If You Won’t Fight For Freedom Today – Tomorrow Is Too Late


  • Howard, I tried to listen to your podcast re Fight for Freedom Today, but it does not come up. Is the problem at my end or is this a new twist from the COVID virus? Alan

    Alan Fraser, Barons, Alberta, Canada
  • Been. Busy Fall and Holiday season,….but I’m back on board with. You.

    Tom Corcoran, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, United States
  • Sir if you are broadcasting today I am not getting it as well. NO sound at all. It is 2;22 P.M. EST in Myrtle Beach S.C. I am sending this out to you. Have a great evening or what ever time it is for you and Anne. Be well, oh yes keep well from virus. God bless your beautiful country and America as well. My heart is so sadden for both our countries for what is and has been done to them and what most likely is going to happen as well. All the best :))

    Jacquline Turley, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • You have to wait a few seconds B4 it begins

    Ele Ingraham, Philipsburg, Montana, United States
  • Podcast received loud and clear, with thanks. The recently confirmed House Speaker, Nazi B. Lousy, with the connivance of her fellow Demonrats, has declared that henceforth all House proceedings will be gender neutral. She’s got balls. Only a petty tyrant who has surrendered to the authoritarian impulse can utter such a stupidity. Their “victory” must not be allowed to stand. Unless, of course, the sheeple are comfortable with a government that resembles Stalin’s dictatorship.

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • Howard, you say you are not comfortable doing this. You not only sound great. You are so clear and coherent. Please continue. On the topic, sadly, you are 100% right about the final outcome.

    Gordon D Miller, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Back again! Yes, things are working! Now if only we could solve the North American dilemma as quickly. It is so sad, frustrating plus some other more descriptive words that I can’t use to describe where we have come politically. The latest example of the political disease that I will call inflated egoizim (which is different from egotism). I pray that more voters/taxpayers will wake up and realize what is happening to western culture. You so aptly continue to worn us to this fact! Keep on!

    Alan Fraser, Barons, Alberta, Canada
  • Howard as Barry Jackson said your voice is loud and clear. Your words are what the people need to read but your voice rings true and clear with those words when you speak them. Please continue and Pray you find comfort in delivering them to all that need to hear them.

    Laurence Pylinski, Cumberland, VA,
  • Great job. Tkx. You are spot-on. I feel certain Jan 6th will be a turning point in history —– we either quickly slide further into socialism or we re-elect President Trump in our efforts to save freedom.

    Lee Norman, Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA, Small Retailers/Resellers, USA
  • Howard, There is a quiet majority here in the U,S. Trump made mention to them in his speech in Georgia last night, BIKERS, MOST OF THEM ARE VETS, but if not super patriotic to the extreme, they love their freedoms. They are the most caring people in the world, every bar or rest that they go to has a charity of some kind going, THIS GROUP RIGHT NOW IS PISSED OFF, and I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of their frustration.

    Paul E Costello, Hannacroix, NY, United States
  • GOP=G OBSOLETE PARTY. Where’s the Left’s outrage over the dead person (people) from the Capitol? Hmmmm….suppose the lady was….what’s the difference between “colored” or “person of color”?

    George Myers, Millsboro, Delaware,

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