Maxine Waters Gives Truth To The Real Revolution



There’s a 5-Minute Audio Editorial Associated with this Written Editorial . . . And I Really Hope You Think It Was Worth The Hype . . . & Worth Waiting For.


OK – So we’re all Reading & Hearing about the Fascist LEFT . . . LITERALLY ATTACKING CONSERVATIVE MEMBERS OF THE GOVERNMENT . . . in the Names of Pam Bondi (Florida Attorney General), Kirstjen Nielsen (Secretary Homeland Security), and Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House Press secretary).


ALSO – These Three Women Are Brilliant, Competent, Able & Capable.

The Other Thing These Three Women Have In Common . . . is that the Person EGGING-ON THE ATTACKERS, is Herself a Woman – Maxine Waters, who is an Elected Member of the United States Congress (43rd District of California – Los Angeles), whose Claim to Fame is her Stupid Big Mouth.


Maxine Waters . . . TO THE VERY BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE, maybe I’m wrong, but I really don’t think so, NEVER had a REAL JOB outside of One Form Of Government Or Another, YET SHE AND HER HUSBAND ARE STINKING RICH. How’d that happen?

Maxine Waters Plays The Race & Misogynist Cards . . . Like Itzhak Perlman Plays The Violin . . . Except Perlman Plays Beautiful Music Like Heaven For The Soul, while Waters Competes with the Devil, very much like the Charlie Daniels Fiddle Classic . . . “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”.


Let Me Make This Absolutely Clear . . . Water’s isn’t just a LEFTIST ABERRATION of the Democrat Party . . . Waters Is The Poster-Woman For The LEFT, who Stupidly Raised the Curtain just Enough for Everyone to See, Hear, Read & Bear Witness to Whom & What the LEFT (Democrats) are really all about.


THE LEFT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT AMERICA . . . They say they do, but they don’t. The LEFT Only Cares About The LEFT & About Themselves & Power & Wealth – No Matter The Cost, No Matter The Lies . . . & No Matter The Pain to the Country & To The People . . . As Long As The LEFT Gets What The LEFT Wants.


If the LEFT really Were as Civil as the LEFT wants the People to Believe they Are, the LEFT wouldn’t Encourage Americans to Attack & Beat-Up-On Americans, with Whom the LEFT Disagrees, whether at Trump Rallies, Free Speech Rallies, University Speeches . . . OR ELECTED REPUBLICANS LIKE STEVE SCALISE . . . SHOT AT A BASEBALL PRACTICE.

IF THE LEFT . . . Really Cared About Women As They Claim – The LEFT wouldn’t be Verbally Assaulting Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen & Pam Bondi, MUCH LESS ENCOURAGING LEFTIST GOONS TO GET IN THE FACE OF THESE WOMEN.


I watched Fox News this Morning (Tuesday June 26th), as one of the LEFTIST Fox News Contributors (Jessica Tarlov – Democrat Talking Puppet) was REGURGITATING The Same Old Same Old . . . That Both Sides Have To STOP – So I wondered . . . What exactly does the Conservative Side have to Stop . . . ?


Every time the Israelis would ONLY Retaliate for Moslem Attacks, Beatings, Stabbings, Kidnappings, Suicide Explosions & MURDERS of Israeli Jews (And Others), the LEFTIST Mainstream Media would Create the Narrative to EQUIVOCATE ISRAEL’S RESPONSE to the Arab’s Murderous Assaults, calling it an EQUIVALENCE . . . while Defining how the Israelis Responded To Actual Threats & Acts of Violence, Death & Destruction . . . To Contributing To A “CYCLE OF VIOLENCE”.

This Ain’t Rocket Science . . . Don’t Attack Jews & The Jews Won’t Fight Back.

And Now The LEFT Are Doing The Same Thing To Conservatives In America.

One has to be So Stupid, Ill-Informed, Dishonest or Mentally Deficient . . . to Believe even for a Second, in any Aspect of Equivalence between the LEFT and Conservative Americans, since I am Absolutely Unaware of Conservative Americans Attacking Liberal Politicians, LEFTIST Speeches, the Entertainment Industry, LEFTIST University Professors . . . & ON AND ON AND ON – which makes this Lie even more Grotesque than it Really is.


It’s Interesting How The LEFT Love To Equivocate Conservatives With Nazis . . . yet, it was the Nazis who Provoked the Opposition, Intimidated Opponents, Suffocated Freedom of Expression, Broadcast Propaganda, Taught Untruths In Their Schools, Distorted History, Burned Books, Destroyed Symbols, Vandalized Iconic Places . . . ALL THE WHILE BLAMING THE VICTIMS.

