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Long Before President Trump . . . The Media Lost All Credibility – Therefore, for the Media to Blame “President Trump” for a Failing Media, is Akin to Blaming the Ink for Printing Lies, the Cameras for Showing Selective Truths . . . & Radio Microphones for Purveying Audio Propaganda.

The Media Is Being “Hoisted By Its Own Petard”.

Funny how Conservative Talk Radio is Blowing Away all Competition, while LEFTIST Talk Radio like NPR Needs Government (Taxpayer) Money for them to Survive.

Same thing for National Public Broadcasting (PBS), and in Canada, for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) . . . All Of Which Wouldn’t Survive Without Taxpayer Funding, while a Station like FOX News has more Viewers than all their Cable Competition Combined.


Did Anyone Ask You If The Government Should Use Your Hard Earned Money To Subsidize Loser-Media, Which Very Few People Want To Listen To Or Watch?

And Why Are LEFTIST Newspapers Hemorrhaging Money . . . and have been Losing Money for Years – Long Before Donald Trump became President of the United States of America?

This Claim That President Trump Is Responsible For A Failed Media Is Fake News!


The Fact . . . that the American Media “COLLUDED” with one Another, to Simultaneously Print & Publish Editorials last Week, all on the Same Day, as News Editorial Stories, that President Trump is somehow STIFLING Freedom of Expression by the President Calling-Out The News Media For Who & What They Are . . . PROVES THE PRESIDENT’S POINT . . . The Media Cannot Be Trusted!

I RECENTLY READ & HEARD IN THE MEDIA . . . that President Trump’s “Move” to Strip Away Top Security Clearance from Men & Women who No Longer Work in the Government is somehow UNCONSTITUTIONAL . . . How’s That, since the Constitution Appears to Grant the President of the United States of America the Exclusive Power to Decide who will Receive, and who will Not Receive or Retain Security Clearances?

BUT MORE . . . All of a sudden, an Army of Men & Women who No Longer Work for the Government, but who Nonetheless Retain their Security Clearances are Claiming that what the President is doing, IS NOTHING SHORT OF RESTRICTING FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.


WOW . . . What A Great Leap by these Elitists – from perhaps Losing a Secret Security Entitlement, to Losing One’s Freedom of Expression . . . WITH NO EXPLANATION ON HOW ONE LEADS TO THE OTHER.


If these Legends In Their Own Minds and their Media Pals are so concerned about a LACK OF REAL FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – Where are their Voices to Stand Against the BLACKLISTING On Literally All Social Media (Facebook, YouTube & Twitter) For Conservative Opinions? . . . ISN’T THAT AN OUTRIGHT ASSAULT ON FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION? . . . Or Doesn’t that Count, Because it’s Conservative Voices which are being Suppressed?


IN FACT . . . The LEFT Will Never Go Down. They will Retreat from Time-To-Time with their Tails between their Legs, but they will Never Go Away. The LEFT will Always be Lurking, Planning & Scheming in the Shadows, just Waiting for Its Opportunity to Strike Anew, using Organized Guile & Varying Degrees of Human GREED, Preying on the Multitude . . . Who Want Something For Nothing.

That’s The Way It’s Always Been . . . & That’s The Way It Will Continue To Be.

I Defy Anyone To Point To An Epoch In History . . . When Evil Didn’t Raise Its Ugly Head, and when the GOOD GUYS didn’t have to Defeat the Malevolent, whom for whatever Reason Took . . . or Wanted To Take – What Was Not Theirs, Including the Fruits of the Labor & Freedoms of Others.

Hundreds of Millions Lost Everything, Suffered Greatly . . . & Died Fighting Evil from the Beginning of Recorded History – Most Recently Against the Nazis, the Communists, the Islamists and now Perhaps against our Very Own.

Read This Carefully – It’s Up To Us . . . Don’t Let Silence Be The Voice Of Freedom!


Thursday’s Supposed To Be A Nice Day . . . And Several People Who Live Near where Anne & I Spend our Summers in South East Ontario, Relatively Close to the 401 (Trans Canada Highway), about a Half Hour from the Island of Montreal, Want to get Together with me for a Chat and a Coffee . . . So Here’s The Deal:

I’ll Be Riding My Bike To The Tim Horton’s In Lancaster, which is on the South Side of the 401, To Enjoy a Panini and a Diet Cola with Good Conversation at 1:00 O’Clock.

Everyone’s Welcome To Join Me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I expect that while Netanyahu’s time here, and especially during his address to Congress, Obama will say or do something outrageous (what else is new?) that will attempt to divert the nation and the media.

