Quebec Blogger Found Guilty – A Shot Across The Bow


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I don’t know anyone who Writes Opinions on Socio/Political Issues more than I do. And because of the Volume of Editorials I Produce, Virtually all of them Opinions, I Truly Believe that I am as Prolific as it gets, which gives me a Real Expertise to Comment on all Manner of Journalism.

I Have Stated Many Times In This BLOG, how . . . when I was Growing-Up, I Believed there was no Greater Calling than Journalism. I Believed this with my Entire Being, so much so, that I knew that I could Never Measure-Up to be a Journalist, since Journalism was the HOLY GRAIL OF TRUTH & FREEDOM, far Above & Beyond anything I could Hope to Aspire.

I Wrote for my High School Newspaper. I wrote for Two of my University Newspapers (Sir George Williams University – the Editor of one of the Two Papers).

I wrote Product Editorials for a Weekly Newspaper (The Sunday Express). I wrote Print Ad Material, Including Radio & Television Ads, all of which I Directed & Produced. And I wrote Several Non Fiction Books.

I Wrote & Editorialized On Radio . . . And I Wrote Political Campaign Flyers & Mailers. So, when I Write Here & Now, that I Know from what I Write . . . I Do So With Absolute Confidence.

The Editorial You Are Reading Now . . . Is the Two Thousand, Four Hundred & Twenty Sixth Editorial I Have Published On


There was a very Recent Court Case (Ruling) in the Province of Quebec, where a Moslem Woman (Dalila Awada), who describes herself as a Female Rights Activist, who DEFENDS her Right to Wear a Hijab in Canada, Successfully Sued a French Canadian Blogger by the Name of Philippe Magnan, who is a self Confessed Anti-Islamist.

Dalila Awada, Speaks out wherever she can, to Criticize the once Proposed Quebec Charter Of Values, which Stands Contrary to Religious Symbols Worn in the Public Sector – Such As The Wearing Of The Hijab.

The Intricacies of the Lawsuit in this Case are Secondary to the Reaction of some of the BLOGGING Pundits on the Right, Specifically Pamela Geller, who on her own BLOG Rushed to the Defense of the French Canadian Blogger, and to the CONDEMNATION of the Quebec Superior Court.

In Pamela Geller’s BLOG, Geller Laments the Decision of the Court as a Direct Assault on Freedom of Expression, same as the Plaintiff Philippe Magnan used as his Defense . . . BUT IT’S NOT QUITE THAT SIMPLE OR TRUE.

I know Pamela Geller . . . I Paid her to Speak at one of my Pledge Ride Events in Boca Raton Florida. She is very Brave, very Opinionated, and very Articulate. The Problem However, is that too Often, Pamela Geller Mixes Opinion with Facts, which is what Geller did in her Condemnation of the Quebec Superior Court Judge in the Dalila Awada Versus Philippe Magnan . . . Defamation Suit.

Philippe Magnan Didn’t Lose The Case Because He Hurt Dalila Awada’s Feelings.

Philippe Magnan Lost The Case Because Magnan CONFLATED Facts with Opinions. In other words, Philippe Magnan Made Statements of Opinion as TRUTHS, without having any Evidence to Corroborate his Statements.

DON’T GET ME WRONG . . . I think the Judicial System Stinks Equally in Canada as it does in the United States of America. I think there are far too many Judges who Prefer to Make the Laws Rather than Interpret them as they were Written & Intended, Especially in Canada, where Judges have far more LEEWAY to be Creative & Interpretive with the Laws than Do-Judges in the USA . . . HOWEVER – THIS WASN’T A CASE OF INTERPRETATION.

I Read the Judge’s (Carole Julien) Finding in the French Language as it was Written, which I am quite Certain Pamela Geller Didn’t, which means that Geller had to Rely on other People’s Interpretation, which in itself could be Biased & Untrue.

To Me . . . The Judge did Appear to be Somewhat Sympathetic to the Plaintiff (Dalila Awada), & More Than Somewhat Less Sympathetic To The Defendant (Philippe Magnan). However . . . That Written – The Judge’s Finding was Based upon FACTS . . .

Did Philippe Magnan have Substantial Evidence to Corroborate His Opinions – WHICH HE WROTE AS FACTS?


A Few Editorials Ago . . . I Castigated some of the Readers of for Writing Comments in the Editorial Comment Section, which were either UNTRUE or Unsubstantiated Opinions . . . as if they were True.

If You Say Or Write It As FACT . . . You Better Be Able To Prove It.

Perhaps Everything Philippe Magnan Wrote in his BLOG about Dalila Awada was True, which is very Possible, but if it Can’t Be Corroborated . . . It’s Defamation, which is what the Courts Are For and what this Case was all About.

The Judge Made That Point Ultra Clear, She Condemned BLOGGERS for being Unprofessional, who very Often Resort to Hyperbole . . . To Which She Was Right.

But The Same Thing Can Be Said About The Mainstream Media, which Far Too Often is GUILTY OF THE SAME OFFENSE, but somehow gets a Bye for their Dishonesty.

