The Enemy Is Us

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  1. Howard, Talking to stupid people,is like beating your head against a wall,because it feels so good when you stop. These left wing people are brain washed by the Politicians who convinced them that Trump is bad for America,even though he has made numerous strides in making America great again,and making peace with other countries. They do not know what is going on in America, or any other part of the world,and they really could care less,but they will vote for whomever they are told to vote for!

  2. Very interesting experience listening to you…for the first time. I read your blog and have for a year plus but this the 1st time I’ve heard your voice and now I have even a better sense of your purpose and why you are a crusader. Excellent!! I feel like we just had a very soul connecting conversation. I will continue to financial support your purpose because you are a valuable asset to preserving our freedoms .

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