Is It Orwell’s 1984 . . . Or Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged?


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We Are Having Our IT Manager Look Into It.

In The Meantime . . . This is Good News & Bad News. The Good News is that only Substantial Conservative BLOGS get the Censorship Treatment, which means that we’re doing Something Right & Making an Impact.

The Bad News . . . Is that this Censorship is Denying my RIGHT to Fully Express Myself to a Willing Audience, and the Reader’s (Listeners) RIGHT to Read & Hear what I have to Say, which is also being DENIED.

So Much For Freedom Of Expression By The LEFT.


So . . . Here’s The Deal – I Write & Broadcast Almost Everyday, so, if You’re Not Receiving my Notices, and you Think you’re being Blocked . . . Please just Check on every now and then to see if Anything New has Been Published.

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The Summer Days will soon be Waning, and there will be Fewer & Fewer Weather-Day Opportunities for me to get on my BIKE, and Ride for the Sheer Pleasure Of Riding . . . So it kind of Bothers me Somewhat that I am Spending so much Time & Energy Writing Socio/Political Editorials, when I Could be Enjoying the Smell of the Fresh Air and the Roar of the 1300cc Engine when I Downshift to Pass & Crank the Accelerator.

BUT AS IMPORTANT AS IT IS FOR ME TO HAVE FUN . . . Just for the Pleasure of having Fun, it is More Important in my Mind’s-Eye to Write & Broadcast about Issues . . . Which Are Threating Our Freedoms.


I Don’t Know If We Are Living In George Orwell’s 1984, or Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, or Perhaps BOTH, since we’re being Smothered With Orwell’s Big Brother, where Good is Bad, Truth are Lies and the State Knows What’s Best for the People . . . Better Than Do The People.

Or Is It Rand’s Atlas Shrugged . . . Where Mediocrity Surpasses a Meritocracy & Equivalence Surpasses Exceptionalism, as long as the Ruling Elite are Calling The Shots.

OR HAVE OUR FREEDOMS BECOME SO SURREALISTIC . . . That the People are Supporting Socially & Politically Suicidal Issues – as if Throwing Freedoms Under The Bus is the Smartest Thing they could Possibly do, not even Understanding what they are Willingly Allowing to Happen to their Freedoms, which will Strip Them of those Freedoms . . . Leaving All of The People As Vassals Of The Socio/Political Elite?


As A Canadian . . . I’m Pleased that the USA & Mexico came to a Mutual Trade Agreement, which both sides are Lauding, because the American/Mexican Accord is a Kick-In-The-Ass to Uppity Socialists Running Canada, who have to Understand, because of Trudeau’s (Prime Minister) Holier-Than-Thou attitude to President Trump, Canada will have to either . . . Take A Deal Or Take A Walk.


Imagine . . . For the Sake of a Communist-Style Dairy & Poultry Policy (Supply Management), which Guarantees a Handful of Canadian Dairy & Poultry Farmers (Approximately 14,000 In Total) An Oligopoly at the Expense of the Canadian Population (35-Million), who are FORCED to Pay More Money, as much as Double or Triple for Milk, Cheese, Chickens, Turkeys & Eggs, than Americans Pay for the same Products . . . Trudeau and the Canadian LEFT are willing to Blow a Trade Deal with the World’s Largest Economy.


If I Heard It Correctly . . . President Trump told Prime Minister Trudeau through President Trump’s Press Conference, which Heralded the American/Mexican Deal, that either Canada Negotiates a Good Deal for Both Sides, which I Assume Means Agriculture, since Mexico has Agreed to Buy as much American Agriculture as Possible, or the United States will Simply Slap a 25% Tariff on all Canadian Made Automobiles, which would be Financially Catastrophic for the Province of Ontario . . . And So Be-It.

I Want To Reiterate This As Many Times As I Can . . . DO NOT BELIEVE THE BIG LIE FROM THE LEFT . . . No matter How many Times They Tell It – Nor How Many Ways They Spin It!

