How Do You Punish The Punishers?


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Is that Clear Enough, or does the President of the United States Have to be CLEARER THAN THAT? That if you Threaten The United States of America, Especially while Donald Trump is the President . . .


And If That Isn’t Right To The Point . . .


The Fascinating Reaction to these Extremely Strong & Incredibly Clear Words WEREN’T what the Iranians said, since I don’t know if the Iranians have said anything, because these THREE “TRUMP” SENTENCES, have got to be Making the Iranians Think Long & Hard about how they Intend to Respond . . . BUT RATHER – it is the Response from the LEFT, the Media & All those Who are Openly Offended by the President’s Defense of America.

When the Iranians, Syrians, Hamas (Palestinians), Hezbollah and others Burn & Stomp on the American Flag, generally along with the Israeli Flag, and Chant “DEATH TO AMERICA” . . . YOU HEAR BUBKAS FROM THE LEFT.

BUT . . . When President Trump Stands For America, AGAINST the World’s Worst Terrorist Country, which is in Search of Nuclear Weapons, with which to Terrorize the Western Non-Shiite World . . . it somehow Behooves the American LEFT to Lay-into the President for being a War Monger?


Since Donald Trump Became the President of the United States of America, the American LEFT HAS COLLUDED, with Freedom’s Worst Enemies, to Unseat the Duly Elected White House Representative . . . Commander In Chief of the American People.

SO – IF ANTI-AMERICAN AMERICAN IMBECILES . . . who Occupied Positions of Power & Influence in Previous White House Administrations, were so Bold as to call President Trump a Traitor, NOT JUST ACCUSING, but by Stating Straight-Up, as Fact, that the President of the United States of America is GUILTY OF TREASON, which is THE WORST CONDEMNATION POSSIBLE . . . What’s Left For The LEFT To Say?

IN MY LIFE . . . I Never thought that I would Ever Live to see the Day, when America would become Unhinged, moving Towards Street Battles Between the TAKERS & THE MAKERS, between the Believers in the American Dream, and the TRUE ADVOCATES OF TREASON, who support a LEFTIST One World Government Above & Beyond The FREE Republic Of The United States Of America.


UBER-MILLION DOLLAR NFL PLAYERS . . . Who Won’t Stand For The American National Anthem . . . Politicians, Mega-Rich Entertainers, “Community Activists”, Academia, Bureaucrats AND IGNORANT People who CHOOSE to Parrot Hussein Obama’s Apology Tours Defamation of American Exceptionalism, who Openly Opine for the Death of the President, and the Destruction of his Presidency . . . Will Lead Only To Violence On The Streets Through A New Civil War.

SINCE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA . . . The Veil Of REAL TREASON Has Been Lifted, and Everyone with Eyes, Ears, and a Brain – can See & Hear for Himself or Herself that American Politics has become Intrinsically Divided between Those WHO CAN, WILL & DO (MAKERS) . . . & Those who CAN’T & WON’T (TAKERS).


This Didn’t Happen With the Election of Hussein Obama, this goes Way Back, even Before WWII, when the LEFT (Communists) were Plotting and Sowing their Socialist Seeds to Bring Down The American Dream . . . But It Was Obama, Who Finally Took The Bold Steps To Expedite The Death Of America.

Even Today . . . As I write This Editorial & While You Read It – There is no Shortage of Well Meaning People who simply can’t accept the Truth About the LEFT & OBAMA, just like they Can’t Wrap their Collective Brain around the FACT that the People VOTED for a FLIMFLAM-MAN in 2008, who Sold a Great Dream Built Upon a Foundation of Smoke & Mirrors – To Hide His Real Intent . . .

JUST LIKE THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE . . . Who in Spite of all the Evidence, Can’t For The Life Of Themselves Grasp – that Bill Clinton is a Sexual Deviant, a Predator, a Female Abuser & Possible Rapist . . . who LIED TO CONGRESS, and that Bill Clinton’s Wife Hillary . . . Is The Madam Of One Of The World’s Greatest Crime Families Ever.