Pamela Geller Was Right . . . When she wrote that Bloggers Today are like the Pamphleteers of Old – the Men & Women who in the Still of the Night or Under Tremendous Threat . . . Wrote & Disseminated the Truth in Totalitarian Societies, which only Makes our Accuracy & Integrity all that Much More Important.

IN THIS DAY & AGE OF FAKE NEWS . . . Bloggers are Essential to Balance the Power & Dissemination of Information. But, if Bloggers Resort to the Proliferation of Opinion as Fact & Hearsay as Evidence – Where Will We Be Any Better Or More Vital To The Truth Than Are Today’s Mainstream Media?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I also, pray that there will be NO demonstrators in the Gallery, that day!!! Lately, demonstrators have been completely disruptive, during US Senate or US House committee meetings. I am so afraid, that this is what the Far Left is planning to do, so that Bibi can’t give his speech, to inform the USA, as well as the world, what Iran is really up to and how Obama probably is part of this plan.

  2. “Fabricated Facts”/”Twisted Truths” are what most people know today! (Those who can’t “think for themselves” repeat whatever they heard on MSM or from “friends”- never “questioning” if it is “truth” or not!) Perhaps any/all “comments” might be taken as “defamation of character” (that’s if we no longer have the “right” to our own opinions)! Those determined to “take over” our nation are limiting “Freedom of Speech” any way they can! “Political Correctness” is literally “stifiling” the truth!

  3. Regarding blog sites (that are among listed results of a search), I learned early on to basically ignore them. That decision came after reading some and determining that they were opinion sites and not dependable for factual info. Lots of forwarded emails fall in a similar category – doesn’t stand up to facts. Your site is only of its kind I subscribe to because you do not try to pass off opinion as fact – at least as far as I’ve seen. Thank you for that.

  4. Seems to me that a saw a number of articles on the Internet regarding how Islam is not a religion, but an ideology. So first fact the parties may have overlooked…to determine whether they are arguing over comments about a religion or ideology.

  5. As always Howard, your blog was perfect today…
    I still think way back when Nikita Kruschev pounded his shoes on the counter at the UN.. He said that the USA would be taken over peacefully with no war.. like a frog being put into a cold pot of water on the stove and slowing boiling him to death.. the frog never knew what happened.. that’s what is slowing happening to the USA.. Let’s pray this doesn’t happen since we now have President Trump in office.. at least he put the burner on simmer..

  6. Having travelled and worked pretty much around the world for some 20+ years
    I learned if wherever your at you best do as Romans do
    or trouble is coming your way in one form or another.

  7. I am in agreement with Patricia. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. That is the wonderful thing of living in a democratic country. We don’t have to agree with each other and don’t have to get into a fight with each other just respect and appreciate our differences ! ((even it the other person doesn’t know what they are talking about (:o) ))!

  8. In the main stream media there are News Sections and there are Opinion Sections. Like you say, newspapers pretty much get away with lying. Fake News. But thats the News Section. The opinion section is Open Season. By its very definition its an Opinion. If the blogger was stating a Opinion, no matter how poorly … that’s one thing. If he claims hes stating factual news … that’s another. But like you say why do MSM get away with it? Some don’t. Some get sued. i.e. Patrick Brown and the G&M.

  9. Opinion (Mirriam Webster): belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge. In other words a bloggers opinion.
    Compare that to legal opinion Defined as; “the formal expression (as by a judge, court, or referee) of the legal reasons and principles upon which a legal decision is based”
    Harold you seem hung up on the rigidity of Legal Opinion – which in Canada is now being used to destroy Public Opinion in free speech.

  10. ANOTHER AWSOME ARTICLE, Howard! NO “FAKE NEWS” in this one!! I definitely agree with you, about FOX News…..& CNN is an absolute joke!!! May God richly bless you, Howard, and of course our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, who is coming to Florida, tonight (over in the Tampa area) for a BIG RALLY!!!!

  11. It is imperative to speak & write the TRUTH at ALL times. That is why when I personally make a statement I always include MPOV = My Point Of View as I may at THAT moment not have all the facts. Excellent job, Mr. G. Thank You. God Bless

  12. Yes Howard, Journalism was the HOLY GRAIL OF TRUTH when I was growing up in West Texas. Every newspaper had a proofreader and/or an editor who verified everything that was published, (before publication). As recently as Ted Koppel who while on a live broadcast refused to air something not proven, the media was honest. Now, in an effort to scoop the competition, they publish un-examined stories (opinions)and later sometimes retract them somewhere. If one does it they all follow suit.

  13. Great Editorial today, Howard. Truth can be a very elusive and that stops all of us, at one time or another. I wonder how the college kids today who try to read about past news events, which has been re-written, how do they determine what is true or what is false??? Fair question, since so many are lied to or simply not told the truth but outright lies. History has already been re-written since I can remember. So, in all honesty, how do the youth of today learn the truth???

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