailing but as I read, poll results favor the outcome which the sponsor wishes. The press misconstrues everything Trump says or does.

  16. The choice in front of the citizens of the United States is clear. Elect Trump and you keep the Stars & Stripes, elect the “Pant Suit Lady” and you will have a new Flag to fly. The problem I have is how to ship out the thousands of Middle East illegals that daily continue to enter this Country from both the Southern and Northern borders. Enough of the open Obama border.

  17. Oh dear Lord, I hope you’re right about everything ….. for the sake of our country and us as individuals.

  18. The more lies that they, Clinton, the media, Obama and the die hard liberals say about anyone, Trump, they show themselves liars more and more.

  19. Tax returns are useless. They cannot be any measure of wealth. With Trump’s vast holdings and as a smart person, he could make his income zero and still be a gazillionaire. Just sayin.

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