Mollie Tibbetts Didn’t Have To Die


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Had America VETTED the (Illegal Alien) Murderer of Mollie Tibbetts, the way Anne and I are Vetted when we Cross the Border into the USA from Canada . . . Mollie Tibbetts would still be Alive.

ALSO . . . Had Mollie Tibbetts been “Carrying” a Loaded Pistol, and Pulled the Gun Instead of her Cell Phone, as she Reportedly did – The chances are that her Attacker might have Run, or would have been a Chalk-Line on the Road.

Either way, Mollie Tibbetts might Still be Alive, and we Would be Discussing the Virtues of the Second Amendment Opposed to Funeral Arrangements for a Beautiful Young Woman who had a Full-Life ahead of Herself.


I Never Liked Lanny Davis, the Lawyer for the Clinton-Crime-Family, who gives Exceptional Meaning to the Word SLEAZE, which Fits-In Perfectly with Michael Cohen, WHO SURREPTITIOUSLY TAPED HIS CLIENT DONALD TRUMP.

Anyone who Secretly Tapes a Conversation with Someone . . . who is not an Adversary in an Adversarial Role, is some kind of Special Scum, which is why in Several American States, it is Illegal to Secretly Tape Conversations, which Shouts Volumes about Michael Cohen.

I HAVE TO ASSUME WITH 100% CERTAINTY . . . That if my Lawyer, Doctor, Priest, Minister, Rabbi . . . ETC – was Surreptitiously Recording our Conversations, I would Move Heaven & Earth to Punish this Person to the Fullest Potential Possible, since I Cannot think of Many Things that would be More Reprehensible, which is why whatever Cohen says . . . MUST BE TAKEN WITH THE SAME LEVEL OF VERACITY AS THE MAN SAYING IT.


As Long As President Trump Lives Up To His Promises . . . Keeps the World Safe, Builds The “Wall”, Controls Immigration, Restores Law & Order, Reduces the Bureaucracy, Levels the Trade Playing Field, Cuts Taxes, Obliterates Suffocating Bureaucratic Created Regulations, Protects America & the World from Globalizing Communism (Socialism), Improves the Economy, Gives the People Back their RIGHT to Personal Independence, Pays Homage to American Veterans . . . And Does Whatever Is Necessary To Drain The Swamp – Why Should Anyone Give A Whit Who Donald Trump Slept With And/Or Paid-Off To Keep Quiet?


I Don’t Care Who You Are . . . Everyone has something to Hide, whether Serious or just Embarrassing. I had a Friend, who was a somewhat Holier-Than-Thou kind of Guy, who in his Profession, he saw Everyone as a Potential Criminal, and Felt that it was the State’s Right to Know Everything about Anyone’s Private Life.

In His Words . . . “If You’re Not Guilty Of Anything, You Have Nothing To Hide”.

A Few Years Before He made This Comment, when Anne, I, He & His Wife were sitting around his Supper Table, in a Moment of Guilt (He had To Tell Someone), he told me that he made a Grave Mistake, and in a Moment of Weakness, after Consuming a bit too much Beer, while alone with his Sister-In-Law (Newly Married Wife of his Wife’s Brother), my Friend, who was also just Married, or was Literally Days away from Getting Married . . . “BANGED” THE SISTER-IN-LAW.

So . . . as my Friend was Making his Great Point about the State Having the Right to Know, I Remembered his Confession about “Banging” The Sister-in-law, and his Statement . . . “If You’re Not Guilty Of Anything, You Have Nothing To Hide”, so I Interjected into the Argument when I said . . .

“Everyone has Something to Hide, which is No-One Else’s Business. As a Matter of Fact, I heard a story about One Guy who had an affair with his Wife’s Sister-In-Law, So Whose Business Is That . . . ?”

That Part Of The Supper Conversation Came To An Abrupt End.

I didn’t Sit In Judgment of this Friend for Cheating on his Wife, although, after hearing his “Confession”, I really didn’t want to be his Friend anymore. But Anne was Close with his Wife, so the Relationship Continued Almost as Usual, except for the Fact that I Knew a Truth I didn’t want to Know, nor need to Know, which did Nothing to Harm me, other than for me to think Otherwise of the Guy.


I’ve Met all Sorts of People in my Life, mostly because I’m quite Extraverted, Socially & Politically Active, and very Public about the Things I Believe-In, which kind of makes me a Magnet for an Incredible Litany of People with Very Eclectic Tastes & Values, which very often Run quite Contrary to my Moral Compass . . . However, as Long as the People who are very Different from me, Do No Harm to Others or our Society . . . & Understand that their Rights End where Others Begin – How They Live Their Lives Is Not Mine Nor Anyone Else’s Business.

