So How Stupid Is Justin Trudeau?


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Perhaps the Question Asked in the Headline can be Answered by the Following . . .

Justin Trudeau Is No More Stupid Than The People Who Voted For Him.

Trudeau’s Father . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was Famous for trying to Stick it to the Americans. And in Senior Trudeau’s LEFTIST Philosophy . . . He Adored Castro, tried Desperately to make Trade Agreements with the Europeans, South Americans & Arabs, in Place of the United States of America.

In Short . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau was such a Disaster for Canada, that much like the Nightmare Obama has left for America, Pierre Elliott Trudeau left an even Worse & More Sustaining Nightmare Legacy for Canada.


Pierre Elliott Trudeau was given far more Credit by the Media, Intellectuals & Elitists, for being much Smarter than he Really was. In fact, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was far more of a Vicious, Calculating, Machiavellian Politician, than he was ever a Good Leader for Canada, for which the Trudeau Scars . . . 45-years Later, are still Evident.


Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister Of Canada . . . Because The Younger Generation Had No Idea How Bad His Father Was For Canada, And the Liberals Saw in Justin Trudeau – Name Recognition.

Justin Trudeau Sprung Onto The Canadian Scene . . . as a young Energetic, Photogenic Hipster, with Great Hair, a Sexy Wife, and the Name of a Former Prime Minister, who had far Better Press in Life, and even Better Press in Death . . . Than He Ever Deserved.


And Just Like Barack Hussein Obama . . . Justin Trudeau Promised Mountains of Platitudes with ZERO Substance, but enough Airy-Fairy Promises, for Soft Minds to Grasp as Reason Enough to vote for the Snake Oil Salesman, the Son of a Failed Former Prime Minister.

And Now We’re Paying The Price.

Right after the First Meeting between President Trump & Justin Trudeau, as the Canadian Media GUSHED over how “Justin” Represented Canada with Poise & Confidence, President Trump Helped by Heaping-On more Compliments to Feed the Ego of Trudeau than Deserved, to the point . . . that all I saw . . . WAS A KID BEING PATTED ON HIS HEAD BY AN ADULT.

SO HERE IT IS . . . President Trump Came to Canada (Quebec) for the G-7 Meeting, and upon Leaving Canada for a NATO Conference . . . Trudeau Insulted the President of the United States of America at an Impromptu Press Conference Trudeau called, while the President was in the Air on his way to Europe.

If Anyone Needs More Proof About How PISSED President Trump Was . . .

At Any International Conference . . . all the Players want to Stand as Close to the President of the United States of America as Possible (Canada Is Usually not far from the President’s Side), Especially during Photo Opportunities.

And in the case of this NATO Meeting, which almost Immediately Followed the G-7 Fiasco, Justin Trudeau was so Far Away from President Trump, to the Furthest End Imaginable From The Group, that Trudeau was Barely in the Shot.

For The Canadian Press & People To Ignore This . . . Was Unconscionable.


It’s hard to Imagine How INFANTILE a Person would have to be, to go into a Negotiation with a Competitor/Client, who’s Population is TEN TIMES YOUR SIZE, and more than 12-TIMES YOUR WEALTH with a Tough-Guy Attitude, that Basically Said . . . “WE WON’T BE PUSHED-AROUND & CANADA’S POULTRY & DAIRY INDUSTRY IS OFF THE TABLE” – As Justin Trudeau Did.

And Then To Make It Clear . . . that there will be No Bilateral Agreements, since Canada & Mexico come as a Team.

Canada’s GDP is Slightly More than $1.6-TRILLION, most of which is Attributed to Sales to the USA, while the GDP of the United States of America, is just Slightly Less than $20-Trillion.

THE WHOLE WORLD IS SALIVATING . . . For trade Deals with the United States of America, and here’s Trudeau, the Debutante Prime Minister, Basically Telling President Trump, That It’s Either My Way Or The Doorway. Thinking that between Canada and Mexico, Trudeau Will Lay Down The Law To Trump.


This Isn’t Exactly The Way It Went Down . . . But I Bet It’s Pretty Close.

President Trump Called Mexico, and asked the Mexicans if they would like to Make a Trade Deal . . . One-On-One? And Mexico said . . . YOU BET WE WOULD. And then, not to be left out in the Cold, Trudeau called President Trump and said . . . “We Want To Make A Deal Too”.

And President Trump Said . . . Yeah, Lets – But Only After We Make Our Deal With Mexico & After The Mid-Term (November) Elections. And Trudeau said, But It’s NAFTA & We’re The Three Amigos, to which President Trump Answered . . .