President Trump Is A Force Of Nature . . . The Shmucks Amongst the LEFT & the Dishonest Media have no Idea Who & What they’re Fighting, Regardless of all the Fixed Polling Stats which the Dishonest Media want the People to Believe.

The Entire Truth Is In The Economy . . . Great Trade Agreements, Reduced Taxes, Revised Tax Filings, Gutted Sorrowful Regulations, an End to the Hoax of Climate-Change, an End to the Obamacare Fiasco, Increased Social & Medical Benefits to the VA, the Exploding Stock Market, Repatriated American Money from Abroad, a Vast Expansion of American Manufacturing, a Revitalized NATO, Israel’s Embassy In Jerusalem, the Greatest Employment Record in American History for Black & Hispanic Americans, More Women in the Work Place than Within Decades, Fewer Americans on Food Stamps, A Rush to Control America’s Borders & Immigration . . . & ON & ON & ON!

And What Do The LEFT Have To Offer . . . Communism, Resist, Impeach, Strong Arm Nazi-Like Tactics and a Return to the Abysmal Era of Obama.

Don’t Let Your Silence Be The Voice Of Freedom!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. See how predicatively lefty “American” media covers this. Visualize West Wing flunkies on the phones with major media puppets, demanding this be “underplayed”…no worries about that, it will. America must hear “Bibbi” to get the truth. This is an American issue..Obama is trying to make it strictly Israeli! Iran has huge oil and gas deposits. There is no reason to have any thing nuclear in Iran unless they want a bomb. Bibbi might give them one for free, if he doesn’t get reliable U.S. support

  2. “THE ENTIRE TRUTH IS IN THE ECONOMY” That is a great paragraph. Quite a mouthful and it is getting longer every day. Pretty soon it will be a full page long as there are plenty of things out there which need Trump’s touch. Just makes me smile!

  3. The spin on CBC is we will not drop Supply Management … That should go well . Ontario is Conservative and anti Liberal . Trudeau will let NAFTA fail to punish us and blame Trump. He can also use Trump as the reason our interest rates are rising , our economy is faltering and real estate balloon is about to burst . Trudeau’s decisions have very little to do with what the “rest of us ” Great Unwashed want or need. He and his Elitists know better.

  4. Perfect insight, Mr. G. Trump is pushing on regardless of any opposition. The Dow Jones is high. Now if we can get all the mid terms RIGHT & not lose the votes we just MIGHT have a chance. God Bless Canada & the USA, we need it.

  5. Trump demonstrates that somebody who knows how to run a business is better at running this nation than “Politicians” (former Attorneys) or “Insiders/Elitists” (who just know who to “suck up to”)! DJT is an “outsider” looking at situations in a different manner, getting things done faster, and for less money! He’s spending taxpayer money, but those who don’t pay income taxes still expect to be “equal”? (When and how does the “Freebie List” end?) MAGA involves more jobs, not more folks on welfare!

  6. You left out gasoline. We pay here $5 a gallon compared to half that in the US. Our system stinks!

  7. Issues . . . Which Are Threating Our Freedoms are here to stay as long as we have Trudeau, two more years at least.
    Take break Howard, go ride your bike and have some fun while you can, and you can think on the road. Life is too short at our age to fight the worlds problems every day. Canadians are not paying attention to Freedom of Speech except those of us who have something to say. It’s the NIMBY syndrome that thrives in Canada. Evil is at work in the USA.

  8. Thanks for your concern about g.mail,Howard.
    About a week passed and I’m not receiving your blog, concerned that you were ill.
    So, what I have been doing is just going to GALGANOV.COM and finding you!

  9. Glad Mexico’s new prez is working w/Trump & helping his country. May make decrease #s of Mexicans illegally crossing border to US. Didn’t get to read your McCain one ’til today. He’d been showing himself as a RINO for sometime. In death, he finalized his political stance to a liberal democrat. As for MSM’s blue wave predictions–the more they say it the fewer dem voters feel they need to vote & the more GOPs will make sure to vote. So strategy actually backfires.
    Get out & ride your bike!!

