It’s Almost Always About The Money


IT’S JUST HUMAN NATURE . . . That we Believe Prominence Supersedes Money. That Someone who is Famous is Automatically Rich & Beyond the Gravitational Pull of Needing And/Or Wanting Money . . . WHICH IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING TRUE.

Years Ago . . . During my Socio/Political Activist Heyday, I remember being on BBC Radio, when the Announcer Introduced me as “A CANADIAN ACTIVIST MILLIONAIRE” . . . which couldn’t be Further from the Truth.

He Introduced Me As A Millionaire . . . Because he Assumed that if Anne & I Owned our own National Advertising Agency, Lived on our Own Horse Farm, had Horses & was a Prominent National Advocate . . . I HAD TO BE RICH.

Besides . . . It Plays Better For The Media.


IN FACT . . . We were Hemorrhaging Personal Money Fighting the Good Fight for Everyone Else, while Paying for Personal & Property Bodyguards to Protect Anne at Home and When Anne left the House, our Horses, our Farm, our Dog & for Myself During Events . . . to the Point where we were Struggling just to Make our Mortgage & Car Payments.

THE MEDIA ASSUMED WE WERE RICH . . . So, the People Thought we were Rich, and that I was making a Fortune through my Political Activism, because the Misappropriated Belief was that People by the THOUSANDS were Sending my Activist Group (QPAC) Enormous Amounts of Money.

WHILE IT IS 100% TRUE THAT PEOPLE WERE SENDING QPAC MONEY . . . It is Equally True that it wasn’t Thousands of People, more like Hundreds of People, and very Few Large Sums. And in all Reality the Money that came in Didn’t Even Scratch the Surface of what was Needed to Carry-On the Fight.

So We Financed It Ourselves.


If the LEFT (Quebec Separatists) and the Governments (Quebec & Canada) had any Real Inkling of how Broke Anne & I Really Were, they would have Chewed Me Up For Breakfast & Come Back For Lunch. So, it was Very Much to our Favor to Allow the Media and the People to Enjoy their MISCONCEPTION.


EVEN THE GREAT LATE MICHAEL JACKSON . . . was for all Intents & Purposes Broke Before he Died. But who Could have Believed it?

WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW . . . And Unless we are Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes – We Can Only Presume, and More Times than Not . . . We Presume Wrong.


Both of these Men are Surrounded with an Army of High Profile, well Connected Expensive Lawyers, who for MORE THAN A YEAR, have been Investigating the Russian Collusion Charge Against President Donald Trump.


YET – IN ALL THAT TIME . . . There doesn’t seem to be One Scintilla of Evidence that Donald Trump Colluded with the Russians Before he became President, Nor After Donald Trump became America’s 45th President . . . So What Has This Army Of Expensive LEFTIST Lawyers Being Doing For More Than One Year, To Earn The Incredible Money They Are Being Paid?

I PERSONALLY KNOW PLENTY OF PEOPLE . . . Who Earn Big Money, and I really Mean Big Money, who are BROKE, because whatever they Earn, they Spend More than that just to keep their Lifestyle Going. I know that you all know People like that too.

I Have To Believe . . . that Initially; the Collusion Probe might have had some Legitimacy in its Illegitimate Quest to Screw-Over President Trump. But, at this Juncture, AND WITH NO RESULTS TO SPEAK OF, the only Reason I can see for the Perpetuation of this FRAUD . . . is to Continue Lining the Pockets of all the Participants (Lawyers) and their Friends, which to me is Theft . . . AND SHOULD BE AN INDICTABLE OFFENSE.

Once This Mueller Probe Ends, and the very Disappointing Horowitz Probe Ends, and the Raison D’être for Rosenstein to Act as the Attorney General Ends . . . What will the People of the United States of America be Left With Other than a Huge Loss of Money, No Answers to Serious Questions, Far More DISRESPECT for the Already DISRESPECTFUL Justice Department . . . And A LEFTIST Induced Bitterly Divided Society?