NAFTA IS DEAD . . . We Were The Three Amigos Before You Decided To DISRESPECT ME & The United States Of America Before The Entire World . . . And You’re No Amigo Of Mine.


And Then Being Too Stupid As A Neophyte . . . Trudeau Bemoaned Mexico for Making a Deal WITHOUT Canada, because in Trudeau’s Vacuous Mind, Mexico & Canada were “Friends”, not Understanding, that in Real Politics in the Real World, There Are No Friends . . . There Are Only Convenient Allies.


And Now . . . Because the Stupid People of Canada – Voted for an Equally Stupid Prime Minister, Canada is Paying the Price, and as a Result, Canada will be Showcased to the Rest of the World, which also might be thinking about Playing Hardball with President Trump, that anyone who is so Arrogant to think that Their Country is somehow Equal to the United States of America . . . Better Think Again.

In The Final Analysis . . . Canada Will Have A Trade Deal With The USA – And I Hope Trudeau Enjoys The Taste Of Crow.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ahoy America! You are constantly fed the story that thousands of American young men and women have died defending democracy and “American Interests” in the Middle East. How can you defend something that is non-existent. Outside of Israel, DEMOCRACY never existed there! The secret lies in the spelling of “American Interests”. It’s spelled O-I-L. Proof: No American soldier has ever died defending Israel! Why?? It’s simple. Israel has NO OIL. Mortimer Levy, Montreal

  2. What Trudope doesn’t understand is Trump likes to play hardball but without gloves

  3. Wow you are on fire today, Howard! You summed up the trade situation quite nicely and I just loved it!

  4. Trudumb is somewhere between pathetically and irreparably stupid. The Canadian obama. Y’all have my complete sympathy–but at least he’s still in his first (and maybe LAST) term, so there’s that. Get rid of him.

  5. Only 39.5% of 68% that voted, voted for turdgrope. Harper in 2011 got 39.6% of 61% that voted. Technically harper got more percentage of votes in 2011 than the fiberals in 2015. The fiberals only won because of the promise to legalise pot and so far that’s the only promise he as kept. In 2015 a large majority of youth 24 and under voted for turdgrope because of pot. Now that they got what they wanted in 2019 most of them will stay home and go back to the normal of not voting.

  6. I think that the world is finding out that we deplorables were not interested in electing a homecoming queen or a choir director. We wanted someone whose experience was in successfully running a large organization, someone who knows The Art of the Deal. And I, for one, wish the damned losers would get out of the way. He is succeeding, in spite of them — let him Make America Great — even greater! — Again!

  7. Every time Trudeau goes abroad I am acutely embarrassed for Canada. I emigrated to Canada nearly 1/2 a century ago (from the UK.) Until recently I thought I lived in an adult country (with the exception of Quebec where I first met you, Howard… we were in the same “resistance army”! I’m now in Thornhill, ON) Now I’m not so sure. Best regards.

  8. Trudeau ONLY won the last election because of the biased Main Stream Media in Canada. They fawned all over him. Every day the media was blowing sunshine all over the place and at the same time knocking Harper. Larry Elder shared on Fox that his “Brown University” Friend told him that if the media were fair and balanced and truthful, republicans would gain 8 points Every Election. Every state would vote like Texas. The media is the enemy of the state! Their lies help produce the worse politicians

  9. I don”t think you should have used that headline. Justin seems to be taking it as a challenge.

  10. Well done again Howard. Trudeau and Freeland are a well matched pair to be negotiating trade deals for Canada. They have both caused a lot of harm with a slip of the lip or a stupid critical Tweet. Does Freeland realize that anything she says publicly is attributed as official policy? The twit officially chastised Saudi Arabia. No wonder they were pissed. Fingers crossed for trade with the US. Hopefully this horror show will be over next year and we have some trading partners left.

  11. This is my favorite HEADLINE of yours (since the 2016 TRUMP/Hilly election. I found it hightly entertaining and hunorous….ALL TOO TRUE-dough

  12. Sounds like Canada had its Idiot and we had Obama. Big difference. Obama had a Mandate and it was to destroy and take over the USA. As directed he did a great job but ran out of time. “They” had relied on Hillary and his third term. Sorry sensible Americans prevailed, enter President Trump and the correction team. Light at the end of the Tunnel.

  13. You are the best!! Your blog today was delicious! Trump Rocks!! What a business man and what a great person for our Country. Hop on the bandwagon to prosperity! MAGA. Drain the Swamp!