Maxine Waters . . . Has Become A Massive Embarrassment For The LEFT . . . Because Maxine Waters has shown the American People, just Who & What the LEFT are . . . And no Matter How the LEFT want to Spin these Outrageous Calls To Arms by the LEFT . . . and want to Distance themselves from Maxine Waters, Claiming that “SHE ISN’T WITH US” – That Simply Is Not True, because, not only is “Maxine Waters With Them” . . . “They Are Just As Much With Maxine Waters”.

The Problem With The LEFT, is that they got Caught at their own Game . . . & Have No Idea How To Turn It Around.


AS I SEE IT . . . There’s No Equivalence. Nor Any Cycle Of Intimidation.

Everything that is Happening, and has Happened, which has been Bad in America, and is being Repaired in America Today . . . from the Porous Borders, to Runaway Immigration, to Unfair Trade, to Extreme Taxation, to Suffocating Regulations, to a Corrupt & Incompetent Bureaucracy, to Dishonest Politicians, to a Politicized Justice Department, FBI, IRS, NSA – ETC . . . is the Exclusive Fault of the LEFT . . . THERE IS NO EQUIVALENCE!

If the LEFT want to Start a Real Fight against Conservatives . . . They would do very well to understand these simple Facts . . .

Conservative Americans Probably Own 90% Of The Nation’s Firearms & About 99% Of The Ammunition. Conservative Americans Stand For The National Anthem & Salute The Flag, Conservative Americans are at the Shooting Ranges throughout America BY THE TENS OF THOUSANDS EVERY DAY, Conservative Americans most likely own almost all the AR-15 Type Guns . . . & Conservative Americans Believe In The Second Amendment, which is Probably why the LEFT Want the Second Amendment To Be Eradicated.

All Totalitarians Want The People Disarmed . . . Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro . . . ETC.

Schumer, Pelosi & Company Better Realize . . . Pick Your Fights Very Carefully, Because Sometimes, When You Least Realize It – And You’ve Gone One Extra Step Over The line . . . The Fight Is Going To Pick You.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am loathe to even mention it, but I’m afraid that, at the last moment, John Boehner will not permit, or somehow
    Netanyahu will be prevented from speaking at all. There are too many cowardly leftist-leaning people who can’t tolerate
    hearing the truth, for “The Truth shall set you free”. And that’s the last thing they want. Pray that liberty will prevail.

  2. Loved the radio clip! This was awesome today, like everyday but you really said it all!

  3. Great points, as always, Howard. What I’d like to know is why when these lib politicians or entertainers make statements like Madonna’s “Thinking of blowing up the White House” comment or the stupidity Waters has been spouting all week, why the United States Secret Service doesn’t get involved?

  4. Howard, you’ve outdone yourself- this is a brilliant description of the left & its cohorts. G-d bless you.

  5. Communicating by voice and blog is an effective tool, keep them coming. Thank You

  6. Howard, Love your radio editorial. Hope it continues. I read and now listen to all you provide. Maxine Waters has always been a thorn in the side of the left but now she has become the spear of truth of the left. They really don’t need any one else to prove who the left really is. The more she spews her filth the better the right looks. I just think she has crossed a line of danger and maybe a jail time would be in order, not that it would ever happen.

  7. Maybe Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen & Pam Bondi can start their “OWN ME-TOO GROUP”!!! Maxine Waters is the MOST RACIST person in POLITICS! The LEFT only CARES about THEIR WOMEN [Democrats]. Out of every BAD, there’s some GOOD, and DESPERATE people do DESPERATE things! Well, MAXINE WATERS, via her most recent VERBAL ATTACKS has PROVEN EXACTLY what the LEFT REPRESENTS….IT IS EVIL! Thank you, Maxine! GOD BLESS AMERICA and Pres. Trump! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  8. This is a reply to David Norris. The Secret Service won’t get involved because the controllers at the top level are career politicians, as in the FBI. Peter Fonda should have been arrested because of his threats, as should Waters. But it won’t happen because of the controllers at the top.

  9. You are exactly right on your editorial about Maxine! When I hear her and a few other Dems, I often wonder how did they ever get elected because there is no common sense when they open their mouth. I really think Maxine should be censored or removed. You can’t tell people to attack the other side physically and remain in office but since she is a Dem she will remain but she shouldn’t go unpunished. Enjoyed your radio editorial, it was Great!

  10. My business is located in Gardena Calif. Gardena is one of the cities, Mad Max represents!!! I don’t live in Gardena,so I can’t vote her out.She had a speach at the Gardena City Hall,recently,sadly I missed it,but video shows a lot of regular people showing up and weren’t allowed inside.This devolved into her being unable to continue her”Impeach 45 Madness”.She had to sneak out via an alternative exit,as the regulars were pretty vocal and chased after her down the street..What a sight to see

  11. HOWARD
    Thank you for GALGANOV RADIO. This was the first time ever HEARING YOU, not just READING YOU.
    Do appreciate your efforts in all that you do.