AS I SEE IT . . . The Men In Power – Mueller, Rosenstein, Horowitz and their Vast Army of Lawyers . . . have No Idea how to End this Debacle of their Own Making, which would Strip Them All from their Power, Prestige & Financial Gravy-Train.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, THEY’RE IN IT FOR THE MONEY . . . And the Tax-Paying American People are being Charged through the Nose for it. And in the Final Analysis, all these Creeps will Eventually Move-On . . . Leaving these Almost Exclusive LEFTIST Social/Political Parasites to do do Everything they will be Able to, to Find some Other Host to Feed Off Of.

In The Meantime . . . They’re Doing More To Harm America Than Are The Russians.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I pray that there will be no announcement of ‘due to unforeseen circumstances…’ sabotaging Netanyahu in ultimately giving his no-holes-barred speech. DESPERATE leftists, and their mainstream biased leftist media patsies who are now choking and sputtering on their 6-year-old kool-aid that is fast going rancid, may indeed do DESPERATE things.

  2. How come President Trump, Judge Janine Pirro and Hannity don’t see that ??? jeff sessions is missing in action and for the god of me still wonder why Trump chose him as AG. What about General Kelly ??? Trey Gowdy ??? I don’t get it. THey found lots of other incriminating stuff and this one should be very obvious. Hope charges get laid before the end of August and hope the Republicans gain seats in the house and senate.

  3. Sadly, if Trump fires Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller & the rest of the Deep State, the backlash would be beyond the pale. He needs to tell these losers to provide all the docs to congress & let that the data speak for itself. He needs a strong & fearless AG but he will need to wait until his SCOTUS pick is confirmed.

  4. We only know about 1/10 of what is TRULY going on with our FED. GOVT.Jeff Sessions is a DISGRACE.The TRUMP investigation has gone ABOVE and BEYOND its time-frame and it SHOULD END ASAP!The amount of MONEY which has been spent on this FRUITLESS investigation could have been spent on BUILDING THE WALL!The DEPT. of JUSTICE ELITES must be FIRED and REPLACED by TRUSTWORTHY INVESTIGATORS!MONEY HAS ALWAYS SPOKEN VERY LOUDLY and IT ALWAYS WILL!Pres. Trump needs to do some more FIRING! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. Make public every piece of so called evidence before the election, fire the Ag, fire Rosenstien, the special council, everyone in the leadership of FBI and Justice, everybody involved. Let the chips fall, leave it up to the American people to speak in Nov. Screw congress, screw the bureaucracy, if the people fail Trump then so be it, we get what we deserve. Forget impeachment, if the people tolerate it then screw them as well.

  6. Greetings Howard: Historically, when investigations for criminal behavior have taken place, once all is said and done, the perpetrators and criminals face jail time. This ridiculous witch hunt was aimed purely at taking down Trump and no less. What we’ll end up with is a total waste of taxpayer money and a slew of rich DC attorneys richer. The partisanship illustrated by Mr. Nadler and his ilk, to interrupt and deflect, was honestly too much to bear. It’s like watching a train wreck.

  7. The joys of our US Government & the means in which they chose to spend our money! What’s a few billion dollars when the country is in trillions of dollars in debt??? This is the way that politicians really think. It doesn’t matter which party, they all think the same, in the long run. Out of 535 Congressmen/women, there is only a hand full that honestly care. I believe Gowdy is one of those who truly cares, he is getting out of Congress & wants to go back to being in the justice system.

  8. Your last ‘bold’ statement is so true. A couple folks mentioned Trey Gowdy–he would make great Head of DOJ. I’ve been alarmed at the staunch conservatives leaving Congress. We definitely need strong conservative Constitutionalists filling their spots and many more to even begin Congress returning our nation to a republic. Putting a Freedom Caucus member in to replace Ryan would be great start. Establishment RINOs need to be GONE, replaced with Tea Party types. Gotta love Trump making waves too.

  9. Pres Trump has the authority to declassify classified material, that may be the shortest path to ending this witch hunt and circumvent the missing AG. Positive things are on the way, need more conservatives in office!

  10. Mr. G. hat can we do? 49% of Americans vote Democrat and 49% vote Republican and all other candidates combined garner 2%. It is fruitless to vote for any candidate not in the two ruling parties because they have all the money and money talks.

  11. How true your last statement that they are doing more damage than the Russians. It is all so ridiculous but they will do anything to save their own skins as far as the money is concerned. Money is above everything else because it means power and they think permission to do as they please. Very sick indeed.

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