I Watched Operation Finale Last Night


There Is A 5-Minute Broadcast With This Editorial.


I REALLY DISLIKE NETFLIX . . . I think it is Abhorrent that Netflix has Hired Susan Rice to become a Director of their Corporation, and the Obamas – Barack & Michelle, who were Hired & Paid Serious Money to Further Propagandize as many of the American and Global People as Possible, through their supposedly “A” Political Documentary Production.


But Every Now & Then – Even A Loser Wins . . . and in the Case of Netflix, from Time to Time they have Exceptional Productions, and when they do, Anne & I Sign-Up to Watch for $9 (Cdn) per Month, and then we Allow the Subscription to Lapse.

We Signed-Up Last Night, to Watch the Historical Docudrama (Operation Finale) Carried-Out by the Israelis, in their Capture of Adolf Eichmann – The Architect Of The Final Solution Of The Jewish Question . . . Leading to the Slaughter of 6-Million Jews.

This wasn’t a Blockbuster Performance with Big Names, other than Ben Kingsley who Portrayed Eichmann. It had No Special Effects. There was No Sex, No Great Heroism on Display . . . And Surprisingly No Gore.

Operation Finale simply told the Story of how the Israelis Discovered where Eichmann was Hiding in South America, and how they were able to Spirit Eichmann Back to Israel for Civilized Judgment & Retribution.

However . . . In the Undercurrent – without using Accusatory Words or Many Images, the Story of Eichmann told the Story of Human Debasement at its Worst.

When I Was A Much Younger Man – In 1975 . . . I read a Compelling Novel written by Isser Harel (The House On Garibaldi Street), who was the Mossad Spy Master Responsible for the Kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann. I Later Saw the Made for Television Movie (1979) Based on the Harel Book, with the Same Name as the Novel.


The Depravity Of Hitler’s Executioners Didn’t Begin Nor End With The Holocaust.

6-Million Jews Were Slaughtered In The Holocaust. Millions More were Driven from Their Homes Losing Everything they Owned. But Millions Of NON-JEWS (6-Million) Also Lost Their Lives In The Nazi Death Camps.


The Nazis Were Far More Special Than The Others – BUT . . . The Nazis were not Alone Before the Holocaust Or After the Holocaust, Since Different Governments have been Slaughtering their Own People OVER THE MILLENNIA.

In More Recent Times, the Russians Slaughtered Millions, as Did the Chinese and so many others in the Name of Communism, where it is Estimated that More Than 100-Million People Were Murdered For Political Issues, always under the Guise of What’s Best For The People.

What Set The Nazis Aside From The Rest . . . Was that the Nazis made Genocidal Murder into an Industry – Second only to their War Effort, where they Didn’t want to Drive the Jews Out, but Rather, did all they could to Trap the Jews, in order . . . TO WIPE OUT THE JEWISH-GENE EVERYWHERE.


This Could Certainly Happen Again . . . But More Likely – What I see Happening is a LEFTIST Purge of all Opposition, Also in the Name of the “Common Good”, where Freedom of Expression will be Considered A Crime Against the People, if the Expression Isn’t to the Liking of the People in Power. Or is a Threat to the “Truth” of the People in Power.


WE JUST SAW IT FOR OURSELVES . . . Where a Man of a Stellar Reputation (Brett Kavanaugh), was Nearly Destroyed by Innuendo & Unsubstantiated Accusations, where the ENTIRE Burden Of Proof, According to the LEFT . . . WAS 100% INCUMBENT upon the Accused, Which Throws The Hallmark Presumption Of Innocence Into The Gutter.

Let Me Write This Again . . . If The Presumption Of Innocence Is Now The Responsibility Of The Accused, There Is No Freedom – Because Based Upon That Presumption . . . There Are No Constitutional Guarantees.

WE SAW IT & WE SEE IT . . . Democrat Politicians Are Declaring An Innocent Man Guilty, Before Evidence & Even Before Trial, Based Exclusively On The Unsubstantiated Word Of Someone Without Standing.


We See It . . . As LEFTIST Mobs made Crazy by Politicians with Political Agendas (Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Richard Blumenthal, Charles Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Others) Descend upon Duly Elected Politicians & Bureaucrats, with whom they don’t Agree, in Public Places, at their Offices, and at their Place of Residence.

We See The Visceral Hatred Imbued In The Mobs Stirred By LEFTIST Leaders.

Take Your Pick . . . We are Witnessing the Modern Nazification or Journey Towards Communism in America – Opposite Sides Of The Same Coin.

Stand-Up, Speak-Up, Or Shut-Up . . . It’s Your Life – Our Freedom.


No Real Freedom Of Expression On The Internet For Conservatives.


As Galganov.com Becomes More & More Prominent . . . Galganov.com is Being Blocked by Social Media in a Myriad of Ways. From Email Providers to Facebook – Which Do Not Deliver our New Editorial Email Alerts from our Directory, or who Send them to your Spam or Junk-Mail Folder.


1 – Call And/Or Email Your Providers & Let Them Know That You’re Not Happy.

2 – Check Your Junk & Spam Folders. Mark The Email As Not Spam Or Junk.

3 – Use Whatever Means Available To Encourage Others To Access Galganov.com.

4 – I Write At Least Several Times Per Week . . . So Visit Galganov.com Daily.

Perhaps Most Of All . . . Help Me Spread The Word By Whatever Means Possible.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I dropped Netflix as soon as they hired the Obamas and sent Netflix an email telling them that was why I cancelled.

