If This Was An Omen . . . Good Luck Crooked Hilary


If you’re reading this Editorial, I am quite confident that you saw the NBC sort of Debate last night between Crooked Hillary and Trump.

And if you did . . . I have to assume that you came away with similar opinions as I did. And here they are:


I expected that the Moderator, Matt Lauer would be less than FAIR & BALANCED . . . even though he would try to “couch” his questions to seem to be OBJECTIVELY EQUAL, but would not be.

Well . . . SURPRISE – SURPRISE, Matt Lauer of NBC News, which is 100% not pro Conservative, surprised the Hell out of me by playing it right down the middle.

I think there are two reasons, and maybe three . . . why Lauer didn’t try to smack around Donald Trump.

1 – He and NBC might be seeing that Trump will become the President of the United States, and figured that it would not be in their best interests to have him as an Enemy.

2 – I truly believe that Lauer understood . . . that if he would START unfairly with Trump, Trump would START with him, since The Donald has already proven that he is no one’s BUM-BOY.

3 – As the CREDIBILITY of the News Media is falling through the floor, NBC did not want to lose even more than they’ve already lost, especially knowing that there would be a huge NEW AUDIENCE watching . . . including Conservatives and Independents, who might be interested in tuning in more often to NBC, since AUDIENCE to the Media is akin to Oxygen to all Humanity.

ALSO – I sincerely believe that FOX News has made themselves vulnerable to losing their BASE of VIEWERS to other News Medium, which could actually be far more Fair & Balanced than FOX News claims to be, which I will comment on near the end of this Editorial.


When asked STRAIGHT-FORWARD questions by Matt Lauer on Crooked Hillary’s Emails, her LACK OF RESPECT for Confidential Designations, and her ROLE in places like Libya, where she said “NO AMERICANS DIED ON HER WATCH”, I wasn’t incredulous, since I would expect no less from a lying piece of crud like Crooked Hillary.

Matt Lauer could have figuratively NAILED CROOKED HILLARY TO THE CROSS had he wanted to, simply by asking of the 4-Americans who were MURDERED under her watch in Benghazi, if they were somehow not Americans?

AS FOR THE NEW TRUTH . . . According to Crooked Hillary (in my words), if the designation of Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, For Eyes Only – ETC . . . isn’t printed along the TOP OF THE PAGE – It doesn’t count. How’s that for a new designation?

IN ESSENCE THOUGH . . . Hillary Clinton was nervous, arrogant and not with much confidence . . . in how she spoke and dealt with serious questions from the audience.


If what we saw last night (September 7, 2016) on NBC, with a moderator who asked real questions, but somewhat spared Crooked Hillary from the VERBAL BEATING SHE REALLY DESERVED . . . Crooked Hillary will be FILLETED on a one-on-one DEBATE against Donald Trump, who is CHAFING AT THE BIT to get at her, where there will be no moderator to soften the blows.


Immediately after the debate . . . I tuned into FOX News (The Kelly File) to see how Megyn Kelly and her guests analyzed the debate. And if there was anything that resembled FAIR & BALANCED on Megyn Kelly’s show – IT WASN’T THERE.

What I saw was a FLIPPANT Woman (Megyn Kelly), who pretended to be evenhanded, who with her guests did what she could to diminish and belittle Donald Trump.

I don’t know who chose the guests for Megyn Kelly’s show, but they were anything but Fair and Balanced, and as much Anti-Trump as any reasonable person could discern from their comments.

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . that outside of the Morning Show (Fox & Friends), followed by Bill Hemmer and Martha McCallum, then Neil Cavuto, followed by Bret Baier, ending with Sean Hannity, and perhaps one or two weekend shows – THERE IS NOTHING WORTH WATCHING ON FOX NEWS, and definitely VERY LITTLE that can be considered FAIR AND BALANCED, which is touted as their FACT.

IN ALL . . . I was very pleased with what I saw and heard during the debate, and saw no reason to criticize NBC and Matt Lauer for how it was managed. And for the people who say that there weren’t sufficient answers, especially from Trump, what more could they possibly expect?


