I Wish It Was Me Who Said It



I don’t know who said it first . . . since it was said many times, in many different ways: by many different people . . . that POOR FOLK DON’T CREATE JOBS. And nothing could be a TRUER Maxim.

But before I get into it . . . First I have to deliver a MEA CULPA.

I Hate Having to Say I Made A Mistake . . . So Here Is A Rare Apology.

On Thursday (August 11, 2016), in my Audio Editorial, I gave the impression that Hermann Goering was in charge of Nazi Propaganda . . . I was wrong, and realized it the moment I heard the Play Back of the Audio. But by then, it was too difficult to make any changes, since everything was already live online.

In essence – the mistake took nothing away from, nor added to the comment.

The way I look at it . . . Because I deliver the Audio Editorials from the Top of my Mind, and not from Prepared Scripts, they will always have pauses, occasional inarticulate words, some mispronunciations, and information that might not be as perfectly enunciated as a Professional Newscaster (Reader) would do, who has a team surrounding him or her who feed him or her off a Teleprompter.

I’M NOT THAT GUY . . . so what you read and hear from me, is who I really am.

DON’T GET ME WRONG . . . No one contacted me to Complain or Edit the Audio Text about me suggesting that Hermann Goering was in charge of Nazi Propaganda, when in fact, Goering was a full Fledged Nazi in charge of the Luftwaffe (Air Force), was a Brown Shirt, participated in Hitler’s FINAL SOLUTION (Holocaust), and was Hitler’s successor, if anything was to happen to the Nazi-Monster-In-Chief.

But I’m writing this MEA CULPA, because I am totally FOCUSED on honest and accurate Journalism, that anyone who asks the People to TRUST what he or she says or writes, has an absolute OBLIGATION to get it RIGHT 100% OF THE TIME.

And that’s a HUGE problem with today’s Media. Getting it 100% RIGHT ALL THE TIME, seems to be NO BIG DEAL, as long as the masses don’t object, and perhaps more importantly, that the disseminator of information doesn’t get caught.


It seems to me, that no one knew that I had made an honest to goodness inadvertent FALLACIOUS Comment, SO WHY AM I FESSING-UP?

If at anytime . . . I find myself purveying information that is inaccurate, incomplete, or is simply NOT TRUE, just so I can placate my “audience”, I will quit Writing and Broadcasting, because HONORING the TRUST people place in me based on the issues I disseminate, means more than I can express.

And just in case you’re interested, which I know you are . . . it was Joseph Goebbels, who was the Nazi Minister, who was in charge of Propaganda before and during the War, not that it made a difference to the Content and Intent of the Editorial. But to me – getting it right is always paramount to the story.


OBAMA MADE IT CLEAR YEARS AGO, after becoming President of the USA that the person who created Wealth, Products and or Services along with Jobs “DIDN’T BUILD THAT”. So who did?

TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY . . . Crooked Hillary repeated this enormous LIE several times, to the CHEERS of people who NEVER CREATED ANYTHING with their own money, hard work and personal risk.

EVERYONE . . . AND I DO MEAN EVERYONE I KNOW, who owns a successful business, especially a business he or she Started from Scratch, built it all by themselves, or with friends and family, who were willing to take a huge risk, spend crushing hours, live with unbelievable stress, not earn or receive any income while building the business . . . IN SPITE of the Government Bureaucratic Road Blocks, Rules, Regulations and Taxes . . . BUILT THAT BUSINESS.

SO . . . For Crooked Hillary to follow Obama’s lead, that somehow – individual Business Owners (Entrepreneurs), didn’t build the Businesses they have, suggesting that the Government in some way or other was responsible for the success of that business or those businesses, is not only REPUGNANT . . . it is a SLAP IN THE FACE to the people who ACTUALLY BUILT THE USA.

And it demonstrates, just how UTTERLY STUPID LEFTIST Politicians like Obama and Crooked Hillary think their BASE OF VOTER SUPPORTERS really are. And not only that – It shows how insulting Crooked Hillary is to the people she relies on to get elected.


At one point in Time and Place . . . there is no room for DEBATE. Yet, the LEFT will find a way to debate everything, and find a way to make the most REPUGNANT ISSUE seem acceptable and reasonable, to the point where the other side becomes intolerant.