  2. Thus far, your Editorials have made it to my IN BOX. I have NOT had anyone tell me they have NOT received your Editorials that I send. However; I have had some MAILER-DAEMON returns when I respond to persons who have been in AOL JAIL, because of their ‘conservative postings’. So I pick up the phone & tell them. They then FIGHT with AOL. I under NO circumstance (my choice) post ANY thing political on my FB page. Too many people had lost their accounts due to those postings. God Bless

  3. Howard, As a retired military Officer and Vietnam Veteran, I too am helping with your editorial cause by routinely posting your URL’s (www.galganov.com/editorial) on my Facebook page. My friends around the world have verified it’s being viewed! Keep up the fight and know that there are those of us that are supporting your work…
    CW4 William Clark, Ret.

  4. Yes, Operation Finale was an excellent movie and would recommend everyone search it out. It was not in my local theater for very long.

  5. Thank you Howard. Spot on as usual. Love your commentary. You inspire many. I can assure you. I forward these to many but have yet to ever hear a complaint or alternative opinion.

  6. Thanks for “telling it like it is”, Howard! “Political Correctness” makes people think it’s possible to pick up a turd by the “clean” end (since most liberals are “full of feces”)! History can “repeat” (we just returned from river cruise in Germany)! People believed things would be better under Hitler (who forgot to mention many would also die, especially if they were Jewish or “anti-Nazi”)! U.S. Jews must stop supporting Democrats or they may “suffer the consequences” (once again)! Please vote!

  7. I have been sad to note that some of Dick Morris Reports Blogs have been blocked from my email lately. I think some of the words used in the header may be the key. He has always gotten through so it may be a tightening of the net being controlled by liberal bias. Also it took me hrs to find a rebel flag that wasn’t the size of a stamp. Google just would not bring one up. I plan to have it embroidered with ” It is impossible to rewrite HISTORY stupid” Royce Hinson San Diego Ca.

  8. Howard, I always got your emails in my In Box through gmail.com but as of late, they have been going to promotions instead. 🙁 Thank you for your truthful editorials. I always look forward to them. God Bless You & Your Family.. Includes your furry family members. 🙂

  9. Howard once again thank you for your editorials they are so great to read. Had I not gotten it from a dear friend in Mo. she sent it to me and then I asked to come aboard with you. I am not good with words sir but I do thank you for your words you write to us. You keep me knowing what is going on. Thank you again and God bless you and Anne
    Jacqueline T. Myrtle Beach S.C.

  10. This is amazing but earlier this week I was watching some of my old DVD’s I had not seen in a while and I saw Nazi Hunters and how they got Eichmann. It was acted out by Israeli actors. There were several other accounts like Mengele and several others. It is amazing that they lived out their lives for so many years before they were caught. Funny you brought up watching the Israeli capture of Eichmann when I was watching a couple of days ago.

  11. Make sure you’re lubed, locked, and loaded. The prevention of this from happening is the very reason the 2nd Amendment was enacted. Very soon the tree of liberty will need refreshing, and you had better be ready. It’s coming…

  12. My father served in WWII, he saw first hand what the Nazis did. He obtained a set of “War Books” covering WWI & WWII. They showed what the Germans, Russians, Japanese, and other countries did in the name of war. I can only imagine Hell being worse to endure if you had lived in any of the impact areas. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES is a must read book, like Atlas Shrugged it shows a side of government that is scary. VOTE come November.

  13. My I send this to my paper and see if they will print it? Plus if you have a copy that
    is without advertising it would be nice! BG

  14. my AT&T was blocking your editorials….I cancelled AT&T and signed up for Xfinity (Comcast)… they are a much better service, at least 50 times faster, if not more (Ive run speed test on both services) and $70+ per month less expensive …… thanks Howard, Im glad ATT blocked you….would never have changed….

  15. Susan Rice was the CULPRIT, put in place by the OBAMA administration, who went on TV and LIED about the BENGHAZI CRISIS being BLAMED on a VIDEO! Also, FOUR people DIED because of HILLARIOUS! THEY NEVER suffered the REPERCUSSIONS of their LIES! The DEMOCRATS ACCUSE the Conservatives of being NAZIS, however THEY are the SOCIALISTS who claim to REPRESENT the PEOPLE’S “Common Good”. WHERE was the COMMON GOOD in Justice Kavanaugh’s NOMINATION & CONFIRMATION? Vote CONSERVATIVE on NOVEMBER 6TH! AMEN!

  16. Loved your list of “Who’s Who in Gitmo” ( I wish) You left one out, “Cracie Maicie” the nut job from Hawaii.

  17. I REALLY LOVED YOUR “BLOG” AS USUAL, Howard, as well as the “bloggers'” comments! We are “so blessed” to have you as a CONSERVATIVE VOICE, in the WILDERNESS!! GO HOWARD GO, & the same for our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, GO PRES. TRUMP, GO & GOD BLESS YOU SIR!!! AMEN-AMEN!!!!

  18. To all dirty, fascist scum, whomever you are, you take my basic human rights at your own risk, yeah, at the risk of your own life and limb! Don’t fuck with this cowboy’s liberty, asshole – you won’t survive it!
    Freedom isn’t free…

  19. I also stopped Netflix and told them why. Don’t miss them.
    I think Trump let this play out so people could see the evil lib mobs.

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