There’s a 10-Minute Audio Editorial Associated with this Narrative. To HEAR the Editorial, please click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bravo Howard for an excellent follow up article to last night’s Matt Lauer “sort of debate” of the two Presidential candidates! My husband and I nearly fell off our couch because we thought for sure Matt would ask “soft” questions of HRC such as “what’s your favorite color” or “who’s your favorite dictator”, etc. LOL! So when he asked some hardball questions…..oh my! Surprise, surprise! She did get quite defensive, petulant and most assuredly, unapologetic. It was a great night for Trump!

  2. I can’t believe they had this “forum” instead of a debate–is crooked Hillary afraid to debate Trump? I’ve got a young $20 says she is since he will have her for lunch. She wants to be POTUS, she’d better look and act like it–and when she has a Parkinsonian seizure on the stage, that should pretty much finish her Presidential ambitions. Trump is going to be the NEXT POTUS. I meet people every day who tell me they can’t wait to vote for him–and this is in CHICAGO.A

  3. Megyn Kelly is arrogant and gives the impression of being holier than the simple minded miscreants that watch her show. The Kelly File has become the paean to glorify the all knowing, indomitably witty and strikingly attractive, Megyn Kelly. I try to watch however shortly after the, breaking news announcement one of her utterances of sublimity, I give it up altogether and return to more enlightening forums.

  4. Trump did well! Read this A.M. that Crooked Hillary wore an ‘earpiece’ last night…wouldn’t be surprised. WHY don’t hosts question her more re: BENGHAZI? She will not be “FILLETED” in the debates…she will be CRUSHED! ASSANGE will cause her to have an even BIGGER COUGHING FITS! She couldn’t “handle” being Sec. of State, so much for becoming president. Can’t bring myself to watch phony Megyn anymore. I record and fast-forward. I wonder how many more FOX changes there will be? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. One thing that bothered me about the forums was that the moderator didn’t ask the same questions of each candidate. At least some of the questions should have been similar.

  6. Dear Howard,

    We do not need “Fair and Balanced”, not more than we need “Politically Correct”!

    What we need is “Staunchly Socially & Politically Conservative/Defender of Judeo-Christian Values”!

    The “Fair and Balanced” angle is abundantly represented by almost 100% of the printed and televised portion of the Media!

  7. For reasons that were beyond my control I missed the “debate” and I”m sure that Howard naiked it spot on. Be that as it may I have just about had my fill of Hildabeast , and a bit if F&F. I too like Howards line up of the people who we can depend on to a true report.

  8. Matt Lauer informed Hillary that no jabs at Donald should happen, so Hillary responded in a higher octave, pretending to AGREE. What a wonderful suggestion! What ELSE to do?? Run out the clock! Like you, I recognized her strategy right away. She must think we’re all idiots. Donald is her only topic! And, Megyn Kelly has worn me out so with her cloaked criticisms of Donald Trump that I no longer tune in. Your views reflect mine, Howard. Great blog!!

  9. Howard, I’ve been waiting for some gutsy journalist to ask Hillary about her EARPIECE! Has it occurred to anyone that Hillary just might,need to be fed answers to questions she is asked? It’seems only just started occurring to me that she needs all the help she can get! Oh my! Another incompetent in the White House? My vote? NO!!!

  10. I too missed the debate. First off I forgot about it (this comes with old age) and right now I do not have any satellite service. This also comes with old age, when one has health bills to pay & on a fixed income. I am not complaining only explaining. Howard with my situation right now, your blog is the only thing keeping me on track politically. Oh, I get other political briefs, but yours is the best in my book!!! :O) :O) :O)

  11. …As far as Fox News goes, I appreciated Greta Van Susteren; sorry she’s gone. I now watch Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Channel in the 7 pm slot (instead of Brit Hume who’s on Fox News).

