I’ll Vote For The Losing Candidate


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This Editorial is very Likely to make Many of my Canadian Readers Upset, some of them Sufficiently Upset to Quit Galganov.com . . . And if that’s the Case – SO-BE-IT, since Knowing the Truth, and Doing what is Right, is far More Important to me, than Pretending & Hoping AGAINST Everything we Know, which is NOT TRUE.

If You Want To Really Know Why Our Politics Are A Piece Of Crap . . . IT’S SIMPLE, we Vote for Jerks, Liars & Thieves – Men & Women who we Wouldn’t Trust to Babysit our Furry Pets, let alone STEER OUR ECONOMY & PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS.

I’m 68-Years Old . . . and for as long as I can Remember, I’ve heard the Politicians and the Media say VOTE FOR THIS PERSON, because the Alternative is Worse. Or, even though the Politician has already Proven Himself or Herself to be an Incompetent, a Liar, a Thief or all of it – Vote for Him or Her Again Anyway . . . Because this time He or She will be Different.

OR THE BIG CANARD . . . Vote For Him or Her, because the Party Needs His or Her Seat, and if you don’t Vote for Him or Her, The Opposition Will Win.


Should the American Voters in the Districts or States of Conservative Political Bad Apples Vote for them In-Spite of their Dishonesty, and that they’ve been Caught Lying, Cheating & Stealing in Order to keep the Republicans in Power . . . ? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

In The Province Of Quebec . . . English Speakers were always TOLD by the English Media and the English Elite to Vote for the Provincial Liberals, because they were NOT Quebec Separatists – So Like Lambs Going To Slaughter, We Did, and in the Long Run & Short Term, the Quebec Liberals were just as Anti-English as were the Separatists, and instead of Moderating Racist Anti-English Laws passed by the Separatists, THE LIBERALS ENFORCED THEM . . . To Prove to the Quebec French Majority, that even though the Liberals were “So-Called” Federalists, they were Just as Protective of FRENCH RIGHTS as were the Separatists, even at the Cost of their English Voters’ Freedoms.

Yet The Jackass English Speakers . . . Kept On Voting For The Liberals.


Because we DON’T Vote for the Best . . . Or because we Accept LIES & BS without Verifying the Truth . . . Or because “It’s Good For The Party” . . . are the Reasons our Politicians are Destroying those things which gave us the Great Countries we have, because of our Ignorance, Laziness & Blessings for them to Have At It.


I Will Join & Support Maxime Bernier In The Next Canadian Federal Election.

Bernier Is A French Quebecer . . . WHO IS FIRST & FOREMOST A STAUNCH CONSERVATIVE CANADIAN! Bernier, who Lost the Leadership of the Canadian Conservative Party by a Fraction of the Vote . . . Lost to a Namby-Pamby (Andrew Scheer) Political Insider, who wants to be Nice to Everyone . . .

Well I Don’t Want My Leader To Be Nice To Everyone – I want Canada To Have A Donald Trump, Regardless of where he comes from in Canada. Regardless of how well he Speaks English, which in Bernier’s Case, is just a bit Better than Passable. And Regardless of whom he’s Slept with to have a Good Time.

I Want A Leader . . . Who will Pack-In Socialism, Especially this Communist Era Supply Management, which ABSOLUTELY CONTROLS Canada’s Dairy, Poultry & Chicken Industries, to the Detriment of People Wanting to get into the Business, and to the DETRIMENT of Consumers who Pay far More for Chickens, Eggs, Milk & Cheese . . . BECAUSE COMPETITION IN CANADA IN THESE INDUSTRIES IS VERBOTEN!

The Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer Is OK with this Communist Control. And Scheer is Publicly Onside with Liberal Leader Trudeau Against President Trump, Concerning FAIR TRADE Opposed to Unfair Free Trade.

It Seems To Me . . . That Andrew Scheer – Is More Onside With Trudeau’s Liberals, Than Andrew Scheer Is Onside With Canadian Conservatives.


My Vote Means Something To Me . . . Enough-So, that I don’t want to Vote just to Keep The Other Guy from Winning. I Want To Vote For Something & Someone Whom & Which I Believe In!

Andrew Scheer Is Not That Guy . . . And Here’s The Big Bugaboo.

If We Vote For Something & Someone We Really Believe In . . . Other than Voting for Something & Someone who Doesn’t Stand For The Things & Values we Cherish, We Will Split The Vote & Let Trudeau Or The NDP (Hard Socialists) Have 4-More Years.


