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When Listening to this Broadcast, you’ll Hear Several of the Horses Whinnying in the Background, because when I Record this Broadcast, I’m Outside on the Deck, just Several Feet from Various Paddocks.

When I Wrote in the Heading . . . LIARS CHEATS, THIEVES & FAIR-WEATHER FRIENDS, I’m Including The Media, Politicians & Bureaucrats. THEY ARE THE WORST!


Before We Start To Crap On President Trump . . .

I can’t even Begin to tell you How Disappointed I am in the Republicans who are not RINOS, who have been Supporting President Trump, who have Taken The LEFTIST & Media Bait to Screw Over Donald Trump To The Max, For Not Acting Like The Village Idiot With Vladimir Putin.

REMEMBER . . . Before President Trump even Met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, the LEFT & the Media were already Heralding A HUGE VICTORY FOR PUTIN. Based on what Evidence?


Where were these Paragons of Political & Media Virtue Calling Obama a Traitor, Guilty of High Crimes & Misdemeanors . . . As Were just Leveled at President Trump, when Obama said on a Hot Microphone . . . To Tell His Pal Vlad – That After I (Obama) Win the Coming Election, I (Obama) will have more Flexibility?

What Exactly Did That Mean?

Wasn’t It Obama . . . Who Laughed at Candidate Romney, when in a Presidential Debate Romney said that Russia is America’s Biggest Threat?

Obama Didn’t Arm Ukraine & Georgia To The Teeth – as the Russians had their way with these Two Countries . . . But President Trump Did.

Obama Didn’t Embarrass NATO TO MAN-UP & Pay what they all Agreed to Pay to Increase the Military Power of this 29-Member Union in order to Curtail Russian Expansionism . . . But President Trump Did.

Obama Never Broached Germany’s Purchase Of Russian Energy, which is Making Russia Rich Enough to Create Trouble all over the World . . . But President Trump Did.

Obama Drew A Red Pretend-Line Against Syria . . . Showing America to be a Paper Tiger when the Syrians used Poison Gas against its own People & Obama did Nothing . . . But President Trump Punished The Syrians Properly.


I Don’t Trust Either . . . They’re All Liars. They’re Trained To Lie!

And why should President Trump Trust America’s Security Apparatus, which from the time Donald Trump was just a Candidate to run for the Republican Primary, the FBI, and only God knows which other American Security Agencies did whatever they could to Undermine Donald Trump’s Campaigns . . . AND ARE STILL DOING?

SPEAKING OF WHICH . . . No one answered President Donald Trump’s questions about where’s Multiple Complicit Servers. Where’s Crooked Hillary’s 30,000 Deleted Emails . . . Etc – Etc – Etc?

So Why Should President Trump Trust Anything American Intelligence Tells Him?

DOES ANYONE WITH A BRAIN . . . Really Believe that President Trump Doesn’t Know that Putin is a THUG, a LIAR, Not To Be Trusted, and a GENOCIDALIST?

What Exactly Do These People Want President Trump To Do?

Do they Want President Trump to Call Putin all of those things to his Face in Front of the Cameras, Microphones & Scribes of the World – AND THEN WHAT?

Do they Really Want to go to War Against Russia, or Encourage Russia to become even more Belligerent & Emboldened in Russia’s Multiple Attacks Worldwide?


OK – The Russians Spied & Tried To Interfere With An American Election . . .


What About Obama Who Blatantly Interfered With The Last Israeli Election?

And what about Obama’s Surrogate George Soros, or was it the other way around, who Interfered in Canada’s Last Federal Election to Undermine Conservative Leader Stephen Harper in Favor of Liberal Dilettante Justin Trudeau?

The Preceding & Following Aren’t Secrets . . .

What About The Embarrassment To The Obama Administration after Obama’s CIA was Caught Cold Handedly Listening (Wire-Tapping) to the Telephone Conversations of European Leaders, while at the Same Time, Stealing Their Electronic Messaging?

I Think President Trump Did Great In Europe . . . Including In Helsinki. I think as Shakespeare Wrote in Hamlet . . . To Paraphrase – The Media, The Left & The Sell-Out Conservatives Doth Protest Too Much Methinks.

