“Of the People, By the People, and For the People”


Every time I say that I’m not going to write today, invariably, that’s exactly what I wind-up doing, which by no means is a punishment, since it seems that next to being with Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and the Horses . . . this is what I like doing the best.

So, when I woke-up this morning . . . I was resolved to do very little of anything, except to polish my Motorcycle, and then prepare for an extremely BITTER-SWEET afternoon EULOGY and get-together amongst Family, Neighbors and Friends of the Late Linda Roberts at her home, who I wrote about on July 29, 2016 . . .


The Email spelled-out CHARGES and a JUDGMENT for Contempt of Court targeted at America’s TOUGHEST, and most beloved Sherriff, JOE ARPAIO of Arizona’s Maricopa County.

I say that Arpaio is the TOUGHEST and most beloved Sherriff in America, but there’s another Sheriff giving Arpaio a run for his money, who’s Sherriff DAVID CLARK of Milwaukee County Wisconsin.


ARPAIO’S CRIME . . . is protecting the people of his County from Bad Guys and ILLEGAL Immigrants, but mostly, because he’s been accused and found guilty of PROFILING and detaining people who have NO RIGHT TO BE IN THE USA.

The Judgment against Arpaio . . . is all about his decision to ignore a Judge’s Order, NOT to PROFILE men and women he thought SHOULD NOT be in the United States.


Joe Arpaio has been the Sherriff of Maricopa County Arizona, since 1993 (23-Years). He’s won handedly in all his elections; he beat back TWO RECALL MOVEMENTS AGAINST HIM, and has survived more LEFTIST HIT PIECES in the Media, than anyone else I know of, perhaps with the exception of Trump.

The reason the 2-Recall attempts didn’t work against Arpaio . . . is because close to 75% of the County refused to sign them, and 66% of the County love the guy.


So here’s a PERFECT illustration of what’s become WRONG with America.

The people of Conservative Maricopa County, have repeatedly elected a TOUGH GUY SHERRIFF, who they REALLY like and trust for more than 23-Years.

Arpaio keeps his Constituents SAFE. He does exactly what he says he’s going to do. He does NOT CODDLE PRISONERS regardless of race, religion, gender and national origin. And he does what the Federal Government should be doing in terms of Border Patrol, and dealing with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, which they do not do.


SO WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? I guess the problem, is that the LEFTIST Courts, which include much, if not most of the Courts in the United States of America today, don’t seem to give a Rat’s Ass as to what the people want. SINCE IT’S BECOME AN ISSUE OF WHAT THE COURTS WANT.

The divide between the Government, just about all the Governments, regardless of size and jurisdiction – and the People, has become such a wide Chasm, that the system has lost the commonality that was created in 1776, between the People and their Elected Representatives.


When one considers . . . that the speech delivered by Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, on November 19, 1863, which highlighted . . . “OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE” . . . bears no resemblance to the TRUTHS of today, as we are witnessing in our Courts, and amongst all levels of Government, that the Government and Bureaucrats are so far removed from the meaning of the Gettysburg Address, as to make the WORDS OF LINCOLN IRRELEVANT.

And that is in itself a TRAGEDY of enormous Concern.

It is quite remarkable, I’m certain, that if I was to ask most young people (Millennials), who was it that said the following? . . . “Of the People, By the People, and For the People”, they wouldn’t know.

If I was to tell them that it was Abraham Lincoln, and then ask where he said it, and under what context . . . they wouldn’t know that either.

But I think much worse than that . . . if I asked them what those words really meant to the American People, I don’t think they would have a clue. And if they did, I seriously doubt they would really understand the importance of the message, and could not relate it to the situation of today.


The Sherriff of Maricopa County . . . is performing his DUTIES as the People’s ELECTED representative, to provide Law, Order, and Safety at the demand – “Of the People, By the People, and For the People”, and not at the whim of the Courts and the Bureaucrats.


Is that the people who have the MOST TO LOSE . . . by not understanding the INITIAL Relationship and COVENANT between the Government and the People, are those who stand opposed, or are ignorant of the Freedoms that once made America Great, and are now being lost on the Altar of Big Government, controlled by Special Interests.

If Trump wins in November that could all change . . . and if Trump doesn’t win in November, it could also change . . . but in a different and far more unpleasant way.

