The Beginning Of The End Of The New World Order

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  1. Love it… keep the voice of reason and patriotism loud and clear….. We are the real “WOKE” people…

  2. I do not believe any of the people who were marching peacefully had anything to do with going into the Capitol. Believe they are the same people who were in other cities causing trouble. Do not TRUST the left at ALL. They were behind all of this & want to blame Trump for it. God help him he is a good President and the only one I acknowledge. Did I hear a dog bark on your radio you put out? Can I put that out on Facebook please let me know. Best to you and Anne. Take care be safe & well both of U

  3. Howard, Sean Spicer’s rant is just the beginning of what they will call NewsMax’s fair and balanced reporting. That’s where it all begins. Stay tuned! First time listening to podcast. Enjoyed.

  4. Stryker has opinions too. And you’re invited to Share this Podcast and my Editorials with Anyone on any Social Media – HG:

  5. I prefer reading your column instead of hearing it One reason is that my husband cannot make the stairs to where our computer/laptop is at, so I print it out for him to read and enjoy. Yes, we are old-fashioned and do not have a smartphone to share this with each other. Keep enlightening us with your comments/thoughts. Jan Clement Ocala, Florida

  6. Hey Howard. A few dissidents who were looking to cause trouble messed up a peaceful rally. I saw the one group breaking a window and they had a shield, baseball bat and 2×4, normally gear associated with an Antifa/BLM protest/riot. There was none of the arson or looting associated with an Antifa/BLM event. I think a special counsel and US Marshals should lock down the Georgia counting rooms and investigate the Miracle Minute when Ossoff and Warnock both got an unanswered 150,00 votes at 11:00 pm

  7. One of the things, to me, that points to Antifa bused people is a lot wear backpacks. They will have hoodies or hats and masks (helped by covid); some wear camo. At least one of those entering broken window had all those on.

  8. You are absolutely so right Howard, they just didn’t ” get it ” why all those thousands of people were there yesterday…it was so very obvious ! Thank you Howard

  9. Thanks Howard for a great podcast. I listened to Newsmax and Greg Kelly. I hope the left including big tech won’t shut down voices of reason like you and Newsmax.

  10. Loved it! Especially like the limited time. It’s just perfect! Thanks!

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