PS – The Disgrace Isn’t On Donald Trump . . . The Disgrace Belongs To The So-Called Conservatives Who Couldn’t Wait To Take The LEFTIST & MEDIA BAIT!

My Thanks As Always To All The People For Financially Supporting

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As I am fortunate AND just old enough to remember Roosevelt’s speech on the radio declaring war on Japan and then Germany, and Kennedy’s Inaugural speech re remembering what “we can do for our country”, and Reagan’s
    TEAR DOWN THIS WALL”, some of you should pray desperately that you will live long enough in a FREE COUNTRY to have heard the forthcoming from Netanyahu! Bud Farrell, Georgetown, Texas

  2. I am so very proud of President Trump Washington has too many ignorant ones trying to destroy our country . God keep this man strong as he works hard every day to keep us free

  3. All the uproar is based on the press conference. No body knows what went on behind closed doors except Putin and Trump!

  4. He already thought about it all BEFORE he went there, and with a couple of strategies in place and just needs to execute, based on the results of Helsinki. 1) try and make peace and friendly with Putin if he was cooperative, (forget strategy #1), 2) kick off Strategy #2, Issue covert orders to TRUSTED CIA, NSA, AND FBI leadership to pull out all the stops and know every time, everything thing, and every piece of info Putin has at his disposal, and have it analyzed, and be ready to go!

  5. It appears to me that President Trump is suffering under that old adage..”Damned if I do damned if I don’t.” The people in the government remind me of buzzards, circling looking for a carcass. From my vantage point what I see is Mr. Trump is doing his best to mend broken fences that the Democrats created. I would rather attempt to at least be civil with Russia than to have them as an out and out enemy. As the Ricky Nelson song says..”If you can’t please everyone you got to please yourself.”

  6. Not to mention that Peter Strzok changed the wording for Comey in his findings so the Hillary would not be indited as the criminal she is. Rosenstein appointed Mueller who we all know is corrupt. Sent 4 men to prison on false charges. One died in prison,one committed suicide, the other two were finally released when it was proven the charges were bogus. What happened to Mueller?. He became the FBI Director and now investigating Trump. When do we investigate the real criminals?

  7. Exactly. Putin already denied any wrongdoings to a host of media. There’s no real smoking gun evidence, only a left conspiracy and a whole lot of speculation to soothe their election woes because they lost. What could Trump possibly do? The whole question to Putin’s face is a farce. Fact is no one has an answer so they instead use this as another opportunity to bash Trump.

  8. So correct me if I am wrong but the democrats would have preferred WW3 and a nuclear war with Russia instead of the diplomatic approach of sanity and integrity of @realDonaldTrump

    No wonder they are taking the street with ski masks on and throwing bricks and stones at the police.

  9. Based in the outrage in the media, on the left, and from the “Intelligence” community Trump must be doing the right thing with Russia and Putin. I just pray he survives the coming onslaught from the Deep State. Remember it was they who assasinated Kennedy when he challenged them. Scary times.

  10. Howard, I just now clicked on the Magna Carta at bottom of this site. Holy cow! I had no idea all this was here & now I’m going to get educated! Thanks so very much for caring to spread knowledge. Warmest good wishes to you & yours, Vera (& no spring chicken I!)

  11. May God continue to bless, President Trump…& continue to watch over HIM! He was/is VERY BRAVE to meet with Putin!!
    And, I’m sure he knows what a “THUG” Putin is…..Pres. Trump is DEFINITELY “STREET SMART”, having grown up in NYC!!! GO PRES. TRUMP GO!!!! AMEN! AMEN!

  12. The turncoats unexpectedly exposed themselves in this most unusual manner. They, for sure thought they were going to be part of a heroic Republican movement, to unseat President Trump. Wow, talk about a major league backfire. The turncoats just strengthened the presidents position.

  13. We have no idea what President Trump said to Putin in private. Business executives know that you praise in public & criticize in private. How our POTUS deals with these constant attacks is beyond me. He gave up his golden years (I’m the same age) & there is no way if I had his life style, would I fight the fight he is doing every day. He needs support & praise from conservatives, not condemnation. My wife & I pray for him each day & we hope many others are doing the same. Prayer is powerful!

