How Did It All Of A Sudden Become All About Chelsea Clinton?


PEOPLE WHO READ THIS BLOG . . . Read it because I say it as I see it, and what I saw last night at the Hofstra Debate was an Embarrassing Disaster. And I don’t write this lightly.

Let me tell you . . . that I stayed up till past 1:00 in the morning watching the rehash of the Debate. And then I stayed awake off and on for hours, writing this Editorial in my sleep, replaying in my mind how badly this Debate was handled from the start to the end by Trump.

And because I was so upset, I decided to keep my powder dry before writing the following, so that my passion wouldn’t obscure my reason. SO HERE IT IS.


When Trump ran against the Republican Candidates during the Primaries, in order to win the Nomination, he didn’t hold ANYTHING back . . . with a never-ending onslaught of INSULTS, INNUENDOS & DISTORTIONS against his opponents.

He called Rubio Little Marco, He constantly referred to Jeb Bush as Low Energy Jeb. And Ted Cruz was Lying Ted.

Trump even went so far as to INSINUATE that Ted Cruz’s Father was part of the JFK Assassination. And had no problem ATTACKING the appearance of Carly Fiorina’s Face, while during the same period, he DISPARAGED the wife of Ted Cruz, also because of her Looks.

AT THE TIME . . . DIDN’T TRUMP THINK – even for a second, that these people had Feelings, Wives, Husband, Brothers, Sisters and Children who were going to be highly offended and hurt by the horrible things he said? Or didn’t he care?

SO WHY ALL OF SUDDEN . . . did Trump decide to hold back, so as not to EMBARRASS CHELSEA CLINTON with the truth about her OVER SEXED Father, as Hillary Clinton savagely painted Trump as a SEXIST?

Could it be . . . because Chelsea Clinton – by Ivanka Trump’s own words, is her close friend, and also by Ivanka Trump’s own description . . . is really nice?


For a man who INSULTED his way to the TOP, and who has PROMISED repeatedly to decimate ISIS at any cost, even at the cost of “collateral damage” . . . in the likelihood of Massacring a HUGE number of Innocent Men Women And Children in the Process – that he would not hammer Hillary Clinton, so as not to embarrass her daughter, it really kind of makes you wonder about his judgment, and if he really does belong in the White House.

That said . . . TRUMP IS STILL OUR ONLY CHOICE, and whether I liked him from the outset or not. And no matter how I feel about his ABYSMAL performance last night (September 27, 2016), I will still support him, promote him, and RIDE with him all the way until the end, because he’s all we’ve got.


I can’t call her Crooked Hillary any longer, since Trump seems to have taken that off the table, because, when he had multiple opportunities to LAMBASTE her with this EXTREMELY APPROPRIATE MONIKER – he didn’t. So I guess neither should I.

BUT THAT ASIDE . . . Trump made some excellent points about Bringing Back Jobs to the USA. He enunciated his idea for Trade Deals. He showed a real contrast between how Hillary Clinton will raise TAXES, and he will raise INCOME. And he stood strong on LAW & ORDER.


In many ways . . . Trump did much of what he had to do, but missed a PLETHORA of opportunities to PUT HER AWAY, and as a result, he might have given the LEFT room to place DOUBT in the minds of those voters who are either on the FENCE, or might not go out to vote, because the Champion they thought they had in Trump, FIZZLED like an uncapped bottle of POP left open on the counter overnight.


It might just be my imagination, but the way I saw it . . . there were quite a few extended SOLO Camera views of Hillary Clinton while she was speaking, compared to NONE that I can remember for Donald Trump.

This might not seem like a Big Deal. But in a campaign of this nature, every Advantage is a Big Deal.


TRUMP ANSWERED YES . . . He (Trump) thought Lester Holt (the Moderator) did a good job. Maybe Trump was suffering from Debate PTSD, because as I saw it . . . Holt rarely questioned any of Clinton’s Facts, hardly – if ever interrupted her while she spoke, and allowed her to speak for what seemed go be an endless period of time.

ALSO – LESTER HOLT . . . NEVER ONCE questioned Clinton on her EMAILS, her LIES to Congress and her LIES to the American People. Or on her PROPAGANDA Video she claimed was responsible for the Benghazi Massacre, or Pay For Play that netted her and her husband more than a QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS, or the Family Trust (Clinton Foundation) that has never been audited, which has taken in BILLONS of DOLLARS . . . from some Real Bad Actors.

And I don’t remember him once ever FACT CHECKING WHAT SHE SAID.


BUT . . . Holt didn’t for a second, hesitate to slam and try to Embarrass Trump on his Tax Returns, and then when Holt FACT CHECKED Trump on the issue of Stop & Frisk in NYC as being unconstitutional, where HOLT was as WRONG AS ACID RAIN, Hillary Clinton stood and watched like the Cheshire Cat that Swallowed the Canary, as Holt did her Dirty Work for Her.

