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What can Anyone Say about State Governments, in the Case of Canada, where the Entire Government Pushes for a Stoned-Out PopulaceIntoxicated on Marijuana?

That Asked . . . What can also be Said about a Dishonest Media with Selective Inquiry, where Journalism has been Transformed from Honest Disclosures into Entertainment, With Long Legged Pundits Wearing Short Skirts & Fake Eyelashes?

THE LEFT HAS TURNED “OUR” WORLD UPSIDE DOWN . . . Where Gender is Based on how you feel each Morning when you Wake-Up, and MEN can become Beauty-Queen Contestants . . . In What Once Were Mainstream Pageants.

How Is It . . . that Illegals, as in Illegal Aliens – somehow become “Undocumented” Victims & People who want to Protect the Integrity of their Country become Racists & Bigots?

How Have We Morphed . . . from a Society of Clear Law & Order – to become a Society of Selective Law & Order?

What Do You Say . . . when the Working Blue Collar Police & Border Patrol are Vilified for Doing their Job, while the FBI & NSA Run Roughshod over the Rights & Privacy of the People, and Refuse to Answer to their Superiors in the House and the Senate?

What Kind Of FREEDOM Law & Order Society Spies On Its Own Citizens?

And how do we Square the Circle of the FBI Breaking-Down the Doors of a Household, where there is no Threat to Anyone, in the Wee Hours of the Morning, of a Non Violent Suspect, when a Civilized Knock on the Door at a Reasonable Hour would Equally Suffice?

And What About Congress . . . ? What about the Men & Women of the Government who Lie & Obfuscate to get Elected, and once Elected, Serve their Party and their Sugar Daddies (Lobbyists) Opposed to the People?


And For The Big One . . . What can we Say about a Government & Media – in what we Believe to be a Free & Democratic Society, which Invests All of its Time, Effort & Money to Bring Down a Duly Elected President, whose Only Obvious Goal is to Make His Country (The Country Of The People) Great Again?


I’m Not A Conspiracy Theorist . . . Period – Full Stop, But I’m Also Not An Idiot!

I Write This BLOG, because we have Entered into the Realm of Orwell’s 1984, where Big Brother has for Generations Slowly Taken Away our Rights in the Pretense of Protecting our Rights, much like the Frog Placed in a Pot of Cool Water, which Doesn’t React to the Heat Slowly, yet Steadily Rising to a Boil . . . Before It’s Too Late.


Everything You Just Read In The Preceding Is 100% Accurate, True & Even Understated, and it’s just the Tip Of The Iceberg, as Congress, the FBI, the Justice Department, and the Media Do All They Can to Battle the Legitimate President of the United States, and the People of America, as the World is Closing in on America from every Direction.


China is the Enemy of America. Russia is the Enemy of America. Islamism is the Enemy of America. Socialism is the Enemy of America. And the International LEFTIST Conspiracy of A One World Government is the Enemy of America.

If “Trump” Goes Down . . . America Goes Down . . . We All Go Down!

As Hard As It Is To Imagine . . . Let Alone To Believe – And in spite of all the Pretty Trappings many of us Enjoy, we are all Living on the Cusp of Dystopia, the Absolute Breakdown of Government & Civility – BECAUSE . . . we have Chosen to Believe the BEST IN THE WORST PEOPLE.

And Because We Have Been Educated Not To Learn . . . Nor To Question.

Our Governments Have Brought Us To Financial Armageddon – through Unsustainable Debt . . . Our Politicians have Allowed our “System” to become Overloaded as they Create Retirement Bureaucratic Safe Havens for Themselves.

And The Makers can No Longer Bear the Demands of the Takers . . . And Our Entire Values-System Is In Absolute Rot.

The Impending Remedy Will Not Be By Choice. Nor Will It Be One We Should Welcome, But It Is Coming.

The Question . . . Is How Do We Deal With It?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Happily, I missed Feinstein’s speech; I did, however, hear Netanyahu speak to AIPAC and he was magnificent as I am sure he will be tomorrow in the House. He is a great man and I hope the members who refuse to attend will fall on their faces, for their stupidity and rudeness to the head of Israel. They need to hear what this man says; the future of the world depends on it.

  2. Well-said, Howard. RE: Gender: when is it sensible for a man to declare himself a woman, then beat the crap out of women in their various sports (e.g., wrestling and track). What about government officials (FBI, DOJ, etc.) refusing to cooperate with their respective congressional oversight committees? President Trump needs to get rid of deep-state members who are attempting to bring him down along with our republic. When that starts, Civil War II begins. And it will be a bloody war.

  3. It is becoming clear that there is only one way to solve this, and it will not be pretty. If the Left does manage to remove our rightfully elected President, it will happen. Then you will see the American Silent Majority use our second amendment rights, to clean up our corrupt government, and protect our Constitution.

  4. As usual you hit what is going on 100%. I just don’t understand WHY us conservatives don’t have plans like the liberals appear to follow. Seems that we just sit aside and piss and moan as things are going south. As in Animal Farm we are all equal….. some more than others.

  5. I believe that the cold Civil War we are now in, that began Nov 9th 2016, will become much worse before it gets better.

  6. Echo Roger Valligny. We are trapped by a two party system, neither of which cares for anything except gaining or retaining their positions of power. Anyone outside the two parties are totally incapable of being elected to a national office. We all know what the problem is but do not know how to solve it. I the FINAL ANALYSIS, it all boils down to money.