If I DON’T VOTE FOR WHO & WHAT I BELIEVE-IN . . . Why Even Bother? Why should I even Make the Effort to Show-Up & Vote for Someone I KNOW is Someone who will Be a Bad Leader.

‘Cause If I Do That . . . I’m No Longer Voting My Conscience – I’m Voting The Conscience of Someone Else, and Throwing my ONLY REAL FREEDOM AWAY, which I’ve done far too often . . . But Not Anymore.

I Will Vote For The Leader & The Party I Believe In, and if the Person I Vote for Doesn’t Win, and my Vote Splits the Vote, That Won’t Be On-Me, that will be on the Conservative Party for Electing A Schmuck To Head Their Party.

During The Conservative Leadership Primary . . . I Supported Maxime Bernier with my Money and my Vote. And after Bernier Lost the Party Leadership by a Hair, I Accepted the Loss and HOPED that Andrew Scheer could be an Ample Leader . . . Scheer Has Proven To Me Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That He Is Not.


And If We Don’t Stand-Up For Our Values Now . . . Then When?


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As I recall he was shut down in Montreal a few years ago, what does this say about Canada?? and freedom of speech and peoples right to be informed. See you soon.

  2. Good for you Howard. I am a lifelong PC but will leave in a minute to support Maxime. I do think he has just handed us 4 more years the despicable Trudeau, but so be it. Sheer stole the leadership from Bernier in an underhanded, backroom way, and now Maxime has stolen the Prime Ministership from him in a very honest and open way. Payback is sweet.

  3. Nice meeting you yesterday in Lancaster’s Tim Hortons. I am with you also on that one but I am afraid that Canada will not survive another 14 months of federal fiberals, imagine another 4 years after that. I will see where Maxime Bernier ends up and will vote for him too. If the sheeples in this country want another 4 years of incompetence, let the fiberals win and they will regret what they voted for and I am sure that some are already regretting what they voted for in 2015.

  4. Political correctness is becoming even more divisive. Some live in the Fear of it Others don’t. Maybe one of the reasons why we are seeing more internal division on issues. FEAR!
    I’m getting tired of the media dictating how we run our country based on their
    bully pulpit tendencies keeping many in line under the influence of political correctness.
    It’s not like the left wing media is going to all of a sudden be on our side if they get their way

  5. How sweet it is indeed – True Conservationism follows Maxine Bernier like the jet stream pushed an aircraft – me too for Maxine.
    Now I want to see how many other true Conservatives cross the floor to follow Bernier – send encouragement to your local Conservative MP or Conservative candidate if you have one “to make the change to make Canada for Canadians again from coast to coast.

    Dave MacKAY

  6. I’m in total agreement Howard. I am the perfect example. I live in Quebec….have not voted Liberal since 1988. Reason: They passed bills 86 and 178 not to mention the original “Quebec is all French bill in the 1970’s.” I voted for the Equality party when it was around. I can not stomach the Liberals. They have permanently lost my vote and I wish all English speaking Quebecers did the same. The Liberals are one duplicitous nasty bunch.

  7. It is a shame that in Canada and the US it seems we get lots of political Hacks. They tell you anything and do little. In the US we finally have a President with GUTS. So he has done some minor things that in many peoples eyes are not good. If every politician was put through the same review as he, there would be none… So many take money, give favors and lie about it all. Look at their gross worth, shameful.

  8. Another 4 yr of Trudeau, will ruin the country.. what Bernier did, just helped the Liberals, big time … I can’t vote for someone like that…. He is probably the best man , more balls then Andrew… but I don’t like what he did.
    By the way it was very nice meeting you, yesterday Howard.

  9. A politician like Bernier comes around once in a lifetime. Name me another French-Canadian politician who has come out against Bill 101, the notorious Quebec law which segregates all Quebecers into two separate civil rights grounds (i.e., the language of education provisions). Bernier wants to do away with crony capitalism such as it exists with supply management and the dairy board. Like Howard, I will support Bernier even if it means splitting the conservative vote!

  10. If there’s no one I can vote for I’ll spoil my ballot – but I’ll vote. Some where it is written that the big they are supposed to recognize spoiled ballots in lieu of the Second Amendment that we don’t have – I wish, I hope, I whatever! Actually I’ve been supporting Maxime Bernier and hoping he would have succeeded Harper. Some hope.