There’s a 10-Minute Audio Editorial Associated with this Narrative. To HEAR the Editorial, please click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard and Anne, we’ve got your back: Everything has subjective value. For me, this editorial alone is worth my modest, financial contribution. I hope to inspire others to do the same. While the US is focused on the deflation of the football, let’s help Howard remain online to provide realistic perspective on world events!

  2. Sheriff will survive the bunch from the left. If we had more like him happenings like Baltimore would not be news. I wish that the court was mentioned but I’ll bet it was the 9th circuit in CA.

  3. Government is a necessary evil. At best it is incompetent, at worst it is corrupt.

  4. Howard. Thank you very much for what you do. I am a fairly good appraiser of things political. I predict that in the next number of days, less than 10, Mr. Trump will ahead of Hillary in the polls. The LA Times has him ahead this morning.

  5. Yes Martin you are right now at this time evil, incompetent and Corrupt. But You in the Great U.S.A. have a chance to change that while we in the Great White North must continue on with our gang of evil, incompetent and Corrupt Federal and Ontario Provincial Governments. Thanks for the info Howard on Sherriff he is my kind of cop.

  6. Howard, once again you’ve hit the nail on the head! Bravo! Sheriffs Joe Arpaio and Dave Clark are wise and astute men. Let’s hope that Sheriff Joe can survive this latest onslaught by the liberal hordes! Millions of us see our country being eaten alive from the inside out by ignorance and selfishness. I hope and pray Trump gets in and starts on back on the road to rugged individualism and self reliance. Thanks again for clearly stating where much of our problems stem from.

  7. I too admire Sheriff Arpaio, as do my friends. We could use
    someone like him in Canada!

  8. Years ago when I llived in Santa Maria, Calif. the Sheriff was called on the carpet and told to not arrest so many Mexicans in disproportion to whites. The Sheriff told them to tell the Mexicans to stop committing most of the crimes and he would stop arresting them. Sounds like common sense to me – however, common sense died fifty years ago at least.

  9. These 2 sheriffs work very hard in trying to support LEGAL IMMIGRATION. It must be so DISCOURAGING for them to NOT have the SUPPORT of our own government which, instead, CHOOSES to encourage ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION! The ILLEGALS come into our Country and try to CHANGE it according to their own culture. It should be the REVERSE, i. e., “WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS DO”! The SHERIFFS will be very happy WHEN Trump is ELECTED President. TRUMP MUST BE ELECTED or we will be DOOMED! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  10. What’s happened here is simple. A leftist liberal judge has it in for Arpaio. So he “ordered” Arpaio to quit arresting illegals, on the PC premise that this was profiling, because most of them were Hispanic. Imagine that – a judge “ordering” a duly elected sheriff not to do his job of cleaning illegals out of his county. Operative word: illegals. Now that liberal judge is pissed because Arpaio continued to do his job. And the judge wants to make this a criminal offense. This is PC run amok.

  11. Here in miami-dade county fl.we have had the same cuban female state attorney for 12 years..If your are black or non cuban you will be indited guilty or not Her son was twice accused of a crime but nothing happened to him. We need a Joe Arpaio
    for a state attorney.

  12. Sheriff Joe is heroic and comes to the job with great understanding of the criminal psyche. His treatment of lawbreakers is fair, reasonable and effective. To have some organization truly consider his removal shows us the seriousness of America’s slide to the left. Consider for a minute the future of America if this stupidity were to succeed?

  13. Howard, thanks for all you do. I live in the Phoenix valley and have met Sheriff Joe. When talking one on one, Joe is a nice, friendly and courteous person. He listens intently to what people say, and is fast with a smile. On the other “sheriff” side, Joe is fair to all his “residents” and over the many years of his tenure, has saved taxpayers millions of dollars through programs like tent city. His programs work. We need to stand with Joe now more than ever, – screw the obama leftist courts.

  14. I know who said the words and were he said them, It’s to bad the he did not live up to his very on words. he was teh worst President the US has had and they have had quite a few bad ones! more Americans died under his leadership than all the rest!

  15. Many years ago I wrote Joe a letter and told him I wished he was our sheriff in Silicon Valley CA. As luck would have it I retired to Maricopa County, AZ eighteen years ago and Joe became our Sheriff. What a blessing. We love the guy. Too bad he and David Clark can’t be the nation’s sheriffs! That would be a dream team. Pray for a return to sanity.

  16. What a shame… This country has gone so far left that it is actually sickening! Everything has been turned upside down, inside out and backwards…. in today’s world What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right….. it’s not supposed to be this way and our only hope is Donald Trump!