It Is A Marvel . . . How the LEFT will take the Word of a Porno Whore over the Word of the Duly Elected President.

How the LEFT will take the Word of a Playboy Girl who also sold her Sexuality & Body for Money over the Word of the duly Elected President of the United States of America . . .


America Is At War With Itself Now Because The LEFT Has Run Out Of Options.

Wait Until the President of the United States of America gets “His Turn At Bat” . . . AFTER the Coming November Mid-Term Elections, when CONSERVATIVE Republicans will Keep The House, and have a Speaker Worth Speaking About, and the Senate Becomes a Republican Super Majority, possibly with a New CONSERVATIVE Senate Leader . . . And the Only PLAY Left for the LEFT, will be to Take to the Streets to Create Mayhem . . . ‘CAUSE IT’S COMING!


President Trump Is Keeping His Powder Dry, while the LEFT and all their Acolytes are doing Everything they can to PUNISH Conservatives IN THE HOPE OF PUNISHING THE PRESIDENT, because They’re in Full Panic, because They Know that once They’ve Exhausted Their Lies & Innuendos, and if the Republicans do as Well as I Believe (And They Believe) the Republicans will do in November . . . The LEFT Will Become The Punished.

And When That Happens – KATY BAR THE DOOR!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have become totally disillusioned with Obama. See There are those who point out that HE killed Bin Laden. It took more than a decade to nail that [place any innuendo you want here]! It just so happens Obama was in office when the mission was accomplished; besides, had he not condoned the hit, he would have therefore condoned the death of about 4,000 people and not only Americans, but all the disruption caused since 9/11.

  2. It’s sad that the only reason half the country hates President Trump is because the deep state media told them to hate him. It’s a severe breakdown of our education system that people no longer think for themselves.

  3. I just LOVE the way you articulate my exact thoughts. Great minds think alike and it’s all done with a sly smile. Thanks as always.

  4. Beautifully stated, Howard. McCarthy was right all along. Communists infiltrated America’s major institutions over 70 years ago. I fear that the political divide, which is wider than ever, is leading to civil war. The good news is, we have the two most important things on our side: (1) the moral high road and (2) the guns.

  5. As a Canadian, I have often wished we had Trump in Canada instead of our “uh’ so-called “uh” Prime Minister- a disaster if there ever was one! WHAT were the Liberals thinking? Or DID they think at all??? It was a familiar name …. so they put an X beside it on the ballot! DUH! God help Canada!

  6. You’re on fire today and you gave me a thought: progressive leftists have lost their borders. This is a triple pun. #1: They’ve lost the idea that the US has borders: “hey, all y’all come on in”. #2: They’ve lost all borders on speech. Nothing is now forbidden: foul language in public and on TV’; they can say anything; lying has become usual for them. Now charge Trump with treason for doing his job. #3: They’ve lost the idea that words have meaning. Indeed, they’ve lost their souls!

  7. Thankyou again Howard for an awesome to the point blog… The other day I brought up about the McCarthy Era and also the Julius and Ethel Rosenburg Trial way back in the late 1950’s.. Again, if our Country would enforce the laws as we did then, we would have a huge number of people in the political arena going to Jail Time right now…
    I got a response from one of your readers and would love to hear from some of your people that read these comments to give their input of the Rosenburgs … Barry

  8. You said it quite eloquently, Mr. G. The LEFT is destroying itself by its bludgeoning of Trump. If they don’t understand that it is the USA first, then THEY will suffer the consequences. They are promoting ANARCHY. MYPOV

  9. Totally agree with you. I also agree with Chuck Yarling’s comments. With that, ‘nuf said for me.

  10. I REALLY LOVED your “blog”, today… well as the other “bloggers’ comments”! I ALSO enjoy the 5 minute radio broadcast, as well!! The “LEFTIST LOONS” are TOTALLY “UNHINGED”!!! May God continue to BLESS you, Mr. G., & may God BLESS OUR WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, HIS CABINET, & ALL WHO SERVE IN OUR GOVERNMENT, THE USA!!!! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO!!!!! AMEN-AMEN!!!!!!