  11. Howard I am with you 100 percent. I joined the Conservative party during the leadership race. I am totally discouraged
    in the Conservatives and their new leader. I plan to support Bernier and will join his new party and definitely vote for him and his new party. I guess the conservatives will probably revoke my membership, I don’t care. Go Bernier Go

  12. Scheer is a political lightweight, and will again hand over the Govt to the Liberals, because he is not Conservative enough. We need a Trump in Canada to get rid of communist policies like supply “mismanagement “. Also Political Correctness BS must go.
    We as Canadians are screwed. If you look at the leaders of the 3 main parties, not one of them has the smarts to be Prime Minister.

    Sad, sad, sad. But true, true, true.

  13. The Conservatives have just lost me. No more financial support (small amount as I’m 80 Years young) They can keep

  14. If Maxine Bernier’s new party wins a sufficient number of seats – and his popularity soars not only in Quebec but Western Canada – thus denying the Liberals a majority, he may be just the person to lead a coalition of parties to form the next federal government. It’s happened before. Pleasure meeting you yesterday. When is our next Tim’s Talk?

  15. Agree 100% Howard. I’ve been saying for months, and to Guy Lauzon, since I met Scheer in Cornwall that he is not the Leader to win the next election. I like many of Bernier’s ideas, too bad he’s a Quebecer that bothers me. However, goodbye Scheer, Hello Maxime and good luck.

  16. Howard, I have never disagreed with anything you have ever written, but I’m afraid I have to call you out on this one. The BEST thing for Canada is to get rid of Justin at all costs. I agree with you on Andrew Scheer not being a strong Leader. Having said that I think he has been a great Opposition Leader but won’t make the best Conservative Leader. Bernie has some good reasons for splitting from the Conservatives, but his timing is poor. Justin MUST GO.

  17. Unfortunately, Canadian voters have the SAME problem as the USA. (sigh). If folks would only research their candidates instead of listening to the talking heads they would discover the error of their ‘previous’ thinking. We & Canada can NOT keep our countries as they should be if we don’t do our homework. Excellent Mr. G. God Bless

  18. We are all for Bernier as well.I felt he won the Conservative leadership, but on the last vote, Sheer got in?? The votes were counted wrong.Maxine has more brains than Trudope and Sheer put together.

    Linda Oluk, Edmonton,Alberta

  19. Getting to the point where few folks want to run for public office! (Our “choices” become “lesser of two evils”!) Those elected become “puppets” for their party or “only in it for themselves”, not the people they represent! What’s the answer? There are good people who could run for office (get our votes), but they are “smart” enough “not to go there” (make more money doing something else)! “Term limits” help eliminate those who “overstay their welcome” (or become “senile”). Few “leaders” today!

  20. Right on the money re the politico misfits. They all run on the same; “promise them anything to get a vote”!
    Most are so incompetent they couldn’t succeed in the private sector! When I was a kid in Ontario it was very well known and accepted; if you couldn’t qualify for a “real” job then you could always work for the gov’t!
    One more; why this insistence on “lawyers” being our politicians? The absolutely least qualified, business-wise, group of individuals we could possibly select.

  21. Howard, I agree with you in principle but I would actually be concerned if I voted for someone who had no chance of winning I did it for Perot but elections are sometimes very close. I would hate myself if a liberal were elected by one vote. People who are honest and capable usually do not want to get involved in dirty politics because they must compromise their principles in order to accomplish anything at all.

  22. dear Howard: I’ don’t usually disagree with you . I want to see the liberals lose and all Maxime is going to do is split the vote enough for us to lose. Ray Moscato

  23. Howard, I agree with you about supporting Maxime Bernnier. He seems to be a more outgoing leader rather than a compromiser. As for the Dairy industry check an article in the Aug 23 Western producer by Tom Kootstra about Fake Truths about dairy and the results in Australia from deregulation. We have a neighbor that is ten times our size south of us and would no hesitate to take over our independent producers. I have been in agriculture for over 50 years and supply management isn’t perfect but !

  24. People believe the lies they want to hear. From politics to religion it’s just a matter of self interest. Everyone has a different self interest and they gather together in like minded groups, hence the different messages and lies. We have entered the age of the golden calf and Demi-God’s.

  25. Don’t ya’all have write ins up there? You may not like George Wallace, but that is how he became a credible candidate. If people get mad enough it will happen…………Trump!

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