And That Includes The Business Of The President Of The United States Of America!

I AM NOT A GAMBLER . . . But I Would be Willing to Bet Everything I Own, that Unless you are a Newborn, or a Child that hasn’t yet Started to Really Live, or Someone who has Spent his or her Entire Life in a Coma . . . You Have Something To Hide, Because Like It Or Not – We All Do.

So . . . if Someone wants to Take-Down this President of the United States of America, who is Doing an Incredible Job for the People and the Country as a Whole, because he Slept with a Porno Whore or a Playboy Prostitute . . . and paid some Hush-Money to Save Himself & Others from the Embarrassment . . . The Pox Is On The Political Antagonist.


People Like Mueller, Comey, Schumer, Pelosi & Others Of That Ilk . . . also have Much to Hide – But they are so Arrogant & Evil Minded, that they will Stoop to every Low Imaginable to Take-Down Someone who is doing so much Good for the People, the Country and the World . . . In Spite of all that is Malevolent about Themselves, that they are Indeed the Epitome of Political Disgrace.

Let Me Say This Again . . . This November – There Will Be A Red Wave.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Mr. G., I read your editorials religiously, and admire you tremendously for your courage and your willingness to speak out for ordinary people, who do not have the means or medium to do as you. I am so hoping that you are correct, that this speech by the great Netanyahu will serve as a rallying point for conservatives in the wretched hive of DC, as well as across our nation. We continue to pray for our country and Israel, for we are the only line of defense left against the evil of Islam.

  2. Mueller is coming on 73. What is driving Mueller? Does someone have a guns to the heads of his children or Grandchildren. Mueller knows he is seen through as a relentless abuser of the law…but why does he keep going whats the reward?ees

  3. 13-14 years ago Trump did live the billionaire playboy life. He has had 3 wives … and the 1st 2 probably got tired of it. Who knows. But none of this is new. I’m sure Melania was aware of this too. But then He CHANGED his life around about that time and wanted to live a decent life. Do you believe in 2nd chances? Most liberals do … except maybe where Trump is concerned. Trump’s 2nd chance is proving very profitable for Americans! Where’s the liberal media credit for that???

  4. Hope so too that it will be red. It feels weird saying red for the republicans because in Canada blue is Conservative and Republicans are Conservatives. Gets everyone following both countries politics like me very confused, although that lately we can truly say that our Conservatives in Canada are a bit to red for my taste. Too many red tories or like in the states CINOS instead of RINOS. Conservative in name only !!! See you tomorrow, 1 PM.

  5. Those who are the most suspicious of others doing “bad” or “wrong” things usually think everyone else is doing what they do. I was married to one!

  6. The Spanish inquisition is back. Beware all you sinners. That’s all of us!

  7. As Jesus said to those who were ready to stone a woman accused of prostitution – “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” They all dropped their rocks and left. Perhaps that needs to be our response to anyone accusing another of wrong-doing. Just might work – but only if they have a conscience. I dare say the left do not.

  8. Howard,

    Great article! There is a saying that is appropo to your blog, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

  9. A Red wave in November? Ahla Vye! From your lips to G-d’s ears.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  10. “Collusion”? What about McCain? Long ago I found this old saying to be SO True: “A “Hit Dog Barks First”!
    (Make you wonder what “THEY” have to hide, doesn’t it?) Haha!

  11. My name is “Mollie”, so will I be next? (I’m not “young”, but that doesn’t matter to somebody drunk on tequila or “high” on drugs!) People today are acting more like “wild animals” than “rational human beings”! Confessing “sins” (publically or privately) doesn’t “erase” them! Total lack of self-respect and respect for others is literally ripping this nation apart! (Bill Clinton had more women than Trump!) As for “Enemies of the State”: “Birds of a feather flock together”! Clip their wings- ASAP!

  12. I DEFINITELY enjoyed the other “bloggers'” comments as well…also yours, Howard! You DEFINITELY “hit a homerun” with your latest commentary…..and, please “KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOB YOU DO, HOWARD”!!

  13. It seems that the mainstream media, ABC, CBS, & NBC all ignore everything good about the Trump administration and concentrate entirely on minuscule offenses all the while ignoring the blatant offenses of the liberal, socialist Democrats, who when they falter, get their misdeeds swept behind the refrigerator.

  14. Another thought on Trump’s dalliances….which are probably true. He wasn’t President, he wasn’t in the Oval Office, he wasn’t working for the government, us, he not a political person, but a registered Dimocrat.

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