  12. Right on for last night. But my main thrust in this comment is that I have personally watched Fox deteriorate DRASTICALLY in the past weeks. It’s turned into a “food network” adjunct, a “fantasy playground experience”, and generally a run of the mill “wake up” program. Even their “fast breaking NEWS ALERTS” are more car chases, and the old “You asked for it” stuff. Thank you Rupert Murdock,…screwed us all again!!
    The Fox hosts are becoming indistinguishable from all the other networks!

  13. Megyn has been off my radar since the first debate she moderated, along with Mike Wallace’s son and Bret Baier. Sorry to see Greta leave and hope she reappears soon in a decent time slot. O’Reilly is a pompous posterior, The 5 has become silly, Brit Hume talks out of both sides of him mouth, so that pretty much leaves Hannity. Wish he were on earlier so this old gal could stay awake long enough to enjoy his show. Thanks for this forum Howard!

  14. Great summary. Re Fox, Trump’s position on immigration are pretty much the opposite of Rupert Murdoch. Thus, most at Fox are trying to please the boss.

  15. We used to watch FOX News period. Now we pick and choose and that has become fewer and fewer worth watching. You are right – they are no longer fair and balanced. Has George Soros taken over their payroll?

  16. Thank you again for your commentary as it is the only one that makes sense.
    I can’t stand watching that fake woman. I just thoroughly enjoy your analysis.

  17. I’d be interested in your comment on the latest news report that Madame Secretary Crooked Hillary was caught wearing an earpiece last night to receive remote coaching and answers to questions. That should be widely reported, I think. There was a picture accompanying the report.

    BTW: you are the greatest non-American supporter of our republic I know.

  18. Thank you, Mr. Galganov for speaking so clearly for Mr. Trump and the US. >> I didn’t realize HRC wore an ear device last evening — I thought she appeared ‘zoned-out’! Faker! Lauer and NBC are Foundation donors — The audience seemed heavily weighted in Clinton’s favor — but also, current N. Enquirer indicates Lauer buys cocaine, so he may have been scrambling to act like a journalist! Enquirer articles contain a grain of truth to all-out breaking news stories. Lauer is scared!

  19. Howard, I did not watch the NBC forum but few days I watch one hour of CNN. I was so stunned by their supposedly fail assessment of the candidate, that I stopped watching after one hour. They sure went after him and crucified him. I wonder who paid for that 2 hour special on CNN just to discredit Trump. What a shame. On the other hand, the President of the Philippines called the American president as he is ( the son of a whore ). Let us hope for better days.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  20. Newt was on Fox last night with with Brit Hume covering for departing Greta Newt said some strong things about the upcoming debate and doesn’t expect Trump to hold back on Hillary. And the RNC shouldn’t try to fill his head with political information to look presidention. He need to say do you want a guy who’s brash and aggressive and will fight for Americans,
    I’m available. If you want someone who’s studied everything and failed totally she’s available.

    God Bless America

  21. I, too, thought Matt Lauer did a good job last night. Rush Limbaugh did raise some comment on the earpiece this morning. If he stays to the points of attacking Hillary. I believe that Trump will demolish her in the debates.

  22. I have been keeping a list of these people who are no longer at FOX, starting with Alyson Camerota several years ago. I believe now there are 5 or 6, including Bob Beckel, and the latest being Greta.
    Like many of you, I watch about 20 min. of F&F in the AM and that’s it. I do try to catch Watters World though on Thurs. PM. You probably all read Gretchen Carlson won her $20 mil. lawsuit against Ailes.

  23. Wow Howard!!! Fantastic. I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and love it. I really appreciate the people who comment. Exciting to see where they all hail from and still have pretty much the same view. I thought maybe I was the only one who had discovered that Megan Kelly is stuck on herself. Her hope was to become famous for making “The Donald” look bad in the first debate. Wrong!!! She struggled to pull out of that and just kept slipping. Hedy Vann Sun City, AZ

  24. I am detecting a shift, albeit small, in the press (read soros) lately. Could be they are seeing the handwriting on the wall?Trying to save some face for Trump? Who I hope takes them apart after he is elected!

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