Part Two – If Not Me? Who?

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  1. Parts 1,2,3. Pure gold. Something has changed in Quebec from the late 50s through the 90s. In my trips to the east coast and two to Montreal for bonspiels. Those trips were fantastic. And the changes are for the better. I have heard lately that the French language is declining. That is a shame. Canada is much stronger together. You are doing great work. I love the pod casts and the editorials. Even though I sometimes disagree. But love them non-the less.

  2. Can’t wait for part 3. Know what I like most about you? I mean, aside from your integrity and smarts. It’s your balls – they’re humungous. You are an inspiration, a visionary and a true leader.

  3. Well done Howard…that kind of chutzpah is needed now to fight off this Covid idiocy and our loss of freedoms and rights as outlined in our Canadian constitution…we need someone to start the “revolt” or we won’t have a country left…if the present governments continue what they are doing. What say you, do you have one more fight in you?

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