I’m Blown Away By Your Support



I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of SUPPORT this BLOG received due to the last Editorial, and from people who offered SUPPORT before the Editorial, all of which came at an extremely PROPITIOUS time.


In the last 30-Days . . . we upgraded the size, quality and security of the Galganov.com Server, enabling us to provide better Communications.

We also reestablished the Audio Part of the BLOG back to the way it was many years ago, so I can actually BROADCAST much of what I write.

And finally, we increased the ANALYTICS of Galganov.com, so we could know where our Readers, Listeners and Watchers come from, enabling me to reach out to more people, who we would like to be on the DIRECTORY.

AND YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE FINDINGS . . . Our Number ONE source of Audience comes from the USA by a HUGE margin. There’s no surprise there.

Number TWO with a considerable number, comes from Canada, which too is not a surprise.

BUT REMARKABLY . . . the Number THREE audience comes from Russia. It’s not a massive number, but it’s interesting that there are any Russian Readers at all.

And Number FOUR, which did not surprise me, comes from Israel, which given Israel’s relative size in comparison to all the other Markets, was by that standard, quite significant.

And the FIFTH significant market was the UK.

ALL OF THAT SAID . . . the American Audience is ENORMOUS, with Canada quite a way behind, but EXTREMELY significant, with a very RESPECTFUL number, which tells me that this BLOG is indeed reaching the markets that mean the most to me, excepting the Russian Factor, which I’m proud to have nonetheless, but would like to figure out why so many Russians are interested in what I write.


Most of the SUPPORT this BLOG receives is NOT BIG . . . but very welcome nonetheless, from $5 to $25, while there are some who support at $50, $100 and the VERY occasional $250. But what BLEW ME AWAY, with this last Editorial, was one SUPPORTER through PayPal who ponied-up $1,000, which to me, was WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND ANY EXPECTATIONS.

In all . . . Galganov.com made enough money to cover the costs of the above expenses to improve and protect this BLOG, which I assumed would not have happened, which makes me very happy, and gives APPROBATION from the people, who support what I say, write, and do.

Another very pleasant surprise . . . was that it’s usually the same 75 to 100 people who contribute. I didn’t count how many people contributed this time, since I will wait a week for the Mail to come in before I take a final count, since some people don’t like to use PayPal.

But, as of yesterday, what I do know, is that were three new names, who SUPPORTED the BLOG Financially, which brought a smile to my face.


I listened to Trump’s Security Speech on Monday, August 15, 2016 . . . and then I scoured the Media to HEAR their OPINIONS and SPIN.


Trump was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT LOYAL to all the things he said from DAY ONE. His speech was Easy to Listen to. Easy to Understand. And as Straight Forward as one could hope for.

I can’t imagine how Trump could possibly be more consistent in everything he was saying, from the time he came down his Escalator to announce his decision to run for the Leadership of the Republican Party, to here and now – MORE THAN A YEAR LATER.

In essence . . . without putting my words into Trump’s Mouth, because God only knows, there are more than enough people doing that, including his so-called allies. This is how I understood what Trump said at his Monday Speech on Protecting America.

1 – Trump will not allow anyone to come into the United States who comes from a dangerous area, who CANNOT BE 100% VETTED. He called it EXTREME VETTING, and then repeated it, I guess for the Media, which he assumes are too stupid to have understood it the first time.

2 – Trump will have American Security look for . . . and find all people who are in the USA on individual VISAS, and have them VETTED TOO.

3 – Trump will Monitor all INSTITUTIONS, which might promote any form of Anti-American Propaganda.

4 – Trump will FORCE everyone who wishes to enter the USA on a Green Card, to pass a LOYALTY TEST, literally having them swear an oath to understand and obey the American System of Laws, Rules and Regulations, which will SUPERSEDE all other forms of commitment. In other words, the American Constitution will RULE SUPREME . . . PERIOD!

5 – Trump will support NATO, but demand from NATO that they and other ALLIES, including RUSSIA get 100% involved with a Full Fledged War against ISIS . . . wherever they are.

6 – Trump will DROP THE HAMMER on all countries, which treat Women, Gays and Religions other than Islam, like Second Class Citizens . . . OR WORSE.

7 – Trump will use every TOOL IN HIS MILITARY TOY-BOX . . . to finish the Wars Carter, the Clinton’s, Both Bush’s and Obama/Clinton engaged in, but didn’t have the Gonads to FINISH. And he will get the defeated enemy to pay for it.


THIS WAS THE CRUX OF HIS SPEECH . . . much of my description of it written in my own words – now show me how complicated his speech was to understand. I bet you get it and understand it with ZERO problems.

