Second Attempt To A Podcast

Doing All We Can To Get The Podcasts Right
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  1. I’m a staunch follower share all your editorials on my Facebook page. Thanks for your exemplary words and truth…

  2. great work Howard,coming through loud and clear on my I-MAC,looking forward to many more.

  3. I know Howard. He’s too humble. He has an excellent face for tv. This broadcast came through loud and clear. So did his sincerity and profound intellect.

  4. Great Podcast. This is the first podcast I have ever heard and you are good. Your voice was very clear and You got it right for here in Aurora, Colorado Thanks and glad you are getting everything worked out.

  5. Your broadcast came thru perfectly. I look forward to listening to you on a regular basis. By the way, I previously tried to make a contribution but couldn’t figure out how to do so.

  6. Much clearer than the first one. Volume great! A thumbs up!

  7. Coming in loud and clear in Cincinnati! Your voice is just great. no need to put yourself down. I want to see you on internet live also. Keep up the good work, Howard and Anne! and IT man.

  8. YOU are coming in loud and clear in fact this second one is the same as your first one. But that is fine. Hang in there The best to you , so proud happy Wed. ahead fr it is just now 10:45 P.M. EST here in S.C. going to get ready for bed after a good shower. Hello to Anne and kitty ‘s. Your doing a great job!!

  9. Did not get the first podcast but number two loud and clear in Scotland. Brilliant ,keep up the good work.

  10. Hey Howard, coming in loud and clear both times here in Arizona. Keep up the good work! Clear voice for broadcasting. Enjoyed.

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