  14. 25 years from now, our history books/notes will show Trudope’s only legacy as producing more pot heads and druggies because of his pot legalization policy.
    He has done nothing else positive.
    He has:
    Created the largest deficit ever.
    Sided with Mosley’s coming unvetted into Canada
    Pissed off Trump to the delight of his left wing,marxist/Socialist friends
    Started Canada on a drug culture path. More druggies, crime to come.

    He wants, aaahhh, us, aahhh, all to,aaahhh, talk just like he doe

  15. KUDOS to Pres. Trump who’s accomplished many of his campaign promises…..especially while being ATTACKED by the LEFT, the MEDIA, etc…… The NEXT BIG item on his list is to BUILD THE WALL–which he will soon accomplish! America is sooo FORTUNATE to have such a GREAT PRESIDENT! Justin Trudeau is definitely NO MATCH for Pres. Trump……and NEVER will be! I enjoy being educated about Canada’s political scene! Good job! AMEN!

  16. When Trump said Canada was a security risk he was referring to those Isis fighters from Canada who reentered the country. These guys are sleepers and we will eventually pay the price for not lifting their citizenship. Now also everyone who does not agree with him is a racist!

  17. Agree with you… but people voted for him because he gives free-stuff, and will legalize pot!

  18. Sadly,politics in the USA are almost totally based on name recognition.Sometimes even bad press is overcome by name recognition.That is why we had two, (almost three) presidents named Bush.It is sad that both parties nominate those that they are sure will support the party line regardless of how bad they may be for us.Most of us would like to return to issues.
    I know virtually nothing about Canada politics, but you know USA politics much better than probably 80% of our citizens so I trust you.

  19. Trudeau is NOT ‘personable’! He is also having major problems with Saudi Arabia. He is alienating rather than gathering his ‘could be’ allies. Back Stabber, childish, exasperating…some of MY words describing Trudeau. Trump may be bombastic; however he does get his campaign promises met.(Yes, there are still more promises to be accomplished).
    Trump has the ability to Make A Deal. Our next problem will be Russia & their ‘war games’ they are preparing. MYPOV

  20. @Victor Redlick – You made me LOL with your comment. My mother, may she RIP, would have called Fiddle Faddle – Flap Doddle that was her favorite word for a really stupid dumb a$$!!! Howard not only did we have our own idiot Obambam, California has a real winner in Gov. Moonbeam Brown. I am greatly saddened 😢 that my beloved home state is becoming a third world country, due to Moonbeam Brown. This is his second trip as Gov., his first trip was from 1975-1983 & this time is from 2010-2018.

  21. Trudeau doesn’t know or care about any destruction he leaves in his wake based on his idiotic and immature policies. He is a spoiled rich kid who has lived in a bubble his whole life. And that is where he will remain. Anyone who has never had to fully work in a serious manner to support a family is one who cannot be fully trusted in many matters and a person in my opinion who never fully grows up. Our fearless PM is proof of that.

  22. Excellent take on the situation. Add the facts that Trump hates Trudeau’s stance on marijuana and little Justin’s open door and welcome invitation to all those illegals that cross our borders and you see why Trump won’t bend to make a deal.
    Trudeau is unbelievably stupid and an embarrassment to me as a Canadian. We can only hope that the people wake up and turf the left (like we did in Ontario and they will in Alberta) while there still is a country to save.

  23. Another FANTASTIC blog, & I most DEFINITELY ENJOYED the other bloggers’ remarks! You have in Canada our version of Obama… least in Ontario!! GOOD LUCK, & GOD BLESS our wonderful PRES. TRUMP…..HE LITERALLY “MOPPED THE FLOOR WITH TRUDEAU”!!!

  24. Reading this Trudeau father and son thing made me think of US politicians forever attempting to bring in
    a relative, son, daughter, whatever, to carry on the agenda of the first one in office. The Clintons are the foremost example, Bill begot Hillary, both begot Chelsea who some would vote for even though she’d have no more chance than I would.

  25. Well, the Genie’s out of the bottle! The ONLY job OUTSIDE of POLITICS that your darling Prime Minister has held was as a TEACHER in Vancouver… for ONE WHOLE YEAR! What does Justin Trudeau know about BUSINESS & FINANCE? During the ELECTION, his LIBERAL Party PROMISED to run a deficit of around $10 BILLION per year, but Trudeau’s Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, announced in his FIRST BUDGET in March ’16 that the government would have a $29 BILLION DEFICIT in ’16 & ’17! A LIAR just like DADDY!

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