WHILE IT IS TRUE . . . that HOLT was the THIRD PERSON IN THE DEBATE, and was constantly at Trump, that was NOT an excuse with which to stop Trump from HAMMERING CLINTON on her LIES, LIES, & MORE LIES – But he didn’t do it, which he should have. It didn’t take a degree in Rocket Science to know enough to go after Clinton where she was most vulnerable.

But Trump didn’t do it, and that’s on Trump . . . NOT on Holt.


If Trump thinks he has a Friend in FOX News . . . he would do very well to think again. I watched the GLEE in Megyn Kelly’s Face, as she listened to the LEFTISTS she had on her show, as they CRAPPED all over Trump, even though she pretended to be Fair & Balanced.

I also watched FOX News Political Analysts, as they thoroughly enjoyed the telling of how Trump screwed everything up.

Outside of a few FOX News Hosts, who are either supportive or reasonable for Trump, which includes the Morning Show (Fox & Friends), followed by Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum, who generally are Fair & Balanced, sometimes Bill O’Reilly, all the time Sean Hannity and Judge Jeannine Pirro . . . for the most part, the rest just aren’t worth the Time of Day.

As for the rest of the Media, Print & Television – they are indeed the enemy.


THE WAY THAT I SEE IT . . . Too many people are busy telling Trump how to look and sound MORE Presidential. Too many people are telling Trump how to tone down his TONE, and what he shouldn’t say, so as not to feed the impression the LEFT is doing all they can to present him as a loose cannon, to the point that he is no longer the Candidate that made it as far as he already has.

And if after this horrible night last night . . . if he hopes to recover, he better be TRUMP, and he better not let anything like this happen again, or come January 2017 she will be called Madame President.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The establishment RINOs will circle the wagons and endorse Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, so the boat of complacency in Washington is not rocked. Call me cynical, but I remember when Tom Dewey threw away a sure win and Harry Truman (A Democrat, but a patriotic man of principle) scooted past him into the Oval Office. History is likely to repeat itself. We conservatives are blessed now to have a crop of conservative candidates like never before. Will the GOP leadership (sic) recognize this?

  2. As usual, CNN had a loaded deck discussing the debate. Almost all (7) Clinton supporters+moderator who talked over (2) Trump supporters. Virtually always this imbalanced. At best I would put the debate at a draw. Trump did not come out swinging, and the questions and Clinton kept him defending himself. His best swing was offering his tax returns for 33,000 withheld emails. Zing! He mentioned Libya but not Benghazi: hard target opportunity missed. He didn’t go for the throat. Hopefully next time.

  3. Totally agree with everything you said, Mr. G. I feel/felt the same way. Though he did get some good digs in. I loved it when she said, “Blame me for everything.” He said something like, “Okay. I will!” That was great! Let’s hope and pray he learns from this and hits it out of the park next time, or we’re toast!

  4. FOX BUSINESS isn’t nauseating as is Megyn Kelly. That said, Trump had to deal with two opponents, HRC and the shameful moderator. People see through the gimmicks, the attacks, the ‘fact-checking’ and challenges plopped only on Trump. I seriously doubt that HRC’s fancy portraits of lies fooled anybody, either — and her snotty comment about practicing to be president complete with the Howdy Doody smile revolted many viewers. The Independents favored Trump! Next time, take off the gloves!

  5. The media were just salivating last night, waiting for Trump to behave like he did in the primary debates. Then they could convince everyone, including themselves, that they knew all along Trump was a loser. Instead, Trump played it “safe” to some extent. He acted “presidential” and left the bombast off stage. He was not trying to win your vote, my vote or any others on the “Trump Train”. He was going after the dems who are unhappy with Clinton and the undecideds. For that, he succeeded.

  6. Howard, in reading many, many reports, editorials & comments – Trump wasn’t Trump, last night. You have said it better than any of the others I have read!!! I didn’t watch the debate, due to the fact that I honestly detest Hildebeast & can’t stand hearing her voice or her statements. I have detested her since 1992 or 1993, when she tried to reform healthcare. Boy that was a BIG failure, too! Another thing, with the MSM being so biased there never could be an honest debate

  7. I am afraid for once Howard I will have to disagree. All the polls with the exception on CNN had Trump winning by a large margin. Remember these items (tax returns etc.) are now off the table and that is all she has to go after him about. She can name call him all she wants but all he has to do is control his demeanor and he wins. Do you think any Trump supporter changed their vote after this so called debate? After last night he has won the election.

  8. Howard, as you know facts count in a debate and Trump did not have his facts. She repeatedly dragged him through the weeds and he got so far off point even mentioning Rosie O’Donnell. By all estimations from various news sources, he lied 36 times as per fact checker. If you don’t prepare don’t show up as some of his aides are recommending for the next debates.