It’s like Alice In Wonderland, where up is down and down is up. Or perhaps more succinctly, like George Orwell’s 1984, where BIG BROTHER dictates and decides what’s TRUE and what’s NOT TRUE. What we should KNOW and what we should NOT KNOW. That PEACE IS WAR and WAR IS PEACE . . . need I continue?


1 – Black Lives Matter . . . was created on a known LIE, and based on a series of multiple LIES and DISTORTIONS, which are irrefutable. But that doesn’t stop the LEFT from pushing their agenda, making their opponents; the Police and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA look like Racists, which they are not.

2 – Boys and men claiming some Sexual Deviance can share bathrooms and showers with girls and women. And somehow this is “NORMAL”. And if you debate against it, you’re part of Crooked Hillary’s Phony War on Women, Gays, Lesbians and God only knows what else.

3 – Society, according to the LEFT, MUST make allowances and accommodations for Moslem Students and Workers to Pray 5-Times a day at school or at work, and the provision of Pork in school and work Cafeterias must be UNWELCOME and INTOLERABLE.

I wonder why Jews in America NEVER asked . . . let alone demanded these accommodations?

But the wearing of a Cross, the Symbol of the 10-Commandments, the saying of the Lord’s Prayer, the taking to a knee before or after a sporting event is ILLEGAL.

And if you tend to disagree . . . you’re a Racist and an Islamaphobe.

4 – Crooked Hillary says she will literally CRUSH the Big Banks, Wall Street, and the Hedge Funds during her campaign, while she takes HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of Dollars from the Big Banks, Wall Street and the Hedge Funds. Yet, the STUPID people either believe her, or don’t care one way or the other, because the debate gives them all the approbation they need to accept the LIE.

5 – Crooked Hillary constantly ATTACKS the ONE PERCENTERS . . . but she and her despicable oversexed Husband are ONE PERCENTERS. But so what, as she makes the argument that somehow that doesn’t count? How do you debate that?

YEARS AGO . . . I came to the conclusion that not everything is debatable, or even worth debating. MORE SO – I discovered, that debating issues that deserve no debate whatsoever, play into the hands of the MOST CONTEMPTIBLE people around.

These people want the DEBATE, because as long as they keep you arguing over BS, and how many Angels Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin, actually thinking that you’re winning something, or holding your own . . . you’re losing big time, as they always gain the advantage.


AND TO THESE PEOPLE . . . THE OBJECTIVE IS EVERYTHING – regardless of how it’s achieved, regardless of how they TWIST and TURN the TRUTH, regardless of how they LIE and DISTORT. And the longer we’re willing to debate with these VERY BAD ACTORS, the happier they are . . . and the worst we are for it.

MORE THAN JUST SOMETIMES . . . the answer has to be NO. No debate, no arguments, no discussions . . . JUST NO!

I am CONFIDENT that Donald Trump will win this election, because of the way the Government, Media, Democrats and RINOS ARE HYSTERICALLY PILING-ON.

I am CONFIDENT that Donald Trump will win the election; because the people, who count, in spite of what they are supposedly saying now, actually know that PEOPLE build BUSINESSES and create JOBS . . . and NOT the Government.


Every time I see, hear or read OUTRAGEOUS comments about Donald Trump from the Government, the Media, the Democrats, from Crooked Hillary, the RINOS and the rest of them – I APPLAUD, because I want them to keep it coming. I want them to SAVAGE Trump in every way possible. I want them to INVENT horror stories about Trump, and keep them coming, because . . . when it comes right down to the HOME STRETCH, these HORRIBLE PEOPLE will have shot their load, and they will have proven how DISHONEST they really are, and Donald Trump will win.

AND IF I’M WRONG . . . It won’t really matter – because one way or the other, the weight of the LEFT, the political INSIDERS, and their inherent dishonesty, whether Trump wins or not, is so entrenched into the United States of America, that the damage done, is in my opinion, irreparable through the usual political process, and will lead to utter DYSTOPIA.

THERE IS A 9-MINUTE AUDIO EDITORIAL . . . associated with this issue. To hear this Audio Editorial, just click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great article Howard. As usual you hit the nail on the head. When I first read your title, I Wish It Was Me Who Said It, I thought you had heard something that Mike Pence said at a rally…. Which was, “The media is so busy lying about Donald Trump, that they don’t have time to tell the truth about Hillary Clinton.” Keep the great articles coming. Always look forward to your new messages.