So you have to ask yourself . . . how many ways could this be Torn Apart and Analyzed by the LEFT, the Obama Government, Crooked Hillary, and the News Media – INCLUDING FOX NEWS, so they could understand it?

It’s unbelievable how many ways I heard it SPUN, on all the News Shows, INCLUDING some of the Hosts and Guests on FOX NEWS, on how Trump’s speech was incomplete, with very few details, and how it targeted certain groups and individuals, CONTRARY to American Rules and Values. And on and on and on.


I heard John Sununu . . . who couldn’t be MORE OF AN INSIDER IF HE TRIED. Sununu was the former Governor of New Hampshire, and a FOX News Regular.

He was was also a BRILLIANT University Student, who never had a job out of Academia or Government, who was the Chief Of Staff for President HW Bush, who promoted A NEW WORLD ORDER after his War in Iraq.


TRUMP BETTER START SPENDING MONEY ADVERTISING, because Hillary Clinton has already spent more than $100 MILLION, and Trump hasn’t spent one single dollar.


Because everyone else . . . seems to be INSIDER IDIOTS, like Sununu, whom, when he speaks, it’s like coming from the voice and wisdom of God . . . from the Top to the Bottom of the Democrat and the RINO Insider Playbook.

Sununu who promoted Jeb Bush, the son of his former Boss, with FULL GUSTO, who like all politicians (Jeb Bush) threw a GARGANTUAN amount of (LOBBYIST) money into his campaign, AND GOT HIS ASS SERVED TO HIM ON A PLATTER COURTESY OF DONALD J TRUMP, for his trouble, who spent almost nothing by comparison, suggested that that’s a major reason for the problem with Trump’s position in the Polls.

ISN’T IT INCREDIBLE . . . how the PSYCHE of a BUREAUCRAT and POLITICIAN, is to SPEND MONEY like they won it in a Lottery, thinking that SPENDING MONEY WILL FIX EVERYTHING, when in fact, more often than not, it fixes nothing.


AND JUST TO MAKE MY POINT A BIT CLEARER . . . If John Sununu is so BRILLIANT, as to be one of the GO-TO GUYS for political analysis on FOX News, specifically to JUDGE Donald Trump and declare everything Trump is doing wrong . . . how did he get it so wrong with Jeb Bush, and not help his Old Boss (Bush the First) get reelected, especially after Bush won a hugely convincing and popular War in Iraq?

I love Publishing and Producing Written and Audio Editorials . . . and even more so when from time to time, I can show just how NAKED THE EMPEROR IS. And when it comes to these emperors . . . THEY’RE BUCK NAKED.


There’s a 9-Minute Audio Editorial Associated with this Narrative. To HEAR the Editorial, please click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Like you said…the country voted for him twice. Now let the country get what it deserves.
    Zero sympathy here.

  2. The USA is on the edge of the continental SINK HOLE. We the people are in the same place as with Hitler. Arlington Cemetary Holds our PATRIOTS who died for USA. The movement since 08 is the come to life of 1930’s Communist Manifesto “WE SHALL INFILTRATE THEIR GOVERNMENT, JUSTICE, EDUCATION TO HIGHEST. WE WILL STEAL THE MINDS OF THEIR CHILDREN THRU EDUCATION. DESTROY THEIR ETHICS AND MORALS. WE SHALL LOCK THEIR GOD OUT OF PUBLIC PLACES and SPEECH. THEY WILL FALL FROM WITHIN. GOD HELP USA!!!!

  3. FABULOUS!!! Both on your support & on Trump. I don’t get it either when a RINO complains about Trump, especially those who have supposedly supported past GOP Presidents. If, they were so good as what they do, why aren’t they doing it now??? I think the same about Dick Morris – He has gone down quite a ways, since, his time at the top. However, he hates Hildebeast as much as I do, so we have something in common. Howard, you have stayed on the level, right from the start & it is well appreciated!

  4. If there was any way that Trump could swing the black american vote , say 25 % ,that would almost give him the presidency
    Since muslim obama come out with his support for hillary that more or less gives hillary a advantage. There is one last hope for hillary to loose ,be indited for the illegal use of funds from the clinton foundation ,you have to wonder if the fix is in for no
    indictment like the e/mail scandal.

  5. The elitists, career politicians, corrupt politicians (probably the same), self serving – not America serving are the ones who are “anti-Trump”. I served on a committee under Reagan. I know the thousands of “advisors” and “consultants” that are on the politicians payroll for hundereds of thouisands of dollars each year, totally unqualified and do nothing. they are family, friends and donors. That is why DC is so bloated. Trump will clean house and they know it. DC will be business-run

  6. The polls say that Clinton is leading Trump by 9+ points. But these polls only sample a small amount of people who are afraid to say what they really think. If the sample of people are anonymous, the percentage is reversed. As per Ms. Bland, Trump needs to clean house as soon as he takes office.