  10. Open a new email account at “”. The only fear going into Mid-Terms is complacency…..I surely hope voters are motivated with all of the positive news and economics spewing into the market place……You surely wouldn’t know it from The Lefties…’s up to all of us to educate and inform. This is the 2nd Most Important election in our life-times….let’s make it work and make it happen!

  11. You’re so RIGHT in that all the LEFT have to OFFER are Communism, Resist, Impeach, Strong Arm Nazi-Like Tactics and a Return to the Abysmal Era of Obama.I REPEAT, the LEFT continues to ATTACK Pres. Trump, but can one even IMAGINE if HUSSEIN OBAMA’S PAST had been SCRUTINIZED like Trump’s past has been.I say that “IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO DO SO to SHUT HIM UP once and for all!We would all be VERY SURPRISED with this OUTCOME!WHY did he pay MILLIONS of dollars to hide it?WHO will ATTEMPT this FEAT?AMEN!

  12. It seems Howard that you and I are totally in sink, every time and brainwised when it comes to what you say and write and my way of thinking. I am 110% in agreement with you. Keep up the good work.

  13. Incompetent pilot and leader, turncoat, this repeated itself throughout his life. McCain was an embarrassment to his father and his country. When early out was offered to him his father told him to man up and stay in the Hanoi Hilton.
    I was told this by a retired navy Capt. with over 1000 carrier landings, 250 combat missions. A4s and A7s, CAG on the Kitty Hawk and was also a Congressional liaison with the Pentagon “black projects”. He passed away several years ago, he was a real hero.

  14. Our President in his past life was a force to be dealt with in business, taking several golf courses, casinos, hotels and making them profitable. Given the chance and support, he is trying to do the same for our country and also work fairly with other countries. He is no push over. I could care less about his personal life, that is between his wife and he. Every politician has talked with the Russians in some way or form. Better to have them close and talking than not.

  15. A more apt literary work to use as an analogy for Trump’s view of NAFTA isn’t Rand’s Atlas Shrugged but her first book Anthem which tells the story of a totaliatarian regime that outlaws innovation because it will take away existing jobs. The innovation of the light bulb is outlawed because the candlestick workers will lose their jobs. Manufacturing jobs in the U.S. are down not because jobs are going to Mexico but because of innovation technologies such as robotics, making products cheaper.

  16. i can confirm gmail is blocking your editorials. I have not received any to my gmail account for at least a week. i just registered with a different email address so do not take it personnel when i cancel the gmail one if or when you get it working a again

  17. I enjoyed ALL the other bloggers comments… ARE 1000% on track, Howard! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO…..& KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC JOB YOU ARE DOING, PRES. TRUMP!! AMEN-AMEN!!! I’M SO GRATEFUL YOU ARE OUR PRESIDENT!!!!

  18. Step by Step Trump is neutralizing Obama, no easy task to say the least. The Northern Americas Trade Deal, not the best, but the right direction. Canada must come to the table and do what is right for all of us not only Canada. I do not see why this cannot happen. Next will be dealing with China and it is doable.

  19. Having been born & raised in Canada & having moved to USA 40 years ago (ouch), I forever couldn’t understand why goods manufactured, grown or processed in CANADA were more EXPENSIVE in CANADA! CANADA would say: “The U.S. dollar is worth MORE than the CANADIAN dollar”. BUT for years during the 20th CENTURY, the CANADIAN dollar was worth MORE than the U.S., & CANADA would say, “Well, the CANADIAN dollar is worth MORE than the U.S. dollar”. ALL LIES you can blame the TRUDEAUS for… Papa AND Son!

  20. Howard, you hit another Grand slam home run on 8/27 and repeated it again today. That calls for another donation. Love your blogs.

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