  11. I agree Trump is keeping his powder Dry …. waiting for the Right Moment. The Greatest Presidential Strategist the US has ever seen. I can hardly wait!!!! Super Majority will send a clear message to the leftists in the US and the lefties in Canada. Hopefully the right in Canada will Watch and Learn!

  12. It is very simple Howard. It is a struggle between good and evil. The left are god hating, Christian hating, Jew hating, evil people. They want people jailed for killing an animal, but rejoice over killing (abortion) mentality.
    Everything they do is backwards from common sense. Socialism, Marxism is good, and capitalism is bad. Border security is bad and open borders are good. Israel is bad and Palestinians are good.
    The next election will determine the future, good or evil?

  13. Hi Barry and Howard,
    For more on the McCarthy era, read BETRAYAL by Diana West. Excellent!

  14. Howard, Another masterful essay about the situation in the USA. All I can say, is Amen to prediction of next November that the Republicans will take the House and the Senate with a majority. Steve Acre, Canada

  15. I can’t understand the mentality of the liberal party, how come, not one of them has crossed over to join any of the other party’s, do they all agree the way Trudeau is running Canada, or should I say ruining, have they no pride SHAME!!!!!

  16. Obama delivered $33.6B in good funds to his Pals in Iran. Ever wonder how it was divided between, Soros, the Mullahs and his Administration. The same would go for the reward money for the killing of the OBL Clone. We sure have been taken to
    the cleaners.

  17. Yes Howard, I did not vote for a totally unknown,(Obama) in either election but enough were duped to get him elected. Smoke & mirrors indeedy. Yes the left is willfully blind and willfully hateful and rabidly infected with incurable liberal, progressive, socialistic doctrine.

  18. Howard, you are right on about your comments. Personally, I have emailed President Trump several times giving him my support and blessings through the White House website. I thank him for being our President and the actions he has taken. He is the right person at the right time to man the helm of this Country. If anything, I encourage everyone to give their support to this great person. He needs to it.

  19. WOW!!! Your editorial today was a ZINGER. You couldn’t have stated the situation our Nation is in any clearer. I pray that you are correct regarding our Nov. election. That could be the straw that breaks the left’s back and sends them to the streets rioting.
    Keep up your great work. Edgar in Amarillo

  20. The “sparks” of “Patriotism” that were left after Obama’s term in office are starting a “Trump bonfire” that will “burn” all the “takers” after this next election! We have allowed a preponderance of people who only know how to “lie, cheat, and steal” to live in our nation today! (USA isn’t a “doormat” or “charity” for other nations!) Millions have been “dumbed down” to accept all the lies from MSM, “liberals”, and those who delight in showing total disrespect for “authority figures” like POTUS!

  21. To reiterate an old quote…”Freedom is never free.” America has been fighting for freedom since the 1700’s. We have fought numerous wars to retain freedom. Our American spirit requires that we defend our freedom. And I’m sure we will have to fight for our freedom again. Only this time we’ll fight it from within. Freedom requires sacrifice. If the insane liberal/socialist want a civil war then we Patriots are left with no other choice but to defend the way our founders be free.

  22. If it weren’t for the FREE STUFF, there wouldn’t BE as many LIBERALS!HUSSEIN Obama’s APOLOGY Tours were to DEFAME/DESTROY AMERICA, and he DID it very well!WHY has HUSSEIN’S PERSONAL HISTORY never been divulged?WHY is/was he so PRIVILEGED to be able to HIDE his PAST?WHY can’t PEOPLE KNOW about his PAST?Since HUSSEIN continues to ATTACK Pres. Trump, will Pres. Trump EVER ATTEMPT to DISCLOSE HUSSEIN Obama’s PAST?HUSSEIN was viewed as the CHOSEN ONE, but he is/was just plain EVIL! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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