  2. What does Obama know? He never built anything. A community organizer organizes people to protest and lobby for more handouts from government.

  3. Is it possible the ‘takers’ now outnumber the ‘makers’, and that alone could decide the elections from now on? I’ve wondered when that tipping point would occur.
    I hope and pray you are right in that Trump wins.

  4. Right on, Howard! I worry that Hildebeast will win & there goes the USA completely. I won’t affect me that much with my daily living, but it will my children, grandchildren & great grandchildren. I am afraid that they will live in poverty & truly become welfare recipients, with the US Government telling them what they can or can not do or say! This could be even worse than the Nazi Germany. I will have passed on & not see the bulk of what will happen, but in my heart, I grieve, at the thought.

  5. Hope you are correct in your prediction that Trump will win the election but am fearful that the “rigging” of it will be massive and Hillary will get it.

  6. I just want to say, I love your radio editorials each day!! Please continue them, in addition to your blog each day, I can’t wait to listen to your radio comments!!! Thank You so much for your fair and balanced comments. Hardly anyone else gives us the facts like you do.. God Bless You!!
    I continue to foward your daily blogs to all my family and friends..

  7. So glaringly true it should shame every red-blooded American citizen! When your own party is still “playing the games” instead of working for the Republican citizens of this country, it disgusts me deeply.
    Donald is an enigma to the “structured” political status quo, they can’t understand him, they can’t make him “conform”, all they have is the “good ol’ boy” Republican mold, and he won’t comply.
    Get over it folks,…this is America going down the tubes,…we MUST save it!!!

  8. I have lost my confidence in our system of justice with the people who have been appointed to positions of of power by obama,FBI,attorney general and many others in the cabinet .With all the evidence against hillary and the clinton foundation
    with there only aim is to churn money. We need a non violent revolution to take hillary out of the running for president,if
    not shewill follow in the foot steps of the dictator ,traitor,muslim obama.

  9. Obama has destroyed more than he ever even IMAGINED constructing…more than WE or any of his predecessors ever imagined constructing! He CERTAINLY has imposed his negativity on a great part of the public that will have set us back for several generations, no matter HOW Trump or any forthcoming Administrations work to clean up his messes! HE more than Pearl HARBOR DAY OF 12/7TH,1941, WILL LIVE IN INFAMY! FARRELL

  10. Building a business/minimum wages. Businesses usually pay a person their worth. Case in point: 1. In 1962, we left Kentucky; went to Ohio where my husband received $1.50/hr as a carpenter. As a small contractor, could not afford to pay more (gradually gave few raises). 2. Bigger contractor (could afford to pay him more) wanted his skills; he changed contractors. 3. Moved to Tennessee; started our own very successful construction business.

  11. You must find it interesting that the Clintons (joint return, obviously) made ONLY about $10 M this year(2015) compared with about $30 M last year(2014). She was the Secretary of State, gov’t employee about $185K and he was “self employed” with a pension of $200K per year. Speaking and book income of only $6.7 M last year compared to about $20M the year before. (They must be slacking!) We have a similar snowboard enthusiast here in Canada. It must be tough work for them. Not having to DO

  12. My concern is that: votes for Trump will not be counted, the voting machines will be hacked to change all Trump votes, the cemetery vote will be huge, and other means will be used to steal this election. During the Debate, Trump should drive Shillary into one of her uncontrolled temper tantrums, so everyone will see her as she really is. She thinks she is Queen!

  13. A little off topic, but ….. what in the world has happened to Trump the passed few weeks? It’s as if his mouth has no filter. What he says may have merit to some extent, but to put it the way he is …… he’s driving people I know away from him. They won’t go for Hillary, they just won’t vote, or vote Libertarian (which is great if he had a chance).
    He’s got great advisers around him, Newt, Rudy, etc. …… what is going on???? Thanks for listening to an old lady rant.

  14. It is my understanding that Hillary still refuses to take a press conference. Its been 250 days since her last one. She won’t take questions about emails, what does it matter Benghazi, the investigations into the Clinton Foundation (and possible tax fraud), and that she has a habit of going into coughing fits and “brain short circuits”. Sadly, the press is obsessed with anything Trump says, ignoring her gaffs and health issues. Just hope the polls are wrong.

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