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  • Enjoying your podcasts……my daughter started with horses as you did she was 13 and mucked the stalls for ride time later she made money braiding tails etc. Went to a “horse college” also.

    Roger Valligny, Spring Hill, Florida,
  • The LEFT can’t tell the truth and it MEANS life or death !!!

    Dennis Carlson, Willis, Texas, United States
  • usually I agree with you. Sometimes you are far out but that doesn’t make you wrong. It’s just that we disagree but for the most part you’re really OK . Keep up the good work. We ex Montrealer must stick together. Ray Moscato Calgary Ab

    Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta,
  • Silly question… where are you publishing your podcast? For a reason or another it doesn’t show up on my podcast app. Well, there is one podcast from June 2010 on the Brent Holland Show…

    Michel Trahan, Montreal, Quebec,
  • I remember your radio show Howard. I wouldn’t miss it. I listened every day. If I wasn’t home I would make sure at 12:00 p.m. I was in my car to listen. I even called in a couple of times and had pleasant conversations with you. I enjoy listening to your pod casts and reading Keep up the good work.

    Sharon Baboushkin, Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada

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