    PATRICIA MCCOY CARPIN, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

  12. Spot on Mr. Galganov. From one tired old America loving conservative, lock and load, let the games begin.

  13. Finally someone, you, pointed out all of the ways the Dems resemble Nazis, including the desire to disarm the people. I’ve been telling people it is laughable that they immediately jump to Hitler when referring to conservatives, bypassing Slobhidan Milosevic, Castro, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hussein, Quadafi, etc. Morning Joe immediately went to the Nazi gas showers when discussing the border crisis and the detained children. I hope they keep it up with Mad Maxine assuming the face of the party.

  14. Absolutely agree, Mr. G. Revolution is Maxine’s ‘war cry’. Anarchy initiated. Down with America. Too bad, Maxine. Your tirades are going to do more damage to the LEFT in these mid term elections and your LEFTIES can point to YOU. BUT, the conservatives have to do their work in the Senate & House. Apparently THEY can’t get their S— together or they are just mealy mouthed idiots. MYPOV (sigh)

  15. Very good editorial. I will share. And definitely enjoyed the audio. If the Left manages to frighten us, to get us to believe they are going bring violence, we can and will put them down. As a European once obsessed when asked, “You don’t really believe the USA would use nuclear weapons, do you?” The reply, “Are you insane? They already have!” If I believe you are trying to hurt me, there are no rules.

  16. I feel that we should give Maxine some slack given her age, background and the District she represents. Her mental problems first came to light in her behavior towards Peter King. She has steadily shown beginning stages of “confusion.” Clearly she will steadily get worse.

  17. Thankyou Howard for your live Audio… it was great!!

  18. I’d never recognize that woman if she ever shut her mouth!

  19. Howard you really hit the bulls eye,BUT, conservative America will never fight back, all we do is complain !!!

  20. I heard Pam Bondi say on Hannity that she didn’t want to file charges against the men who prevented her from leaving the theater because “that’s what they wanted”. If these idiotic Republicans don’t start taking care of themselves and filing all of charges against their oppressors, then they won’t start backing off. The Red Hen owners who followed Sarah Sanders across the street were stalking. That’s a crime. Hannity said a death is in the future if something isn’t done.

  21. Another bull’s eye Mr. Galganov! Your radio broadcast is wonderful – I look forward to hearing you daily with a 2 or 3 hour program.

  22. If only jeff session would do his job and charge, clinton, comey, weinsteen, muller and the rest at the top of the DOJ and the FBI, and whatever other organisation in the deep state, the left would suffer the most terrible blow ever and at the midterm, there would be a super majority of Republicans in the house and senate and Trump would be able to accomplish even more.

  23. Howard, excellent audio editorial! A great supplement to the written blog. Thanks for all.

  24. I loved hearing you on the radio it was great. Your articles when I get them are wonderful to read for I get them threw another lady reader who sends them to me. I use to be [email protected] but my daughter who owns this computer moved us to gmail so I am not longer getting you straight away like I use to.
    I wish you and your lovely wife a good day not just a day but a good one God bless you sir for doing what you do.
    Jacque Turley Now in Myrtle Beach S. C.

  25. Waters comments prompted me to look up “sedition”

    [si-dish-uh n]
    incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
    any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
    Archaic. rebellious disorder.

    I submit that it is past time for something to be done (legally of course) to silence this utter disgrace, as well as others of her ilk before we are pushed into another bloody Civil War

  26. Agree!! Also agree with Morton Michaels comment about sedition. I’ve thought for some time now that charges should be brought against those people who make public speeches advocating rebellion (“resist”). Waters was clearly inciting action against those in the Trump Administration. Waters knows no shame obviously. She should be taught that sedition is against the law, via being charged for it, or for insurrection. It is against the law (U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 115 › § 2383).

  27. Outstandig audio. So good to hear you again.. Recently I concluded that the Democrat party has out lived its usefulness. It has become the party for destruction of our Republic. (Some still think it is a democracy.) It is unfortunate that the masses are not capable of voting for the best and most qualified until they get totally fed up with unkept promises of something for nothing with zero effort on their part. It was time for a manager and not a politiian.

  28. Great to hear your voice again! Keep up the radio broadcasts. You have a great and pleasant voice and it is going to help your blog even more! Appreaciate all your comments today as usual.

  29. Loved the bumper music too. This is a great article followed up with a great audio. The highlight of the day is Howard Galganov! While the Democrats self destruct, it’s too bad that the rhinos are not willing to step up their game to match the conservatives. Now is the time for them to act not react nor to hold back.

  30. Hi Howard,

    Great to hear you back with the same old good receipe. Why change a receipe when you’ve been so successful with the origninal one. For those who discovered you recently, God bless them, they certainly found a hidden diamond.

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