  9. Chelsea presence on the front row must have been a factor, as you stated. But Trump could have mentioned the foundation woes and the fiasco in Libya. He will do better in the 2nd & 3rd debate, I am sure.

  10. Was sure not happy with Trumps preformance but at the very least He kept his cool
    Hillary acted high as a kite must have taken a hand full of XANAX , acted like a wind up toy jiggling around

  11. I concur Howard. Trump admittedly held back on the sexist issue. Having read a tremendous amount this morning from the pundits and assessing my take on the debate I still feel the Donald did win the debate. As you observed however, he did not land any knock out punches. Rest assured he is going over the entire debate question by question, answer by answer, and will be a great deal more aggressive in the next debate. I truly believe he’s just getting warmed up. She’s done nothing in 30 years.

  12. Feel the same way as you Howard, this debate gives the left libs fodder to do their, told ya so dance. Trump needs to up his game big time.

  13. I agree. Last night was a disaster that could spell the end for Trump. He wasted valuable time flying off on a tangent, being on the defense against her lying attacks. He also has to control the weird facial expressions . Hopefully he learned his lesson and remains on the offensive, attacking and ripping her at every opportunity in the next debate. He should take no quarter. He also needs to quote real facts and figures. He failed to do so with the stop & frisk statistics.

  14. I think that Trump is where he is because he is NOT a career politician. She proved last night that she is. Tell the dumbies what they want, just to get elected. She was well coached… he was off of his game. She is so full of it… she is sickening to watch. Soros and socialism is just around the corner. Get out the vote…..

  15. I was led to believe, and was looking forward, to a dynamic, exciting, debate. I found it mediocre…….B..O..R..I..N..G!

  16. I was so disappointed I sent him a check for $1000! He has been at such a disadvantage the whole time – between the media and his lack of support from the Republican party, etc. I wish I had donated more earlier. We can’t level the playing field in terms of the left wing media, but we should all be able to help him balance the scales with his own TV campaign ads….. My grandchildren are worth it….the outcome will mean everything to them….

  17. I was anxiously awaiting your take on last night’s debate and I wasn’t disappointed. I too, watched all the pundits on what they had to say and again you are the only one that spelled it out accurately! However, I think he is trying to gain a lot of votes from the electorate that think he’s too boisterous. I am positive he will nail it at the next debate!

  18. Lest we forget, Romney trounced Obama in their first debate. Perhaps Trump is playing the Rope-a-dope, allowing Hillary to exhaust her topics last night, then unloading on her during the next 2 debates. I hope he watched Judge Napolitano’s analysis on FNC.

  19. Again spot on! As I said a few weeks ago, I think Rupert Murdock is “dry-cleaning” Fox News. Forget “fair and balanced”, as in any business it’s all about the $$$$$. With regards Trump, he needs to take his handlers to the woodshed in the next 24 hours and simply say,”We tried it your way, but the amount of slime and politics, is about ready to overwhelm the American people, andCrooked Hillary wins,….Change it and I mean now. Also I will be announcing my future Cabinet before the Debate!!

  20. I’m not sure that it would have served Trump well to have brought up Bill’s past last night. I am sure that he was advised to show his nicer side and not seem like a bully on the stage. Because of advice like that, he missed several opportunities to nail Hillary on a number of things. Perhaps the Dems have uncovered something about the Trump family he is afraid they will use. Who knows? What I do know that the next time around, Trump needs to take the offense.

  21. The playing field was not fair – podiums were set for size – did anyone notice that Trump was given a microphone that did not accommodate his height??? He had to stoop to talk in the mike?? Made him look small.
    Who set the stage – and why did his manager not check that out???

  22. I thought back to the first “debate” of the group of GOP runners and if memory serves me correctly The Donald was not, at least at this first outing, over the top with his comments and claims. It wasn’t until the second and then subsequent debates that he started to hit his stride. Now I am no expert but if I remember correctly a guy named Ali won some pretty big fights by doing his “rope-a-dope” lulling his opponents at first and allowing them to think they could win. Then bam.

  23. At the end of the “Debate” hosted by Holt, Trump did not tackle Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation, Her E-Mail lies to Congress, her lack of accomplishments, and her support for a huge tax increase….! His debate prep team must be pulling their hair out. He did not shut up. He rambled. He did not attack. He did not win…, but I agree, he did not completely loose. All in all as I sat back to summarize, it came to me; Clinton-1 & Trump-0. Two more to go. Trump had better hone his attack strategy.

  24. I’m wondering why Hillary was allowed by the moderator to address Donald Trump as ‘Donald’. He’s Mr. Trump to her, he’s no friend of hers. He addressed her as Secretary Clinton in a respectful way, NOT ‘Hillary’..