  17. I don’t think most realize the authority a sheriff has. They have the power and responsibility to defend their citizens against ALL enemies, including those from the federal government. The sheriff is the one we should depend on if Martial law, or gun confiscation becomes an issue. The sheriff is responsible for upholding the Constitution & defending our rights, and not enforcing any law that is unconstitutional. Under the oath he took his duty is to the Constitution not elected officials.

  18. When I need an attorney because of my reactions to the left, as a last resort, it will be Bobby Lee Cook.

  19. As has already been noted, the County Sheriff is one of the most powerful LEOs in America. Joe Arpaio has been proving his patriotism, integrity and courage for a long while. I don’t see David Clark as a Black man, or a non-White man, I see him as a Blue man…Both men are great role models for al LEOs…Then there are those at the opposite end of the scale, like Harney County, Oregon Sheriff David Ward…County Sheriffs, a powerful force for good – or bad – kind of like the Constitution…

  20. Arnold Eyre, I agree with you 1000% regarding Sheriff Arpaio. Not only can we use someone like him in Canada, with his ethics and morality, and ability to save money, he would likely be one hell of a better Prime Minister that our current “big spender”! He’d keep our country in order!
    Howard, thank you for all your thoughts and articles – you are one of the only bloggers who perpetually make sense, and force people who read you to think!! Keep up the great work – we Canuks need you!

  21. Good blog, Howard. It really does seem as though the government on all levels, Federal, State or Local, are trying to completely undermine the will of the people. I do wonder just how long it will take to turn things around, to where the USA should be at – Under the will of the people. This is a massive job, due to all levels of government that are involved. Should Trump be elected, it will take many years to correct what is going on today.

  22. Yes, my allotted contribution money went to Sheriff Joe this month as it went to TRUMP last month! Joe is under tremendous pressure and needs money to be re-elected. He already has our love here in AZ.

  23. This is terrible. The govt keeps imposing it’s fascist will in undemocratic manners while the people walk around in a zombie state because the media like CNN tells them everything is going to be alright.

  24. I love Sheriff Joe…he is absolutely amazing, at 84yrs. young! I live in Palm Beach County, FLA. We unfortunately have a SANCTUARY COUNTY, here, due to the current Sheriff NOT enforcing the laws on the books! Hopefully, our Conservative candidate WILL BE ELECTED, Roscoe “Rick” SESSA!! I hope Mr. Sessa is elected our next Sheriff in Palm Beach County, Florida. Go Rick, GOOD LUCK, & GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!

  25. Thank you Howard for acknowledging Sherrif Joe.
    And Sherrif David also.
    They are truly great law enforcement officers and make me proud of them.
    I feel like my 30 years of service are not in vein.
    I only wish we had the same vocal and outspoken leadership here in Canada.

  26. It really was at one time, OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. Sadly it seems “We The People” have abdicated yet again, their responsibilities and allowed it to become “of the courts, by the courts and FOR the courts”! They’ve chosen to be dumb down to the PC Agenda!

  27. Still at a loss as to when/how fed courts were given power over states. My 1st wake-up was when CA residents voted for GMO labeling but a fed district court struck it down. To me that move by court was fed infringing on Constitutional states’ rights. It happens again &I again. Am finding we have Progressives to thank for destroying the Constitution & the Republic; & ourselves for allowing them to get away with it.

  28. Why is it that so many are upset about Ryan Lochte’s behavior in Brazil? Here’s a guy that flails his arms in water, breaks the law and then lies about it. On the other hand,plus or minus 50% of the population are willing to accept tales”told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing”, lies about it, again and again and they are willing to vote her President. Maybe that’s why Lochte lied. He figures if America accepts that Hillary Clinton can lie with impunity, so can he.

  29. After 17 days we saw the American Basketball Team win the Gold. We saw the hugs, the friendship and the professionalism
    we say Anthony being interviewed in tears, we saw the the best of so many great athletes. I listen to Anthony when he spoke of his great Country. Sorry, but I feel that tramp “Hilliery should be on the next rocket to the Moon never to be seen

  30. Joe Arpaio has a problem. Having been in law enforcement his entire adult life, he believes that laws on the books should be enforced. And he goes about doing just that to the best of his ability. He does an outstanding job, but that does step on the toes of some left wing idiots. As to our hopelessly corrupt judiciary, see the book “Stolen Soverignty” by Daniel Horowitz which discusses how to stop unelected judges from transforming America,

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