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The Nazis were Brilliant at VICTIM REVERSAL . . . To the German LEFT, Blame the Jews for being Uber Capitalists. To the German RIGHT, Blame the Jews for being Uber Communists . . . and for Everyone Else in Between – BLAME THE JEWS FOR EVERY MANNER OF TREASON & DEBAUCHERY IMAGINABLE.

The Sad Truth To This Nazi Fiction . . . was that there were SOME Truths to Jewish Socialism and to Jewish Capitalism – And Without a Doubt, there were SOME Debaucherous Jews – NO LESS THOUGH, THAN CAN BE ATTRIBUTED TO ANY CULTURE INCLUDING & ESPECIALLY THE NAZIS.

The Nazis Were Fascists . . . Which in Essence – is the Other Side Of The Same Coin as Communism. Also, there were Many Nazi Debaucherers who Slept with Partners of the Same Sex, Multiple Partners & Under-Aged Partners. And God Only Knows Who & What Else.

There were Many Drunk & Drugged-Out Nazis, Nazi Thieves, Nazi Usurers, Nazi Charlatans, Nazi Traitors . . . & Nazis Of Convenience – All Of Whom Did The Unspeakable Things The Nazis Accused The Jews Of Doing . . . & MUCH WORSE!


A Demagogue is a Person who uses Loose Facts as Truths, to INCITE others through Fear, Ignorance & Passion to Act in a Certain Way. There is no More Loathsome Political Philosophy or Strategy than Demagoguery.

HARRY REID . . . Who should be Vilified to the Highest Extreme – Used Self Declared Demagoguery (After The fact) when he CREATED the LIE within the Safety of the Senate Chamber, which Protected Reid from any form of Legal Retaliation for DEFAMING Mitt Romney, by declaring with Conviction – To Paraphrase . . .

The Word on the Street is that Mitt Romney Didn’t Pay his Taxes . . . “Well, There You Have It, Mitt Romney Is A Tax Cheat”.

It Wasn’t True . . . And after Reid Retired from the Senate, Reid Admitted in a Televised Interview, that He Indeed Lied about Romney and his Taxes . . . but Inserted for Justification . . . “IT WORKED – DIDN’T IT?”


The Democrats . . . Campaigned in 2008 on a Platform of FEAR, LIES & INNUENDOS – Having the Republicans Throwing Grandma over the Cliff . . .

. . . Selling the LIE that Republicans Support Gun Violence. The Police are Out of Control. The Lack of Socialized Healthcare is Killing the Country. The Rich Pay No Taxes . . . AMERICA IS A BLACK-HATING RACIST COUNTRY!

And On & On & On – Just Pick Your Straw-Man.


SINCE 2016 . . . THE LEFT HAVE EXHAUSTED DEMAGOGUERY, not that they haven’t Stopped Pedaling their Reign of Contrived Fear . . . but have Progressed to ACCUSING THE VICTIMS . . . Of Committing The Crime Being Committed By Them – The LEFTIST Accusers.


Fighting To Defend Against Vicious Attacks Isn’t Any Sort Of Equivalence.

The Jew-Hating Media . . . Specifically the Supporters of BDS (Boycott, Divest & Sanctions), the Camouflaged Jew-Hating Program To Do Financial Harm To Israel, Uses the CANARD, that the Jews are just as Wrong as the Palestinians (Arabs), when the Israelis Retaliate for Arab Assaults on Jews & Israel, such as Stabbings, Shootings, Rocket Attacks, Mortars, Bombings, Vehicle Rammings, Rock Throwing & Arson of one Type or Another against Israel, which Destroys THOUSANDS of Acres of Planted Forests, Farm Fields & Crops . . . while Murdering a Countless Number of Animals in the Wild.

What Should The Israeli Jews Do . . . Run Away & Hide?

What would you Want your Country to do if it Came Under a Vicious & Relentless Attack, Targeting the Most Innocent Amongst Your Citizens?


I Find It Fascinating . . . When Just One Member of the Opposing Party Votes for a Policy Put Forward by a Party In Favor of a Law, which is OPPOSED by the Other Party, but is Called a Bipartisan Vote . . . Because of the One Vote, in Spite of the TRUTH that there was No Bipartisanship Whatsoever, much as we see Amongst The LEFT with the RINOS . . . & Immigration Within The USA.


ORWELLIAN DOUBLE SPEAK . . . Save Democracy By Curtailing Democracy. Limit Free Speech to keep Unwanted Ideas from Fomenting Legitimate Change, as we have been Witnessing throughout Academia.

Create Safe Spaces To Restrict Things People Don’t Want To Hear Nor Debate, and Call it Democracy in Action.


“Who Controls The Past Controls The Future . . . Who Controls The Present Controls The Past” . . . as we are Witnessing within the Corruption of the Media.

“You Are Free To Be A Drunkard, An Idler, A Coward, A Backbiter, A Fornicator; But You Are Not Free To Think For Yourself” . . . As we are once again bearing Witness to the Sicknesses of the LEFT, as the LEFT has Shucked All Values For Privilege, Wealth & Adulation . . . to the Acceptance of an Ignorant Compliant Society.

“Intellectual Honesty Is A Crime In Any Totalitarian Country” . . . As we See Today in CENSORED Speech at Most North American High Schools, Colleges & Universities.

“If Liberty Means Anything At All It Means The Right To Tell People What They Do Not Want To Hear” . . . But in Today’s North American LEFTIST Society, Telling People what they Don’t want to Hear will get the Teller Ridiculed at Best & Beaten Up, Indicted & Imprisoned at Worst.

“War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Ignorance Is Strength” . . . which to our LEFTISTS’ Way of Thinking . . . Describes The World’s ANIMUS to Israel, the Jews, Independent Thought, Earned Ownership & Freedom of Expression.