  14. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I wish we had Trump in Canada instead of Trudeau!! Trump is getting things done. Trudeau is pathetic.

  15. Hey, Trump was as his best in negotiating. He is setting up Putin the same way he set up Kim y?? un. As for our electing Trudeau we didn’t need any help from O Bama. We were stupid enough to do it all by ourselves. Stupid is as stupid does.

  16. Shepard Smith, Shepard Smith, what is he doing on FOX anyway. You can see in his eyes the disdain he holds for TRUMP, you can hear the glee in his voice when he gets a chance to criticize him. So tell me again WHY is he on FOX!! His was the first broadcast I heard criticizing TRUMP’S meeting with Putin I almost fell off my chair. Remember: Keep your friends close and your ENEMIES CLOSER!! I guess the LEFT do not know this. Howard, you are really on top of things. Understatement I know.

  17. Face it , it will never matter how or what Trump does : He is not Black , He is not Gay , He is not politically correct , He is a Business Man , He is Rich … He Will Never Do anything right according to his critics

  18. So, President Trump just stated that he misspoke at his conference in Helsinki. I accept what he said and fully support our President. Bet the Left doesn’t accept it though, their heads have already imploded!

  19. Thanks, Howard, for another excellent editorial. President Trump is doing a great job! Crooked Hillary and her miscreant husband should both be in jail. The left continue to to spew out their garbage-Schumer et al.

  20. I’m just so fed up with the talking heads both left and right……….. color me gone!!!!!!!

  21. We keep hearing over and over that the “Ruskies” meddled, hacked, interfered in our elections. HAS ANYONE EVER SEEN ANY PROOF,BEING OFFERED,OF SUCH BREACHES OF INTELLIGENCE??? To date I certainly haven’t seen any proof of the hacking etc. Missing emails and servers and the whole DOJ,FBI,CIA all conspiring against Trump and we are supposed to believe this “Ruskie” stuff actually happened??? Trump really knows what happened. He’s keeping his powder dry for the exact correct moment to unload.

  22. You are SPOT ON, Mr. G. I got out my note book & added the ‘turncoats’. I will NOT be voting for them. They did NOT truly listen. Quick knee jerk reactions I did not expect from the RIGHT. POTUS Trump is no Dumb Dora. I think folks need NOT ‘jump to conclusions’. Where is Hillary’s server? Who really hacked it? PROOF is what we need & should have. God Bless

  23. Love it when the lefties go nuts. It just lets more folks know how totally wacko those nuts are. They think because there’s so much coverage & village idiots joining them that they are in majority. Nope, not so & they will find that out come Nov 2018 & if they keep on, again in 2020. They are getting enough rope to hang themselves. As for the conservatives in Congress–they got caught up paying attention to media; perhaps ‘if so many believe it, it can’t be wrong’. Wrong; it’s called delusion.

  24. Where was the media indignation when Obama interfered in the Canadian election by sending campaign advisors to work for Truedope. And did Obama influence Canadian tariffs by attaching tariffs to specific products that come from States that crooke Hillary lost for the Democrats Makes one want to say hmmmmmm

  25. The question remains and is still a big puzzle to me and wish you could give me your point of view Howard, why is the lame stream media so much with the left, fiberal, dipper and demon”c”rats since as what I read the mid 50’s ??? What is it with the left’s lies that is so attractive to report to the lame stream media ???

  26. I am sure the vast majority of people in the USA greatly appreciate Trump’s effort and his accomplishments. Last week was another home run for him and include the Putkin meeting in the mix. The thought of Obama or Hillary attempting to do what he did is scary.

  27. I have been aware of this ever since Trump announced his candidacy. Anyone with a brain wonders why should President Trump Trust America’s Security Apparatus? They did whatever they could to Undermine Donald Trump’s Campaigns . . . and are still undermining him. Do they Really Want to Encourage Russia to become even more Belligerent & Emboldened in Russia’s Multiple Attacks Worldwide? It amazes me that such rancor is dominate.

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