  7. Glad to do my small part in helping keep your WONDERFUL blog alive.
    There is no doubt in my mind that the Clintons are constantly buying off folks such as Bernie, much of the US media as well as the director of the FBI, just to name a few. What else explains their actions?
    And many of those who are not “for sale” have paid the ultimate price with their lives.
    J. Edgar Hoover must be turning over in his grave !

  8. Howard, I am glad you are now getting recognition from around the world…I don’t believe the polls at all as if you look at the internals they are oversampling Dem by 15% or so and they also put all undecideds into the Hillary camp..pure bunk. I think it will be a landslide of biblical proportions when the election happens…and wait until the debates…He he he.

  9. I enjoy receiving and reading your blog sharing it with my 400+ FB friends on a regular basis and commenting periodically.
    Have contributed some and will again as I’m able to. Keep up the good fight as we are in dire times. My worst fear is that the left is and will create civil unrest before the elections to the point that Obama will declare Martial Law and suspend elections and the Constitution. He does not have to worry about either Congress or the Senate as they have been toothless.

  10. The riots in Wisconsin is a prime example of why this country is on the wrong track. The poor and the uneducated blacks in this country are fed up with their predicament they are in. The left, for decades, have promoted the policies that have exacerbated these peoples lives in the goal of keeping them voting democratic to simply keep getting the free stuff that comes from the welfare state. We have got to pull together to elect a President that is NOT part of the problem!!!!!

  11. Glad to hear of the favorable support to your blog and online radio! I listened for the first time today and let me tell you that your conservative voice and message came through to Upstate New York loud and clear! The more the mainstream media rails about Mr. Trump is further proof that they are the screeching rats on their sinking ship — the more they do it, the more I know that we’re doing the right things! Onward!

  12. Howard deserves all the support he can get. And so does Trump. Don’t hold back – the U.S. is worth saving; if not for you, for your children and grandchildren. Forget the polls. 90% are biased and rigged to reflect that bias. Many, like me, hang up on the pollsters because we don’t want our views known by some outfit who will not reveal its backers. But we WILL turn out in the only poll that counts, in November. The Libs won’t admit it, but a big groundswell is building for a landslide in Nov!

  13. Congratulations, Howard…..the financial SUPPORT you are receiving is very well deserving! Your BLOGS are a great SUPPORT for TRUMP. His most recent speeches have been instrumental in his gaining more SUPPORTERS. The POLLS are as DECEITFUL as HILLARIOUS and BHO because the MAINSTREAM MEDIA SUPPORTS them. SUPPORT = promoting; strengthening; standing by; and working TOGETHER to attain GOALS. Let us ALL SUPPORT TRUMP for PRESIDENT…..and of course, HOWARD for his TRUTH BLOGS! AMEN!

  14. Good news, Howard. Delighted you are getting the support you DESERVE! Keep the presses rolling! 🙂 The insiders are all fingers on the same hand…be it Marxist-Democrat or GOP est.

  15. I have a wonderful daughter-in-law from Russia. She came here legally and loves this country as much as her Russia. I hope some of the Russians who listen to this blog will write and give us their opinions. Welcome to a wonderful person’s thoughts, Mr. Galganov is a loving person who loves his country Canada, and also America. As for me I love the people in Russia that I know. In my opinion it is our governments that keep us divided, not the people.

  16. I thoroughly enjoy your PLAIN and blunt rhetoric! I have often thought that there weren’t many left like me!!

  17. My perspective comes from being 80 years old, a U.S. Army retiree and a police officer for over 20 years. In the 1950’s,
    we never locked the doors on our homes or cars. It was a disgrace to be on the various welfare programs. When LBJ (Lyndon Johnson) began the great society payouts in the 60’s, the number of people on welfare was around 12 to 14%.
    Welfare benefits have skyrocketed right up to 2016. Guess what? The number of people on welfare hasn’t changed. What is wrong here?

  18. If you really want to know why so many of your readers are from Russia, just ask them. Ask the question at the top of your blog. I can’t recall ever seeing a response/comment from Russia, maybe they are unable to do so….but ask. If you get any responses, please let the rest of us know as I am sure we are all just as curious as you are about it. You are my favorite blogger!

  19. Fantastic that it is going well.. The music and content are outstanding. Hopefully under Trump, the good guys will be recognized and it will be easier for you, and impossible for the bad guys.

  20. I just listened to him speak in Milwaukee. One of the best speeches I’ve heard him make yet. And, yes, instant criticism when it flashed back to the news (even Lou Dobbs ON fox).

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