“The Great Enemy Of Clear Language Is Insincerity” . . . Spoken through the Mouths of Politicians who Pretend to be For the People . . . when in all Truth, with the Rarest of Exceptions, the Politicians Are Only For Themselves.

“In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act” . . . as we Bear Witness to those who Attack (Antifa, Black Lives Matter & Occupy Wall Street) Against Those Who Speak Out . . . As Enemies Of The State.


“Big Brother Is Watching You” . . . FBI, CIA, NSA & All Others With The Power.

The Preceding Quotes Were First Written 74-Years Ago . . . By George Orwell, who saw in the Future of Mankind, what he Wrote in his Dystopic Classic . . . 1984, how his Beloved England will Transgress from a Free Society to a Dystopian Society Controlled by the Rich, the Powerful, the Media . . . The Politicians.

More Than 70-Years Ago – Orwell Wrote About Intellectuals . . . “Most Of Them Are Perfectly Ready For Dictatorial Methods, Secret Police, Systematic Falsification Of History Etc. So Long As They Feel That It Is On ‘Our’ Side.”

We Are Living In George Orwell’s 1984.

Not To Take This Editorial As Seriously As It’s Written . . . Is At Our Peril.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. One can only hope Netanyahu brings his “senior varsity” bodyguards

  2. It’s so sad that all of this is happening and so few realize it. Good for an editorial wherever you live.
    Thanks Howard you are doing a fantastic job.

  3. Great blog Howard and so right about 1984, it is here and we are living it !!!!!!

  4. It’s so sad to see and realize that AMERICA has DECLINED regarding its PRINCIPLES & TRUTH in the past few years, especially during HUSSEIN Obama’s term! One would think that there would be LESS RACISM, MORE PATRIOTISM, MORE RESPECT If it were not for PRES. TRUMP’S being ELECTED in 2016, things would have GROWN MUCH WORSE. The U.S. still has a CHANCE in that the VOTERS must SUPPORT and VOTE for TRUE CONSERVATIVES instead of RINOS! Trump also has to be FUNDED to BUILD THAT WALL! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. Oh WOW! Right on! I was just making notes on the similarity of the current USA vs Russia; media same as Pravda, FBI (and CIA etc.) same as KGB, and Dem/Lib/ Prog/Leftists same as Communist Party. Then got your editorial about our living in Orwells 1984.

  6. I do take your editorial seriously, very seriously. Nevertheless I have a fundamental belief in the “deplorables” that the election this November will come out right and work out the rest from there. As far as Canada is concerned: a BIG YUK1

  7. Spot On, Mr. G. I have a theory…the CIA IS like the Nazis. It has total unbridled POWER. No one really overseas the CIA. MYPOV

  8. AWESOME BLOG, today…..& I agree with you 1000%, Howard, as well as the other “bloggers”! May God continue to BLESS our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, & PLEASE-PLEASE SUPPORT HIS “WONDERFUL ADGENDA!! HE DEFINITELY NEEDS OUR PRAYERS, compared to HUESSEIN OBAMA, the “smoke & mirrors”, FORMER PRES.!!! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO! AMEN, AMEN, PRES. TRUMP, GO & GOD BLESS YOU, AS WELL!!

  9. Too many people need to be bitten before they see the danger. Those who will vote for the left (for socialism, communism) and embrace those ideologies do so because as yet they are still enjoying all the freedom, all the freebies. getting away with their silly, meaningess words. Pappa is on his way home and they will get spanked and then the tears will come.

  10. Such a sad situation/state we are in. It is fast approaching how it must have been in Noah’s day. At that time mankind had become so depraved and wretched that God’s response was to destroy every man, woman and child except for eight people and a pair of each of the animals/fowl of His creation. Fast approaching yes, and it will get worse before the end comes.

  11. …and besides, “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

  12. Howard, this is one of the best editorials you have written since I was introduced to you by a fellow Austinite. It is an eloquent and truthful description of our failed MSM. Unfortunately, the majority of them have left the field of journalism has has become an arm of the progressive, socialist, communist party USA. As always, I will share it with my newsletter recipients. Trust me, they all believe it to be this way too.

  13. Read Orwell’s “1984” in H.S.! Year 2000 was “new goal” for this to happen (we were “behind”, so needed to “Fast Forward”- according to Obama)! All this “bassackwards” thinking has really gotten our nation nowhere fast! Truth/honest/ethics are “out”; lying/dishonesty/fraud “in”? “Political Correctness” sums up all the “Orwellian concepts”, but most idiots haven’t figured that one out yet! (Attorneys getting “rich”, but they are all “in on this” too!) God is about the only “being” to trust today.

  14. Sadly, I have not read George Orwell’s 1984, but based n the quotes you presented,it must be the Democrat strategy handbook. I spend much time on the social media and am convinced that most liberals are bigoted because they viciously attack everything with which they disagree. Those of us who speak out against fake news, protocol and fabrications, and disastrous movements are ridiculed.

  15. The lies work. Because the people the Left play to, and the people the Nazis played to, and the people today the Arabs play to, all want to believe those lies.

  16. 1984 and Watership Down are probably the two most important pieces of literature written by man. The date 1984 was not Orwell’s first choice but the publisher made him reverse the year of publication 1948. it is unfortunate that happened as his book was projected much further into the future and now 1984 seems moot as the date has passed. Thanks for a great blog!

  17. I have been saying that to all my friends for years now that we are headed more and more towards the “1984” scenario and now thanks to you, I am vindicated as not only my friends and I were right but now we have you with more contacts than any of us saying so. Frank Vaughn is also another with a huge audience that says the same thing. Also the Rebel Media with Ezra Levant. The majority of the sheeples in the west are still asleep at the switch. When they do finally wake up, it will be too late.

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