  25. Trump swallowed every hook that Clinton throw at him. Very disappointed in how Trump in his ability to take control.

  26. To me, it appeared that Hillary had memorized the answers to the questions. Prepared? Preparation for an examination would be easy if one had the questions in advance. Unfortunately, she also had well selected bait which got him off track. Even so, he did not look unpresidential to me. His main point was, with all of the so called experience she claims to have from experience in high positions and influence, why is the US in so much debt and in such horrible condition? Bad decisions..

  27. Hi Howard
    I hated the debate because my skin crawls just looking at that wooden,phoney, pantsuit, and I actually left it. But saw and read enough to see your points. But reading now that polls are saying Mr Trump won. Also for you and everyone check out comments from Newt Gingrich and Giuliani. There is still hope
    Robert Turnbull
    Richmond BC

  28. When I listened to Hillarious talk of the way “they” had brought the economy back from 2008 I had to go back and recheck what I thought had been a major contributor to 2008. Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae were brought about by Billie BJ and his want for every American to own a home but Trump never said a word about that. He should have been all over that like ugly on an ape but he didn’t.

  29. I only saw the 2nd half of the debate, but I knew as soon as it ended the left wing media would call it a great victory for Hillary. She looked so presidential so they said. The eastern media i.e. Boston, New York, Philly, etc or the The Canadian triangle of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa have never had a nice thing to say about people who think as conservatives. That said, I rest my case. Ray Moscato Calgary, Alta

  30. I wish someone would remind Mr. Trump how he criticized Mitt Romney for throwing away the election when he had ample opportunity to take Obama down during their debates. I certainly hope he is not on the same path.

  31. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings. BUT….Hillary was Hillary which was a duplication of Obama. Those who WILL vote for Trump will do so. Those who WILL vote for Hillary will do so. Those Independents and undecideds MAY make the difference. I am sick at heart because Mr. Trump had so many occasions on which he could have taken the ball and ran with it. But, Alas.

  32. We may have been disappointed that Trump didn’t rip Hillary, but don’t forget he is much smarter than she is, and much smarter than the Liberal press and that dopey Liberal, Megan Kelly!
    He knows how to win, and he will win.
    There are 2 debates left, and mark my words, he will totally obliterate her!
    But the election will still be close because of the significant number of Liberals/Marxists in the US. Not as bad as Canada, but getting close!

  33. I think he was sandbagging her. He kept his powder dry for the next two “debates.” Better to do more each time than blow it all out on the first go. Timing is EVERYTHING. He will lay in wait for her to be her overconfident self and then cut her off at the knees. He’s got street smarts…she has elite smugness that will be blown to bits. Let’s see if I’m right.

  34. I’m not even slightly concerned when I found out what the online poles showing Trump is crushing. The people are not watching to see if Trump is presidential they’re watching to see how many lies Hillary will tell. Anyone with an objective mind can tell society and the economy are going down the drain. After 8 years of that psychopath do you really think they’ll elect another? It ain’t happening that’s the end of this nonsense no matter how many derogatory YouTube announcements Mark Ruffalo does

  35. She needed to blow him out of the water and she didn’t. It was a draw. HOWEVER. He looked Presidential. He talked about America and his vision while she never gave any straight answers and then bashed him. She looked smug and supercilious and he was passionate and PATRIOTIC and his love of America came shining through. She talked to the insiders and her donors who were entertained by the Trump bashing BUT TRUMP TALKED TO ALL AMERICANS AND THE TRUTH OF HIS WORDS WAS OBVIOUS IN EVERY WORD!

  36. I was surprised as well but thanking God he won in all the polls except for CNN which we knew would happen. I am so sick of how the press/media can make one look by as you said camera shots etc. I’m disgusted that I see on regular TV about Donald calling some new citizen “miss piggy” but there is nothing on reminding people of Hillary’s horrible things said to the Secret Service guys or for laughing for getting a man off for raping a 13 yr old. It’s so biased. Praying for a landslide on 11/8

  37. Trump restrained himself to prove that he is indeed “Presidential” . He will eviscerate Hillary in the 2nd debate and will
    annihilate her in the 3rd. Any takers on that bet??

  38. I agree with others here. Hillary didn’t say anything that wasn’t rehearsed. In between her practiced lines, she seemed without emotion like she was stoned on Valium. Never did she seem to respond off-the-cuff to the things he said. Very unpresidential to say the least.

  39. Missed opportunity, big time. Trump was a no show. He could have mopped the floor with her, instead, he let her answer her softball questions. Trump gave her a pass, I have no idea why.

  40. To me, Hillary looked down at her podium too many times, as though she was reading or being prompted in some way. Her answers seemed to be rehearsed.

    Maybe Trump realized this too during the debate and for some unknown reason held back. Hopefully he will come back stronger on the next debate. GO TRUMP! ! !

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