  2. I will try to be there Thursday at 1:00 PM. Very interested in meeting you.

  3. Howard: I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, am a retired lawyer and wonder what station and when I might be able to hear your radio broadcast? We receive CBC TV through Windsor, Ont. Possibly radio, but harder to get now for some reason. Keep up the good voice! Don Kenney

  4. Here’s a CBC bias example- Remember Patrick Brown scenario? The Main Stream Media(MSM) went full on attack mode even though they were allegation. Brown lost his position and wasn’t part of the election win. Then comes along PM Trudeau and the ACTUAL PROVEN allegations of groping… after he let go of his MP’s for similar accusations! CBC hid the story until the Summer vacation and Parliament in recess. Now they all ignore this HUGE Story? Even after Trudeau stated a women MUST be Believed! BIAS!

  5. Let’s face it, PRES. TRUMP is being BLAMED for EVERYTHING the LEFT can think of, while HUSSEIN Obama ALWAYS came out SMELLING ROSES! I STILL question–WHAT is Obama’s FULL BACKGROUND? WHY hasn’t it been REVEALED? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, as he’s STILL out there CAUSING problems for PRES. TRUMP!The LEFT has tried to prove COLLUSION re: Trump WHILE being the ones who ARE the GUILTIEST of this CONNIVANCE! The LEFT is EVIL and their SATANS will NEVER GO AWAY, BUT the TRUTH shall CONQUER! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. Based on 1953 knowledge, even with a top secret clearance, only knowledge required to perform the holder’s job is imparted. Thus, no job, no top secret information is imparted, even thugh it may have been imparted while in his former job. Again, need to know to perform e job was the rule and likely is today.

  7. I have held, Air Force Secret, DOE (nuclear programs) “L” (Secret) and “Q” (Top Secret) clearances. Every time their was no longer a “NEED TO KNOW”, my clearances became inactive, period. This applies to everyone doing work for the US Government. When you leave a position that no longer requires access to classified information, you no longer have a clearance. If you want to maintain a security clearance, get a job that requires it. The FBI will then do another check on the persons history.

  8. You are always so “on target” Howard!! As many others, I am royally bummed I cannot meet you for lunch at Tim Horton’s!
    When in the States and roaming around, head south and try to mosey on down to Fort Lauderdale!! I’ll be there with a gaggle of others!!

  9. I thought it quite natural that one, while in the job, would have an appropriate level security clearance. Once retired or what ever – no longer in the job for whatever reason – security clearance would automatically be removed. Why the different world?

  10. Difficult to have a “battle of wits” with “unarmed people”! Entitlement’s gone too far (left)- people telling “lies” as “Freedom of Speech”! For 8 years, conservatives “kept their mouths shut”, but look where that got us! Republicans don’t “take things way” to “give to poor” (a.k.a. “Re-distribute Wealth”)! News or “Propaganda”? Some of us still have “brains” to decide! “Smart Phones” aren’t our “brains” (what’s on them is being “controlled/monitored”!) Are we becoming “robots” or still humans?

  11. Greetings: I’d be there in a Flash, except I live in St Augustine! You always seem to hit the nail on the head! Liberals have never had such a large target to aim at, simply because President Trump has operated so transparently! This president is so amazing! He’s got so much energy. He exudes confidence. Americans should be adoring this president. Instead, so many continue to try to destroy him! REALLY SAD. Oh, by the way… Trudeau is far and away the worst PM in Canadian history!

  12. I’m here in Florida, or I would DEFINITELY be interested in your ride! Hope you have an AWESOME TIME!! I HAVE enjoyed the other “bloggers” comments…..I THINK IT’S an ABSOLUTE CRIME, how HUESSEIN OBAMA, gets away with MURDER, & our poor PRES. TRUMP has to deal with his crap on a “DAILY BASIS”!!! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO, & GOD BLESS YOU, AMEN AMEN!!!!

  13. Latest breaking news: Quebec woman challenges Trudeau on Millions of taxpayers money being spent on his so called refugees. Trudeau berates her and calls her a racist. Slogan for next years federal election, “If you are a racist, vote conservative”. Hope to see you Thursday.

  14. Clearances are removed when person leaves job that required it. For higher ups (GS-15+), their rating/salary is decided by Congress; applies to dept heads as well. No one is supposed to be granted automatic access to classified information solely because of rank, position, or a security clearance. It’s based on ‘need-to-know’. If no longer hold that position, what is their need to know? If none (esp after period of time), no need for clearance either. Prez can remove anyone’s clearance.

  15. The only reason THEY want to retain their security clearances is to obtain JOBS in an industry which requires it AND they can continue EARNING larger pay checks Thanks to the government. They are NOT entitled. MYPOV

  16. By the Grace of God it would be a pleasure to join you at Tim’s. Time to get rid of Trudope our SNOWFLAKE P.M. “GO TRUMP GO “.

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