  7. We’ve been “Dumbed Down” by education, drugs and/or alcohol, plus MSM to the point that many today live in “Lala Land” (“Progressive Utopia” where everybody is “equal” and “entitled” to “pursuit of happiness”- whatever that is)! Millions want to “take America down” by “taking” whatever they can from conservatives and “patriots”! (What’s going on in Africa can happen here!) Where’s the “Hope” or “Changes” towards better future for USA? No wonder people suffer from depression and commit suicide!

  8. Somehow, when congress and senate’s little nests start coming apart maybe something will happen. The only way I can see it happening is with the convention of the states. We need to revise and take back so much. My hopes are dwindling though.
    Vickie McCoy. I posted this on Chuck’s email because I am not receiving in my email any more.

  9. As hard as it is to ‘hear’ what you say, I still know it is truth.Those of us in our 70s on have seen/been aware of these symptoms for some time (40+ years likely) but as it was gradual, we always figured it was temporary. With Obama’s ‘changes’ to USA’s detriment & then the left’s reaction to Trump’s election, it became starkly obvious. Now w/Dems taking House in Jan, it will be uglier. I fear the only reset will be all-out war. BUT no doubt the UN, Russia or China would step in.

  10. Howard, once again you hit the proverbial nail(s) smack dab on their flat heads. I truly believe the real problem stems from the LACK of education in our public schools. When that has been watered down and our country’s own history is not taught properly any longer, the populace has been purposefully “dumbed” down. That leaves all vulnerable to a government which is slowly destroying all that our founding father’s held dear and which most of us born before well 1960 also hold dear.

  11. This has been going around for a while, calling an Illegal Alien an “undocumented migrant is like calling a Drug Dealer an Undocumented Pharmacist.” I am so sick of every Lefty having to say everything with “Political Correctness” and being offended at anyone they disagree with is a “Racist,, or Homophob or what have you. Another thing, when they come for our guns, they better bring a lot of body bags.

  12. Very good post HG. I’m sure you have heard the latest here in Canada about Omar Khadr and how he wishes a passport so he can visit his terrorist sister in Saudi Arabia. Who didn’t see that coming??? After killing an American soldier and our weak government giving him $10.5 mil for his detention in Gitmo, he is not satisfied walking amongst us. We will learn next week if the courts rule in his favor. With this leftist government, I’m sure he will be granted his wish. Heaven help us…….

  13. We can see the handwriting on the wall….We live in terrible times but MUST stand up for what is right.
    Howard, YOU are SO right about what you are saying here. We cannot give up but teach as many as we can the truth about what is happening. G-d bless your witness and let us pray that more will awaken from their deep slumber.

  14. Way back in 1959, my Mom read a book entitled “Ship of Fools”. Apparently it was a #1 National Best Seller at the time.
    Today, I was thinking about what if Howard Galganov somehow wanted to become the leader of Canada? Imagine, Prime Minister Galganov !!! I kinda like the idea. But then I thought about what Leonard Cohen once said: “They locked up a man because he wanted to rule the world. The fools – they locked up the wrong man.” !!! Love your comments & observations, Howard. – Brucester

  15. When people elect people like cortez, we know that they are totally brainwashed. Also when they keep re-electing demonrats like schumer and pelosi, what does that tell you about how low society as sunked. Same thing in Canada. I am afraid that the only way to fix this will be a major revolt and civil war in both countries. We must retake our houses or parliament and throw all politicians and top bureaucrats in jail and start from scratch.

  16. This country was founded to get away from a Government like you have described. Then many years later, Democrats caused to go to war against each other over Slavery, killings 100s of thousands. This was a war of brother against brother. Democrats have become farther Left in thinking and pushing their ideal, one world order of a Socialist leadership. We are at the edge of another War here. When that happens the Enemies from outside will take us over.

  17. Greetings: I am a registered Republican; been one since Reagan. I don’t see the doom and gloom everyone here is echoing. Granted, the Democrats taking back the House represents the usual backlash mid term angst. I love Trump. Unfortunately he’s experienced a belligerent opposition, but let’s also realize he’s facing a belligerent Republican Party as well! THIS is unprecedented! He’s tough. He’s a fighter. Let’s hope he doesn’t back down and continues to Make America Great Again! BUILD THE WALL!

  18. Thanks howard you are so right may god bless you and keep you in your efforts to defeat the swamp

  19. Donald Trump is a tough New Yorker but he is still human. The relentless pounding he is taking must have an effect on him. He certainly is a true American doing a thankless job. The question is will he run for a second term or just turn it over to Pence and go back to living a life he enjoyed and saw great success?

  20. ANOTHER AWESOME EDITORIAL, Howard, & I did enjoy the other “bloggers’ comments”, my heart goes out to our WONDERFUL PRES., FOR PUTTING UP with this “nonsense” 24/7! I REALLY ADMIRE HIM!! AMEN-AMEN!!!

  21. VERY WELL SAID…If Trump Goes Down, America Goes Down, We All Go Down! I agree with Mollie H. above that America has been Dumbed Down by education, drugs and/or alcohol! The LEFT is RUINING our Country! The SWAMP MUST BE DRAINED IMMEDIATELY! People are LITERALLY going CRAZY and YET, more DRUGS are added to our system! People FEAR facing REALITY & the TRUTH! They prefer to live in LA-LA LAND where there are NO RESPONSIBILITIES to be MET! PRAY FOR PRES. TRUMP and THE BUILDING of the WALL! AMEN!

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